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  • Review: Tesla Model 3 Highland in Malaysia - Your BEV shopping journey should begin here

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the car you're fond of is owned by someone you don't particularly like? It's an odd scenario, somehow making you reluctant to desire the car because of the association. It's a bit like my feelings towards Tesla – not that I'm particularly fond of it, but the fanatics can be off-putting. Overview: Tesla Model 3 Highland SR RWD Price RM 189,000 Segment Compact executive Powertrain Single-motor RWD Battery capacity 57.5 kWh Charging 11 kW AC, 170 kW


    Apr 12, 2024

  • Tesla's co-founder - Shame that low-cost Model 2 is cancelled, Chinese BEV marques will benefit

    Martin Eberhard, the co-founder and former CEO of Tesla said it’s a “shame” that Tesla is cancelling plans for a low-cost Model 2 and replacing it with a Robotaxi. Eberhard was speaking at the HSBC Global Investment Summit in Hong Kong. "We have both read in the news, Tesla delaying or eliminating their low-end Model 2 program, which is a shame for them, but it's a sign that China has a chance to really spread there," said Eberhard, as reported by Reuters. Although Elon Musk is synonymous with T


    Apr 12, 2024

  • First Tesla Supercharging station in Penang comes online, 4 DC Superchargers in Sunway Carnival Mall

    Tesla has recently powered up its first Supercharging station in Penang, Malaysia, located at Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya. This new station joins two other Destination Charging stations in the state—one at The Ship Campus in Batu Kawan and another at All Seasons Place in Air Itam. The new station is aimed at offering Tesla owners more ease to travel from Singapore through Johor to Penang. The Sunway Carnival Supercharging Station features 4 (DC) Superchargers. In total, there are now 4


    Apr 6, 2024

  • Tesla retakes No.1 spot in global BEV sales after BYD's 43% drop in Q1 2024

    Tesla has reclaimed its position as the global leader in Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sales after BYD's first-quarter sales saw a significant drop of 43 percent in Q1 2024, versus the previous quarter, according to official filings. BYD reported sales of 300,114 BEVs in Q1 2024, a sharp decrease from its record quarterly high of 526,409 units in the previous quarter. Also read: Tesla again teases ASEAN region expansion plans to chase BYD's lead Tesla, on the other hand, delivered 386,810 units


    Apr 4, 2024

  • Tesla again teases ASEAN region expansion plans to chase BYD's lead

    Tesla has expressed interest in further investments and expansion in the ASEAN region. This is part of the company's broader strategy to tap into the BEV growth in ASEAN markets as growth in China and the US have slowed. However, it will face stiff competition from BYD which has so far led the BEV market in the region. Rohan Patel, Senior Public Policy and Business Development Executive recently posted on X "Southeast Asia will undoubtedly be a major place of growth over the coming years in batt


    Mar 15, 2024

  • Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Tesla's lineup at IOI City Mall

    If you’ve been wanting to get up close and personal with Tesla electric vehicles (EVs), head over to IOI City Mall right now. Happening from 20- to 26-February 2024, visitors are able to view the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. One of the highlights of the event is the exhibit showcasing the body structure of the Model 3. Attendees can delve into the intricacies of Tesla's design philosophy, which underpins the car's 5-star safety ratings. The Tesla Model 3 has a body structure crafted from a blend o


    Feb 20, 2024

  • Latest Tesla Supercharging station opens in Pavilion Bukit Jalil, adds six 250 kW DC chargers

    In a bid to further enhance its charging infrastructure for owners, Tesla Malaysia has announced the opening of its newest Supercharging station at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, joining Pavilion KL and Sunway Pyramid amongst other notable locations in the Klang Valley. The Pavilion Bukit Jalil Supercharging station is a significant addition to Tesla's network, boasting 6 Superchargers (250 kW, DC) and 2 Destination Chargers (AC). With this latest addition, Malaysia now hosts a total of 30 Superchargers


    Feb 13, 2024

  • Encourage Tesla purchases and earn credits: Tesla launches "Refer and Earn" program in Malaysia

    In a move aimed at fostering customer engagement and promoting the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, Tesla has launched the "Refer and Earn" referral program in Malaysia. Participation in the program offers customers the opportunity to earn exclusive benefits by referring first-time customers to order Tesla products or by making qualifying Tesla product purchases through their Tesla Account. Key Benefits Include: Referral Credits: Customers earn 5,000 Credits when individuals use their r


    Jan 31, 2024

  • Market intelligence expert on Asia: Everyone except Tesla should be terrified of BYD

    Tesla need not worry too much about BYD, but everyone else should be gripped by panic, says author and Asia-focused automotive industry consultant Michael Dunne, of Dunne Insights. Dunne is the former managing director of J.D. Power China and author of the book ‘American Wheels, Chinese Roads,’ which chronicled GM’s entry into China. It’s considered the best English-language book explaining the inner workings of China’s 2000s era automotive industry. In his latest newsletter, Dunne explained tha


    Jan 3, 2024

  • Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y in Malaysia: SUV or sedan, any trade-offs you should know before buying your first EV?

    If you have a budget of around RM 200k for an EV, the current de facto choice would be a Tesla. But which one, the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y? The sleeker sedan or its slightly larger sibling, the SUV? In this comparison, we'll delve into the key aspects of both models to help you decide based on your preferences and needs. Which is more affordable? When it comes to affordability, the Model 3 has the edge. With a starting price of RM 189,000 for the Standard Range RWD, it’s a tad cheaper than the


    Dec 19, 2023

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