Isuzu D-MAX

RM 80,149 - 130,838 TBC
pickup Pickup | 1.9T / 3.0T / 2.5L / 3.0L

Because of its workhorse-biased image, it’s hard to find Isuzu dealers within the city and when you do send your Isuzu in for maintenance, you are basically driving into a lorry service centre, as Isuzu Malaysia’s core business is selling heavy duty lorries.

The Blue Monster is fitted with the smallest engine of its class but yet has the same power output as its 2.5-litre predecessor with lower fuel consumption as well.

At a glance, you would think that the updated D-Max looks identical to the facelift that was introduced back in 2016, but that is not the case.

There’s a shocking total of 11 variants to choose from, with prices ranging from RM 85,799 to RM 120,838, available in single- or double-cab, and two engine options – 1.9-litre and 3.0-litre.

If you’re waiting for the all-new D-Max, don’t hold your breath for Isuzu Malaysia to introduce the all-new model here soon, as some some lead time is needed before local assembly can commence.

Premium variants of the D-Max also receive an 8-inch Android-based touchscreen infotainment system that is clunky at best.

Build quality is consistent, as panel gaps around the truck did not deviate more than 0.5 mm on average. Paint thickness is also rather consistent between panels, as it ranged from mid-60s micrometers to mid-80s.

the d-max price 1.9-litre model runs on a revolutionary 1,898 cc with a new variable geometry system (vgs) turbocharger made in lighter moving components and parts that reduces friction and lessening stress on individual parts.

although the new engine might be a lot smaller than the older 2.5-litre unit, the new 1.9-litre rz4e-tc turbodiesel makes isuzu d-max 2019 2019 2019 2019 2020 2020 , bringing the total output figures to isuzu d-max . this can be attributed to the 37% reduction in internal friction of the new engine when compared to the older 2.5-litre engine. isuzu d-max the 1.9-litre ddi bluepower has also proved itself at the isuzu d-max , where team enduring 2000 racing team won the isuzu d-max with an isuzu d-max running on standard, unmodified engine and transmission.

first launched in 2011, the current generation isuzu d-max 2020 2019 is the oldest pick-up truck in the segment. to keep it current, isuzu malaysia has given the d-max yet another mid-life update. for 2019, the new isuzu d-max now comes with a smaller capacity (but more powerful) 1.9l bluepower ddi 150 ps engine.

Now Isuzu is hoping to put the same stamp on the “Blue Monster” by sending it on its maiden Borneo Safari trip.

We now learned that the all-new D-Max’s air-conditioning system also features a PM 2.5 filter, the same type of medical grade filters used by hospitals and anti-haze air filters.

Isuzu has also detuned their engines for maximum reliability, in order to cope with our poorer fuel quality or maintenance habits. But if more power is needed, the Thais have managed to squeeze well over 300 PS out of the little engine.

the downside to the isuzu d-max 2019 2019 is its utilitarian image. however this is not an issue for business owners or even for off-road hobbyists looking for a durable truck.

there's a lot of variants on offer but to keep things simple, urbanites who want to get into the urban truck lifestyle but don't need a 4x4 can opt for the 1.9 4x2 at hi-ride variant, which starts at just rm 100,049.  d-max price the 4x2 variant offers all the cargo hauling utility of a pick-up truck but consumes less fuel than 4x4 variants. for those that want a pick-up that matches the features of a passenger car, there's the 4x4 at-p variant, at rm 115,799.

The ladder frame chassis is paired to a set of new suspensions all around. Although it’s still running on double wishbones at the front and leaf springs at the rear, the setup and structural design are new.

this is achieved by its new (actually it's not so new, available in thailand since 2015) smaller capacity isuzu d-max 2020 engine that is 62 kg lighter than the previous 2.5-litre unit, but makes 14 ps and 30 nm more. the new engine also boasts a 37% reduction in internal friction, further aiding fuel economy.

it has been 13 years since isuzu malaysia became proud supporters of the borneo safari and furnishing the track with their dependable d-max price vehicles. 2019 will not be the last!

if you are an urbanite who is keen on the pick-up truck lifestyle, you are better served by the higher specifications (but also more expensive) mitsubishi triton adventure x, which is the safest and most comfortable truck in its class.  isuzu d-max 2020 in short, buy the isuzu  d-max 2019 if you are going to use a truck the way trucks are meant to be used. but if you are going to drive a truck like how you drive a sedan, look elsewhere.

the reason is simple – those who desires a lifestyle pick-up truck would have selected the ford ranger or mitsubishi triton, not the isuzu d-max 2020.

our own tests indicate that the d-max completes the 0-100 km/h sprint in 12.7 seconds. the 0-100-0 km/h is done in 17.2 seconds.  isuzu d-max 2020 parking the d-max is another challenge, as the steering’s weight is on the heavier end of the scale, making maneuvering tight turns a chore.

