Perodua Myvi

RM 42,790 - 54,290 TBC
B-Segment Hatchback | 1.3L / 1.5L

the perodua myvi 2020 2020 is a b-segment hatchback and prices range from rm 42,790 to rm 54,090. perodua myvi there are two engines to choose from, a 1.3-litre and a 1.5-litre, both naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol. the latter is shared with the toyota vios, albeit with slightly different tuning.

Or if you’re not too confident with your handy work, there are always experts like LokaTAG ready to assist!

over 1 million myvis has left the production floors since the car was unveiled to the public in may 2005. it’s not hard to see why the myvi price can capture the hearts of most, if not all, malaysians.

over the course of 5 years/100,000 km, owners of the perodua myvi 2019 2019 2020 are expected to pay rm 3,095.22 for maintenance. perodua myvi however, similar with other car manufacturers, perodua’s maintenance schedule only show the minimum required services, while recommended items are usually not shown. perodua myvi what are recommended items you ask?

the myvi price is malaysia’s best-selling car. for anyone looking for a fuss-free daily car, the myvi is a good choice to begin your car shopping journey.

unlike the ‘eco mode’ you find in hondas, toyotas and bmws which changes the transmission and engine mapping, the perodua myvi 2020 2019 only has an perodua myvi what eco indicator does is tell you whether you’re driving in a fuel-efficient manner. it takes into account your speed, throttle input and the gear selected to determine whether you’re driving efficiently or not.

How well does the “Hi Proton” voice command work?

Touch N Go is currently working to phase out the SmartTag readers to concentrate more on the RFID system, but while they perfect the system, we’ll remain loyal to the tried and tested technology that is the SmartTag device!

The so-called ‘Eco Mode’ on the new Myvi is just an indicator, even if you turn it off as demonstrated in the video below, it does not and will not change your engine performance in any way.

I know what you’re thinking, when you purchase a SmartTag device, we were given a holder to attach the device to our screens.

however, the two engines horsepower figures differ slightly. the 2nr-fe produces myvi price of torque while the 2nr-ve, depending on exact model, produces myvi price also, the 2nr-fe is typically mated to a continuously variable transmission (cvt) whereas the 2nr-ve pairs with a conventional 4-speed automatic transmission.

Perodua's own specifications sheet confirms that the Myvi uses a 2NR-VE engine and its an aluminum block, again contrary to Wikipedia entries.

Myvi’s fuel consumption is quite competitive. Considering the petrol price, Myvi is definitely an economical car for family use.

much like the eco drive assist indicator on perodua myvi 2020 , when the green leaf is on, it means you’re driving efficiently thus saving more fuel. drive it inefficiently – hard throttle inputs and high speed – and the green leaf will go away.

With that said, the cost of owning a vehicle is more than just the purchase price, as periodic maintenance is also crucial over the course of ownership.

Granted, owners can take advantage of the system’s MirrorLink feature to get Google Maps and Waze to display on the display, but MirrorLink is a rather clunky system to begin with. Apart from being compatible with limited Android devices, MirrorLink requires the phone’s display to be constantly turned on and will drain your phone battery rather quickly.

The Myvi is a one of the most reliable cars on the road. The powertrain is uninspiring, lacking in sophistication, but that also means that there's nothing much that can go wrong. It’s fairly cheap to maintain and has good resale value too.

According to a report by The Sun (print edition), before the insurance company can process the payout, it will have to ascertain which party was responsible for the sinkhole.

and no, they have slightly different engine codes, 2nr-fe for the myvi price 2019 2020 and 2nr-ve for the perodua myvi . however, it’s just a different suffix for toyota and daihatsu. perodua myvi wikipedia will tell you otherwise, saying that the daihatsu's 2nr-ve is an steel block while the toyota's 2nr-fe is an aluminum block. this is incorrect. both engines are now aluminum blocks and a simple inspection under the hood will confirm it. both the 2nr-ve and 2nr-fe have the same 1,496 cc displacement.

Well, yes and no. Yes, they are both 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i engine from the NR engine family and they are both made in the same Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing plant in Sendayan Techvalley in Negeri Sembilan.

