Proton Saga

RM 32,800 - 39,800 TBC
A-Segment Sedan | 1.3L

essentially, there was no change in prices of a toyota corolla or a nissan sunny 130y or even a honda civic – the saga 2019’s main rivals - before and after the saga price’s launch.

the facelifted saga price 2019 is impressive on paper and even more so on the road. the fact that proton is listening to the consumers and plan their products according to what kind of car the people want to buy vs. a car that they want to sell proves that the company have matured dramatically in terms of product planning.

Prices start from RM 32,800 to RM 39,800. All powered by the same 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine, paired to either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

This 4-speed automatic is made by Hyundai and shares the same internal workings as the one found on the Kia Picanto. Proton’s strategic partner, Geely uses the same transmission on its entry-level models like the Yuanjing X1 crossover and was found to be mechanically suited (and financially viable) for the Saga.

As for the rear, Proton has done a number of changes here. The large chrome strip that interconnects both tail lights is now finished in body colour, with the Proton wording emblazed across. Proton has also removed the tiger, VVT emblem, and the rear fog light (finally) on the new Saga. The rear key hole for boot release has also been removed, meaning owners can only open the boot via the keyfob or the boot release up front, beside the driver’s seat.

however, the bezza claws back with its superior fuel economy, courtesy of its dual vvt-i engine and lighter curb weight. perodua says that the bezza can return up to 22 km/l with its eco idle (engine start/stop), while proton has yet to release fuel consumption figures of the new saga. this comes at a cost, as battery replacement for bezza models with eco idle is more expensive than the saga (about rm 300 for agm-type batteries) saga 2019 in terms of practicality, the bezza offers a thoughtful ‘handbag hook’ located on the side of the front passenger seat. at 508 litres, the bezza’s boot space is also considerably more than the saga’s 420 litres.  saga price similar to other perodua models (except the aruz), the bezza’s air-conditioning system is a multi-blower type, capable of directing cool air to the front passenger’s foot well or the windshield. the saga’s air-conditioning system is a single mode blower that blows cool air to the front passengers.

i am all for losing out on some feel-good features in favour of a lower price tag but if there is one thing i can not compromise on, is saga price . the saga premium is the only variant in the line up to come with saga price which acts as a vital safety net when the car detects it’s about to spin out of control.

Having said that, being able to maintain the same levels of performance and efficiency while introducing an element of sporty driving (the 4-speed auto comes with a Sport Mode), the Saga’s proposition in the segment remains as competitive as ever.

Further complicating the comparison was that the Civic, Sunny (Sentra) and Corolla were all in the midst of moving up in their respective hierarchy – handing entry-level segment duties to the City, Almera, and Vios while the Saga remained unchanged as an entry level car.

the sound quality is further highlighted by the saga price’s unmatched cabin insulation that is only hampered by the tyre roar generated by the silverstone kruizer ns800 rubbers.

this saga price r3 racecar, piloted by veterans admi shahrul and faidzil alang, managed to clinch third overall finish at round 5 of the malaysia championship series 2019.

In a brand new web-series, the Proton R3 team explains that all the R3 cars started out as normal cars built for the roads.

In the city, the dreadful hesitation and jerkiness of the Punch-sourced CVT is now no more and immediately you’ll notice (and appreciate) how confident the 4-speeder shifts and delivers power.

proton has introduced the new saga here in malaysia, with prices starting from: saga price all prices are on-the-road, without insurance.

of course, not all bookings will be translated into actual sales as it is normal for a portion of bookings to be cancelled either by the customer or due to the customer’s inability to secure a bank loan. saga 2019 the new saga price is a midlife update for proton’s entry-level a-segment sedan, which was first launched in 2016. more than just a typical facelift, the new saga featured a new hyundai-sourced 4-speed torque converter automatic transmission, which replaces the previous car’s unloved punch-sourced cvt-type automatic transmission.

In fact, for taller drivers, we reckon that the Saga is a better option as it comes with steering wheel height adjustment, making it easier to adjust the steering wheel for a more relaxed driving position. The steering wheel on the Bezza is fixed.

