Toyota Hilux

RM 90,000 - 138,000 TBC
pickup Pickup | 2.4L / 2.8L

Similar to how ABS works, DAC works by braking individual wheels to maintain control, without the driver’s input.

It’s somewhat similar to the brochures that we can get today. Pictures of the truck’s exterior and interior along with sketches of the truck’s chassis dominated the brochure.

The lack in performance can be attributed to the Hilux’s kerb weight, as it tips the scales at 2,100 kg, making it one of the heaviest pick-up trucks on sale.

Other pick-up trucks may or not have this function built in to their traction control system but unless it’s explicitly specified, it’s hard to confirm.

The best thing about A-TRC is that it works on both front and rear axles. It’s so good that there’s actually little need to engage the rear differential locks, which for it work, has to disable all electronic safety systems (no more traction control, which can make things difficult).

On paper, the Hilux’s 2.8-litre turbodiesel may seem like the least powerful of the bunch, but in real-world driving conditions, the diesel mill provided sufficient grunt for day-to-day conditions.

When it came time to upgrade their only pick-up truck model, Toyota teamed up with their new partners, Hino Motors, to develop a new pick-up truck while Toyota updated the existing Hino Briska with more improvements with Toyota parts.

But the truck’s name itself is also well-known as it has inspired many funny memes on the internet. Most of the time the name has been translated into double meanings as well.

If your business requires you to haul heavy equipment or farm produce frequently, then the Hilux Single Cab is a great option.

the hilux price needs no introduction – it is by far the most well-known pick-up truck in malaysia, thanks to a solid reputation for reliability and durability built over the years.

the first hilux price was launched in 1968, and this was how the brochure accompanying the truck looked like.

UMW Toyota Motor has introduced two new variants of the Hilux to the market, dubbed the L-Edition, with the L stands for Luxury.

Apart from that, Toyota Malaysia also offers a range of optional safety equipment, such as a 360-degree view monitor, Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and a rear digital video recorder (DVR).

Toyota’s pickup truck, Hilux, is well known for its famed reliability, ease of ownership amongst other not so positive reviews of the pickup.

The brochures in the 70s were very different. Instead of the second gen Hilux taking centre stage, the cover of the booklet features 2 men who seem to be best friends.

Before we dissect why Downhill-Assist Control (DAC) is counter-intuitive, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

hilux price 2020 is a quite popular pickup all around southeast asia. every contour of the hilux is shaped to impress. the spare wheel lock offers maximum security for your toyota hilux. it's an anti-theft device that requires a unique key to release the spare wheel, ensuring extra safety and peace of mind. various insulating materials around the hilux cabin and engine bay reduce road, wind and engine noise significantly. the engine is also quieter by the improved design of the combustion chamber. when sensors detect a wheel losing traction in l4 mode, the system will individually put a brake to the affected wheel and transfers power to the opposite wheel on the same axle. this helps the hilux to maintain a forward momentum and conquer tough situations easily.

The second gen brochure is only the start of the Hilux’s marketing campaign geared towards a more lifestyle focus. As can be seen in the third generation’s brochure.

Inside, the L-Edition Hilux models get a new combination leather seat material with perforation. The roof headlining is now all black, while the map light console is dark grey in colour.

Toyota Malaysia offers 3 airbags on manual variants of the Hilux, and 7 airbags on automatic variants of the model.

The fifth generation’s brochure is all about the big titles, clean backgrounds and to the point text.

these variants include: toyota hilux 2020 2019 barring the double cab 2.4 std (mt) 4x4 and single cab 2.4 (mt) 4x4 variants, all other variants of the toyota hilux is fitted with stability control.

Hardcore off-roaders usually avoid pick-up trucks with such features, relying instead on engine braking to descent a slope.

It’s normal for the wheels to spin momentarily, and for the best result, the driver should apply light but constant throttle pressure. Once A-TRC engages and momentarily locks the spinning wheel, a light thud sound can be heard and the vehicle will lurch forward slightly.

the toyota hilux 2019 2019 2020, for all intends and purposes, does its job as a workhorse really well. in the event that it needs any form of repairs or servicing, toyota’s wide network of service centres can attend to owners quickly. toyota hilux apart from that, the toyota hilux also features a reasonably practical interior, even offering a chilled compartment located above the glovebox. the hilux’s cabin also features a number of cubby holes to store various small items.

Unfortunately, Toyota Malaysia has discontinued 4x2 variants of the Hilux due to sluggish sales.

the toyota hilux 2019 malaysian is a pickup priced at rm90,000- 138,000 and comes in 6 models, offering a 5 years / 150,000 km warranty.

priced from rm 135,200, the mitsubishi triton 2019 is also the cheapest pick-up truck in this comparison. hilux price further adding value to the mitsubishi triton 2019 is its 5-year/200,000 km warranty, way ahead of the hilux (5-year/150,000 km) and ford ranger (3-year/100,000 km), proving that mitsubishi is confident with the triton. hilux price longest warranty aside, the mitsubishi triton 2019 also offers the best ride comfort in the pick-up segment, thanks to its angled rear seats and well-tuned suspension set-up. toyota hilux 2020 despite that, the touchscreen infotainment system in the mitsubishi triton 2019 is a bit of a letdown, as the display’s resolution is low when compared to the sync 3 system found in the ranger. at least the availability of android auto and apple carplay redeems the system, somewhat.

now in its eighth generation, the toyota hilux 2019 continues to be a de-facto option for both lifestyle buyers and construction workers.

