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  • Get 5 of these performance cars while some of them are still under RM 100k

    We’re all huge fans of Hagerty’s YouTube content and they wrapped up 2022 with an accurately topical one hosted by the affable Jason Cammisa that was grown from the same grain as his other works in it being absorbingly fun, relatable and nuancedly informative if you knew what to latch onto. Their bull market video shone the spotlight on 9 cars and a motorcycle for enthusiasts in the USA that’re expected to significantly grow in value during the course of 2023 or within the next couple of years.


    Jan 30, 2023

  • The cult of the Toyota AE86 in Malaysia - An over-glorified anime car?

    For a lot of us petrolheads, the origins of why we love cars often come from various media. The spark could come from video games like Gran Turismo or movies like The Fast and the Furious but when it comes to our featured car, the Toyota AE86 really needs no introduction. The anime/manga/movie that featured the famous black and white liftback with a tofu shop name inscribed on the driver’s door brought the art of drifting to a mainstream audience. My esteemed colleague and WapCar BM’s editor, Za

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Jan 14, 2023

  • This humble 6MT hydrogen-burning Toyota Corolla Cross may be enthusiasts' saving grace, here's why

    Enthusiasts have been increasingly lamenting the greenification of our cars and roads. Many are worried that the rise of electric vehicles, and the concern of emissions over everything else, will wipe out the joys of a sonorous engine. The manual gearbox? Don't even mention it. Fujikura-san explaining the three-pronged approach to powertrains Toyota's engineers are confident that won't be the case. "We think sound is essential. We are developing the hydrogen engine to preserve the fun-to-drive e


    Jan 6, 2023

  • Toyota was nearly kicked out of Thailand, yet 60 years on and the Hilux is now their 'national car', how?

    As far as appearances are concerned, few can make it more memorable than Akio Toyoda, who ventured onto the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre's expansive stage in a lowered, bespoilered, matte gray Toyota Hilux. On the surface it looks like an odd move. Photos from this event will be circulated a million times over, so why not show your latest and greatest? Car fans will know Mr. Toyoda and the company he helms don't quite follow conventions; these days this looks like not committing to a full-EV


    Dec 31, 2022

  • Malaysia was home to a few sports car brands in the 1990s, this is their rise and dramatic fall

    When the first Proton rolled off the assembly line in 1985, it not only showed the world that Malaysia can produce its own car brand, but it would also leapfrog the nation into an industrialised one too. In the ensuing decade, Malaysia would launch a second national car brand, a national bike, a national van, and a national truck. Should the Proton Putra be called a sports car? What’s left then would be the first national sports car except the term ‘national’ here would become very loose and doe

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Dec 18, 2022

  • Far from Malaysia, this little Perodua Kelisa drove across 20 countries in 3 years

    According to Aimpro Samudra – we all have to be a bit crazy to pursue freedom in life – who, true to his words, drove his little Perodua Kelisa to over 20 countries across Southeast Asia, Europe, and Central Asia, a journey that has taken over 3 years, and counting. Hailing from Tampin, Johor, Aimpro Samudra (who works as a contractor) and his eldest son set out in their family’s 2004 Perodua Kelisa, nicknamed “Wheely” from Malaysia on 4-November 2019 according to Wau Post. We complain about pot


    Nov 29, 2022

  • The Innova's predecessor was nearly called the Toyota Kancil and it's not a typo!

    In Malaysia, the Toyota Innova is seen as a humble family MPV (or airport taxi) but in Indonesia, it represents a lot of pride that dates back 45 years. Known as the Toyota Kijang in the archipelago, it is the car that kicked things off for the Indonesian automotive industry. The Kijang has been an endeering endearing name among Indonesians to the point that it was even considered Indonesia’s unofficial national car. There have been a few homegrown carmakers popping up in Indonesia since the fir

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Nov 26, 2022

  • US and Chinese Presidents refused EVs, flew in their fuel guzzling limos for G20 Summit in Bali

    This week, the G20 Summit begins in Bali, Indonesia as global heads of state converge onto the island paradise for a couple of days of talks and discussions about the world agenda including the environment along with the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Speaking of the environment, the official car used to transport the world's leaders is the Genesis Electrified G80, the battery electric (BEV) version of the flagship that bears Hyundai’s luxury brand. It would be funny to see leaders

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Nov 16, 2022

  • Review: Mercedes-AMG A45 S - First and last 4-cyl with "one man, one engine" philosophy?

    You’ve probably seen the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 with its 4-cylinder plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain. It has the same M139 2.0-litre mill from the Mercedes-AMG A45 S albeit fettled to produce even more power, plus electrification. Overview: Mercedes-AMG A45 S Price RM 481,888 (OTR with SST) Segment Premium Compact Hatchback Engine 2.0L turbo 4-cyl Transmission 8-speed DCT Power 421 PS @ 6,750 rpm Torque 500 Nm @ 5,000 rpm Origin CBU, Germany You might have also seen the first-ever all-electric AM


    Nov 6, 2022

  • This topless SUV is not from the Chinese brand Tank, but a heavily modified Suzuki Jimny by a Chinese media

    As far as modified Suzuki Jimnys go, this is probably the most over-the-top. This modified Jimny is done by Chinese automotive website Yiche, and the design is drawn heavily from the Chinese brand Tank. If you’ve never heard of Tank before, the brand is a sub-brand under Great Wall Motor (GWM). It was originally part of another GWM sub-brand known as Wey, they decided to split the two brands so Wey can focus on luxury models while Tank will focus on rugged Jeep-like models. Tank currently has fi


    Oct 30, 2022

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