Toyota Corolla Altis

RM 128,888 - 136,888 TBC
C-Segment Sedan | 1.8L / 2.0L

The latest Corolla Altis now comes with only one engine choice – the 2ZR-FE 1.8-litre Dual VVT-i. Regionally, there’s no more 2.0-litre variants as that spot in the model hierarchy is now taken over by the 1.8-litre hybrid, which we don’t get.

the infotainment however, was a bit of a disappointment as our local market misses out on the cooler looking free-standing screen that other markets get. there's no android auto/apple carplay (available in the honda civic) but toyota offers mirror link-like solution (you need to download the t-link app to work). however, using mirror link also means that your phone's screen needs to be on all the time.  toyota corolla altis 2020 on the move, the corolla altis lacks the outright pace of the turbocharged civic. however it counters the 30-plus ps deficit in power by delivering a much smoother drive. power delivery is so smooth that it’s hard to believe that this is a four-cylinder engine.

it’s also good news on the safety side of things for toyota with the range-topping corolla altis 1.8g comes with the full suite of altis price . toyota safety sense, as they call it, bundles pre-collision system, lane departure alert with lane tracing assist, dynamic radar cruise control and blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert.

it’s also more comfortable than the toyota corolla altis 2020 , but of course, the dated engine is a weak point, even though we recognize its proven reliability.

what the press images failed to convey was how much more angular the new body kit is. the restyled front grille when contrasted against the silver and piano black trims give an impression that the toyota corolla altis 2020 appear wider than it is – although actual dimensions did not change.

Shoulder room is tight and the car is best used as a four-seater. Rear occupants benefit from rear air-conditioning vents but there’s no USB ports.

In case you’re wondering, the all-new model will be known simply as Corolla, but the Altis badging will remain on the boot of the new sedan.

having carplay and android auto transforms the in-car entertainment experience by integrating your phone into the infotainment screen. the connection is seamless, and you are able to use your favourite apps (waze, spotify, whatsapp) that are toyota corolla altis 2019 – i.e. larger icons, simpler user interface and voice-activated control.

The biggest upside to having CarPlay and Android Auto integration is the seemingly cleaner user interface displayed on the infotainment screen. It elevates the cabin ambience by adding a more high-tech and modern element that is also equally practical to use.

oddly, the mechanically identical but taller riding altis price didn’t felt that way, and was a lot more fun to drive despite the lack of power.

The steering wheel is light but so is the Honda Civic and we didn’t complain too much about the latter. In the Corolla Altis, it felt that there was a layer of soft pillows masking feedback from the front wheels, which was a little frustrating since the chassis can handle a much sportier drive.

tnga is short for toyota new global architecture. it’s a much bandied about term by toyota’s marketers and sales staff alike. the most recent model to use tnga is the all-new altis price so what does tnga really mean? depending on which toyota personnel that you ask, you will get a slightly different answer.

the engine might be 10 years old but it’s a lot smoother than its younger rivals, thanks to a lot of fine tuning and improvements. there's also zero doubt about it's reliability.  altis price the cvt has also been improved. it feels more direct and gone is the previous model’s cat-like whine when pushed hard.

Likewise for the Lane Tracing Assist, which isn’t too intrusive and works well enough to keep you at the centre of the lane, thus reducing fatigue in long distance drives.

on the upside, lane watch works really well when your passenger's side windows and mirror are blurred by rain drops in heavy rain. the camera continues to feed clear video even in very bad weather.  altis price other features available in and outside of the corolla altis is par for the course with bi-led headlamps, keyless entry and start, 7.0-inch lcd tft multi-info display, 6.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 6-speakers, leather upholstery, 8-way powered driver seats and a 360-degree surround-view camera.

