RM 92,388 - 216,888TBC

Ford Ranger 2021 Price In Malaysia

Ford Ranger Specs
TransmissionAT / MT
Capacity2.0 - 2.2L
Horsepower160 - 213PS
Seats2 - 5

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Thailand's 2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max is a budget Raptor with 213 PS

Ford Thailand has just launched the 2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max, and you might call it a budget Ranger Raptor or as the Blue Oval puts it “Ranger Raptor-inspired”.The inspiration is mostly visual enhancements which include the FORD-lettered front mesh grille with a dark grey surround. This ...
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New 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor X is seeing Red in Malaysia, priced RM 6k more

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) has added a new variant to its Ford Ranger range – the special edition 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor X, which is offered exclusively only in True Red colour.The model will join the standard Ford Ranger Raptor, which will continue to be offered in the same four colour...
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The 2021 - 2022 Ford Ranger is offered in 31 variants - which are priced from RM 78,910 to RM 216,888, the base model of ranger is 2018 Ford Ranger 2.2 XL Standard 4x4 (M) which is at a price of RM 78,910 and the top variant of Ford Ranger is 2021 Ford Ranger 2.0L Raptor X 4x4 High Rider which is offered at a price of RM 216,888.



  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support
  • There's a Ford Ranger for everyone, including a mental Ranger Raptor
  • Powerful 2.0L biturbo engine


  • Lack of a 360-degree camera makes parking a challenge
  • Not as many service centres as Japanese counterpart
  • Ranger Raptor doesn't get ADAS features
  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Economy
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) offers several variants of the Ford Ranger, ranging from the utilitarian Ranger XL all the way up to the mental Ranger Raptor, so Ford has you covered with a Ranger for your every need. 

    A total of 4 engines are available on the Ford Ranger, from a 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (160 PS/385 Nm), all the way up to a 2.0-litre Bi Turbo diesel (213 PS/500 Nm). 

    The Ford Ranger is priced from RM 90,888 (Ranger XL Single Cab) all the way up to RM 199,888. 

  • Exterior


    2018 Ford Ranger Gallery

    The Ford Ranger received a mild nip-and-tuck back in late-2018, with the model receiving new headlights and front grille. 


    2019 Ford Ranger Dimensions
    Length 5,426 mm
    Width 1,860 mm
    Height 1,848 mm
    Wheelbase 3,220 mm


    2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Dimensions
    Length 5,398 mm 
    Width 2,180 mm
    Height 1,873 mm
    Wheelbase 3,220 mm


    The Ford Ranger XLT Plus, Ranger Wildtrak, and Ranger Raptor variants receive automatic HID projector headlights with LED daytime running lights.

    All other Ranger variants get regular halogen reflector units. 


    The Ford Ranger is available with wheel sizes ranging from 16- to 18-inches.

    2019 Ford Ranger Wheels
    2.2 XL Manual 16-inch wheel
    2.2 XL Automatic 16-inch wheel
    2.2 XL Manual Single Cab 16-inch wheel
    2.2 XLT Manual 17-inch wheel
    2.2 XLT Automatic 17-inch wheel
    2.0 XLT Plus Automatic 18-inch wheel
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x2 18-inch wheel
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x4 18-inch wheel
    Raptor 17-inch wheel




  • Interior


    If there's one aspect where the Ford Ranger truly stands above the other pick-up trucks is its interior. 

    The dashboard of the Ford Ranger is well put together, and selected variants of the Ranger get soft touch materials and stitching that help give a more upmarket appeal. 

    Space and Practicality

    While the cabin build quality may be better than rival pick-up trucks, its actual usable space inside is average at best. 

    The centre console offers a very shallow spot for your smartphone, while the centre armrest storage is deep enough to store your miscellaneous items. 


    The dimensions of the cargo bed of the Ford Ranger is as follow:

    2019 Ford Ranger Double Cab Cargo Boot Dimensions
    Length 1,549 mm
    Width 1,560 mm
    Depth 511 mm


    2019 Ford Ranger Single Cab Cargo Boot Dimensions
    Length 2,317 mm
    Width 1,560 mm
    Depth 511 mm
  • Features

    2018 Ford Ranger Specs and Features

    Safety Features

    All variants of the Ford Ranger get electronic stability control and traction control as standard.

    As for airbag count, upper variants of the Ford Ranger get 6 airbags, while lower variants get dual airbags. 


    Surprising as it may sound, the range-topping Ranger Raptor does not get any ADAS features - those features are limited only to the Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 variant. 

    Comfort Features

    The back seat in the Ford Ranger offers a nice 12-degree incline, which makes the back seat more comfortable than most pick-up trucks, but still slightly poorer than the Mitsubishi Triton.

    And unlike the Mitsubishi Triton's roof-mounted air circulator, passengers at the rear of the Ranger have to rely on the front blowers to get cool air.


