If your car is making "tak tak tak" noise during acceleration, it might be due to intake system faulty, suggest to diagnose at workshop. Normally a faulty intake system will show below signs:
1. Car suffer power loss when accelerating and produce "tak tak tak" noise, engine will goes off if there is sudden acceleration, engine unable to start under severe condition.
2. Engine idling speed is high, unstable and car vibrating. Owner can open the front bonnet to check if the intake manifold is broken.
3. Poor seal contact in the system causing intake system malfunction, bluish smoke can be seen from the exhaust pipe when the engine is idling or under minor load.
4. Variable intake solenoid valve short circuit, causing uncontrollable air intake amount.
5. Car could not start, or throttle body not responsing after gas pedal is press, high fuel consumption, engine vibrating.
6. If confirned the intake system is faulty, suggest to repair at the workshop to avoid permanent damage to the engine.
Suggest to perform diagnose at work shop, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the intake manifold if there is crack or damage, replace if it is broken.
2. Check if the intake manifold valve can be opened, replace if necessary.
3. Check if the contact point between the intake manifold and the engine is loosen, tighten the connecting bolt.
4. If the condition is beyond repair, replace the intake manifold.