The aforementioned depreciation of the Ringgit’s value over the last 30 years does have an impact so it’s no longer possible to build a car here for less than RM 20,000 and still meet the requirements of today’s demanding customers.

despite being heavier (more mechanical parts) with more mechanical resistance compared to the cvt it replaces, fuel consumption remains saga 2019 (nedc test cycle). compared to the 4-speed automatic on the 2011 saga fl and 2008 saga blm, proton claims the new saga’s fuel consumption figures is saga price of course, the saga still has a long way to go from its main rival, the saga 2019 with the range-topping 1.3l advance variant claiming to return up to 4.54l/100km. saga 2019 however, it is worth noting that the bezza is 150 kgs lighter than the saga, has smaller wheels (14-inch vs 15-inch) and it also comes equipped with auto start/stop technology, all of which contributes greatly to improve fuel consumption.

Today’s fresh graduate’s starting salary is slightly less than RM 3,000 per month. In other words, it still costs about a year’s worth of a young executive’s salary to buy a Saga, debate on quality of today’s graduates aside.

for starters, the saga price 2019 now comes fitted with larger front brake discs (1-inch up) taken from the iriz and persona. however, as a result, the pcd (pitch circle diameter) of the rims has also increased from pcd100 to pcd114. wheel sizes and tyre profile remains unchanged at 15-inch for the premium variant shod in 185/55r15 rubbers and 14-inch on standard variants wrapped in 185/60r14 tyres. saga price with better braking performance, the engineers had to recalibrate the suspension settings to prevent nosedive under heavy braking. proton also took this opportunity to introduce a plusher ride quality as well as retuned the hydraulic steering for lesser steering effort – in other words, a lighter steering feel.

While the increase in prices of the Saga has been in tandem with increase with a fresh graduate’s starting salary, the value of our Ringgit hasn’t, which also explains the increase in prices of nearly everything else.

It used to be that RM 100 worth of groceries can feed a family of four for a month. Today, that same amount can barely last that same family a week.

proton has also removed the key hole for opening the boot, as the new saga now features remote trunk release.  saga 2019 the rear bumper is now more intricate than the older model, now with a more convincing-looking rear diffuser piece with a chrome strip at the very bottom. the rear fog lamp has been removed as well.

we also like how the new map light looks now, as it gives the affordable saga an upmarket touch.  saga 2019 the meter cluster is also new, as the new saga now shares its meter cluster with the iriz, persona, and exora. texts are easier to read and the segmented lcd multi info display is capable of displaying more information than the old meter cluster.

Parts that were kept stock standard as per what you get on normal road cars you buy in showrooms includes the suspension arm links, bushings and chassis structure. All these parts are race-proven at the Malaysian Championship Series.

new transmission aside, ride and handling has always been proton’s hallmark and the saga is no different.  saga 2019 similar to the more expensive iriz and persona duo, the saga takes road irregularities with ease, soaking up bumps without affecting passengers too much.  saga price even when driven hard, the saga remains as a capable machine as grip levels are pretty decent, while the hydraulic power steering provided ample feedback.  saga 2019 when it comes to choosing between the new saga or the perodua bezza, either car would be a great option.

The reason Proton was able to include all these features was thanks to its partnership with Geely where they were able to access Geely’s shared parts bin to pick and choose the suitable features at a reasonable cost. It is also why Proton was able to adopt a Hyundai-sourced 4-speed torque converter to replace the much-debated CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

“Judging from the bookings received, the 2019 Saga is extremely popular with our customers who are attracted to the revised styling, upgraded components and new touchscreen infotainment system it offers. We have also been impressed by the volume of online bookings received, which exceeds the number we received for the Proton X70, so we are extending the online booking period to give more buyers a chance to use the platform,” said CEO Dr Li Chunrong.

How well does the Saga perform on the road and whether Proton’s claims on quality improvements are valid, we will find out more in the coming months.

