Toyota Hilux

RM 89,100 - 138,000
pickup Pickup | 2.4L / 2.8L
Pickup truck and luxury seem to be 2 totally different parts altogether however the Toyota Hilux has made these 2 opposing entities come together and become an ideal vehicle. With the recent unleash of the 2.8L Black Edition, the Toyota Hilux 2019 has again become a trending topic within the truck section. The Toyota Hilux Malaysia gets a shiny black exterior whereas holding its 2.8-litre 1GD-FTV engine that generates 177 PS at 3400 rev and 450 Nm of torque between 1600 to 2400 rev and comes mated to a six-speed transmission system. one among the only a few luxurious pickups within the market, the Hilux is offered in six variants – Single Cab 2.4 (MT) 4X4, Double Cab 2.4 STD (MT) fourX4, Double Cab 2.4G (MT) 4X4, Double Cab 2.4G (AT) 4X4, Double Cab 2.4 L-Edition (AT) fourX4 and also the Double Cab 2.8L Black Edition 4X4 (AT). The Toyota The Toyota Hilux’s A-TRC (Active Traction Control) is a customary feature. It applies brakes solely on the wheels that square measure spinning, so forcing the differential to transfer fight to the other wheel on the shaft to drag the vehicle out. Unlike rear differential locks, the A-TRC for Hilux Malaysia works on each axles and does not need from now on action by the driving force. It’s a totally automatic answer that kicks within the moment the system detects that the Hilux is in bother. For the record, the Toyota Hilux isn't the sole model to possess such a feature. The Jewish calendar month Navara also an energetic Brake restricted Slip (ABLS) feature, that is largely identical factor. The Toyota Hilux is maybe the de-facto pick-up truck in Malaysia. The default for each manner patrons and construction employees is that the Toyota Hilux, as its name was engineered over the years it absolutely was sold-out regionally and globally. Here’s a fast outline comparison the Toyota Hilux against a number of its main rivals. The Toyota Hilux, for all intends and functions, will its job as a workhorse very well. within the event that it desires any kind of repairs or coupling, Toyota’s wide network of service centres will attend to house owners quickly. Apart from that, the Hilux Malaysia also offeris a fairly sensible interior, even giving a relaxing compartment situated on top of the glovebox. The Hilux’s cabin also options variety of snug holes to store varied little things. On paper, the Hilux’s 2.8-litre turbodiesel could seem just like the least powerful of the bunch, however in real-world driving conditions, the diesel mill provided ample grunt for every day conditions. Although power output is ample, we have a tendency to do want that cabin refinement was higher as engine noise is very noticeable at speeds. As for the Mitsubishi Triton, this model was introduced earlier this year, creating it one among the latest choices around. Priced from RM 135,200, the Mitsubishi Triton is additionally the most cost effective pick-up truck during this comparison. Further adding worth to the Triton is its 5-year/200,000 metric linear unit guarantee, method sooner than the Hilux (5-year/150,000 km) and Ford Ranger (3-year/100,000 km), proving that Mitsubishi is assured with the Triton. Toyota Hilux may be a quite fashionable pickup all around geographic region. each contour of the Hilux 2019 is formed to impress. The Spare gunlock offers most security for your Toyota Hilux. It's associate anti-theft device that needs a novel key to unleash the spare wheel, guaranteeing additional safety and peace of mind. Varied insulating materials round the Hilux single cab and engine bay scale back road, wind and engine noise considerably. The engine is additionally quieter by the improved style of the combustion chamber. Once sensors sight a wheel losing traction in L4 mode, the system can separately place a brake to the affected wheel and transfers power to the other wheel on identical shaft. This helps the Hilux to take care of a forward momentum and conquer robust things simply. The previous generations of Toyota Hilux such as Toyota Hilux 2018 have engineered up a large stature for themselves once it involves unshakable dependability, with robust build quality everywhere it. Thankfully, that terribly attribute of Hilux 2018 has been passed to the present terribly version of the Toyota Hilux further, with this generation model possessing even more durable in feel body panels. Compared to the previous generations of the Toyota Hilux that were damned for not being trendy and spectacular in their appearance in and out, this generation model manages to resolve that drawback to a large extent. The Hilux appearance quite butch on the surface, and at identical time, the inside cabin layout shared therewith of the Fortuner SUV offer the Hilux some premium feel on the within further. The 2.8-litre diesel within the Toyota Hilux feels powerful enough to form the truck pass any gruelling task with success. However, once it involves engine refinement, it positively desires some large improvement, because the engine sounds quite rip-roaring even on the idle. Another weak attribute of the Toyota Hilux 2019, like most of the pickup trucks within the world, is that the ride quality on electric sander surfaces. whereas the Hilux’s simple machine drivetrain makes it feel happy reception throughout off-roading, identical suspension and drive setup feels bouncy whereas driving on plush highways.



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