Honda Accord

RM 148,512 - 168,998 TBC
D-Segment Sedan | --L / 2.0L / 2.4L

larger items can loaded into the back of the cr-v whereas the accord is limited by the size of the boot opening.  accord price and of course, the high ground clearance means it can fair better going over obstacles, all-wheel drive or not. for city dwellers especially during the monsoon season, there would be less anxiety going through flooded roads.

fuel consumption test: 7.7l/100km honda accord 2020 the performance of fuel consumption is very exciting, and our measured fuel consumption is 7.7l/100km. this result is also very eye-catching in the mid-size car. for the ninth-generation accord, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in accelerating ability, because there is still a gap compared with the opponents equipped with the 2.0l turbocharge engine, but the performance on fuel consumption really gives us a very deep impression.

Compared with the old generation of Accord, the 2019 generation has a more streamed-like roofline. There are also changes in the exterior dimensions. The new Accord is 10 mm shorter (4,900 mm) and 10 mm wider (1,860 mm). The height of the vehicle and ground clearance are both 15 mm lower, but Honda made the wheelbase 55 mm longer than the old one, which is surprising.

0-100km/h acceleration test: 8.68s accord price due to the cvt gearbox, we can't pull up the engine speed to achieve the power explosion, but the cvt gearbox performs well during the entire acceleration process, making the acceleration force average and the transmission efficiency high enough to achieve smooth performance. . but this makes people feel that its explosive power is not so impressive. the final acceleration time is 8.68 seconds.

the honda accord 2020 equipped with a 2.4l naturally aspirated engine and a cvt transmission with a maximum horsepower of 173 hp at 6,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 225 nm at 4,000 rpm.

100-0km/h brake test: 39.59m honda accord 2020 the body posture when braking at full force is not bad, and the suspension support of the accord is relatively tough. the whole braking process feels quite good, the braking force is sufficient and stable, and the final result is 39.59 meters, which is still somewhat advantageous compared with the opponents of the same price.

CR-V's taller ride height gives a more commanding driving position and better view out. The height also makes going in and out of the car easier, especially for the elderly.

On the other hand, if you don’t go off-road, prefer a car that handles and is comfortable at the same time, then sedans like the Accord is for you.

Being a Honda, the interior packaging and ergonomics are on point – storage spaces are aplenty and easy to reach, while buttons and controls are laid out in a logical manner.

although the accord is locally-assembled (ckd) in pegoh (likely to remain so in the future), the ckd kits are imported from thailand. thus, the ringgit’s continued weakness against the us dollar and thai baht will certainly have an impact on prices.   honda accord 2020 the outgoing generation accord is currently selling in malaysia at just rm 148,512 (for 2.0 vti-l) and rm 168,998 (2.4 vti-l advance, with sensing). it might be an aging product but it still offers exceptionally good value. the upcoming model will certainly be a lot more expensive.

the accord price 2019 was updated in 2015, when it received the refreshed exterior you see here. honda malaysia updated the honda accord 2019 2020 again in 2017, with the 2.4 vti-l advance variant gained the honda sensing honda accord honda malaysia has two variants of the honda accord 2019 on sale: the 2.0 vti-l and 2.4 vti-l advance, priced from rm 148,512 and rm 168,998, respectively.

the all-new tenth generation accord price has been on sale in thailand for quite some time already, since march 2019 to be specific. like the toyota camry, this new generation accord is also moving upmarket, in response suvs like the cr-v encroaching into the traditionally sedan-dominated d-segment.

Despite the sloping rear roofline, rear headroom isn’t bad at all. Entry and exit remains easy, and door aperture is wide enough.

Lower height generally means lower center of gravity and that along with less weight, mean sedans take the cake when it comes to driving dynamics.

all of the car’s honda sensing honda accord 2020 are now better integrated. the honda sensing’s millimetre wave radar is now hidden in a more discrete manner, installed further inside the front bumper while the lanewatch camera is now so small that at a glance, it’s quite hard to tell if the car is equipped with lanewatch or not.