Other than the pastel colours used compared to the current gen’s dark and chic designs, the brochure’s contents are nothing we’re not familiar with.

While the world over is looking back at the 2010 decade, we decided to do the same. But instead of just looking back in the decade, we’re flipping through some classic car brochures and comparing the differences through the generations.

However when you are driving off-road, the requirements are opposite of on-road driving. The same differential that helps you turn better on-road is now a liability off-road as all the drive is transferred to the wheels with the least resistance.

However, if you need to ferry several workers at the same time, then the double cab, manual variants of the Hilux are good options.

The solution that engineers came up with was the Light Stout, which had a capacity of 1-ton, shorter body length and double wishbone front suspensions something that was previously only seen in cars. The Light Stout was sold between 1963 to 1968.

Why are the wheels spinning freely? Because that’s exactly how you want the vehicle to work in normal situations. All vehicles irrespective of whether it is 4WD or 2WD, require a mechanical device called a differential. Without it, the vehicle won’t be able to turn a corner without damaging its tyres or gearbox.

As for the Mitsubishi Triton 2019, this model was introduced earlier this year, making it one of the newest options around.

last but certainly not the least is the ford ranger, also another popular pick-up truck in malaysia. hilux price part of the reason why the ford ranger is so popular is because the ranger practically redefined how people perceived pick-up trucks. in the past, pick-up trucks were seen as workhorses, carrying construction tools and workers. hilux price however, with the introduction of the t6-generation ranger, ford changed the public’s perception that a pick-up truck is also suitable as a lifestyle vehicle, owing to its excellent ride and handling performance. toyota hilux 2019 in its wildtrak guise, the ranger is the most powerful of the bunch, offering 213 ps and 500 nm of torque. power is sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

This variant is also equipped with 17-inch steel wheels, which can be easily swapped out for better wheels.

Despite what the marketing materials say, four-wheel drive vehicles are actually not that ‘go anywhere’ as the ads might suggest. It doesn’t take much for bog down a 4WD vehicle.

While you guys give a resounding “what?!”, this was really how the Hilux name originated from even though it took years for the pick-up’s refinement to match its name as a “luxury”-feeling vehicle. Note: luxury-feeling is very different from luxury vehicle.

the first ever toyota hilux 2019 runs on a 1.5-litre engine that produces only 70 ps mated to a 4-speed manual. and the name hilux was a combination of the words “high” and “luxury”.

Yes, for those that needs the extra-large cargo space for hauling things, Toyota Malaysia does offer a single cab variant of the Hilux.

As such, its 84.3 PS per tonne power-to-weight ratio falls behind the Ford Ranger (98.8 PS per tonne) and Mitsubishi Triton (93.8 PS per tonne).

Gone were the story telling duo and instead the booklet is filled with pictures of the Hilux gracing in its natural habitat. The booklet seems to be very American centric too with California printed on the cover and accompanied by a picture of a white woman.

In the height of the pick-up truck demand back in the 60s, Toyota too was trying hard to have a slice of the pick-up truck market.

the toyota hilux 2020 2019 is perhaps the de-facto pick-up truck in malaysia. the default option for both lifestyle buyers and construction workers is the toyota hilux, as its reputation was built over the years it was sold locally and globally.

To solve this, most pick-up trucks come with rear differential locks but as it name implies, rear differential lock only works on the rear axle, obviously. Front differential locks are available but it requires additional modifications and unless you drive off-road very often, it’s debatable if the additional weight and cost is worth it.

However, it can be counter-intuitive as the constant braking will heat up the brake rotors considerably, and can cause the brake rotors to warp or crack when it gets wet.

the toyota hilux 2019 can be refueled with b10 biodiesel, though for optimum performance, we recommend owners to fuel up with euro 5 diesel instead.

However like differential locks, A-TRC only works in 4L mode, which is an ultra-low (for maximum torque) gear mode that only allows the vehicle to drive at walking pace.

Outside, the L-Edition is different in its front fascia, which is the same to the recently-updated Thai model Hilux, featuring a prominent hexagonal front grille flanked by a pair of LED headlights. Towards the sides, the L-Edition Hilux models are differentiated by its body stripe design, plus new 18-inch alloy wheel design. The rear end of the L-Edition Hilux features a slightly revised rear step ornament with silver trim in addition to the L-Edition emblem.

Although power output is sufficient, we do wish that cabin refinement was better as engine noise is rather noticeable at speeds.

