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B-Segment SUV | 1.5T

Short answer, yes. In the city, the 1.5-litre turbo offers ample low-end torque without feeling overly eager. Unlike some cars with an overly sensitive throttle response – which can be uncomfortable in traffic jams – the Binyue’s throttle response is well calibrated for linear power delivery.

Despite the smaller measurement, the Raize/Rocky does not look small at all in person. It carries the SUV look confidently thanks to the 17-inch alloys and rugged body cladding.

In most aspects, the Binyue has a more sophisticated and complete ADAS with automatic parking assistant, speed limit recognition and lane keep assist to name a few.

With that said, we understand that the Binyue's suspension is tuned to meet the demands of Chinese buyers, as firmer suspension is a hallmark of sporty cars.

however, it remains to be seen whether perodua will launch their first turbocharged engine in their forthcoming suv or revert to their tried and tested 3sz-ve 1.5-litre four-cylinder na and 4-speed automatic as seen on the x50 price thanks to its connections with volvo, the binyue uses a more sophisticated and highly potent powertrain.

Earlier, Geely Automobile Holdings (parent company for Geely) announced that the company has allowed Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which owns 49 percent of Proton, to sub-license three Geely models to Proton until 2020. The first model is the X70.

We had first-hand experience in the Raize/Rocky and found the rear legroom to be really spacious. Although we would need to experience both cars back to back to draw a more definitive conclusion.

In China, the Binyue is offered with a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol but that’s mated exclusively to a 6-speed manual transmission which most Malaysians won’t have.

factoring the similar quantum in price gap between the binyue and boyue in china, buyers in malaysia can expect the upcoming x50 to carry an estimated price very close to the x50 price , which is priced from rm 72,000. assuming the same price gap applies here, we can expect the x50 to be within the circa rm 75,000 to rm 85,000 price range. the bigger proton x70 is priced between rm 99,800 and rm 123,800.

we would also love to see the integration of x50 price on the upcoming x50, as these feature like appeal to newer generation of car owners.

this here is the geely binyue, the basis for proton’s upcoming b-segment suv, most likely will be called the x50 price but before we get started, it is worth mentioning that the china market geely binyue is not an accurate representaiton of the upcoming x50 price 2019 2019, as proton will have its own input on the suv when it arrives in malaysia. proton x50 the geely binyue made its debut back in august 2018, positioned below the boyue (proton x50 ) in geely’s line-up of suvs.

when it goes on sale in malaysia, the new x50 price 2019 2019 2019 2020 will be competing against the proton x50 . apart from the usual suspects, the proton x50 is also expected to challenge proton x50 b-segment suv, possibly based on the new proton x50 /toyota raize.

malaysians are eagerly waiting for proton’s next compact suv which is expected to arrive after the x50 price which is speculated to be called the x50 price.

on paper, the binyue's dimensions are actually quite close to some of its rivals, such as the honda hr-v, but when viewed in person, the binyue actually looks smaller than the numbers suggest.  x50 price compared to the proton x70, the binyue’s cabin feels more upmarket, thanks to a good mix of proton x50 2019 key touch points feature soft touch materials and high quality metals, which not many segment rivals can boast of. hard plastics are only evident on lower portions of the cabin, which isn't too big of a deal.

Crawling in traffic is also not the smoothest with a mild but discernible delay from the clutch lock-up. It is not jerky per se not but trying to set off smoothly will require a little bit of a learning curve.

We all know that the new compact crossover SUV will be based on the Geely Binyue and the Malaysian market will most certainly feature the 1.5-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

it is no surprise that proton is working hard on the upcoming x50 price 2019 have been circulating on social media since early this year and the proton x50 another missing piece to the puzzle is when proton will launch its new b-segment suv.

Power delivery is strong throughout the rev range even though on paper, max torque tapers off at 4,000 rpm (engine red lines at 6,000 rpm). The way the engine delivers torque is also very linear which befits its SUV nature.

following the success of the proton x50 2020 , the company is expected to continue its momentum with the introduction of a smaller suv based on the geely binyue.

will very likely be the national carmaker’s next model launch but don’t expect it to appear in showrooms anytime soon.

we’ve driven the upcoming x50 price. well, sort of.

the x50 price (based on the geely binyue) will sit below the x50 price 2019 and competes against the likes of the proton x50 . the pricing strategy will reflect this model hierarchy, giving customers a more affordable but no less high-tech suv from proton.

unlike modern-day dcts, the one in the binyue doesn't creep forward when you leave it in drive. as such, hill starts can be tricky. there's a hill start assist function but you need to remember to activate it manually each time you start off on a slope.  x50 price 2019 traditionally, 3-cylinder engines aren't the most refined out there - often times sounding rougher than 4-cylinder engines. we wished to say that the geely's three cylinder is as smooth as bmw's, but it isn't.  x50 price there's a lot of noisy clatter but at least you can't hear much of it once you shut the doors and sit inside the car. proton x50 with that said, the engine is far from being the smoothest when driven hard, but you do get a lot of firepower under the hood.

