1. If "dang dang" noise can be heard constantly from the engine during driving, it might be cause by the poor lubrication in the engine. Thickness of the lubricant oil film is affected by the pressure in the lubrication system and quality of the lubricant oil. The thicker the lubricant oil film, the smaller the mechanical impact hence it is not easy to produce noise. On the other hand, if the lubricant oil film is too thin, it will cause heavy wear from grinding resulting in abnormal noise. If the abnormal noise is heard from the engine, suggest to diagnose at the workshop as soon as possible.
2. If you have not done periodic maintenance to your car, it could be the engine is lack of servicing hence the mechanical grinding become serious resulting in abnormal noise. An engine that is not service properly will cause greater friction between each of its connecting hardware and produce vibration, which resulting in some of the components loosen or even some impacting noise can be heard. Suggest to diagnose the car at workshop immediately.
3. If you hear the engine is making "kong kong" sound, it might be there are excessive carbon deposit or oil sludge accumulated in the engine, causing engine knocking. Suggest to diagnose the car at workshop immediately.
Suggest to perform diagnose at work shop, usually the keypoints of diagnose from the mechanic are:
1. Check if the lubrication of the engine still in good condition, suggest to use the lubricant oil which meet the technical requirement with suitable vicosity. A lubricant that is too thin will cause grinding wear more easily while a lubricant that is too thick is less fluidic, causing more friction.
2. Check the wear condition on the internal mechanism of the engine, suggest to perform periodic maintenance to the car on a timely manner, it could greatly help in minimize the wear in the engine and prolong the car lifespan. Clean the carbon deposit build up in the engine.