Honda HR-V

RM 108,800 - 124,800 TBC
B-Segment SUV | 1.5L / 1.8L

Prices in Japan range between 1.679 million Yen to 2.282 million Yen for the Toyota Raize, while the Daihatsu version will be priced from 1.705 million Yen to 2.422 million Yen.

The Real Time 4WD system comes from the CR-V and utilizes a dual hydraulic pump rear differential, where the 4WD system is hydraulically activated when the front wheels lose traction. The HR-V also uses enhanced drive shafts and suspension. Variations were produced for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Rim and for its home market of Japan. The HR-V was revised in 2002 with some exterior styling changes and a new interior. Ahead of its time in terms of design for pedestrian safety, the HR-V seats four people and includes modern safety features such as ABS brakes with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution), dual SRS (supplemental restraint system) airbags, as well as other features such as electric mirrors, electric windows, folding rear seats, power steering, heat absorbing windows, air conditioning, front fog lights and a rear spoiler housing an LED brake light array.

while the 2018 mazda cx-3 has great styling and athletic handling, it falls behind the 2019 hr-v price 2020 in terms of practicality. the interior space in the honda hr-v makes it useful for housing people and their stuff from point a to point b even if the engine is somewhat laggy. if you want a better motivation, i would highly recommend you to go for the hybrid spec.

same as the jazz hybrid, the hr-v hybrid is equipped with honda sport hybrid i-dcd (intelligent dual-clutch drive) powertrain, supplying 132 ps at 6,600 rpm and 156 nm at 4,600 rpm, and is mated with a seven-speed dat (dual-clutch automatic transmission).  honda hr-v 2019 other than that, the hr-v hybrid uses an atkinson-cycle 1.5 litre cycle petrol engine and an electric motor with blue energy lithium-ion traction batteries providing a 30 ps per 160 nm power. combined together, the hybrid is delivering 152 ps and 190 nm, which is slightly higher than other variants.

Six airbags, an ESS (Emergency Stop Signal). VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), HAS (Hill Start Assist) and the multi-angle reverse camera is standard for all variants, while the V and RS also paired with a Honda LaneWatch blind spot camera. Same as the smart entry / push-button ignition, automatic AC, auto headlights, DRL (Daytime Running Lights), cruise control, paddle shifters, steering wheel audio controls and four audio speakers.

As usual, Honda Malaysia provides an eight-year warranty for the battery without the limitation of mileage.

In addition, Honda also gave a sporty edition to the model called RS variant, which geared an outstanding operation performance for owning the Variable Gear Ratio Steering System exclusively.

honda malaysia announced today that its ever popular honda hr-v 2020 was sold 14,800 times between january to november 2019, cementing it firmly as malaysia’s best-selling crossover with a 79 percent market share.

It’s just slightly bigger than a Perodua Myvi (100 mm longer but 40 mm narrower). However when viewed in person, the car doesn't appear to be that small. It's an illusion given by the 17-inch wheels, wide wheel arches and SUV-style stance, which makes the car looks bigger than it actually is.

The brake test of HR-V is also very linear, and the change of the overall G value is also very small; the G value reaches about 1G in the initial stage, and as the braking force continues to increase, the G value experiences a small amount from the initial stage to the middle stage. In the latter part, the vertical G value is maintained in a relatively stable state. From the G value of the overall brake, the overall change is still relatively small, maintaining a stable range.

. To tell more, let's compare them!

technically, the xv sits one segment above the hr-v, as the former is based on a c-segment platform while the latter is based on a stretched version of the b-segment jazz/city's platform. a quick look at the specifications table with tell you that the subaru xv and toyota c-hr have larger c-segment size wheelbase than the b-segment derived mazda cx-3 and honda hr-v 2019.

the design of honda vezel is based on honda "urban suv concept". “vezel” is coined from “bezel”, the oblique faces of a cut gem, with the “v” for “vehicle.” honda hr-v 2019 the vehicle was unveiled at the 2013 tokyo motor show. japan models went on sale on 20 december 2013. the vezel is available with two powertrains, as a conventional gasoline-powered and as hybrid electric vehicle. in japan, it is regarded as a luxury vehicle as the width dimension exceeds japanese government dimension regulations, and japanese buyers are liable for yearly taxes as a result. the japanese road tax obligation is held to a more affordable tax bracket due to the engine displacement being held under the 2.0 l threshold.

as we all know, honda hr-v 2019 is one of the best selling b-segment suv in malaysia, or even in the world. it is indeed a very practical choice, but some people think it is too moderate, and hardly can tell prominent features from the hr-v. so is there a better option in this class?

