Perodua Aruz

RM 72,900 - 77,900 TBC
B-Segment SUV | 1.5L

All variants are powered by the same 2NR-VE 1.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder Dual VVT-i petrol engine paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission. Because of its ladder-frame underpinnings, the Aruz is rear-wheel driven.

And it is no surprise why almost 25,000 units have been sold so far.

you can say that the aruz price and toyota rush are identical twins with different names, while the toyota avanza is a very close brother of the two.

The Aruz also scores well in the safety department with all variants receive 6 airbags, Electronic Stability Control and anti-snatch hook as standard. Kudos to Perodua for not skimming on safety equipment.

This is despite the fact that the Aruz is currently Perodua’s most expensive model on sale right now, priced from RM 72,900.

the pick of the range is the 1.5 av. it is the only variant to come with aruz price which is an improved version of perodua’s perodua aruz 2020 2020 . it has a higher operating limit and added perodua aruz for the pre-collision warning.

Aruz performed much better in safety-assist assessments with a score of 22.22, while Rush had a score of 19.44.

He added that Perodua is keeping to its sales target of 235,000 units by year-end which is an increase of 3.4% from 227,234 units sold in 2018.

Versus the BR-V’s 2 airbags and stability control, the Aruz further adds another 4 more airbags (side and curtain airbags), and Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 (ASA 2.0).

The Aruz/Rush also adds autonomous emergency braking (ASA for Perodua, Pre-collision System for Toyota).

our tests indicate that the aruz price is able to complete the 0-100 km/h sprint in 15.7 seconds, while the 0-100-0 km/h test is completed in 19.3 seconds.

The Honda BR-V is already quite far along into its model life. It was launched in January 2017 and a mid-life facelift has already been introduced in Thailand and Indonesia earlier this year, but not Malaysia.

Remember that the Rush/Aruz is based on the Avanza, which works best with 185 mm wide 15-inch tyres.

As for the bits that are hidden from view – the engine bulkhead and 1.5-litre i-VTEC and CVT front-wheel drive powertrain is also shared with the Jazz/City.

The rear-quarter features a new subframe designed exclusively for the BR-V so it can accommodate a more comfortable riding rear suspension.

Some oddities we noticed in the cabin include the lack of physical volume controls on the head unit. Furthermore, the steering wheel audio controls lack a physical mute button.

However, it does better at covering more aspects of a family’s needs, making it a better all-rounder.

With the high demand, a long waiting period is inevitable and previously the Aruz had a waiting period of up to 3 months, which Perodua says has now been reduced to between 1 to 1.5 months, depending on variants.

Perodua sold 17,989 units of the Aruz between January and July this year, a figure which Perodua claims, makes it Malaysia's most popular SUV.

At 110 km/h, we recorded the cabin noise level to be at 70.3 dB. While the Aruz is idling, the cabin registers just 46.6 dB, with the air-conditioning switched on.

On uneven surfaces, the wider tyres tend to trace odd road cambers more than necessary, thus requiring more steering corrections. The steering also feels less sharp than in the Avanza.

although the perodua aruz 2020 2019 uses an even more sophisticated multi-link rear suspension versus the honda br-v’s lower cost torsion beam, the perodua doesn’t ride any better, mainly because the rear-half of the perodua aruz uses ladder frame chassis construction, which is excellent for carrying 7 passengers across rural indonesian roads, but not so if you are driving along our north south highway.

the top spec aruz price 1.5 av has a retail price of aruz price 2019 2019 , while the toyota rush 1.5g retails for aruz price both suvs share a 1.5-litre dual vvt-i four-cylinder petrol engine that does aruz price 2020 2019 , hooked up to a 4-speed automatic that sends power to the rear wheels.  perodua aruz 2020 it is also worth mentioning that both the perodua aruz and toyota rush are built in perodua's rawang facility. perodua aruz the difference between the perodua aruz and toyota rush (top specs variants) is the toyota rush comes with the following additional features:perodua aruz whether these features justify the additional rm 20,100 is for you to decide.

the new aruz price suv received the full five-star rating of the asean ncap in the latest crash safety test.

both the toyota rush and  perodua aruz 2019 2019 1.5av come perodua aruz  and a smart tag reader.

