1. If your car could not start, it might be cause by battery malfunction. Suggest to check if the battery indicator in the meter cluster is light up. If the indicator is light up, check the battery. Firstly, open the car fron bonnet, check the indicator status on the battery. normally green colour means normal, black colour means the battery is low or faulty. If the battery indicator showing green colour, check the battery terminal connectors is it loosen or any sign of oxidation. If confirmed the car is unable to start due to faulty battery, suggest to repair at workshop.
2. If your car starter is making "yik yik" sound during start up and it failed to start, it might be due to battery low or battery failed to discharge. When the battery is low or could not discharge, the starter could not work properly hence producing the "yik yik" noise. This problem is more common during autumn and winter time when the temperature is lowere. Suggest to check the battery at workshop.
Suggest to repair at workshop. usually the keypoint of diagnose are:
1. Charge the battery
2. Replace the battery