(Toyota calls it Dynamic Radar Cruise Control) works at all speeds, and it works well enough with our local traffic, coming to a full stop to allow cars to merge into our lanes, before accelerating again, all without us touching the pedals.

connectivity can be defined and presented in many ways but for the majority of us, is the ability to access our phones anytime, anywhere. apple carplay and android auto are able to fulfil this need for connectivity and at the same time altis price on the road, win-win.

it’s no longer fair to make fun of toyota cars for their poor level of safety features. the toyota corolla altis 2020 , and corolla all boasts of superior safety features than equivalent honda models.

promises sportier handling and it certainly feels so. the chassis feels taut and the toyota corolla altis 2019 setup in the rear keeps the car planted and agile. it feels like the car can handle a lot more power and it wants to play but the steering wheel’s response feels like it has been intentionally numbed down a couple of notches.

because the platform’s structure is in such way, the designer may not be able to design the car as low or as wide as he/she wished. for example, the hoodline or roofline might have to be compromised because seatbelt mounts or crash protection structure has to be fixed at a certain position. this is why some cars look the way they do. altis price with tnga, the platform now offers much more flexibility to engineers and designers to create their ideal vehicle. for example, the tnga models allow engineers to set the pedals, steering column, and driver seat in five different layouts, before doing further milimetre-level adjustments.   altis price it also allows for more compact packaging of mechanical components, so the car can be designed lower to give it a sportier look, and the dashboard can be mounted lower for better outward visibility. altis price with tnga, the current generation toyota altis 2019 sees a significant improvement in driving dynamics and comfort.

umw toyota motor has recently altis price 2020 2019 the all-new altis price 2019. we've covered the all-new corolla altis extensively, including a altis price of the new c-segment sedan, but there's one feature that toyota hasn't put much emphasis on - the wireless charging pad. toyota corolla altis yes, the all-new toyota corolla altis  (1.8 g only) features a built-in wireless charging pad, and it is the first model in its segment to offer such a feature. toyota corolla altis in simple terms, wireless charging works by employing the use of induction coils on both the phone and the charging pad, which charges the phone via electromagnetic induction, hence the name wireless charging.

Toyota models sold through official local distributor UMW Toyota Motor are known to be equipped with aftermarket infotainment systems that are not the nicest to look at nor navigate.

Irrespective of what it’s called, the Corolla (Altis) has always stood for quality, dependability, and reliability. Toyota folks like to call it QDR.

Up front, the Corolla Altis’ cockpit has a higher hip point, so it’s easier to get in and out of compared to the low slung Civic. However, there isn’t a lot of space for your house keys, access cards, mobile phone or wallet.

it’s also not equipped with the toyota safety sense (tss) toyota corolla altis 2020 2020 2019 2019 there are also no performance gains for the corolla altis despite the gr sport branding. the 2zr-fe 1.8-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine with dual vvt-i makes the same toyota corolla altis of torque paired to a cvt automatic. the same powertrain option as the car sold in malaysia that we have toyota corolla altis given the choice, would you rather have adas or a basic spec toyota corolla altis that looks like it could fly? personally, i think the corolla altis as it is, looks good enough.

As speculated earlier, our ASEAN market Corolla Altis looks similar to the FAW Toyota version of the Corolla sedan that is currently on sale in China. The FAW Toyota version is one of the three global front faces of the new Corolla sedan.

the variants include: toyota corolla altis 2020 2019 for the first-time ever, toyota is offering a hybrid variant of the all-new corolla altis, powered by the same 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain as the toyota corolla altis hybrid. the hybrid powertrain in the corolla altis is good for a combined system output of 122 ps.

However, the DVD-AVX interface in today’s age of connectivity is a pain to use and the thick bezels are just an eyesore.

If you activate Siri on CarPlay and Google Assistant on Android Auto, you have your very own voice command system that is a gazillion times more intelligent than those built-in systems found on some cars.

All generations of Corolla were developed with the so-called 80-point doctorine, meaning that a Corolla has to be above average in all aspects, covering all bases but not necessarily being the best in any particular area.

Toyota Motor Thailand is also offering the all-new Corolla Altis with the choice of a 1.6- or a 1.8-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine. The smaller 1.6-litre engine is good for 125 PS and 156 Nm, while the larger 1.8-litre unit does 140 PS and 177 Nm. Both petrol engines receive a CVT-type automatic transmission with 7 virtual ratios.