Not that having hard plastics is a bad thing, as this material is able to withstand the test of time with relative ease.

However, if you can make do without ASA 2.0 and leather trimmings in the cabin, the entry-level 1.5 X will suffice.

this is quite ironic. the more expensive toyota rush/ perodua aruz 2020 are supposed to be better equipped but somehow the infotainment was overlooked.

in many aspects, the newer perodua aruz 2020/toyota rush are better cars than the toyota avanza.

the perodua alza might be cheaper but it is even older. the newer aruz price offers very good value and comes with even more safety features than the honda br-v  - six airbags and autonomous emergency braking (perodua calls it advanced safety assist or asa) included – but it’s not as comfortable or as fuel efficient as the honda br-v.

Both models ride on identical mechanicals as the Toyota Avanza, which also has seven seats, sharing the same 1.5-litre (2NR-VE) Dual VVT-i aluminum block engine, paired to a 4-speed automatic rear wheel drive transmission, mounted on a semi-ladder frame chassis (monocoque in the front-half) with multi-link rear suspension.

considering its body-on-frame construction, the perodua aruz 2019’s handling cannot match the rivals with a unibody construction, such as the honda br-v. the honda br-v, despite being an mpv, offers a more refined ride over the aruz, exhibiting a car-like driving experience.

strip the perodua aruz 2020 apart, you will find its chassis features an odd mix of monocoque in the front half, and ladder frame in the rear half, similar to a passenger car-based pick-up like a proton arena.

The momentous occasion was marked with a small ceremony of handing a mock key over from the Domestic Trade Secretary-General Datuk Muez Abdul Aziz to the Director of Enforcement Dato’ Haji Iskandar Halim Haji Sulaiman.

separating the aruz from the rush include a different front bumper and grille, new wheels, and a revised rear bumper. the aruz price also makes do without the rush’s ‘r-blade’ body kit.

what is not so great is the ladder frame-based chassis which flexes a little too much when going over undulations. in town, it can be quite uncomfortable but, on the highway, the wide 215 profile rubbers keep the suv fairly planted at speeds. aruz price the plus side is that the aruz will be able to withstand heavy loads and go through rugged terrains thanks to its rigid body.

Like any other Perodua model, the interior is mostly hard plastics – from the dashboard to the door trim.

the dashboard design of the perodua aruz 2019 is different from the toyota rush.

the build quality of the perodua aruz 2019 is reasonably consistent, with panel gaps deviating no more than 1.0 mm. paint thickness is also rather consistent, as it ranged from 100s micrometer to 120s micrometers.

as such, for those seeking an all-rounded family suv, the aruz price is an excellent choice, encompassing practically everything that a buyer could possibly ask for, including a tall ride height, sufficient safety features, and a proven powertrain.

perodua is confident that the perodua aruz 2020 will play the part as the perfect companion for kpdnhep officers that often make long distance travels.

the perodua aruz 2020 is a seven-seater suv powered by a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated engine paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.

It’s already 2019 but the Avanza still lacks crucial electronic stability control, a very basic safety feature which is already available in entry level cars like the Perodua Axia, never mind the Myvi.

this is mainly because the br-v’s underpinnings are derived from a sedan/hatchback, versus the aruz price, which is essentially a re-bodied toyota avanza, itself not the last word in comfort and handling.

The Aruz is a ladder frame-based (same chassis as pickup trucks) 7-seater SUV and there are two variants on sale in Malaysia priced at RM 72,900 and RM 77,900.

at a glance, it’s tough trying to differentiate the perodua aruz 2020 from the toyota rush, but there are some differences.

this is quite obvious. bigger tyres are more expensive and when it comes to replacing the aruz/rush’s tyres, be prepared to pay at least rm 150 more perodua aruz 2020 than the avanza’s smaller and cheaper 15-inch tyres.

