1. If the check engine indicator light when driving, engine idling unstable, high idling RPM reading, engine hard to start, power loss form the engine, weak acceleration and increase fuel consumption, it might be due to carbon deposit build up at throttle body, causing the engine could not work normally. Suggest to clean the throttle body at workshop.
2. When an engine working normally, the injector spray fuel into the cylinder but the fuel will contain some impurities which will form carbon deposit after combustion. The throttle body opening angle will be ffected when the carbon deposit accumulated to a certain level which also affecting the engine working condition, causing check engine indicator light up.
3. In order to avoid and reduce the chances of throttle body faulty, a preventive maintenance must be done such as cleaning the throttle body especially if you are located at an area with frequent sandstorm. Suggest to include throttle body cleaning option when you do servicing at workshop or may clean the throttle body alone if necessary.
4. Suggest to repair at workshop if confirmed the throttle body is faulty.
Suggest to diagnose at workshop, usual keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the throttle body and clean it. Replace or reset if necessary.
2. Usually there are very less cases that the throttle body needed an replacement, most of the time a dirty throttle body will require a clean up only.
3. In most cases, throttle body should be cleaned at an interval of 20k kilometer - 40k kilometer. If your car is use in a more severe environment, can shorten the throttle body cleaning interval.