The Civic uses a multi-link set up while the Mazda 3 has rear damping sorted out by torsion beams.

in thailand, the corolla altis gr sport, priced at thb 999,000(rm 137k), is positioned just below the range-topping altis price high variant.

MirrorLink, on the other hand, does not have your phone apps optimised for driving and you need to keep your screen awake to have it working on the infotainment screen. I personally, would never recommend MirrorLink.

hence having apple carplay and android auto is what makes the toyota c-hr’s infotainment system is better than the toyota corolla altis 2019 dvd-avx system.

The Corolla is Toyota’s most storied nameplate. So steeped is its heritage that by the late ‘90s, the Corolla name had become too successful for its own good. The name had become a drag because younger buyers associated the name too much with their father’s car. Thus explains the introduction of the ‘Altis’ suffix.

Probably Toyota wants to maintain a mature character for the Corolla Altis and that’s understandable because on straight roads and long distance drives, the Corolla Altis’ steering is less fidgety and calmer than its sportier rivals.

umw toyota motor (umwt) has just launched the altis price . interestingly, the company pulled off the wraps of their new toyota corolla altis 2019 in sky avenue, genting highlands.

However, the Corolla Altis GR Sport is only similar equipped as the lower grade 1.6G as such you get an analogue instrument cluster with 4.2-inch TFT multi-info display and single-zone automatic climate control.

in terms of size, the corolla altis is just as long as the toyota corolla altis 2020 , but it’s narrower and taller. as such, the corolla altis’ interior is quite cramped.

according to umwt’s marketing materials, the company choose the winding roads of genting highlands as the backdrop for the corolla altis to highlight the dynamic prowess of the altis price however, the sad reality is that to most buyers, driving excitement is the least of their concerns. what matters more to consumers is whether they are getting their money’s worth. after all, you are parting with rm 128,888 to rm 136,888, so the corolla altis better be worth every penny, on paper at least.

the 15-second long teaser didn’t reveal much of the new altis’ exterior details, but did list out some of the key features, including: toyota corolla altis 2019 similar to the all-new camry and c-hr, the all-new corolla altis is built on the company’s much-vaunted tnga platform. unlike the more sophisticated double wishbone rear suspension set-up of the camry and c-hr, the all-new corolla altis gets a multi-link set-up. still, it’s an upgrade over the outgoing model’s rear torsion beam set-up.

On highways, the ride is notably more supple and forgiving against rough tarmac than the slightly firmer and noisier Honda Civic.

is also an interesting variant that many Malaysians would be keen on. No performance enhancements, only a sportier fascia with a body kit and sharper wheels.

not off to a great start but things pick up for the corolla altis from here on out. riding on the brand’s much raved tnga platform (shared with the altis price and camry), the corolla altis is the only car in the segment to adopt double wishbone suspension at the rear which promises superior ride and handling.

unique to the corolla altis is qi wireless charging tray, manual rear sun blinds as well as built-in front and rear digital video recorder (dashcam). however, it lacks apple carplay and android auto connectivity. both the civic and mazda 3 have it, which is toyota corolla altis 2019 the largest wheel size available on the corolla altis measures 17-inches in diameter (225/45 r17 tyres) which one inch down from its rivals.

Inside, the Corolla Altis GR Sport is nothing like what the sporty exterior portrays. It looks exactly like a regular Corolla Altis except for the additional red trims on the door panels and seats.

However if straight-line performance is more of your thing, the Honda Civic 1.5 V-TEC Turbo would still be a better pick. Or if you fancy a more premium interior, the Mazda 3 is where your money should go to.

motor thailand has just introduced the all-new twelfth-generation altis price in the kingdom, available in 6 variants.

which brings us to the toyota c-hr’s display audio infotainment system. although it measures smaller in size at 6.75-inch, it comes with the altis price which makes it better than the corolla altis’ system.

standard equipment on the (thailand market) all-new corolla altis range include: toyota corolla altis 2020 2019 the range-topping corolla altis hybrid high variant is generously equipped with these standard equipment:toyota corolla altis the corolla altis gr sport gets a bespoke front fascia with silver trim in the lower front grille, front, side, and rear skirts, and 17-inch dual-tone alloy wheels. a rear spoiler helps to complete the exterior design of the gr sport.