The HR-V features a 1.8-liter L4 engine with the signature i-VTEC continuously variable valve timing technology, with a maximum output of 140 hp and a maximum torque of 172 Nm. It is equipped with a CVT gearbox and NEDC fuel consumption is 6.6 L/100 km.

For sound insulation, the HR-V is equipped with engine sound insulation cotton and door seals. The overall sound insulation is good at idle speed. However, the tire has a large tire noise, especially during the driving process, the tire noise can be clearly transmitted to the car. When the engine speed is relatively high, the sound of the engine and the gearbox work becomes very large, which also affects the ride quality.

Underpinning the car is a Toyota’s latest TNGA platform, most likely the TNGA-B for compact cars, which is also shared with the Yaris, since the Raize/Rocky uses the same torsion beam setup for the rear. Daihatsu refers to the same platform as DNGA.

The facelifted model was unveiled on 25 January 2018 in Japan and released later on 15 February 2018. It features a revised chrome bar grille and LED headlamps both being similar to Honda Civic, thin chrome garnish strip on the rear trunk and updated front bumper.

the new model deletes these additional ports, leaving you with just one usb port located on the head unit itself, far above the centre console, forcing you to oddly loop the usb cable over and under the two-tier centre console. honda hr-v 2019 2020 the low resolution graphics and poor tactile feedback buttons give it a poor presentation compared to the previous car’s more original equipment-looking unit.     honda hr-v speakers count has also been reduced from six to four, across all variants.

Power is transferred either to the front or all four wheels via Daihatsu’s D-CVT transmission. D-CVT is a CVT-type automatic transmission that uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency.

for comparison, a honda hr-v 2020 (vezel in japan) starts at 2.11 million yen in japan but remember that in japan, the hr-v comes with just a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated i-vtec engine (131 ps).

For example, the already below-par infotainment is fitted with an even smaller 6.8-inch screen (7-inch for V and RS). It also misses out on LED head lamps, making do with halogen projectors, while the seats are half leather-fabric rather than full leather.

The HR-V was launched in Malaysia in February 2015 with three variants: S, E and V. All variants were updated in May 2016 where the previously offered 16" alloy wheels were swapped for 17". A limited 'Mugen' edition based of the V variant was launched in February 2018 and was limited to 1,020 units. Bookings open for the facelift version in July 2018 and in November 2018, a facelift HR-V was showcased during the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show. In January 2019, the facelifted HR-V was launched with four variants: 1.8L E, 1.8L V, 1.8L RS and Sport Hybrid i-DCD. Malaysia became the only country outside of Japan to officially market the Vezel/HR-V hybrid.

the b-segment hr-v sits one segment lower than the c-segment x70 so direct comparisons between the two should be avoided. however, since the x70 undercuts its same-class rivals and is priced closer to a honda hr-v 2019 than a cr-v, comparison is inevitable.

Distinct from three other variants, the RS lends a sportier touch by putting up the use of black and mental elements. chrome in this case, darkened on door handles, the license-bar, side sills and fog lamps. The RS is also riding on 18-inch 5-spoke wheels and 225/50 series tyres presenting a longer and wider outlook than the standard variants loaded on 17-inch alloy wheels and 215/55 tyres.

The Raize/Rocky measures just 3,995 millimeters long, 1,695 millimeters wide, 1,620 mm tall, with a 2,525 mm wheelbase.

Aided by a high torque electric motor, the HR-V Hybrid actually drives a lot better than its engine specification suggests but it’s ultimately let down by its poorer set of features when compared to the non-hybrid variants.

the price of 2019 honda hr-v 2020 facelift starts from rm 108,000. although the fl price is slightly expensive than before, there are many upgrades inside the shell to appreciate. that's why i remain a strong belief on its competitiveness in the market!

The Raize/Rocky is actually smaller than even the Mazda CX-3 (4,275 mm long and 1,765 mm wide).