But if you prefer something more familiar with tried and tested reliability, the Perodua SUV (Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize) would suit your profile better.

the firm suspension, however, does aid the binyue in terms of body control, but there are many cars that can do the same while maintaining a far more comfortable ride. we are quite certain that proton can do a better job at chassis tuning.  proton x50 2020 2020 when it arrives in malaysia, the upcoming proton x50 is expected to be priced around the rm 90,000 mark, factoring in the same quantum in price gap between the binyue and boyue in china.

if so, the proton x50 2019 2020 2019 1.5 turbo will be the most powerful car in its segment packing proton x50 of torque. that's more power than a proton x50 which uses the same engine configuration.

what’s more interesting is that the toyota/daihatsu suv has a marginally larger boot space than the geely at x50 price . this is thanks to clever packaging from the japanese which uses a false boot floor to increase the boot depth.

the toyota/daihatsu uses a 1.0-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine with x50 price of torque paired to a cvt automatic. in japan, the suv is available as a front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

With the help from Geely, Proton also plans to introduce, on average, one new model every year.

despite its 1,800 mm width, sitting inside the binyue actually feels tighter than the honda hr-v (1,772 mm width), a testament of honda's amazing space-efficient engineering.  x50 price that said, sitting inside the binyue isn't as claustrophobic as the proton x50 2020 , thanks to the bigger windows at the rear.

Engine vibration is obvious during cold start and rattling noise is obvious at idle from the outside. Thankfully the cabin is well insulated, so the rattling is not heard nor felt from the driver’s seat.

the philippines market recently received their version of the binyue, called the proton x50 2020 . along with the pricing and specifications for the local market, they’ve also revealed the official fuel consumption figures of the binyue.

, not to lay a death sentence on the proton x50 2020, but to get a first taste of what prospective buyers can expect in the future when the car dons the proton emblem.

however, cabin space feels tighter than the proton x50 2019 , and interior practicality doesn’t quite come close to the honda.

In China, the Binyue is priced between 79k to 129k Yuan (RM 46k to RM 76k) which is roughly 15% cheaper than the Geely Boyue (Proton X70).

based on our real-world testing, the binyue 1.5 turbo manages the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in proton x50 2020 2020 – a full second off the official claimed figures. this is attributed to the proton x50 equipped on the test vehicle which did not offer optimal levels of grip during aggressive acceleration.

the next perodua suv is very likely to be based on the recently unveiled x50 price 2020 , the latter we’ve proton x50 2019 a question on most malaysians minds is which should they save up their money for, the perodua suv or the proton x50? let us break it down for you.

Overseas media have expressed that the rear legroom of the Binyue to be sufficient for average-sized adults but it’s nothing to shout about.

Prod your right foot gently, wait for the boost to build up (there’s a very mild but noticeable delay) and away it goes. All in all, the Binyue 1.5 turbo feels much more in its element between 80 to 140 km/h.

having sampled the x50’s donor car, x50 price , we can conclude that the 1.5-litre turbo on the x50 is something to look forward to.

Then there’s the Binyue’s dual-clutch transmission.

both the perodua suv and x50 price have some time to go before they show up in showrooms as the two cars have only just been sighted on malaysian roads undergoing testing and development recently. but rest assured that they will be well worth the wait.

although proton has never confirmed (nor deny) whether their next suv will be called the x50 price, we know that it will be based on the geely binyue – courtesy of proton’s foreign strategic partner.

The upcoming model will be positioned below the X70, and it logically, could adopt the X50 name. Proton has also registered the X50 name with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, further cementing the possibility of the name being used on the new model.

The cabin of the Binyue, on the other hand, is like Versace. It serves the same purpose but does it in an over the top manner.

