The ABCs of automotive terminologies and acronyms can be rather confusing. Sometimes, even car experts can’t agree among themselves on which is the correct explanation. The meaning of some terminologies also changes with time. For example, it used to be that there was a difference between all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD), sunroof and moonroof, but these days even car manufacturers themselves use these terms interchangeably. Then there is the difference between generic terms like ADAS (advance driver-assistance systems) versus brand-specific marketing names like Honda Sensing or Toyota Safety Sense. Other manufacturers like Perodua make it even more confusing, with some safety features grouped under A.S.A (Advanced Safety Assist), which is a sub-set of Perodua Smart Drive Assist. And let’s not get started on features in premium cars, for example, the difference between Mercedes-Benz’s Agility Control and Dynamic Body Control suspension. How is traction control (TC) different from electronic stability control (ESC)? What is the correct unit for power, is it kW, hp or PS? Find quick answers to your questions and learn the ABCs of car terminologies in our user-friendly Carpedia.

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