You may imagine a platform to be like main pillars of building. You may tear down a building for renovation, and remodel the building into another style, so long as the pillars and supporting beams can support the new design.

overall, the altis price is everything that we had come to expect. it matches what the competitor offers but never quite exceeding it. it’s the dependable car that you know will give you a problem-free drive and if you take good care of it, will last long enough to be passed down to the next generation.

It’s a formula that has served the Corolla nameplate well and few brands can boast of a continuous history longer than the Corolla, which was first introduced in 1966.

The flat surface wireless charger below the centre stack is a nice thought but it is not practical because your phone will slide off after a couple of corners. We would gladly swap it for a proper utility bin to empty our pockets into.

As you can see from the table now, the all-new Corolla Altis 2019 now comes with Toyota Safety Sense, Toyota's equivalent to Honda Sensing, which will also be making its debut in the also soon-to-be-launched new Civic.

to charge a phone wirelessly, both devices must be placed close to each other and aligned on top of each other.  toyota corolla altis 2020 perhaps the most popular and widely accepted wireless charging format is the qi wireless charging, developed by the wireless power consortium. other competing formats such as pma exist, but most modern-day flagship smartphones are only compatible with qi, with the exception of a few samsung phones, which support both qi and pma.

charging include: altis price 2019 2020 getting started is as simple as placing the back of your phone onto the corolla altis' wireless charging pad located in the compartment in front of the gear lever.  toyota corolla altis 2019 2019 to recap, the all-new toyota corolla altis is available in two variants, both powered by a 1.8-litre dual vvt-i naturally-aspirated petrol engine that outputs 139 ps and 172 nm, hooked up to a cvt-type automatic that sends power to the front wheels. while both variants of the all-new corolla altis receive 7 airbags, stability control, and traction control, the pricier 1.8 g variant adds toyota safety sense suite of advanced driver assistance system (toyota corolla altis the all-new toyota corolla altis is priced from rm 128,888 for the 1.8 e, while the 1.8 g costs rm 136,888.

the civic is available with a altis price 2020 2019 2019 2019 petrol engine that develops toyota corolla altis of torque paired to a cvt automatic. in a straight line, it can hit 100 km/h from a standstill in toyota corolla altis on the mazda 3 which is available with a toyota corolla altis petrol engine option has a healthy output of toyota corolla altis achieved through direct injection and high compression technology. it comes with a conventional 6-speed automatic transmission.

to a toyota marketer, tnga is a about creating vehicles with superior ride and handling, better looking designs and better safety. it’s a set of basic building blocks of a car, loosely described as a ‘platform.’ toyota corolla altis 2019 2019 2020 to a toyota engineer, tnga encompasses the a-to-z of how cars are manufactured. tnga is essentially toyota’s lean manufacturing – which toyota invented more than 50 years ago, and is now adopted by nearly every manufacturer – now adapted for the new era. toyota corolla altis in short, to a toyota engineer tnga is about building cars while using less energy, time, and space. think of it as a new and improved lego set.  toyota corolla altis there is no specific definition of what a platform is, although it is generally accepted that a platform include (but not limited to) mounting points for key components like engine, suspension and seat belts.

doing so however, also means that there’s always a compromise. the needs of a sedan is quite different from an suv, likewise an mpv. toyota corolla altis 2019 2020 2019 the dashboard height for example, might be just nice for an suv but too high for a sedan, which makes outward visibility poor. the platform might not be able to accommodate certain engine options – can it fit hybrid systems with minimal space intrusion, for example. toyota corolla altis the way the suspension is mounted might be beneficial for an suv but it might intrude too much into a sedan or a hatchback’s interior, taking up cabin or boot space. toyota corolla altis many of the features used in toyota safety sense for example, require specific support from the body structure to accommodate the hardware and wire harness.


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