Formally employed in the Civic and CR-V series, the 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo engine in the Accord produces out 190 PS and 243 Nm of torque from 1,500 to 5,500 rpm, which outruns the 173 PS and 223 Nm used in the Civic.

c-segment suv are mid-size suvs such as the accord price 2020 , etc. d-segment sedans are large sedans like the accord price let's take the honda cr-v and honda accord as an example since both are priced fairly close to each other.

despite being one of the oldest models on sale right now, the accord price 2019 still manages to offer segment-leading rear leg room, head room, and knee room. rear comfort is further supplemented by a centre arm rest with cupholders and a retractable sunshade.

here’s where the cr-v's taller ride height plays at a disadvantage and may come as a surprise - comfort.  honda accord 2020 the high seating position means that the driver or passengers will rock about more in the cabin when going over uneven roads. it’s just the law of physics. if the suspension is stiffened up to compensate the motion, ride quality suffers.

Unlike the Civic or CR-V, the revised Accord’s range does not offer any base specs naturally aspirated entry variant. Buyers can only choose between two high-end engines - a 190 PS/243 Nm 1.5-litre turbocharged variant or a 215 PS/315 Nm 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid.

there’s something about the accord’s new design character that makes it look better on the road than in an air-conditioned showroom - it has an air understated regality that is only apparent when it’s surrounded by other cars, many of which are trying too hard to be something they are not. honda accord 2020 the pictures here don’t do it justice. like many of today’s cars, the accord’s character lines and physical presence cannot be fully expressed in a two-dimensional image.

The Accord is a space of comfort and calm, you may stretch out and relish the space. Featuring Earth Dreams Technology, the Accord unleashes a powerful yet eco-efficient drive. Further more, there are plenty of convenience devices, such as Daytime Running Lights, automatically illuminate lights to improve visibility during driving.

back to the question - will the honda accord 2019 make it to this year? we will keep you updated about the news for the 2020 accord series, do keep an eye on us!

previously we looked at  accord price  and now to make things a little more interesting, we're looking at c-segment suv vs d-segment sedan.

for comparison, umw toyota motor sells the thailand-made toyota camry 2.5v for rm 196,888. honda accord 2019 understandably, honda malaysia is in no hurry to introduce the all-new accord here. our sources indicate there are no further launches by honda this year, implying that the next generation accord will only be coming here no earlier than 2020.

there’s no denying that the accord price 2019 is an ageing product in honda malaysia’s line-up – it has been on sale since september 2013, meaning that the honda accord 2019 is roughly 6 years old now.

the new version is more aerodynamic in appearance - the lighting group, as well as the front fascia, grille and  honda accord 2020  have all been updated. the changes are mild, but they have effectively enhanced the front-end.

This issue is less pronounced in the Accord, which is able to strike a better balance between comfort and handling.

sitting inside, the all-new cabin feels a lot calmer than the camry’s – which looks overly busy, with far too many contrasting elements screaming for your attention. honda accord 2020 2019 2019 in contrast, the accord’s cabin is very plush, very premium, and we dare say to be a much better place than the staid and cramped c-class’ interior. every inch of the cabin where your skin comes in contact with are covered in high quality materials. honda accord honda’s forte is in space-efficient packaging and human-machine interface and it’s good to know that the all-new accord is still setting an example for others. honda accord all the controls are within easy reach and look easy enough to operate without too much fiddling around.

while the interior may be a high point for the accord price 2019, its powertrain definitely feels long in the tooth – never mind the turbocharged volkswagen passat, the accord’s engines can’t hold a candle to the mazda 6’s skyactiv powertrains.  accord price but the honda accord 2020 2019 2020 2019 2020 2019 is of course, a lot cheaper. honda accord furthermore, the 5-speed automatic found in both variants of the honda accord 2019 is dated, much like the engine. honda accord although the range-topper honda accord 2019 2.4 gets honda sensing, it lacks the low speed follow function that is available on the cr-v and upcoming civic facelift.

the honda accord 2020 2019 2.4 vti-l adds honda sensing, active cornering lights (acl), led headlights, a premium sound system with a subwoofer, paddle shifters, and a powered rear sunshade.