The hike will take participants from Kota Kinabalu to Beaufort, Tenom, Keningau and Tambunan before heading back to the start point.

the new smaller capacity 1.9-litre engine replaces the older 2.5-litre engine. although smaller, it makes 14 ps more power (150 ps) and 30 nm more torque (350 nm). the larger 3.0-litre engine remains available. isuzu d-max 2020 transmission choices for the new 1.9l include a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, available in both rear and four-wheel drive (part-time), while the 3.0l will use the carried over 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic.

Apart from that the D-Max 1.9's engine remains mostly standard.

the isuzu d-max 2020 isn’t the most exciting-to-drive pick-up truck, nor is it the most comfortable one around.

as for the interior of the all-new d-max price, the company has given its new pickup truck an interior that could potentially shame some sedans and suvs.

all variants except for the double-cab 4x2 mt low-ride and 4x2 at hi-ride are locally-assembled at the drb-hicom plant in pekan, pahang. isuzu d-max 2020 the two aforementioned variants are imported from thailand. the remaining  locally-assembled variants qualify for energy efficient vehicle (eev) incentives – the first pick-up truck in the country to do so, thus the reduced prices.

The Mitsubishi Triton also offers the longest warranty period (5-year/200,000 km).

Power is important but to people whose livelihood depends on a truck, the ability to get in and out of tough terrain matters far more than how fast their truck is able to scale a mountain pass.

The 1.9-litre-equipped D-Max models also feature 1.9 BluePower decals on the sides and rear of the truck.

The class-leading power output and low kerb weight also means that the Triton packs a stronger punch than any of its peers bar the significantly more expensive Ford Ranger Raptor.

The D-Max representative has always successfully ferried its passengers safely and affectively across the most gruelling track known to metal-kind with minimal modifications done to the car.

from the exterior, the all-new d-max price 2019 gets a redesigned front fascia, incorporating a massive front grille with the isuzu nameplate sitting right on top. depending on the variant, the front grille is finished either in matte black (d-max v-cross), black with chrome (d-max 2- & 4-door) or grey (d-max spark).  isuzu d-max 2019 2020 bi-beam led projector headlights are also available on upper variants of the all-new d-max, while lower variants get halogen headlights. isuzu d-max the top-of-the-line d-max v-cross also gets flared wheel arches, black multi-spoke alloy wheels, black side mirror caps, black door handles, and black roof rails. isuzu d-max underneath the new sheet metal is isuzu’s new ladder frame chassis called dynamic drive platform, now 23% stiffer than the outgoing model. the all-new d-max also gets a body shell that is constructed out of ultra-high tensile steel, a new double wishbone front suspension, and a revised leaf spring rear suspension.

there’s a good reason why in east malaysia, where pick-up trucks dominate, drivers belong to only either one of the two camps – the toyota hilux camp or the isuzu d-max 2019 2019 camp – neither have the most powerful engines.

water wading depth is now at 800 mm, identical to the isuzu d-max 2020 it also comes with a significantly higher set of active safety and convenience features. among the features demonstrated in the video are the remote engine start, rear-cross traffic alert, blind spot monitor and emergency stop signal.

The suspension is tuned on the softer side, allowing the D-Max to soak up most road irregularities with ease, but we noticed that the ladder frame had a tendency of flexing.

Look closely and you will notice a restyled front grille with chrome trim pieces that extend into the headlights. Below that are new, thicker chrome trim pieces on the edge of each front fog light.

other notable car isuzu d-max 2019 are the proton x70 and all volvo models.

Furthermore, the system lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

Sound quality and user interface are average at best, as it feels like the entire system was lifted off an old Android tablet.

At 110 km/h, we recorded the cabin noise level to be at 70 dB. At idle, the cabin registers just 46.5 dB, with the air-conditioning turned on.

By comparison, the Ranger’s cabin registered 63 dB while cruising at 110 km/h and 43 dB when idle.