The Toyota handles really well too – credit to the all-new TNGA platform. For a Toyota to trump a Mazda in ride and handling is quite unusual because Mazda cars are famed for their driver-centric and agile character.

since then, honda malaysia has sold over 87,000 units of the honda hr-v 2019.

The Grade E and Hybrid have halogen headlights with manual levelling and front fog lamps, while that is LED headlights with auto levelling, front fog lamps and tail lamps for the V and RS. Inside, the Grade R and Hybrid feature a split-leather three-spoke steering wheel by using black half-leather materials and a 6.8-inch audio system display screen; for V and RS, it’s a full-leather steering wheel in black (Grade V) or ivory (Grade RS), a 7.0-inch audio display screen plus an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat.

malaysians will understandably be suspicious of the hybrid’s reliability but this is not a full-electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle. regular hybrids are a mature technology. the hybrid battery is designed to last the lifespan of the car, which typically means hr-v price but as mentioned above, actual service life is dependent on driving style and maintenance habits, just like any other vehicle component. some cars will need replacements a lot earlier, but it's rare.  hr-v price in any case, the battery is covered by an 8-year/unlimited mileage warranty, and the honda hr-v 2019 (excluding labour), as of 2019. prices will go down as electrification becomes mainstream.

The HR-V was built on the supermini platform used by the Honda Logo, while the larger CR-V was built on the Civic platform. Known as one of the earliest low emissions vehicles (in terms of nitrogen oxides) and unique character.

A revised grille, a thicker bar for the Honda logo, new reflector-type full-LED headlamps, redesigned bumpers and LED fog lamps are what you can discover among the new features in the front. For the rear end, a horizontal chrome link strip on the tailgate is now binding with the taillights, featuring in a tube-ish LED guides.

earlier models of the hr-v weren’t very comfortable – suffering from a noisy ride and a suspension that’s too soft and while lacking in sufficient travel relative to its ride height. honda hr-v 2019 2020 the current model has a vastly more comfortable ride with better noise insulation. the range-topping rs variant features a faster and sharper turning variable ratio steering wheel rack.  honda hr-v its brake hold function – which holds the brakes while you take your foot off the pedal, while waiting in traffic - is one of the best around, engaging and releasing smoother than many more expensive german cars.

across variants, the model employs a traditional 1.8l i-vtec natural aspirated engine matching with a cvt gearbox. the ingenuity of hybrid variant in the 2019 honda hr-v 2020 is imparted with a new 1.5l direct-injection 4-cylinder engine pairing with an electric motor and mated to a 7-speed dct gearbox, which jacks up the integrated horsepower to 150 hp and a combined torque of 190 nm.

was launched in 2015 and it has held the No.1 position ever since, with an average market share of 76 percent.

Our Malaysian market HR-V comes with either the 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine (142 PS), or the more powerful 1.5-litre direct injection hybrid (152 PS).

In short, the Toyota C-HR and Mazda CX-3 are more lifestyle-driven purchases, appealing more to the buyer’s emotions and subjective appeal rather than practicality.

The high hip point makes it easy to get in and out of the car. The ease of entry/exit is especially appreciated by elderly folks and ladies in tight dresses.

the only other option left is the proton x70 but for reasons mentioned earlier, the two are from different segments and are not substitutes for one another. hr-v price the buyer who is better served with a smaller, more fuel efficient hr-v 2019 will not be happy with the larger x70’s running cost in the long term, vice versa.   hr-v price our pick of the hr-v 2019 range is the hybrid variant, simply because it’s cheaper to run/maintain and yet offers more power. although it lacks led headlamps and lanewatch camera, crucial safety features remain unchanged. the half leather-fabric seats are actually pretty nice to touch although it might be as premium as full leather seats.

The cabin space of Hybrid, being 404 litres and 991 litres with seats folded, is smaller than that of other petrol variants, which is 437 litres and up to 1,032 litres with seats folded down. The HR-V Hybrid also comes with tyre repair kit, just like Jazz series, instead of a spare tyre to provide room for the electric module.