To get a better understanding of what’s coming our way, we visited by a Honda showroom in Thailand, to take a closer look at the all-new Accord.

also, we need to remind buyers to adjust their expectations regarding a c-class/3 series’ price. the days of generous eev-incentivised premium cars are over. the cheapest mercedes-benz c200 now sells for rm 259,888. the latest g20 generation bmw 3 series is currently offered only as an imported model, in one 330i variant at rm 328,800. local assembly is not expected to commence until mid-2020. honda accord 2020 the reality is that car prices in malaysia will continue to go up in the near-term.

one of the things that separate accord from other models is its exceptional quality. accord price 2019 has made trends in the past two years and gained tremendous breakthroughs and progress. still, after previous success, honda accord once again brings us a surprise.

while larger items can be loaded into the cr-v, it would require more effort due to the taller loading height. and if the cr-v is backed into a wall, the boot lid may not be able to open.  honda accord 2020 like for like, sedans are lighter than suvs and that means better acceleration, braking, handling, and fuel efficiency. also contributing to the fuel efficiency is the lower height and having less surface area to go against the wind.

Also mated with a CVT, the 2.0 litre naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine with two motors are combined with the Sport Hybrid i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) system. The hybrid-electric system is applied with a revised Atkinson-cycle, which fires up to 145 HP per 175 Nm. Working with the e-motors, which puts 184 Hp per 315 NM, the system output is 215 hp together.

the tenth-generation of accord price is officially launched in thailand with three variants, the turbo el (rm 182,844), the hybrid (rm 212,129) and the hybrid tech (rm 19,282). obviously, honda accord 2020 has two engine options for this series- one is 1.5-litre vtec turbo engine, another a 2.0-litre i-vtec engine.

the tyre configuration comes in two types, the 225/50 r17 rubber for the entry-level – accord turbo el, while the 235/45 tyres for the hybrid. the hybrid as the flagship sedan in this generation, honda also endowed it with a full honda technology suite, including the cmbs (collision mitigation braking system), ldw (lane departure warning), rdm (road departure mitigation) and a accord price while the seven-inch tft multi-info display, hud and wireless charger are available for all variants, new techs such as sunroof, leather seats, exterior door lighting and also a honda smart parking assist system, cross-traffic monitor, 360-degree parking camera and more are rolling in by the nature of the hybrid tech’s name.

yes, we live in a time when an accord is regal while a camry is a sports sedan. oh how the characters of this familiar play have swapped their roles. honda accord 2019 in conclusion, the accord will be a lot more expensive (circa rm 180,000 price to be expected), but it will also be a lot better. good enough to make you question if you really want to the sacrifice space and comfort offered by the highest specification japanese sedan in exchange for a lower specification, entry-level premium sedan just so you can show off a bmw or mercedes-benz badge.

viewing the car up close, the all-new accord looks like a larger civic, and it’s easy to understand honda’s reasoning. honda accord 2019 prioritizing a cohesive brand-wide, family identity is now seen to be far more important than maintaining a strong individual model identity. the germans have figured this out long ago. mercedes-benz for example, intentionally keeps its c-class, e-class, and s-class looking like larger versions of the same car.

compare to the same generation launched in the u.s, the 10th gen. stepping in our market, is based on the honda global compact platform used mainly to spawn a premium compact car. other than a lower honda accord 2020 2019 of gravity height, materials used to forge the structure ensures the vehicle body’s rigidity and strength. honda accord the nature-aspirated engine also being abandoned, only 1.5l and 2.0l vtec turbo engine are available for the american market. which is a shame, since the 9th generation got the 3.5l v6 naturally aspirated engine in place.

