WapCar Content Policy

WapCar and its communities are only what we make of them together, and can only exist if we operate by a shared set of rules. We ask that you abide by not just the letter of these rules, but the spirit as well.

1. Do not engage in activities prohibited by Malaysian law.

2. Do not troll or flame. Do not intentionally post inflammatory message.

3. Do not discuss, distribute, or link to pirated software, pornography or any other material which is prohibited by any Malaysian law.  

4. Do not post political or religious topics anywhere in the forums.

5. Do not spam, post unconstructively or open multiple threads with similar messages.

6. Do not advertise any company, website, product or services except within the Trade Zone and the Classifieds sections. Do not make any commercially orientated posts or posts for personal financial gain without prior permission from an administrator. Do not post any referral links or codes, either on the boards or in your signature.

7. Do not use profanities or vulgarities, sexual innuendos, sexist or discriminating comments of any nature.

We have a variety of ways of enforcing our rules, including, but not limited to:

  • Asking you nicely to knock it off
  • Asking you less nicely
  • Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts
  • Removal of privileges from, or adding restrictions to, accounts
  • Adding restrictions to WapCar communities
  • Removal of content
  • Banning of WapCar communities