Honda City

RM 73,836 - 92,172 TBC
B-Segment Sedan | --L / 1.5L

the sides of the all-new 2020 honda city 2020 get a set of newly-designed 15-inch alloy wheels. honda has also repositioned the side mirrors from the a-pillars to the doors to improve visibility.

noise is probably the biggest problem in city price. in normal driving, the noise of the engine and the chassis is not small, but it is more obvious in the case of rapid acceleration. from the test data, honda city 2020's noise performance at all speeds is relatively general.

This is achieved by placing the hybrid battery pack in the spare wheel well. As a result, the City Hybrid does not come with a spare wheel, only a tire repair kit.

the best of the lot is still the city price with 137 hp (combined engine's and motor's output) and 170 nm.

Unlikely. Although details have yet to be confirmed for Malaysia, we think the chances of Honda Malaysia introducing the newer engine here is low.

, we recorded the cabin noise level to be at honda city 2020 2019 . at idle, the cabin registers just 42 db. on the move, the engine is quiet enough, aided by electric motors but at idle or low speeds, it sounds quite rough when it fires up to recharge the battery. honda city rear seat comfort is also good in the city hybrid, with sufficient recline angle and more than enough legroom. however, headroom could be tight for taller folks.

with all that being said, if you’re looking for a spacious, practical and efficient car to go about your daily business, the city price 2020 2019 is a great choice. but the competition, namely the toyota vios, has caught up in the features game and may have even surpassed it by a little. though if space is your priority, the honda city 2019 is still undefeated.

in the pile test, the suspension, which is completely biased towards comfort, cannot withstand successive center of gravity shifts, and is compressed to the limit almost every time. and in the limit state, the suspension occasionally produces a certain rebound, which causes poor intervention in the manipulation. it can be seen that honda city 2019, which is comfortable and comfortable, is not suitable for intense driving.

first launched in malaysia in march 2014, the current generation honda city 2020 is nearing the final legs of its model life. a mid-life update was introduced in march 2017, and was quickly followed by a full-hybrid variant in july that year.

while low-end torque is good and its numbers on paper look good, in the real world it struggles harder to keep up with highway traffic than a larger capacity naturally aspirated, four-cylinder 1.5-litre engine ( city price at 6,600 rpm, honda city 2020 at 4,600 rpm).

In terms of suspension, the adjustment of the front suspension McPherson and the rear torsion beam combination is completely comfortable. For the front passengers, the vibration on the road surface can be effectively absorbed and alleviated. However, the rear passengers are not so lucky. The torsion beam structure is always accompanied by a certain bounce when facing a large amplitude of vibration.

it fits more than a toyota vios (but the vios is quieter than the city price) and the fuel sipping city hybrid – which is the most powerful sedan in this segment - is unlikely to be offered in the next generation model. will petrol prices go up once the government figures out the implementation of b40/m40 fuel subsidy programme? maybe.

Moving inside, the all-new City gets a new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay support (including Siri voice control), automatic air-conditioning, and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

unconvinced of the honda city 2020 2019 , we went on-site to the thailand international motor expo to get a first feel of the new honda city.

where the all-new city price 2020 misses the mark, at least in our opinion, is with the instrument panel. honda city 2019 2020 compared to the current model’s three binnacle unit, the all-new honda city’s vw-style twin binnacle layout with a driving information display in between feels like a downgrade from the current blue-background dials. honda city cabin materials are pretty much the same as the outgoing generation model, which is to say that it’s nothing exceptional but good enough for this segment.

In contrast, the City drives better than expected. It's agile and responsive, and once you've learned to work with the unusually light and uncommunicative steering wheel, it actually handles twisty roads quite well, although not as well as the Vios.

