Toyota Vios

RM 77,200 - 87,300
B-Segment Sedan | 1.5L

Sitting in the European corner is the Volkswagen Vento. Several variants of the Vento exist, but the one you would want to get is the Vento Highline, fitted with the turbocharged 1.2-litre engine. Performance sedan it may not be, but the Vento Highline offers sufficient grunt for day-to-day commute. However, maintenance cost for the Vento is on the high side. The Vento also lacks curtain airbags which other segment rivals offer. is an automotive enthusiast site most popularly known for its automotive forum in the early days of the internet.

umw toyota motor introduced the new vios earlier this year, refreshing its popular b-segment sedan with a completely new look and a generous dose of equipment.  vios price but does the updated vios 2019 range have what it takes to lure buyers away from the popular vios price in the case of the new vios price, the entry-level 1.5j is a decent enough choice as it packs 7 airbags, vsc, trc, automatic single-zone air-conditioning, and keyless entry with engine push start button.  vios 2019 if budget isn’t a constraint, then the range-topping 1.5g is the best choice as it includes all the creature comforts, such as leather upholstery, 6 speakers, larger alloy wheels, and optitron meter cluster.

however, if you think that these features are unnecessary, then the vios price 2019 1.5j or 1.5e would be a better option as these two variants still receive 7 airbags, stability and traction control.

but to get the most features, performance aside, it is best to stick to the regular petrol. the 1.5v variant is the pick of the range.  vios price the city hybrid is a regular full-hybrid. it does not require external charging and it is a mature technology, now in its third generation. it is not uncommon for japanese hybrids to exceed 200,000 km of service life with no change to the hybrid components.

The Vios is slightly more expensive, starting from RM 77,200 (about RM 4,000 more) but you are getting more features for the same money.

comes with the following standard features: vios price moving one level up is the vios 2019 the highest specifications vios 2019 curiously, the most expensive vios price has less features than the regular petrol 1.5v, mostly due to the added cost of the more powerful yet more fuel efficient hybrid powertrain. the hybrid drops some of the 1.5v's features down to more basic: vios price yes if you are looking for added performance. despite the fuel-saving image, the city hybrid packs more power than any of its rivals and it has a sportier character too - courtesy of a faster steering rack and a fast shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission that delivers a more engaging drive than the standard car (or even the vios price') cvt-type automatic.

the vios handles better too, even if it lacks power when compared to the city. on the move, the vios is also quieter than the city, with suspension that offers a more comfortable ride. the city is also quiet and comfortable enough, but the vios has raised the bar.  vios 2019 the downside? the vios is not as spacious (despite having a wider body) and lacks certain comfort features like rear air-conditioning vents - crucial in our climate for families going on long journeys. compared to the city, the vios also feels a bit low on power.

another alternative to the vios 2019 2019 is the mazda 2 sedan. unlike the uber practical honda city, the mazda 2 sedan takes a completely different approach, as the mazda 2 sedan’s cabin quality is unrivalled in its segment. touch points and build quality is top notch in the mazda 2 sedan. further adding to the mazda’s highpoint is its driving dynamics, which beats every other segment rival.

Cabin quietness is also remarkable, as Toyota has fitted more soundproofing materials to the new Vios. In fact, the factory-fitted Toyo Proxes R50 tires does a swell job of keeping noise levels low. We do wish grip levels provided by these rubbers were better though, as the Vios had a tendency of going wide into turns when pushed hard.

the vios is toyota’s bread-and-butter model, as the vios (and the vios price ) are toyota’s most affordable models on sale right now. the vios price was recently updated with a host of safety equipment, making it an excellent choice for many.

since its introduction back in 2014, the honda city went on to become malaysia’s best-selling non-national b-segment sedan, toppling the vios 2019 2019. honda malaysia updated the city in 2017, giving its little sedan an updated exterior design. however, the biggest let-down is the infotainment system, as it lacks a clock. cabin refinement and quietness of the city also falls behind the vios 2019 2019.

both the honda city and new vios 2019 are really competent models in the segment. there is no clear-cut winner here, as both models have their pros and cons.

The Vios offers a very high level of safety features, which is unusual for a local Toyota. On top of what's offered by the City, the Toyota offers seven airbags and anti-whiplash injury front seats as standard! Higher range models add blind spot monitor with rear-cross traffic alert, 360-degree parking camera, as well as built-in dash camera and auto-dimming rear view mirrors. It's the most feature packed sedan in its class.

for those who travels a lot on highways, the vios is a better option as it rides and handles like a larger segment vehicle. the new vios is also quieter than the city at highway speeds, while ride comfort is superior over the city.  vios 2019 despite some of toyota’s products being a hit or a miss, they have never compromised on their after-sales service. toyota’s after-sales service remains as the industry’s benchmark.

However in 2016, Toyota updated the Vios with a much newer and more efficient 1.5-litre 2NR-FE Dual VVT-i engine, whilst ditching the old 4-speed automatic for a more modern CVT-type automatic.

For the longest time, the Vios was using a dated, but proven 1.5-litre VVT-i engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The more expensive HR-V Hybrid's engine, although using the same 1.5-litre capacity, benefits from more direct injection, versus the City Hybrid's port injection. The HR-V Hybrid's combustion cycle is purely Otto cycle (conventional) while the City Hybrid runs on the Atkinson cycle, which is good for fuel efficiency but lacks torque.

