If your car check engine indicator light up in the meter cluster, it might be due to ECU faulty. Normally ECU faulty tyre as below:
1. Regulator is dirty, dampened, causing charging voltage too high. Wrongly connect the power supply terminals. Power up the starter when charging. Alternator supply power to ECU directly due to battery terminal fell off when engine running.
2. Input/output wiring faulty, normally the faulty seen is the amplifying circuit component burnt, sometimes accompany by broken strips on the PCB board.
3. Capacitor faulty.
4. Erosion caused by rain/snow/mud/dust when driving under special consition. Impact from heavy load driving or agressive driving will cause the ECU deformed, cracked, component leg open circuit/short circuit/ or damaged.
5. If confirmed ECU is faulty, suggest to repair at workshop as soon as possible.
Suggest to diagnose at workshop, usual keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the external wiring to exclude external wiring faulty possibility. May diagnose the ECU after confirmed the external wiring is fine.
2. Check if the exterior of the ECU has any sign of damage, is it secure in place tightly, soldering seal is it reliable.
3. Check the connection of wiring harness, especially the power supply and grounding cable.
4. Identify and confirm the ECU model used.