It’s a low point in an otherwise almost perfect car.

enthusiast drivers won’t like the cvt-type automatic transmission but objectively, it’s the smoothest transmission on this end of the price spectrum, while being responsive enough and delivering a more direct feel than most other cvts.   honda hr-v 2020 2020 while the new facelifted hr-v 2019 is more comfortable and better to drive than before, it has a much honda hr-v the previous model’s head unit’s touch screen had nicer, more expensive looking graphics, easier to use controls. it also had conveniently located usb ports in the lower section of the centre console, which is where you will most likely keep your mobile devices.

A cross between a traditional hatchback and a tall riding SUV, the so-called crossover segment is now the fastest growing segment in Malaysia. Buyers like the taller seating position offered by such cars because it’s easier to get in/out, and offers a more commanding view of the road ahead. However because crossovers are smaller than a traditional Honda CR-V class type of vehicle, it’s easier to park and cheaper to refuel, thus making such cars ideal for urbanities.

the c-hr’s cabin may seem tight but it’s an illusion caused by the tiny rear windows. inside, the c-hr is nearly as spacious as the honda hr-v 2019 but it lacks the hr-v’s finer touches like ultra seats, which allows the hr-v to swallow more cargo than cars from one segment above it.

However, customers will have to accept a lower set of features that’s more similar to the entry HR-V 1.8E variant rather than the range topping RS variant.

the honda vezel is a subcompact crossover suv manufactured by honda. the vehicle was first introduced to the japanese market in late 2013, and made its north american debut at the new york international auto show on april 2014 with the revived name  honda hr-v 2019. the hr-v nameplate has been carried over to other markets, including sri lanka, pakistan, australia and canada. in singapore, the official honda distributor sells the hr-v, while the parallel imported version retains the name vezel.

In terms of safety equipment, 2019 facelifted HR-V comes standard with 6 airbags, which is a great upgrade on the specs. While Honda Lane Watch can be found only in V and RS variant, shift paddles and cruise control are in the standard package for all variants.

the hr-v price facelift along with the refreshed suv was available for booking last year. now, four variants are officially launched here and go on general sale. besides the hr-v sport hybrid i-dcd (rm 120,800), which is marketing only in japan and malaysia, the other three petrol variants ranging from 1.8l e (rm 108,800), grade v (rm 118,800) and rs (rm 124,800) are in ascending order.

At today’s exchange rate, that translates to about RM 64,000 to RM 92,000 but of course, such direct conversion is of little use because our tax structure is quite different from Japan’s.

Before the fuel consumption test, we started the engine start-stop system and the Autonomous Braking System. The test path covers 30% of the congestion, while the rest is in the loop and at high speed. The final test mileage is 107.4 kilometers, the average speed is 29km/h, and the fuel consumption is 7.45 liters. The final HR-V fuel consumption is 6.94L/100km.

higher range variants feature adaptive cruise control (with stop and go), 360 degree parking camera as well as autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitor and lane keep assist.  honda hr-v 2020 there's also a semi-automatic parallel parking feature.

The XV also has the highest ground clearance, meaning that it’s less bothered by flash floods.

honda hr-v 2019 holds only three variants before the facelift version, which is s, e and v. this year, honda applies the same strategy on hr-v as the make was introducing the jazz hybrid and city hybrid, in which the e becomes the entry-level, while the s variant is being cut to create a fitted niche for the hybrid. since the turbocharged engine has yet engaged with the model, the hybrid variant is being brought in to compensate the overall dynamic insufficient for the model.

From the exterior, both E and Hybrid variant added the Projector Headlight set powering by traditional halogen bulbs. On V and RS, however, owners will get a Civic-like LED lightening set as well as LED strips for the taillight inherited from overseas models. The RS variant, due to its sportier identity, rides on an 18-inch rim size while others on 17 inches.

At the same time as the accelerator pedal was released, the CVT transmission was subjected to a large torque instantaneously, and a slight slip occurred at the start; however, the front wheel of the vehicle did not show slipping. In the overall acceleration process, the front and rear suspension strokes are relatively short, and the weight of the whole vehicle is only 1.3 tons, so the front of the car does not have a significant upward phenomenon. The entire acceleration process was very smooth and finally broke 100km/h in 9.9 seconds.

The added performance also doesn’t come with any compromises in practicality and it still rides with reasonable levels of comfort, although the amazingly well-balanced Toyota C-HR still has the upper hand in this aspect.


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