A bowl of noodle was just a little over a Ringgit, and a McDonalds burger would have cost just RM 3. A Nissan Sunny 130Y, the default car for middle-class families, retails for RM 19,500. Depending on how far along was one in his/her career, that’s about 1.5 years’ worth a young person’s salary.

moving inside, the premium at variant gets a new floating 7-inch touchscreen display.  saga price unlike its stablemates, the new saga does not get the “hi proton” voice command system. nor does the system support internet connectivity.

there is even a sport mode which holds onto a lower gear up to the 6,500 rpm limiter and has the highest gear set to 3 saga price . proton claims that drivers can achieve top speed in both 3 saga 2019 gear but stopped short at revealing the maximum velocity reading.

Well not quite. Speaking to Vehicle Program Executive (Engineering Division) for the Saga, Desmond John Pinto at a media test drive event, he said the 4-speed is not only on par with the “more advanced” CVT in terms of performance, the Hyundai-sourced unit even betters the CVT in certain aspects.

Despite the similar adjusted real value, many of today’s Saga customers can’t afford the car without resorting to a long nine-year loan, which no accountant will recommend but it is now considered normal.

Amazed by the Saga and Iriz’s prowess? Stay tuned for more episodes of the Proton R3’s journey to the 2019 S1K race.

recently made its market debut and the company has trimmed the model line up from four to three variants – Standard MT, Standard AT and Premium AT.

Another small but important update we noticed is the inclusion of carpet hooks for the front passengers. Yes, even the Saga now gets carpet hooks to securely hold the carpets in place.

bookings for the new saga price, which was launched on 6-august, has surpassed the 10,000 bookings milestone.

However the situation had changed drastically by the late ‘80s as the value of Japanese Yen rose sharply against the Ringgit, more than doubling its value. Prices of Japanese cars also rose significantly in tandem but to the average folk, it was part of the government’s intention to force locals to buy Proton cars – there is some truth in that claim but like everything trade or public policy-related, there’s no black/white answer as there were other factors at play.

So what has changed? Well for starters, our parents were able to buy a reasonably sized terrace house in a middle-class neighbourhood for RM50,000 in the ‘80s. Today, a similar size house sells for upwards of RM500,000.

a little over three years have passed since the third-generation saga made its debut and proton decided to introduce a saga 2019 . a little early in this model’s life cycle but this process was accelerated with proton’s new partner, geely who has a comprehensive action plan to turn proton around.

Of these, over 1,000 bookings came from Proton’s online booking platform, which allowed customers to book a unit for just RM 9.99. Proton further added that it is extending the closing date for online bookings to 17 September, on the back of strong demand.

Towards the sides, Proton has fitted the new Saga with twin-five spoke dual-tone alloy wheels, replacing the multi-spoke units of the older model. Just like the updated Iriz, Persona, and Exora, the Saga receives wheel nut covers and Proton’s updated centre hub cover without the Proton wording. The new Saga also carries over the brakes from the Iriz and Persona duo.

the cvt was a mismatch with the saga price 1.3-litre naturally-aspirated vvt petrol engine, making the car appear even more underpowered than it actually is. the 4-speed automatic brings a more direct power transfer which in turn injected a newfound enthusiasm to the saga price 2019.

What the government did was to give Proton a fifty percent discount on the 25 import tax in importing Japan-made parts from its then technical partner Mitsubishi Motors. Up until 2004, there was no excise tax for cars.

we’ve already been told that the saga price were already a competitive platform to begin with, now the r3 team shows us just how quick it was to get the cars into its most competitive state.

for starters, the touchscreen head unit does not support the “hi proton” voice command system.  saga price however, it does have easyconnection, which is a method for users to mirror their phones to the head unit. users are required to download the easyconnection app from the google play store in order to use this feature.  saga price similar to mirrorlink, those using easyconnection must have their phones’ display constantly turned out, in turn draining battery as most usb ports cannot charge the device quick enough to compensate for the battery draining.  saga price with such a nice display in place, it would have been nice if proton included apple carplay and android auto support.

The clarity and bass from the system is spot on and doesn’t fizzle even when you crank up the volume. There is even an equaliser setting in the menu to further fine-tune the audio frequency.

