1. Firstly, check the battery level and the connection of the battery terminals. If battery in normal condition, check the starter wiring, fuse and ignition switch.
2. Press the gas pedal until middle level, then turn the ignition on. If the engine can be start now, meaning the malfunction is from the idling speed control valve and its wiring or there is leakage at the intake. If the engine still can not start even the gas pedal is press to middle level, should proceed with next step checking.
3. Conduct a visual check, see if there is leakage at the intake, check all soft tube and its connection. Check the PCV tube whether it has leakage or broken.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the ECU power supply and working condition, repair if found malfunction
2. Check the ignition timing, if the timing is incorrect, proceed further check on ignition timing control system.
3. Check the working condition of spark plug in each cylinder.
4. Check the fuel hose pressure when there is adequate level of fuel in the fuel tank.
5. Check the high voltage cable, ignition coil, distributor and electronic ignition device, replace if necessary.