This year the Borneo Safari will kick off on the 27th of October and will head on a southerly route.

to help you make sense of the bewildering 11 variants to choose from, here’s our recommended choice for the d-max price 2020 range:isuzu d-max if you are a business owner looking for a workhorse, go for the single-cab 4x4 mt variant. it’s the cheapest single-cab truck to buy. it’s very fuel efficient and reliable, which also means low running cost.

expect isuzu to release more details of the all-new d-max once the model is introduced.  d-max price 2020 closer to home, isuzu malaysia recently introduced the isuzu d-max , featuring the company's new 1.9-litre ddi bluepower engine.

It is also worth mentioning that because Isuzu’s main business is selling heavy duty lorries, it is much harder to locate Isuzu dealers within the city and you will need to drive into a lorry service centre when you need to send your Isuzu in for maintenance.

The Mitsubishi Triton comes with an aluminum-block engine, which is the quietest and also the most powerful in its class. The quiet engine and comfortable ride, plus roof-mounted rear air-conditioning vents makes it the most comfortable.

The new 6-speed automatic in the D-Max may not offer shifts as quick as other trucks, but shifts are smooth and barely noticeable. Kick-down is responsive enough, but with just 150 PS on tap, accelerating does take a while.

We can’t wait to witness the Blue Monster’s performance at the Safari.

the all-new d-max price 2019 made its global debut last friday in bangkok. key changes of isuzu d-max 2020 ’s latest pick-up have already been covered in our isuzu d-max but the product videos released by isuzu thailand yesterday revealed several more bits of information that weren’t covered previously.

Driving performance is not something that is associated with a bone-stock D-Max, as it only outputs 150 PS and 350 Nm. With these figures, the D-Max has sufficient grunt to propel it to highway speeds, but certainly won’t outrun the other trucks.

But we firmly believe that the D-Max does have some redeeming features that could position itself as a worthy lifestyle truck alternative.

Transmission choices include a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, with power sent either to all four wheels or the rear wheels.

The larger 3.0-litre unit is taxed a lot higher but offers just 27 PS more power and 30 Nm more torque, and burns far more fuel.

thailand took the covers off the all-new d-max. we already covered interesting bits of the all-new d-max, including its first-in-class d-max price for this article, we’ll take a closer look at the safety equipment of the all-new d-max price selected variants of the all-new isuzu d-max 2020 2020 feature:isuzu d-max compared to the predecessor model, the all-new d-max definitely raises the bar when it comes to safety, as it offers ultra-high tensile steel construction for better rigidity, an improvement over the older model’s high tensile steel construction.

More importantly, the new D-Max 2019 is a few thousand Ringgit cheaper thanks to EEV tax incentives.

Like all its brethren that went on the Safari before it, the Blue Monster also had minimal changes to the standard truck.

While the D-Max may not be an outright performance pick-up truck, it does drive reasonably well.

To keep things simple, unless you stay in Sabah/Sarawak where road tax rates are lower, the newer and more fuel efficient 1.9-litre BluePower Ddi turbo diesel is a better choice.

If the only off-roading you do is driving into fruit orchards, there’s little need for 4x4 and a lower ride height 4x2 Low Ride variant offers easier loading and unloading of cargo.

The delay was also due to additional development work required to make the engine compatible with our higher sulphur Euro 2M diesel, which now also has a 10 percent blend of palm oil.

“Off-road enthusiasts understand that strong and balanced power delivery is vital when tackling extremes in the jungle. With its impressive power delivery perfectly matched to its new 6-speed gearbox, the new 1.9-litre Blue Power D-Max simply showed its pedigree and dispelled any notion about the capability of its diminutive engine displacement,”  said Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia Masayuki Suzuki.

recall that the isuzu d-max 2019 sold in malaysia was updated with the new bluepower ddi engine just last month, even though the engine has been introduced in thailand since 2015.

the 15-second video briefly shows the upcoming d-max new aggressive front fascia, featuring a pair of trapezoid-shaped headlights flanking a full black grille. what appears to be front fog lights and turn signals are located in sporty-looking surrounds at the edges of the bumper.  isuzu d-max 2020 2020 the black theme continues onto the sides of the all-new d-max, as the all-new d-max is expected to get black flared fenders and black side mirrors. as for the rear end, the all-new d-max gets led guide lights. isuzu d-max furthermore, the teaser video also gave us a peek into the interior of the all-new d-max. gone is the utilitarian-looking gear shifter, now replaced with a much more premium-looking leather-wrapped gear lever. the all-new d-max is also set to get front parking sensors, as evident from the button around the gear lever.