If you’re a handy person, you can opt to purchase an integrated SmartTag system set off online and install the device yourself.

Even when driven at a quicker pace, the Iriz takes it up in stride, largely due to its rigid body structure which allows the suspension to do its work effectively. Even its electric power steering is able to provide ample feedback to the driver, elevating the driver’s confidence behind the wheel.

here’s a brief summary of the equipment difference between all five variants of the proton iriz. starting with the cheapest myvi price variant, standard equipment include: perodua myvi 2019 for the updated proton iriz range, our pick would be the iriz 1.6l premium variant, as it offers all the bells and whistles one would expect from a b-segment hatchback.

what the new myvi (1.3l x and above) does have is an automatic start/stop system – perodua calls it myvi price . like any other auto start/stop, the eco idle system cuts the ignition when the car is at a complete stop.

we revisited the new perodua myvi 2019 2019 2019 in the top-spec 1.5 advance variant that comes with perodua myvi , to see whether it is still the best car to buy even after being 2 years on the market.

However if you are going to use your car only to drive yourself to work and back and for little else, the 1.3X is good enough.

yesterday, news of a myvi price plunging into a 3 metre deep sinkhole in jalan maharajalela in kuala lumpur broke the internet. it didn’t take long before dr. strange-inspired memes flooded social media. myvi price the memes were funny, but the driver of the perodua myvi 2020 could have been seriously injured by the sinkhole. fortunately she was unscathed but surely it must have been a traumatic experience.

the operating speed of pcb and pcw can reach 4 to 30 km/h, suitable for commuter use. with a stereo camera, the system scans frontal objects and makes an audible warning to the driver when an impending collision is detected. if the driver is not operating the car (steering or braking), or when the speed difference is below 20 km/h compared to the front vehicle, the vehicle will automatically force the brakes to stop immediately. if the relative speed difference is between 20-30 km/h, the system could only help to alleviate the severity of danger  perodua myvi 2020 rather than completely shun the collision.

Yes, in theory she could file a claim with her car’s insurance company, but realistically, it could be a lengthy process before she can get her settlement.

it’s also rather well equipped. even the cheapest 1.3-litre variant comes standard with electronic stability control and the cabin has a novel anti-snatch hook for handbags. the interior looks quite good for a budget car. myvi price the downside is that the myvi doesn’t handle fast sweeping corners very well and its ride can be quite firm and bumpy. it’s also quite noisy when driven at highway speeds. in other words, it’s best used as a city car. myvi price other popular b-segment alternatives to the myvi price are the proton iriz (rm 36,700 – rm 50,700) and honda jazz (rm 70,242 – rm 87,707). the a-segment kia picanto (rm 49,888 – rm 57,888) might be from one segment below, but it's still a credible alternative.

the perodua myvi 2019 malaysia is priced at rm 41,807 - 52,186 and comes in 5 models, offering a 5 years / 150,000 km warranty.

But the trend of breaking wind shields just to rob the car of its SmartTag device is still an ongoing issue causing owners to hide away their devices and only taking them out when entering toll booths.

In addition, the PCB can be activated three times per engine start. YES, ONLY THREE TIMES! This means that if the PCB has been activated on three different occasions or three times under the same occasion during your trip, the system will not be frozen up. Nevertheless, you can always wake the PCB up by restarting the engine and reset the counter to 3.

So if you want reliability, an integrated SmartTag reader is definitely the most useful thing to include in your car.

Don’t worry if your car doesn’t come with built-in SmartTag though, there are plenty of after-market solutions.

In short, the Proton Iriz drives really well.

Perodua has also stated that the Pro Care maintenance schedule is preventive and recommended to maintain the cars at an optimum condition.

cars featuring the 2nr-fe engine include the perodua myvi 2019 2020 . as for the 2nr-ve engine, it sits in the perodua myvi from what we can gather and for all intents and purposes, they are the same engine albeit with different tuning paired to a different transmission. bet the myvi looks like a steal now next to the yaris right? trust us though, the refinement of the yaris is on another level compared to the myvi.

