Malaysia's most affordable cars with ESC! 1 of them you've probably forgotten

Jerrica · Dec 2, 2019 05:43 PM

Cheapest cars with ESC in Malaysia

ESC stands for Electronic Stability Control. It's computer-controlled feature that prevents the car from skidding.

ESC is proven to be the most successful active safety device since it’s introduction, with research data showing a 50 percent of road accidents on cars with ESC.

ESC in action

Initially only available in high-end cars, ESC is now available in even the cheapest Perodua, with the Bezza being the first. 

But the Bezza is not the only affordable car in our market with ESC. Here are 5 of the most affordable cars you can get that comes complete with ESC.

Perodua Axia GXtra

RM 34,990 (Monthly repayment RM 362*)

Perodua Axia cheapest car with ESC

For Perodua, ESC is known as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Since the Axia’s latest update earlier in 2019, you can get VSC on all variants except the lowest G and E variants.

In fact, since the launch of the Bezza in 2016, all Perodua models that came after the sedan were equipped with VSC as standard. 

Proton Saga Premium

RM 39,800 (Monthly repayment RM 412*)

Proton Saga 2019 facelift has ESC added

The third generation Saga also saw the Premium variant getting fitted with ESC. The Saga is the last of Proton's models to get fitted with ESC, as the Iriz, Exora and X70 has ESC fitted as standard across the variants. 

Kia Picanto 1.2EX

RM 49,888 (Montly repayment RM 517*)

Kia Picanto with ESC

Kia’s representative in the A-segment market has always been a sleeper hit. Since its introduction in 2016, the new Picanto also came with 6 airbags and ESC. The latest update put the Picanto higher up on the safety laddle and made it even more enticing then its closest A-segment competitors.

Haval H1 Comfort

RM 62,000 (Monthly repayment RM 590*)

Haval H1 has ESC

Yes, Haval’s H1 has always come complete with ESC, or Electric Stability Program (ESP) as the company knows it. When Haval launched the H1, it quickly became the mini SUV that everybody had missed when the Perodua Nautica ended production.

Toyota Yaris 1.5J

RM 70,888 (Monthly repayment RM 734*)

Toyota Yaris with ESC/ VSC

The Yaris 1.5J is the highest priced on this list and also the safest car here. Not only does the car come with Vehicle Stability Control (Toyota’s version of ESC), it also comes with Blind-spot monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and 7-airbags.

So there you have it, five of the cheapest cars in Malaysia with ESC. However, remember ESC is not magic. There are limits to what it can do, and it's only as good as the tyres fitted on your car, and your own discipline in driving safely.

* Calculation is made based on 10 percent downpayment and 2.7 percent interest rate



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