1. If your car could not start, it might be cause by battery malfunction. Suggest to check if the battery indicator in the meter cluster is light up. If the indicator is light up, check the battery. Firstly, open the car fron bonnet, check the indicator status on the battery. normally green colour means normal, black colour means the battery is low or faulty. If the battery indicator showing green colour, check the battery terminal connectors is it loosen or any sign of oxidation. If confirmed the car is unable to start due to faulty battery, suggest to repair at workshop.
2. If your car battery is working as normal but there is no response when you press the button on the remote or could not unlock the car, it could be due to the remote battery flat, suggest to replace the remote battery.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check if the battery is faulty, recharge the battery if the battery is under charge or replace with new battery if it is deemed faulty.
2. Use the scan tool to check for the root cause of battery under charge because an undercharge battery will happen again easily even though after a recharge is done. Suggest the car owner not to start the car frequently, avoid using cigarette lighter socket, CD player and other car electronic devices when the car is not started.
3. Check the battery on the remote, replace if the battery is low.