It is also worth noting that the infotainment system, although built on the Android platform, is designed heavily around Baidu’s services, so no Google applications to be found here. Instead of Google Maps or Waze for navigation purposes, you get Baidu maps. As for music streaming, there is no Spotify – drivers will need to make do with Joox.

Another problem with RFID is that it also has the tendency to get in the way of other frequencies like when the car is entering a parking lot with a season pass.

set to be distributed by local distributor raouf dusmohamud & co ltd, the myvi price is priced at 699,000 mauritian rupees (~rm 81,300) for the 1.3g at and 775,000 mauritian rupees (~rm 90,140) for the 1.5h at. both prices are on-the-road with insurance.

Before we get started, it’s best to address the elephant in the room – the “Hi Proton” voice command system found in the Iriz differs from the system found in the more expensive Proton X70.

The pick of the range is the 1.5 AV, which comes with ASA – a safety feature that automatically engages the brakes if the driver is distracted or not reacting fast enough to avoid a potential accident ahead. It’s the only car in its class to come equipped with such feature.

Five variants are available in total, up from the four variants from the 2017 update.

Perodua has introduced the third-generation Myvi in Mauritius, the third export market after Indonesia and Singapore for its popular B-segment hatchback.

the proton iriz was conceived back in 2014 as proton’s effort to counter the ever-popular perodua myvi 2019 2019. back then, the iriz offered considerably more safety equipment than the perodua myvi, but response from the market remained lukewarm at best.

and looks like more car manufacturers are jumping on board with the trend as well. the limited edition perodua myvi 2020 has a smarttag reader built into the truck!

if you’ve ever car-pooled with a perodua myvi 2019 owner you would be left in awe of their ability to go through tolls without needing to lift a finger.

When driven at lower speeds, the Iriz soaks up road irregularities with ease, without jolting the occupants.

However, having experienced the Eco Idle on the new Myvi, we concluded that it’s not the most intuitive nor smartest auto start/stop system out there. It’s more of an annoyance than a feature, hence we prefer to have Eco Idle switched off most of the time.

when the third-generation myvi price hatchback was unveiled, its advanced security assistant (asa) became a heated topic. pre-crash warning (pcw), pre-crash brake (pcb), front exit alarm (fda) and pedal misoperation control (pmc) are all at the price of rm55k.

Our only gripe with the Iriz is in the powertrain department. Although the Punch-sourced CVT has improved leaps and bounds since it was first deployed in 2014, overall refinement remains subpar when compared to contemporary alternatives such as the Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris. Rubberbanding can still be felt when the Iriz is given the beans, though cabin quietness has improved marginally since the last update.

The built-in SmartTag reader is the most thoughtful device ever to be included in a car and it has further given the Myvi a huge lead as the best value-for-money car in our market.

The classic hand-held SmartTag reader has a large 9V battery and many has discovered that the new generation devices run on a shorter battery span.

priced from rm 54,090, the perodua myvi 2020 1.5 av is feature-packed to the brim, as the model includes a range of segment-first features, such as the advanced safety assist (asa) driver assistance system and led headlights.

those that claim the engine feels more powerful after turn ‘eco mode’ off in the new perodua myvi 2020, is a complete placebo effect.

The integrated SmartTag reader on the Myvi saves the need to change the device’s battery as the reader draws power from the car’s battery itself.

the perodua myvi 2019 is one of malaysia’s best-selling models right now, as it offers great value for money, encompassing an extensive list of passive and active safety equipment at an affordable price point.

while on the topic of maintenance, the myvi price 2020 2020 also requires 0w-20 perodua myvi , while the proton iriz uses perodua myvi , owners are expected to pay rm 2,930.82 over the same 5-year/100,000 km period. however, proton does not list out the recommended items such as brake pads in their maintenance schedule.

Having the SmartTag reader built into the car meant that thieves looking to make a quick buck will not be able to make a quick job of breaking a wind shield and just stealing the reader away.

Proton updated the Iriz a couple of times, with the latest update being introduced earlier this year.