However we should also add that City Hybrid's engine can sound rather rough whenever it kicks in while driving to recharge the depleted hybrid battery.

all variants of the vios price 2019 share a 2nr-fe 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder dual vvt-i petrol engine mated to a cvt-type automatic that sends all 107 ps and 140 nm of torque to the front wheels. vios 2019 our pick of the range is the 1.5g, as it includes a host of segment-first safety features like blind spot monitor (bsm) with rear cross traffic alert (rcta). the toyota vios 2019 1.5g also gets a built-in front digital video recorder (dvr) and panoramic view monitor (pvm).

while the new vios may offer a much better ride comfort than the city, the pegoh-built city claws back with a considerably more spacious cabin. adding to that is the practicality aspect of the city, which offers a big and deep console box, a number of cup holders, and storage spaces.  vios 2019 if the infotainment system is important to you, the one found in the new vios barely nudges ahead of the city, thanks to its nicer-to-use user interface. the infotainment system on the city is the biggest letdown with a poor user interface. we’ve used mp3 players with much nicer interfaces than this. despite that, both systems do not support apple carplay or android auto, bummer.

unlike the new vios price, the vios price can also be had as a hybrid variant, which features a hybrid engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. this is far by one of the sportiest b-segment models on sale right now, though equipment count is rather abysmal. the city hybrid loses out on the led headlights, 6 airbags, leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, no soft touch dashboard, and 6 speaker audio system of the range-topping city 1.5 v.

if you’re willing to look past the usual candidates, the vios price is also a worthy option. like the vios price 2019, the proton persona is also a b-segment sedan, but with a more palatable price tag.  however, keep in mind that the persona, like the iriz, is part of proton’s legacy range of models. the facelift that proton introduced earlier this year improved the persona marginally, but overall refinement still falls behind the competition.

All prices are based on manufacturer provided information with semi-synthetic engine oil. These prices do not include cost of consumables, such as tires, petrol, or battery replacement.

The same powertrain is carried over to the new Vios, meaning that the powertrain is still relatively new.

In the powertrain department, the Dual-VVT-i engine and CVT-type automatic gearbox is refined enough to make the Vios a competent long-distance cruiser. Fuel consumption levels could have been better, but we expect it to improve over time.

We caught up with Tom to find out why are big names like himself, Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan Ley, Boy Wong, Mark Darwin and many more are actively racing in Vios’ and why TGR Vios Challenge matters for the development and progress of motorsports in the country.

in short, the new vios price drives really well.  vios 2019 toyota has done a superb job with the suspension tuning of the new vios, striking a fine balance between ride comfort and handling.  vios price the new vios irons out road bumps and irregularities with relative ease, without transferring to much unpleasantries to the cabin. quite an amazing feat, considering that the vios rides on low profile 50-series tires.

Look up ZTH on Instagram and YouTube, you’ll be treated with adrenaline-pumping content from the all-new Toyota GR Supra to Ferraris.

for those looking for a fuss-free purchase, the vios 2019 2019 is a good choice, as it has a reputation for being relatively cheap to run, easy to fix, and durable enough for our driving conditions. vios 2019 as mentioned earlier, the vios price 2019 is packed to the brim with safety equipment, addressing one of the biggest complains its predecessors had. with the introduction of this model, toyota has made safety equipment like the 7 airbags, stability and traction control standard across the range, effectively making the vios more attractive to buyers.

despite being the oldest model in its class, the city remains the stronger seller in its class, although the vios price have closed the gap significantly.  vios 2019 the are four variants to choose from, including the hybrid.

however, this weekend (9 – 10 november 2019), founder of zth, tom goh will be behind the wheel of a vios 2019 for the season 3 toyota gazoo racing festival vios 2019 one-make series.

In contrast, the City drives better than expected. It's agile and responsive, and once you've learned to work with the unusually light and uncommunicative steering wheel, it actually handles twisty roads quite well, although not as well as the Vios.

apart from its generous safety equipment, the vios price's cabin quietness and refinement levels are segment-leading, beating even the city.  vios price despite that, the vios 2019’ interior is a bit of a let-down, as there are limited storage spaces within the cabin. the steering column cover also has a nasty tendency of reflecting onto the meter cluster, making it hard to read the meter cluster.

, with prices starting from RM 77,200 for the 1.5J variant, while the mid spec 1.5E costs RM 81,200. The range-topping 1.5G costs RM 87,300.

we've compiled a table comparing the cost to maintain the vios price, honda city, and honda city hybrid over a period of 60 months/100,000 km.  vios 2019 the honda city hybrid is the cheapest to maintain, with the total bill amounting to rm 3,182.05. the new vios price is the second cheapest to maintain, amounting to rm 3,334.00 over the same period. the regular honda city is the priciest to maintain, as it costs rm 3,880.96.

the toyota vios’ biggest rival in the segment is the vios 2019 . however, other rivals such as the mazda 2 sedan (rm 76,670 – rm 94,670), and volkswagen vento (rm 84,690 – rm 98,490).

honda's dual-clutch automatic have also been specifically adapted to our local climate.  vios 2019 there's also no significant difference in maintenance cost between a regular petrol and petrol-electric hybrid variant.

having said that, reliability is very dependent on driving style and maintenance habits. hybrids draw cool air-conditioned air from the cabin to cool the battery hence one should avoid driving with the windows down, without air-conditioning. you might be comfortable, but the battery might not be operating optimally.  vios price the lithium-ion hybrid battery is covered by an 8-year/unlimited mileage warranty but if you have to know, the replacement cost is slightly over rm5,500 - less than the price of the latest iphone and like all things electronics, prices come down over time.

First launched in Malaysia in March 2014, the current generation Honda City is nearing the final legs of its model life. A mid-life update was introduced in March 2017, and was quickly followed by a full-hybrid variant in July that year.


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