Fast forward to 2019, the cheapest Proton now sells for RM 32,800 – still the cheapest sedan you can buy today.

As a result, the Saga facelift gets a unique transmission mapping developed in house with a final drive selected by Proton’s engineering team for optimum acceleration performance. Efforts have been made to ensure that the transmission is not only as efficient as the CVT but also gives a sportier driving feel.

Three variants are available as Proton has consolidated the model line-up.

For those who values ride comfort, the new Saga offers a superior ride comfort over the Bezza. Similar to the Myvi, the Bezza’s ride is considerably harsher, while handling is nothing to write home about.

Engineers would pick a car from the line-up and strip it down to its bare basics before fitting the car up with circuit racing requirements like roll cages and six-point harness seatbelt.

apart from the ‘infinite weave’ front grille, the new saga also features a chrome strip that connects both headlights.  saga price at the bottom of each end of the front bumper are led daytime running lights, which previously housed the front foglights. the led daytime running lights are exclusive to the premium at variant of the new saga.

The Saga inscription has also been relocated to the bottom right of the boot, while the VVT inscription has been omitted, giving the boot a cleaner look.

, the Perodua Bezza 1.3 4AT, the Saga 4AT is also more affordable to maintain by RM685.85 over 5 years or 100,000 km. This is largely attributed to the Bezza using costlier fully synthetic (0W-20) grade engine oil and iridium spark plugs.

The R3 mini series is presented by Head of Proton R3 Racing Team along with the R3 team engineers and drivers.

at 100,000 km the saga flx cvt requires a saga 2019 which amounts to saga 2019 . parts that required changing during this service interval include engine oil, spark plugs, air filter, timing belt kit, and fead belt. this major service also incurred a higher service labour cost of rm222.

With these new learnings, do you think Proton made the right move to reintroduce a 4-speed automatic to the Saga?

We’ve yet to sample the new Saga, but considering that Proton has removed the Punch-sourced CVT-type automatic, replacing it with a Hyundai-sourced 4-speed torque converter automatic, we’re expecting the new Saga to offer better refinement levels as the previous CVT was the Achilles heel of an otherwise decent little sedan.

proton claims that compared to the cvt, the 4-speed automatic gives a more direct response and offers 7% better acceleration at 30 to 50 km/h and is 18.2% more efficient when accelerating from 80 to 100 km/h. not only that, they have managed to retain a saga 2019 while manufacturers are moving towards a step-less transmission for better efficiency, proton’s move of going back to a conventional automatic (with only 4-speeds at that) can only be seen as a bold and fortune favours the bold.

after you’re done awing over how the cabin looks and start to interact with the touchpoints, you’ll be amazed how the little saga price 2019 continues to impress. the seats although fabric, has a denim-like texture that you find on high-quality jeans which proton engineers have confirmed are (light) scratch and water-resistant. moving over to the centre floating touchscreen and while it doesn’t come with the full gkui “hi proton” voice command feature, the sleek smartphone-like response and crisp graphics will more than make up for it.

Up front, changes are minimal but noticeable. The grille now features Proton’s ‘Infinite Weave’ motif, while a new chrome strip connects both headlights. Apart from that, the design of the front bumper has been subtly refreshed as well, with a mildly revised lower air intake. LED daytime running lights replace the halogen front fog lights, giving the new Saga a modern look.

today’s saga can holds its ground against the competition, not just against local rivals like the perodua bezza but against similar budget cars sold elsewhere – cars like india’s toyota etios or thailand’s honda’s brio amaze.    saga price the updated 2019 saga price meets minimum global safety standards set by the united nations economic commission for europe (unece). it even comes with electronic stability control and adjustable steering wheel column, both of which are not common for budget cars.

It is a popular opinion that much of Proton’s early success in Malaysia was due to the government imposing higher taxes for all foreign brand cars. That’s not quite true, at least not in the ‘80s.

let’s take a look at what has been improved on the new saga.  saga price for starters, the front grille now features proton’s ‘infinite weave’ motif, first found on the x70. the new saga is the fourth model after the x70, iriz, and persona to don the new grille.


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