    Upper variants of the Ford Ranger are equipped with Ford's SYNC 3 infotainment system with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

    Other variants get a regular audio system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Powertrain


    The Ford Ranger gets several engine options: 

    2019 Ford Ranger Engines
    2.2 XL Manual2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)160 PS @ 3,200 rpm385 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,600 rpm
    2.2 XL Automatic2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)160 PS @ 3,200 rpm385 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,600 rpm
    2.2 XL Manual Single Cab2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)160 PS @ 3,200 rpm385 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,600 rpm
    2.2 XLT Manual2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)160 PS @ 3,200 rpm385 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,600 rpm
    2.2 XLT Automatic2.2-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)160 PS @ 3,200 rpm385 Nm from 1,600 rpm to 2,600 rpm
    2.0 XLT Plus Automatic2.0-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)180 PS @ 3,500 rpm420 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 2,500 rpm
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x22.0-litre turbocharged diesel (VGT)180 PS @ 3,500 rpm420 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 2,500 rpm
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x42.0-litre turbocharged diesel (Bi Turbo)213 PS @ 3,750 rpm500 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 2,000 rpm
    Raptor2.0-litre turbocharged diesel (Bi Turbo)213 PS @ 3,750 rpm500 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 2,000 rpm


    The Mitsubishi Triton can be had with several transmissions. 

    2019 Mitsubishi Triton Transmissions
    2.2 XL Manual6-speed manual
    2.2 XL Automatic6-speed automatic
    2.2 XL Manual Single Cab6-speed manual
    2.2 XLT Manual6-speed manual
    2.2 XLT Automatic6-speed automatic
    2.0 XLT Plus Automatic10-speed automatic
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x210-speed automatic
    2.0 Wildtrak 4x410-speed automatic
    Raptor10-speed automatic


    The Mitsubishi Triton is available as a full-fledged 4x4 model or a 4x2 model.

  • Driving Performance


    During our time with the Ranger Wildtrak, we recorded a 0-100 km/h time of 9.8 seconds. Pretty remarkable for a truck that weighs 2-tonnes.

    Engine Performance

    Ford Ranger variants with the 2.0-litre Bi Turbo engine have the highest power output figures in the segment, with 213 PS and 500 Nm available. 

    With that much power on tap, acceleration is effortless. 

    Transmission Performance

    Alongside its segment-leading power output figures, upper variants of the Ranger are fitted with a 10-speed automatic transmission. 

    Other variants of the Ranger receive a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. 

    Steering and Handling

    Unlike a lot of its rivals, the steering in the Ford Ranger is surprisingly light. In fact, the steering is lighter than the one found in the Isuzu D-Max, which makes parking manoeuvres much easier. 

    View the full review of Ford Ranger here.

  • Ride Comfort

    Sound Proofing

    At 110 km/h, the Ranger's cabin registered just 63 dB, making it quieter than a lot of C-segment cars. 

    This is achieved by Ford's generous use of noise insulation materials (ample rubber seals are found between the front fenders and around the door frames). 

    Passenger Comfort

    The back seats in the Ford Ranger provide sufficient rear comfort, though the Mitsubishi Triton's rear seats are still better. 

  • Fuel Economy

    Fuel Consumption

    After covering almost 200 km over a mix of urban and highway driving, the Ranger Wildtrak returned an average of 9.4-litre/100 km. It can go to the 8-litre-plus/100 km mark on highways. 

    As good as these figures are, they are no match for the Isuzu D-Max, which does 8.0-litre/100 km.

    Then again, remember that the engine makes 213 PS and 500 Nm.

  • Conclusion

    Whether you're a business owner that needs to carry work equipment or a family man that wants a pick-up truck, Ford has you covered with the sheer amount of Ranger variants on sale. (Toyota Hilux Vs Mitsubishi Triton 2019 Vs Ford Ranger – Which Should Be You Next Pick-up Truck?)

    The Ford Ranger is a very capable all-rounder, as the upper variants with their refinement and comfort levels comparable with regular passenger cars. 

    If safety is paramount to you, then the Ranger Wildtrak and its ADAS suit should be shortlisted. 

Fuel Type Transmission Fuel Consumption
Diesel(1996cc)AT8.2 L/100km
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Ford Ranger FAQs

    • zemega


      The Ford Ranger competes with:

      Toyota Hilux 2.8 Black Edition - RM 139,888
      Mitsubishi Triton Adventure X - RM 137,900  

    • Calvin


      The Ford Ranger Wildtrak comes with 6 airbags, ESC, hill descent control, and hill launch assist.  

    • Keatsan


      The Ford Ranger is available with 2 engine options across 8 variants

      2.2 XL Single Cab (M) - RM 90,888
      2.2 XL (M) - RM 95,888
      2.2 XL (A) - RM 103,888
      2.2 XLT (M) - RM 109,888
      2.2 XLT (A) - RM 116,888
      2.2 FX4 - RM 126,888
      2.0 Bi-Turbo Wildtrak - RM 150,388
      2.0 Bi-Turbo Raptor - RM 208,888  

Up to 20% higher than average trade-in price

2018 Ford Ranger 2.2 XL Standard 4x4 (M)


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