As this is a hybrid variant, the rear boot is shown is slightly smaller than the standard car’s but you won’t be asking for more space. It’s deep and wide enough, with low enough boot lip for easy loading.

What's more, the Accord came as a sedan type only in the past. Now according to the newest message, Accord Sport will be introduced and meet the customers soon, which is exciting to know about. Accord Sport is similar to other midsize sedans with 19-inch wheels, yet flashier for the affordable curb appeal, two available engines, and even an optional manual transmission.

while the new breakthrough is well-prepared in 2020 honda accord 2019 2020, the price has not been officially announced yet. honda accord let's give it some time to prepare before hitting the market sometime in late 2019!

Viewed in isolation, the Accord’s new styling is quite underwhelming. It doesn’t grab your attention in the same way an overly aggressive Carmy does. Oddly, Accord car looks better outdoors, surrounded by traffic than it does when parked in isolation on the showroom floor.

the honda accord 2019 malaysia is a sedan priced at rm148,512- 168,998 and comes in 2 models, offering a 5 years / unlimited warranty.

with these prices, not only is the honda accord 2019 2019 2019 2020 2019 the cheapest d-segment sedan money can buy right now, the range-topper 2.4 vti-l advance is also the most affordable d-segment sedan to offer adas features. honda accord both variants of the honda accord 2019 are fully loaded with equipment, including a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with honda accord , a 6-speaker audio system with active noise control, 6 airbags, honda lanewatch camera, and powered front seats.

Toyota Camry Hybrid is the new sedan’s main competitor in Thailand especially by Honda’s smart pricing strategy. But how will it works out, we will leave that to the Thai market to decide.

while the all-new accord is now a lot more premium than before, prices have also crept up slightly, increasing by about 3 percent for the turbocharged variant. prices of the hybrid would been a lot higher if not for generous tax incentives by the thai government for thailand-made hybrid/electric vehicles. accord price 2020 the severe drop in our ringgit against other regional currencies however, has exaggerated the otherwise marginal increase in prices. honda accord 2020 ignoring differences in tax structure between thailand and malaysia, the all-new accord now sells for an equivalent of between rm 203,000 (turbo el variant) and rm 247,000 (hybrid tech variant). honda accord it’s a similar story with neighbouring indonesia, where the accord now sells in just one 1.5-litre turbo variant, at an equivalent of rm 205,000.

on the performance, 2020 honda accord 2019 is expected to be quieter. accord has been investing a lot on r&d in the reduction of tyre or road noises, including devising the acoustic spray foam in the pillars and noise-absorbing carpet. the quieting efforts will provide a more comfortable driving experience for owners and at the same time defeat the rivals more powerfully. for example, the 2018 accord knocked out the 2018 camry in two comparison tests, which has greatly improved honda's own brand appeal.

If you prefer a better view out the road, easy ingress and egress, or if you need to go off-road, then SUVs like the CR-V will suit your needs better.

as this is a showroom display car, we didn’t start up the car but we doubt the accord’s infotainment can match the camry’s 9-speaker jbl, which is by far the best audio we’ve tried apart from volvo’s bowers & wilkins. accord price 2020 it’s also unlikely to drive better than the camry’s highly agile tnga platform, and reviews from the thai media echoed the same sentiment. honda accord the general consensus among the thai media who have sampled both cars is that the accord is more relaxed car to cruise, with ample low-end torque and a more cossetting cabin while the camry’s more dynamic character loves twisty roads and will be appreciated by keen drivers.

referring back to the accord price specialize for asian market revealed previously, the naturally aspirated engine is again, not listed in the configuration menu. however, honda did provide two options for the engine. the standard version of engine puts out 177 hp at 220 nm, while the high-powered version gets 194 hp at 260 nm, mates with ctv (continuously variable transmission).

the accord price 2019 is also compatible with android auto and apple carplay, something which the more expensive toyota camry lacks.


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