If there is oil stain on your car under carriage and the floor, it might be due to oil leakage from engine oil sump. Suggest to diagnose at workshop. Usually the engine oil sump leakage are cause by below reasons:
1. If there is oil leakage after recent oil change, most probably is due to the new engine oil vicosity is too thin, not meeting the car standard engine oil specifications, causing the engine oil leak. Suggest owner to choose the compatible engine oil according to car model and get a reputable workshop to perform the maintenance service.
2. Overfilled the engine oil causing leakage. If there is oil leakage but the engine oil sump is in good condition, most likely it is due to engine oil overfilled. Suggest owner not to refill the engine oil on your own.
3. The oi sump drainage screw loosen or damaged. When driving on a bad condition road, the intense vibration from the car may cause the oil sump drainage screw become loosen of damaged which lead to oil leakage.
4. Oil sump gasket leakage partially. Such condition mostly cause by the deteriorated or bad quality oil sump gasket.
Suggest to diagnose at workshop, usually the keypoints of diagnose are:
1. Clean the oil sump, check if the drainage screw is loosen or damage. Replace if necessary.
2. Check if the oil sump gasket seal is deteriorated, replace if necessary.
3. Check the engine oil quality, replace it if it does not meet the standard requirement of the car model.
4. Start the car and check if the problem has been resolved after repairing done.