This new P10A2 engine is currently used in the European market Honda Civic. In other words, it’s not a cheap engine, and it requires clean low sulphur fuel, at least in its optimal European market setting, which sees the engine making 129 PS at 5,500 rpm and 180 Nm at 1,700 – 4,500 rpm.

the infotainment looks good but we are not sure if our forthcoming locally-produced ones will get the same unit (current honda city 2020 uses a different, locally sourced head unit which looks very after-market and doesn’t work very well).

for the thailand market, there will be four variants - the range topping rs variant will now join the usual s, v, and sv variants. prices in thailand range from: city price 2020 under the hood lies a new 1.0-litre dohc honda city 2019 2020 petrol engine that does honda city at 5,500 rpm and honda city from 2,000 rpm to 4,500 rpm.

we will most probably see the current l15 naturally aspirated 1.5-litre engine being carried over to the 2020 city price.

its nearest rival, the city price 2019 , does get all-round disc brakes but at the time it only had 2 airbags and went without electronic aids like traction control and stability control. in the grand scheme of things especially when safety is considered, it tilted the favour towards the honda city 2020 2019. honda city however, toyota did not watch idly as honda reels in the sales, the 2019 facelifted vios gets 7 airbags in total with the all-important traction and stability control. plus, it gets blind spot detection, rear-cross traffic alert and a 360 degree parking camera.

Towards the rear end of the all-new City, all variants receive new LED tail lights with funky light bars, a shark fin antenna, and bumper inserts at each edge.

Turn-in is sharp, and the rear end of the City Hybrid follows steering input obediently, making it a joy for tackling corners. Body composure is also great, and couple that with the hybrid powertrain’s instantaneous torque delivery, it makes for an exciting driving experience.

the interior is a bit of a hit and a miss though. like every honda, the interior is a welcoming place to be in. controls are laid out logically and are easy to reach. honda city 2020 there are cubby holes exactly at where you expect them to be, with enough depth and width to empty your pockets into.

in terms of size, the all-new city price is quite big car. it’s a lot longer (+111 mm) and wider (+54 mm) than the outgoing model. in fact, it’s even bigger than the fd generation honda civic from last decade. honda city 2019 at the same time, it’s also 10 mm lower than the outgoing city, thus giving it a rather sporty looking, low and wide profile, almost like a mini-civic, minus the sloping c-pillars.

The sole transmission choice is a CVT-type automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels.

Safety wise, much of the equipment are carried over from the predecessor model, including 6 airbags, stability control, traction control, hill start assist, and a multi-angle reverse camera.

needs no introduction, as it is Malaysia’s favourite non-national B-segment sedan.

the current honda city 2019 also had higher specifications than the ones sold in thailand, ours get rear air-conditioning vents, and we are the only country outside of japan to get the hybrid. with the aforementioned new national automotive policy still up in the air, it's hard to say if this will remain.

In the powertrain department, the Dual-VVT-i engine and CVT-type automatic gearbox is refined enough to make the Vios a competent long-distance cruiser. Fuel consumption levels could have been better, but we expect it to improve over time.

honda's dual-clutch automatic have also been specifically adapted to our local climate.  honda city 2019 there's also no significant difference in maintenance cost between a regular petrol and petrol-electric hybrid variant.

The RS variant also receives unique 16-inch alloy wheels and a boot lid spoiler. Ignite Red is also exclusive to the RS variant.

however, the vios still handles better and on top of that, its cabin is quieter too. it also has rear disc brakes while the city price 2019 2019 uses drums. while the honda city’s handling is decent, the steering feels a little too light. the infotainment’s user interface is rather poor and appear to be worse than the pre-facelift model.

If you’re looking forward to the idea of a 1.0-litre VTEC turbo (albeit paired to a CVT automatic) in your driveway, well you might need to hold that thought for a bit.

as mentioned in our earlier article, we honda city 2019 2020 , as our country lacks the necessary incentives to offset this higher cost euro-specs low co2 emissions engine. honda city thailand’s ecocar ii policy provides lower excise duties (8 percent reduction for all-new city, from 20 percent to 12 percent) for cars that emit less than 100 g/km of co2.

Its space is even larger than many C segment sedan, which is the magic of it.

