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Hatchback Cars in Malaysia

Thinking of buying a new Hatchback? See all brands of Hatchback cars you can buy right now in Malaysia for 2024. This is a full list of Hatchback cars in Malaysia. There are a total of 72 models on sale. The price is from RM 38,600 to RM 1,067,402, while the cheapest is Perodua Axia 2024 for RM 38,600 and the most expensive one is Audi RS6 2024 for RM 1,026,900. To check out the perfect Hatchback car for you, compare prices, specs, images, features, expert reviews and user ratings by clicking the below listed models.

When it comes to the most popular Hatchback car brands in Malaysia, Volvo, BMW, Honda, Proton, Toyota win more votes. Toyota Yaris, Honda City Hatchback, Perodua Myvi, Proton Iriz, Perodua Axia are among the most popular Hatchback in the segment. If you’d like to see other different body type cars, just click the right one on the top selection.

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