Among the modifications made were a body lift to fit the mud terrain tyres, long travel shock absorbers, snorkel, winch and heavy duty guards to protect the vehicle from the extreme elements faced in the jungles.

thailand has dropped a video teaser of the all-new isuzu d-max 2020 , set for a global debut on 19th october.

Other notable features we noticed include a new touchscreen head unit with support for Apple CarPlay, piano black trim on the dashboard, and a new digital air-conditioning control with silver/chrome-looking buttons.

the all-new isuzu d-max 2020 is priced from thb 510,000 for the base spark variant, all the way to thb 1,157,000 for the v-cross.

To recap, the all-new D-Max retains the same the same BluePower Ddi engine as before - available in 1.9-litre and 3.0-litre capacity. It does however, ride on a new Dynamic Drive platform that’s said to be 23 percent stiffer.

where it lacks in terms of sophistication or packing the latest electronic driving aids, the d-max price 2019 counters by offering robust mechanicals, even if it falls short in power output.

There are many air-conditioning systems that claim to have air cleaning functions but unless it uses PM 2.5 filters, it won’t work against 2.5 micron size fine particulate matter pollutants, the type of pollutants that’s responsible for our annual haze. It's also why you need N95 face masks to deal with haze.

The Blue Monster played the important role of ferrying the media through the 7-day trip that started and ended in Kota Kinabalu.

As mentioned earlier, even the highest specification D-Max AT-P variant can only match up to a mid-range 2.4-litre Hilux and the Mitsubishi Triton A/T Premium.

while malaysians are still getting acquainted with isuzu d-max 2020 , isuzu has already completed its set-up to send their newest pup on borneo safari.

when it comes to shopping for a pick-up truck, unless you’re a contractor that hauls machinery every now and then, it is unlikely you’ll be considering the isuzu d-max 2020.

for over a decade, the d-max price 2.5-litre and isuzu d-max 2020 have proven to be one of the most capable vehicles in the safari.

But where the D-Max truly shines is fuel efficiency, as the new 1.9-litre turbodiesel mill transforms the unassuming D-Max into a fuel-sipping truck. The D-Max is also the first pick-up truck in Malaysia to receive the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) certification.

isuzu engines are also the most fuel efficient. coupled by the 1.9-litre engine’s significantly cheaper road tax and easy availability of parts, the d-max price 2019 is a lot cheaper to run than any of its peers.

the updated d-max price 2019 2019 range comes in a shocking total of 11 variants:isuzu d-max prices start from rm 80,149 for the d-max 1.9l 4x2 mt low ride, while the range-topping 3.0l 4x4 at-p sets buyers back at rm 120,838.

Compared to the other two trucks, the D-Max’s interior is far more utilitarian, thanks to a generous dose of hard plastic throughout the cabin, which looks like it will withstand the test of time with relative ease.

features in all premium variants (at-p) of the isuzu d-max 2020 2020 2019 include:isuzu d-max the d-max 3.0l premium further adds side and curtain airbags to the mix, bringing the total airbag count to 6.

right before borneo safari kicked off, isuzu was proud to d-max price that they will be throwing the newly introduced i d-max price into the borneo wild.

for starters, upper variants of the all-new d-max get a large 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with apple carplay support, hooked up to 8 speakers. right below the infotainment display is a brand-new dual-zone automatic air-conditioning system, which also blows cool air to the rear passengers via rear air-conditioning vents located on the back of the centre console box.  d-max price isuzu has also improved the safety of the all-new d-max, as the v-cross gets blind spot monitoring (bsm), rear cross traffic alert (rcta), emergency stop signal (ess), electronic stability control, electronic traction control, and up to 6 airbags.  d-max price as before, two engines choices are available: a 1.9-litre ddi bluepower turbodiesel that does 150 ps and 350 nm, and an updated 3.0-litre ddi bluepower turbodiesel. according to isuzu, the new 3.0-litre unit is capable of churning out 190 ps and 450 nm, up 13 ps and 70 nm from before.

So don’t expect lounge-type customer waiting areas or plentiful amenities.

However the D-Max 2019 is generally biased towards workhorse use, so even the highest specifications model is at best, comparable only to a mid-range Hilux or Triton.


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