We are guessing mid-2020. The introduction timing was accelerated for Thailand because Thailand’s EcoCar II policy requires eligible models to be introduced by 2019.

the city price hybrid is a rather unique proposition from honda malaysia, as it offers the best of both worlds – excellent driving dynamics without sacrificing fuel economy. setting the city hybrid apart from the competition is its sophisticated drivetrain that offers best-in-class power figures, yet keeping fuel consumption as low as possible (honda quotes a 3.9-litre/100 km figure) honda city 2020 but like anything else, there are some compromises to be made.

However we should also add that City Hybrid's engine can sound rather rough whenever it kicks in while driving to recharge the depleted hybrid battery.

The same powertrain is carried over to the new Vios, meaning that the powertrain is still relatively new.

Four tires with a width of only 185mm withstood the pressure in the 100-0km/h brake test. The multiple braking distances were around 40 meters, and the final score of 40.39 meters was within the qualified range.

true enough, the new city price 2020, now in its fifth generation, had a certain level of wow factor when viewed in the metal. the sharp lines that make up the new-generation honda city were only visible (and appreciated) under different lighting angles.

The CVT gearbox has worn off the fun of driving. There is no shifting action, and the speed increase is done silently. Fortunately, the accelerator pedal is deeply stepped on, and the gearbox can immediately understand the driver's intention and improve the power by changing the gear ratio of the cone wheel. High-speed overtaking is not a problem. When you choose S mode to drive, the transmission will maintain the speed at around 2000 rpm, and the accelerator pedal will spin up to 3000 rpm with a slight speed of operation to seek better power performance.

currently, the honda city 2020 sells for lower, between rm 73,836 to rm 86,983, excluding the hybrid variant. the lower prices is mostly due to energy efficient vehicles (eev) incentives.

yes and no, depending on your expectations. back in 2015, yours truly had driven a prototype european market civic with the same engine and the experience was nothing to shout about, at least not in its 2015 form.  honda city 2020 2019 2020 apart from cleaner emissions, initial driving impressions were rather average. remember that it’s a three-cylinder engine and although it’s turbocharged, it’s still just a 1.0-litre (honda city at 5,500 rpm, honda city at 2,000 - 4,500 rpm).

All these may seem minute, but in reality, the City Hybrid drives like a completely different car from the regular petrol City.

The stunning 4th Generation City is a model with an interior comparable with D-segment space in a B-segment size, and the City itself capturing the biggest market share in the B-segment in  Malaysia. What would Honda offer us in this brand new generation? That's where the real fun starts.

after months of speculation and spyshots, honda thailand has launched the fifth generation, all-new 2020 honda city 2019.

However, nobody can confirm if EEV incentives will continue in its current form in the years to come.

but to get the most features, performance aside, it is best to stick to the regular petrol. the 1.5v variant is the pick of the range.  honda city 2019 the city hybrid is a regular full-hybrid. it does not require external charging and it is a mature technology, now in its third generation. it is not uncommon for japanese hybrids to exceed 200,000 km of service life with no change to the hybrid components.

it is also worth mentioning that these photos show the thai market city, which lacks the rear air-conditioning vents, something which the current, outgoing generation malaysian specifications honda city 2020 has.

The ride comfort of the City Hybrid is far more superior when compared to the regular City, as Honda engineers have retuned the suspension of the City Hybrid to cope with the additional weight introduced by the hybrid battery.

Under the bonnet lies a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine that does 110 PS and 134 Nm, hooked up to an electric motor that contributes another 30 PS and 160 Nm.

the new national automotive policy is still pending (has been delayed since 2018) and it is unclear if the all-new 2020 city price will continue to receive the same incentives.

for those who travels a lot on highways, the vios is a better option as it rides and handles like a larger segment vehicle. the new vios is also quieter than the city at highway speeds, while ride comfort is superior over the city.  honda city 2020 despite some of toyota’s products being a hit or a miss, they have never compromised on their after-sales service. toyota’s after-sales service remains as the industry’s benchmark.

Earth Dreams 1.5L engine with a maximum horsepower of 118hp. You can compare with Volkswagen 1.5L, Toyota 1.5L engine, you know how impressive the performance of the engine data!