UMW Toyota Motor offered the Hilux with a 5-year/150,000 km warranty, and you can transfer to the next owner.

behind the wheel of the mitsubishi triton 2019, we noticed that it does not feel as eager to accelerate like its predecessor model, despite featuring a 6-speed automatic (old model had a 5-speed automatic). toyota hilux 2019 whilst climbing steep hills, we also noticed that the gear ratios to be rather poorly-matched, as the transmission was changing between the second and third gear too frequently as neither ratios were suitable.

The two new L-Edition include the 2.4-litre or the 2.8-litre 4x4 Hilux variants. The price would be RM119,300 for the 2.4-litre model and RM133,900 for the 2.8-litre model.

if you need a 4x2 pick-up truck, you may want to consider these alternatives: hilux price yes, for those wanting to shift your own gears, toyota malaysia has 3 variants of the hilux fitted with a 6-speed manual.

They could also be seen throughout the booklet discussing about the Hilux as if the booklet is telling a story and getting personable.

This simplicity flowed into the sixth generation Hilux booklet as well. The front didn’t even show the Hilux’s picture and flip to the third page and it’s all about the various variant that the Hilux has on offer. In a very Japanese flavour, I might add.

Both L-Edition Hilux models soldier on with the same 2.4- and 2.8-litre engines mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Unlike rear differential locks, A-TRC works on both axles and doesn't  require any further action by the driver. It’s a fully automatic solution that kicks in the moment the system detects that the Hilux is in trouble.

All you need is to have two bogs or deep ruts in a diagonally opposed position and you are done for. For example, if both the front-right wheel and rear-left have no traction, or vice-versa, you won’t move even an inch forward.

as you know, the toyota hilux 2019 succeeded the toyota light stout and the toyota briska. the brand hoped that the hilux will present a luxe pick-up truck option to the segment’s growing demand.

this is where the toyota hilux 2019’s a-trc (active traction control) come in. it’s a standard feature. the solution is simple. it applies brakes only on the wheels that are spinning, thus forcing the differential to transfer drive back to the opposite wheel on the axle to pull the vehicle out.

so, for a year, toyota had 2 pick-up truck contenders on the market, the toyota light stout and the toyota briska, while hino developed a whole new pick-up truck that was introduced as the hilux price in march 1968.

The reason is because in order for a vehicle to turn, the wheels facing the ‘inside’ of the corner needs to turn slower than the outer wheels.

In addition, the dashboard, door trim, and rear aircond vent now receive a new piano black trim. The Optitron meter cluster is also new, revised with a white background, replacing the blue background on the non-L-Edition models.

For safety concerns, the L-Edition features 7 airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Active Traction Control (A-TRC), and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). The 2.8-litre model further adds Downhill Assist Control (DAC).

Think of it as a group of boys in a marching band trying to make a turn. In order for the troop to turn left, the boys in left column must march in smaller steps while the ones in the right need bigger steps. It’s the same with the four wheels in a vehicle.

(variants with off-road mode) can also do the same. in fact mitsubishi says the triton can do a better and smoother job since the triton's super select 4wd ii has selectable  toyota hilux 2020 2020 s - gravel, sand, mud/snow, rock - adjusts both engine torque output and traction control sensitivity. plus, it works on both 4h and 4l modes while the toyota hilux's a-trc can only work in 4l.

we can’t help but get knight rider vibes from the brochure. coincidently, knight rider was also airing on tv channels when this generation’s hilux arrived. it also helps that a certain marty mcfly drives a truck in the extremely popular back to the future movie.  toyota hilux 2020 the brochure for the fifth generation hilux seems to have dropped all pretence and toyota seem to think that the truck should speak for itself.

for the record, the hilux price is not the only model to have such a feature. the hilux price also an active brake limited slip (abls) feature, which is basically the same thing.

Notice the difference? By 1983, the arrival of the fourth generation Hilux also herald a new chic black background for the truck as well.

The brand found that they were in need of a smaller pick-up truck as their existing pick-up truck model, the Stout, was growing larger in size and in engine capacity.

It depends on the type of business you manage.

But with the introduction of updated rivals such as the new Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi Triton, does the Hilux has what it takes to maintain its position?

We reckon that the Hilux Double Cab 2.4 STD (MT) would be the ideal choice for those serious off-roaders, as it makes do without Downhill-Assist Control (DAC), something which is actually counter-intuitive for off-roaders.

Despite its 2.8-litre 1GD-FTV turbodiesel engine pushing out 177 PS and 450 Nm, in real-world driving conditions, the engine isn’t as powerful as the figures suggest.

The unique key fob and carpet mats are also exclusive for the L-Edition. Last, the L-Edition Hilux models can be had with a new Phantom Brown body colour.

Before you go and search up more funny memes of the Hilux, here’s a short story of how Toyota came up with the Hilux’s name and the reason might shock you.

What will happen is that both wheels will spin freely in the air. Diverting power among the four wheels in a diagonal direction is not easy as it require a lot of complex mechanicals.


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Not the most powerful engine, but it is easy to maintain, reliable, has a strong reputation.
Not as comfortable as the Mitsubishi Triton, no rear A/C but has a chilled glove box.
A-TRC feature works really well, almost negates the need for a locking differential.
2.4L | Naturally-aspirated
2.8L | Naturally-aspirated

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