If there is oil stain on your car under carriage and the floor, it might be due to oil leakage from drive shaft oil seal. Suggest to diagnose at workshop. Usually oil leakage from draft shaft oil seal are cause be below reasons:
1. Parellel level between rear oil seal installation surface and the installation seat surface do not meet the technical requirement. Rear oil seal lip deformed due to uneven pressure exerted to it after engine running for a period of time causing damage to the oil seal and lead to oil leakage.
2. Non-petroleum based lubricant was used when installing the drive shaft oil seal causing the oil seal loosen after the engine running for a period. Under severe condition the oil seal might even fall off.
3. Rear oil seal aged naturally, the seal lip start to crack after engine used for a long period of time, causing oil leakage.
4. Repairing the drive shaft at an unqualified workshop. The technician skill could not meet the technical requirement in installing the oil seal, causing oil leakage.
5. Suggest to repair at workshop as soon as possible if confirmed the drive shaft oil seal is leaking oil.
Suggest to diagnose at workshop, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Check the drive shaft oil seal lip, replace if it is found broken or deformed.
2. Check the worn level of the drive shaft, replace if necessary. 3 Start the engine and check to ensure the problem is resolved after repairing done, return the car to the owner.