However in 2016, Toyota updated the Vios with a much newer and more efficient 1.5-litre 2NR-FE Dual VVT-i engine, whilst ditching the old 4-speed automatic for a more modern CVT-type automatic.

The Vios is slightly more expensive, starting from RM 77,200 (about RM 4,000 more) but you are getting more features for the same money.

pricing for the city price 2019 starts from rm 73,836 for the s variant to rm 86,983 for the v variant. the hybrid variant is priced at rm 92,172.

While the City Hybrid may get a more sophisticated drivetrain over the regular City, it loses out on the curtain airbags found on the City 1.5 V, with the total airbag count coming in at just 4.

honda says that the all-new 2020 city price is able to return fuel consumption figure of 23.8 km/litre (4.2-litre/100 km) on the unece r101 driving cycle (similar to europe's nedc) - that's mighty impressive!  honda city 2020 2019 visually, the all-new 2020 honda city wears the new honda family face that was also fitted onto the recently-introduced all-new jazz. it gets a pair of sharp projector-type headlights and led daytime running lights.

the price starts at only rm70k plus, is city price 2019 suitable for home use? netizens believe that: 1.5l power is abundant, space is great! let's talk about the point that honda city is worth buying!

Malaysia does not have any measures for CO2 regulations or related tax benefits, mostly because Malaysia can’t even introduce low sulphur Euro 4 petrol as the minimum standard yet, which these low emissions engines need (Euro 4 petrol is now only for RON 97).

if the dealer is giving you a good deal, why not? despite its age, the current city price is still the best in its class when it comes to fuel efficiency and practicality.

The Vios offers a very high level of safety features, which is unusual for a local Toyota. On top of what's offered by the City, the Toyota offers seven airbags and anti-whiplash injury front seats as standard! Higher range models add blind spot monitor with rear-cross traffic alert, 360-degree parking camera, as well as built-in dash camera and auto-dimming rear view mirrors. It's the most feature packed sedan in its class.

it also packs more performance over the regular city, with combined output of city price of torque going through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. the dampers are retuned and couple that with a quicker steering ratio, they make for a more entertaining drive.

while the new vios may offer a much better ride comfort than the city, the pegoh-built city claws back with a considerably more spacious cabin. adding to that is the practicality aspect of the city, which offers a big and deep console box, a number of cup holders, and storage spaces.  city price if the infotainment system is important to you, the one found in the new vios barely nudges ahead of the city, thanks to its nicer-to-use user interface. the infotainment system on the city is the biggest letdown with a poor user interface. we’ve used mp3 players with much nicer interfaces than this. despite that, both systems do not support apple carplay or android auto, bummer.

thanks to its hybrid drivetrain, the city hybrid boasts a combined system output of honda city 2020 . these figures are less than the sum of both the engine’s and electric motor’s output is due to the fact that both figures peak at different rotational speeds.

although the honda city 2019 is locally-assembled in melaka, most of the parts are imported either from thailand or japan. the low value of the ringgit will certainly have an impact on prices, which is reviewed every time a new model is introduced.

when the fourth-generation honda city 2019 arrived, it was (and still is) class leading in terms of interior space with plenty of legroom and shoulder room. its cabin is also the most practical in its class with big and deep console box, cup holders and utility bins.

our own tests indicate that the city hybrid completes the city price although the city hybrid features regenerative braking, we noticed that brake feel did not feel artificially boosted and easy to modulate, even in stop-and-go traffic.

this head unit also lacks honda city 2019 connectivity, which would have otherwise complemented this near-perfect interior.

All prices are based on manufacturer provided information with semi-synthetic engine oil. These prices do not include cost of consumables, such as tires, petrol, or battery replacement.

An ace up Honda’s sleeve would be the full-hybrid variant that followed just months after the introduction of the facelift. The City is the only model in its class to offer the sophistication of a hybrid powertrain and the fuel efficiency that comes with it.

The all-new City’s Civic-esque styling has a lot of edgy, sharp character lines that can only be appreciated when viewed under natural light.

all other markets are not expected to introduce the all-new 2020 honda city 2019 so soon.


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