The rear air-conditioning blower is also unlike what’s commonly used by seven seaters below RM 100k. Instead of a usual blower that merely sucks in cold air from the front to the rear, the Honda BR-V’s rear blower includes an evaporator inside for better cooling performance.

it is worth mentioning that the perodua aruz 2019’s suspension is designed with a full load (7 passengers + luggage) in mind, so with just 2 people on board, the suspension was best described as ‘under damped’ and ride comfort is on the firmer side of things.

after covering about 111 km through a mix of highways and urban traffic, the aruz price returned 7.5-litre/100 km, not too far from perodua’s claimed 6.4-litre/100 km figure.

the avanza comes with android auto and apple carplay, but the rush/aruz doesn’t. the latter two only comes with mirrorlink but that's not the same, and we doubt if many will even use it, as aruz price those who have adapted to controlling waze/google maps and even whatsapp using voice control will find it quite hard to go back to putting their phone on a cheap handphone holder.

with a total score of 86.49, perodua aruz 2020 received a five-star asean ncap rating.

Furthermore, the Aruz makes do without the faux stitching, which can be found on the Toyota Rush.

being based off a toyota model, the aruz will naturally come with the assurance of bulletproof reliability and low maintenance cost. perodua aruz 2020 buyers looking to frequently ferry more than 5 occupants will be glad to know that the third-row seats can comfortably accommodate an average height adult as the middle row seats can slide and recline to free up more space. the rear air-cond vents on the 1.5 av can also keep the rear occupants well chilled.

with just 102 ps and 133 nm on tap, the perodua aruz 2019 is not the byword for performance.

We are aware that cheaper options like the Proton Exora exists, but the Exora only has 2 airbags across the range, and its fuel consumption is mediocre at best.

it’s not a cheap solution as it requires running pipes from under the front passenger’s seat and up the b-pillar.   perodua aruz 2019 2019 in summary, the honda br-v’s product offerings are pretty well balanced. on paper, it lacks curtain and side airbags, and doesn’t come with driving aids like the perodua aruz.

The current generation Toyota Avanza is actually pretty comfortable to ride in, at least when judged for what it is – a budget seven-seater with flash flood wading high ground clearance.

The rest of the car is mix of parts taken from the Honda Mobilio as well as the Honda Brio. The former is a seven-seater MPV while the latter is an A-segment hatchback that’s about the size of a Perodua Axia, both are sold in Thailand and Indonesia but not here.

the light steering also eases the maneuvering process in the aruz, and couple that with the tight turning radius, makes parking much easier.  perodua aruz 2019 2019 compared to the toyota rush’s 360-degree monitor, the perodua aruz only gets a reverse camera.

The front-quarter of the Honda BR-V is taken from the Honda Jazz/City, sharing the similar looking dashboard, side mirrors, steering wheel.

while the perodua aruz 2019 may lose out to the honda br-v in terms of ride comfort and overall refinement levels, it does claw back with superior safety equipment over the honda.

in terms of adult occupant protection, aruz scored 43.25 points (based on the latest 2017-2020 test agreement), which is the same as toyota rush's score.  perodua aruz 2019 in child protection, aruz scored 21.01 points, slightly lower than rush's 21.33 points.

A 4-speed automatic transmission is the sole option we get, and it does a decent job of shifting gears. Shifts are smooth, though kick-down could be more responsive. The transmission does take its own sweet time to downshift, so plan your overtakes beforehand.

contrary to popular belief, the aruz price is not, and never will be a direct competitor to the aruz. the two exist in a vastly different price bracket and segment which appeals to a different type of buyers. drawing parallels between the two simply because they’re national cars is unfair to both the cars.

between the toyota rush and aruz price, the rush costs rm 20,000 more but it adds: aruz price however there are a few areas that we wished the aruz/rush could do better than the avanza, but unfortunately they don’t.

as a result, the aruz/rush’s turning radius are severely compromised. in its original 15-inch tyres setup, the rear wheel drive toyota avanza has a super tight 4.7 metres turning radius. the toyota rush/ perodua aruz 2020 could only do 5.2 metres – that’s worse than even a front wheel drive perodua myvi’s 5.1 metres.

A monocoque chassis is also lighter, thus making the vehicle more fuel efficient. Compared to the Aruz, the BR-V is around 100 kg lighter.

with roughly 25,000 units sold to date since its introduction back in january, the aruz price has proven itself to be a popular model.

the closest rival to the honda br-v is actually the perodua aruz 2019 , also a seven-seater mpv disguised as an suv. like the honda br-v facelift, the xpander’s local launch is also facing the same delays at the government’s end.