Unlike the more sophisticated system found in the Proton X70 that can control the air-conditioning system, sunroof, and windows, the one system found in the Iriz is only capable of music streaming, weather forecast, and navigation features.

What about the RFID you may ask? Many are still not on board with the RFID trend and those who have taken the efforts to try it out has reported about the lack of reliability.

recommended items, or as perodua calls it pro care, are items that are replaced based on usage, not mileage. as such, items such as brake pads are only replaced when they have worn down to the minimum level. similarly, the air filter can be reused for a while before being replaced. perodua myvi 2020 interestingly enough, we’ve also noticed that perodua lists spark plugs as a recommended item when the myvi hits the 50,000 km mark, and a mandatory item at the 100,000 km mark.

To be fair, both B-segment hatchbacks are excellent choices, and both have their advantages and shortcomings.

 offers better handling but is smaller inside and the automatic transmission isn’t very smooth in stop-go urban traffic, which is odd considering that it’s a cvt. it also offers an intuitive ‘hi proton’ natural language voice control infotainment. perodua myvi 2020  offers a lot more space, and its unique ultra seats allow the rear seats to fold in many more ways, allowing the little car to swallow more cargo than many larger cars. it drives and rides better but it’s also a lot more expensive. there's a hybrid option too.

9V batteries are not the friendliest batteries on the market. Quality ones are expensive and cheap versions meant that the reader would run out of juice faster.

The Eco indicator helps promote more efficient driving behaviour and in turn, helps you save more fuel in the long run.

The incident happened in Jalan Maharajalela, which is under the purview of DBKL. However, DBKL claims that the sinkhole was caused by leaking underground water pipes, which is managed by Syabas.

perodua president and chief executive officer dato’ zainal abidin ahmad said, “the third-generation perodua myvi 2019 2020 has been very well-received in malaysia and we believe mauritians will appreciate its many qualities. perodua aims to export 3,270 cars in 2019 – a 50% increase over last year’s 2,184 units. so far this year we have sold over 1,600 units outside malaysia and launched the myvi and axia in singapore and the seychelles respectively.”perodua myvi “the myvi’s mauritian debut should edge us closer to our year-end export target and boost perodua’s brand exposure internationally, what with mauritius being a major tourist destination,” he added.

the myvi has always offered superb value for its price as well as a spacious interior with bulletproof reliability. as an everyday car getting from point a to b, the myvi checks all the right boxes. besides, perodua myvi 2020 2020 the perodua myvi nameplate now spans across 3 generations, with the latest one being the most advanced one they’ve made yet. in a mere 14 months since the all-new myvi was launched, perodua has delivered more than 100,000 units of them to customers.

if ride comfort is your top priority, then the proton iriz should be on your shopping list, as it offers a sublime ride comfort when compared to the myvi price. the myvi's harsh ride and average handling cannot come close to the iriz.  myvi price 2020 in terms of infotainment system, the infotainment system found in the range-topping iriz 1.6l cvt premium is considerably better than the touchscreen unit found in the myvi 1.5 av, as it offers voice command and 4g connectivity.  perodua myvi 2020 2020 however, the perodua myvi counters back by offering more advanced driver assistances systems, such as pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, front departure alert, and pedal misoperation control. in addition to that, the perodua myvi also boasts more cabin space than the iriz.

We now learned that although there was absolutely nothing that the driver could have done to avoid the sinkhole, she will most likely have to fork out her own money to repair her car first.

Proton engineers have perfected the ride and handling aspect of the Iriz, allowing the little hatchback to strike the fine balance between ride comfort and handling.

Inside it’s bigger than you expect, with a fairly generous legroom in the rear, but that’s also because it has a tiny boot. The rear seats are given a greater priority because Perodua believes that the rear seats are used more often than the boot, an observation that we won’t argue against.

the perodua myvi 2020 also offers better resale value, proven reliability, and good after-sales support.

It’s safe to say that the Iriz is perhaps one of the best in its segment when it comes to ride comfort and handling, and definitely punches well above its segment.


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