1. If your car steering is vibrating/shaking, the engine noise become louder during driving or idling, it might be the engine mounting is faulty. Suggest to diagnose at workshop.
2. If you car having minor vibration during driving or idling, the vibration become sever together with "dang dang" noise during acceleration, it might be due to the engine mounting is aged and lost its flexibility. Engine mounting is made from rubber and tend to lose its elasticity when aged, causing the engine and clutch attach with each other producing an opposition force. The engine transfer the force to the engine mounting, a hardened rubber lost it ability to absorb the vibration hence the vibration is transfer to the car chassis directly, causing car vibrating. Suggest to repair at workshop.
3. Remember, faulty engine mounting will not affect the normal driving and safety, it will only cause the car vibrating and produce some rattling noise, affecting the driving pleasure. Secondly, ignore the problem for a long time might cause a gap formed between engine and clutch, which lead to imperfect linkage between engine and clutch during quick launch or gear shifting.
Suggest to proceed to workshop for repair, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the condition of the engine mounting, replace the engine mounting if necessary.
2. Usually there are multiple engine mounting in 1 engine, the life span is depends on the car model and working conditions. Under normal circumstance the life span of it is about 50k kilometer. If a car involved in an accident, new engine mounting could possibly break too. In addtion, if the car has been used for a long period of time, suggest to replace all engine mounting at once. This is because by using the mix of new and old engine mounting, engine vibration absorption will be imbalance causing vibration and rattling noise.