Ladder frame construction is great for durability and carrying heavy loads, but it doesn’t do much for handling and ride comfort.

the malaysian ministry of domestic trade and consumer affairs (kpdnhep) recently showed their support to perodua aruz 2020 2020 by purchasing 55 units of the perodua aruz this marks the aruz’s first ever fleet deal since its launch in january 2019.

Normally, rear wheel drive will have a tighter turning radius than front wheel drive cars but not the Aruz/Rush.

overall, the perodua aruz 2019/toyota rush didn’t felt as nice to drive as the toyota avanza. fuel consumption is higher too, again due to the larger 17-inch tyres.

With that said, the Aruz does get some leather wrapping on the door trim, which helps to improve the cabin atmosphere.

To keep up with its SUV-like styling, the Rush/Aruz are fitted with larger 17-inch wheels, which the original donor car the Avanza’s chassis wasn’t optimized for.

with a trendier looking suv body and better safety features, it’s understandable that the toyota rush/ perodua aruz 2019 2020 2019 2019 twins are taking much of the limelight away from their fraternal twin the perodua aruz to recap, the seven-seater toyota rush/perodua aruz are two of the perodua aruz by toyota’s compact car subsidiary daihatsu.

until then, the honda br-v will be compared most intensely against the perodua aruz 2020 , simply because the perodua offers a lot for very little money.

There are two variants available. The 1.5X starts at RM 72,900 while the 1.5AV starts at RM 77,900.

The closest competitor to the Aruz will have to be the Honda BR-V and its twin sibling, the Toyota Rush. The BR-V offers a more composed and car-like driving characteristic and is also more fuel efficient, but its kit count (only 2 airbags) is nowhere near what the Aruz has. Not to mention it is also RM 10,000 more expensive.

This might come as a surprise. While the Aruz/Rush’s bigger tyres keep it better planted, balance and steering accuracy are compromised.

while the aruz price and toyota rush are assembled by daihatsu’s malaysian subsidiary perodua’s plant in rawang, the toyota avanza is imported from daihatsu’s plant in karawang in indonesia.

With the current delay in price approvals by the government for many locally-assembled models, we don’t expect the new Honda BR-V to be introduced anytime soon. At least not until the delays for the new Honda Civic is resolved.

Rebadging is a common practice in the auto industry, as manufacturers often rebadge different models and selling it as theirs.

However, the Honda BR-V counters by offering a more well-balanced handling and a ride that’s most comfortable than any of its peers.

it’s perodua’s first suv (the company calls the alza an mpv) and it is based on the latest toyota rush. packed with advanced safety features, rugged looks and a 7-seater configuration, the aruz price is a viable choice for buyers looking for an affordable people carrier.

, which is essentially a rebadged perodua aruz 2020  but with a much higher price tag.

Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad said "We continue to focus on quality and delivery as our customers comes first. We thank you for your continued and strong support which has led to the Aruz being the most popular SUV in Malaysia – this is truly an important milestone for us,” he said.

Comfort and Avanza are rarely mentioned in the same sentence but a lot of it is due to impressions formed by earlier generation Avanza models.

By now, Malaysians are familiar with rebadging, for better or worse.

In this aspect, the Toyota Avanza trumps.

In the Aruz, the dashboard features silver trim pieces and glossy black trim for the centre piece, which is different from the Rush’s dual-tone design.

So should you still consider the aging Honda BR-V then? At the moment, there aren’t many credible alternatives to the Honda BR-V.

in other words, the basic building blocks of the honda br-v has granted it an inherent advantage over the perodua aruz 2019.

A passenger car-like monocoque chassis like the ones used by the Honda BR-V offers better rigidity, and thus better control over the suspension and steering.

this might sound hard to believe, but the honda br-v is actually more comfortable than a perodua aruz 2019 2020 why? because it has a wider track width and a longer wheelbase, both of which are greater than the honda city’s thus allowing honda’s chassis engineers greater flexibility in controlling unwanted movements.  perodua aruz as a locally-assembled model, the honda br-v’s dampers have also been adapted to suit the needs of our local driving conditions.


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1.5L | Naturally-aspirated

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