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Honda City Specs
TransmissionCVT / DCT / E-CVT
Horsepower120 - 137PS

Honda City Variants Price List

    • 2020 | 1.5 L | Naturally-aspirated

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      Monthly Payment

    • 2020 RS 1.5 Hybrid
    • 2018 | 1.5 L | Naturally-aspirated

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      Monthly Payment

    • 2018 1.5 S
      RM 75,295TBC
      RM 1,355TBC
    • 2018 1.5 E
      RM 80,978TBC
      RM 1,457TBC
    • 2018 1.5 V
      RM 87,600TBC
      RM 1,576TBC
    • 2018 1.5 Hybrid
      RM 89,200TBC
      RM 1,605TBC

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  • Class-leading interior practicality
  • Hybrid variant available as an option
  • Spacious cabin with generous leg and shoulder room


  • Lesser variants get only 2 airbags
  • Light steering
  • Poor infotainment system

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Honda City Reviews

  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    The 2019 Honda City is the best selling non-national car in Malaysia. The B-segment sedan has dominated the market since its launch in 2014 when it made its arrival with VSC and traction control making it the safest car in its class compared to rivals Toyota Vios and Mazda 2. And the strength of the upcoming 2020 Honda City is only increasing. The current City's 1.5-litre engine dispenses 120 PS and 145 Nm. In 2017, Honda also introduced a Hybrid variant that produces 139 PS and 170 Nm combined and has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.  (Toyota Vios vs Honda City; How do they compare?)

  • Exterior

    2017 Honda City Hybrid front quarter view

    2019 Honda City Gallery


    The current Honda City facelift is now more angular then the pre-facelift launched in 2019. While the pre-facelift looked to go the sophisticated line, the facelift done away with the classic rounded looks in favour of a sportier and more aggressive look.


    The Honda City measures in at 4,442 x 1,694 x 1,477 x 2,600 mm in length, width, height, and wheelbase.

    2019 Honda City Dimensions
    Length 4,442 mm
    Width  1,694 mm
    Height 1,477 mm
    Wheelbase 2,600 mm

    2017 Honda City Hybrid headlight


    Only the top spec City V gets LED headlights while the rest of the variants, including the Hybrid, make do with halogens.


    The base variants of the City gets 15-inch wheels while the range topping V and Hybrid variants roll on 16-inch wheels.

  • Interior

    2017 Honda City Hybrid interior

    Centre Console

    Hondas are well-known for their class leading practicality, so it is not a surprise that the City has well distributed cubby holes and cup-holders in the most convenient places.


    The City's dashboard isn't the most pleasing to look at but it is still a well-built interior with no-rattlings to be heard. Plastic quality is good though a little rough. 

    2017 Honda City Hybrid boot


    Honda has always pride themselves on class-leading space, when the City was launched in 2014, it shocked the world with interior space comparable to a D-segment sedan.


    Even though legroom is abundant, the City does not skim in terms of boot space as well. The City boasts 536-litres worth of boot space.

  • Features

    2017 Honda City rear aircond vents

    2019 Honda City Specs and Features

    Safety Feature

    Since the introduction of the current generation, the Honda City has been equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist and Traction Control for better safety on the road. The range topper V also came with 6 airbags while the Hybrid and E variant makes do with 4 airbags. But all variants come with Emergency Stop Signal as well.

    Comfort Feature

    Only the range topper V gets leather seats, other variants make good use of smooth fabric upholstery instead. Paddle shifters are standard from the E variant onwards while all options offers tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel.


    The City's 6.8-inch touchscreen infotainment is basic that allows Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

  • Powertrain

    2017 Honda City 1.5-litre engine


    Honda has 2 engines on offer for the City. The standard 1.5-litre engine dispenses 120 PS and 145 Nm while the 1.5-litre Hybrid has a combined output of 139 PS and 170 Nm.

    1.5-litre SOHC i-VTEC petrol 120 PS @ 6,000 rpm 145 Nm @ 4,600 rpm
    1.5-litre SOHC i-VTEC Hybrid 139 PS combined 170 Nm combined


    The standard City engine is mated to a CVT while the Hybrid utilises a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.

    2017 Honda City gearshift


    All City variants uses Electric Power Steering with a turning radius of 5.6 m.


    The City is front-wheel drive only.

  • Driving Performance

    2017 Honda City side view

    View the 2019 Honda City Review


    The City Hybrid variant makes the century sprint in 10.6 seconds.

    Engine Performance

    Honda is well known for a smooth drive from an efficient and reliable engine. The City's 1.5-litre engine, both standard and hybrid, is smooth getting up to speed and doesn't hesitate when on the highway. But unfortunately for the hybrid, power delivery is rather choppy at low speeds.

    2017 Honda City wheel

    Transmission Performance

    Honda has one of the best CVTs in the market, and the City's CVT has always been smooth though not the quietest. The DCT, on the other hand, is choppy when at low speed and jerks in first gear.

    Steering and Handling

    No matter which variant, the City has a light steering that allows a comfortable drive no matter on the highway or in tight parking lots in the city.

  • Ride Comfort

    2017 Honda City suspension

    Sound Proofing

    Unfortunately, the City is not the quietest car in the segment. With a noisy CVT combined with the lack of sound proofing, the City records at around 70 db at 110 km/h.

    Passenger Comfort 

    Honda has set the City's suspension to give a comfortable ride no matter what surface the car is on. The City also has a setup that easily irons out portholes to reduce the crash when driving through it as much as possible.

  • Fuel Consumption

    2017 Honda City fuel cap

    The Earthdreams engine has always been a fuel efficient unit. The Honda City Hybrid returned 5.7-litre after 360 km of driving in different traffic conditions.

  • Conclusion

    2017 Honda City rear quarter shot

    The Honda City is the pioneer of safety systems like VSA and Traction Control when the current generation made its debut. The 2014 Honda City quickly became the nation's favourite non-national car and the facelifted 2017 Honda City continued the momentum and the offering of class-leading space and practicality.

Honda City FAQ

  • How much is the Honda City?

    • cahub


      The Honda City comes in four variants:

      1.5 S - RM 78,500
      1.5 E - RM 84,600
      1.5 V - RM 91,600
      Hybrid - RM 89,200  

  • What does the City compete with?

    • Steve Lum

      Steve Lum

      The City competes against:

      Toyota Vios - Starting at RM 76,100
      Nissan Almera - Starting at RM 65,699
      Mazda 2 Sedan - Starting at RM 103,670
      Volkswagen Vento - Starting at RM 84,690  

  • What features are on the City?

    • Adonia


      Depending on variant, there are 6 airbags, cruise control and stability control. Cabin
      space is also the biggest among its rivals.  

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