The Binyue, on the other hand, is aimed at buyers looking for an upmarket SUV with highly advanced features. Make no mistake, Geely vehicles with its intelligent technologies are high-value cars, only they are not priced as such.

however, where the acc of the binyue works up to 150 k/h, the raize/rocky’s system operates up to its proton x50 2020 2019 lastly, price. the raize/rocky depending on which badge you want to have on the car is priced between 1.68 to 2.42 million yen (rm 63k to rm92k). using the proton x50 as a benchmark, the raize/rocky is priced around 20% lower than the honda in japan.

in our timed runs, the binyue completed the x50 price 2019  braking distance took x50 price far better than any of its peers, which typically takes about 10 to 11 seconds to do the same century sprint. proton x50 although the binyue is quite a powerful machine, its steering disappoints. the steering feel is vague and light. feedback was also lacking, further emphasizing that the binyue isn’t as sporty as it looks, nor does it drive as well as the power figures suggests.

on tap, the geely binyue is the proton x50 2019  in its segment.

the up-close shots give us a clearer look at the upcoming b-segment suv, now with the steering placed on the correct right side of the car. furthermore, the front wipers have also been redesigned for right-hand drive conditions. the upcoming x50 price is also expected to don proton x50 2019 power comes from a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that does 177 hp and 255 nm, sent to the front wheel via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. with this powertrain, the binyue is able to complete the century sprint in just 7.9 seconds.

to recap, the upcoming proton x50 2020 2020 is based on the geely binyue, a b-segment suv that will challenge the popular proton x50 depending on variant, engine choices include a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that was co-developed with volvo.

Furthermore, tactile feedback is pretty good, though it feels more Korean than European, as it lacks the satisfying damped button depress feeling that is famous of European cars.

If there’s one aspect where Proton’s input would be greatly appreciated, it would be in the ride and handling department of the Binyue.

both suvs can be equipped with proton x50 2020 including adaptive cruise control (acc) and autonomous emergency braking.

BMA Platform was designed to exceed Euro NCAP 5-Star safety standard and ready for Level 3 autonomous driving.

Thanks to a team of young designers, the Binyue’s exterior struck a chord, becoming one of Geely’s best-selling models since its introduction.

the x50 price’s 1.5-litre powertrain will definitely be able to keep up with most cars on malaysian highways without breaking a sweat. except for proton x50 2020 , you’d probably need a porsche for that.

the raize/rocky is clearly built with a more budget proposition in mind as told by the hardy plastics found throughout the cabin. a little bit like the proton x50 2019 2020 however, that’s not to downplay the build quality and aesthetics of the cabin. it’s well built and looks very pleasing to the eyes even if the instrument panels are not lit, especially the 9.0-inch floating touchscreen display unit with proton x50 (no android auto).

the sides receive a set of proton x50 2020 and geely’s signature kink along the belt line, much like the proton x70.

malaysians are eagerly waiting for proton’s next suv, more affectionally known as the proton x50 2019 – although the national carmaker has neither confirm nor deny this information.

Furthermore, considering that Proton has invested RM 1.2 billion to upgrade its Tanjung Malim production facility to assemble the X70 CKD, it is safe to assume that the X50 will be introduced as a locally-assembled model – unlike the X70, which was introduced first as a fully imported model.

when the x50 price is introduced here, we can expect it to feature the 1.5-litre turbocharged model, factoring in that proton’s head of engineering, yang jun, has confirmed that proton will be getting geely’s new 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine. though he did not specifically mention the x50, the speculcation is not too far-fetched.

the toyota/daihatsu rides on the daihatsu new global architecture (dnga) platform which is a x50 price . dnga is used in a series of daihatsu-made proton x50 2019 and subcompact cars.

On the highway, the 3-cylinder engine is able to give you that confidence of overtaking other cars as and when you demand it to. In gear acceleration is solid and doesn’t struggle even when accelerating from 110 km/h.

As for the rear end, the Geely Binyue gets a pair of LED tail lights, connected by a large chrome strip with Geely’s name emblazoned across.

Yes, the engine is powerful, but it's difficult to exploit it.

the x50 price 2019 2020 will be based off a geely product, the geely binyue. it’s a 5-seater compact crossover that’s positioned against the x50 price 2019 in china, the binyue is available with two petrol engine options, a proton x50 2020 paired strictly to a 6-speed manual and a proton x50 paired to a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. the latter is co-developed with volvo and is used in the proton x50 as the 1.0-litre mill (proton x50 ) only comes with a manual option, we have strong reason to believe that the x50 will be equipped with the 1.5-litre turbo when it arrives in malaysia.

However, over at arch-rival Perodua’s base, they too are gearing up for their next SUV known internally as the D55L.

of torque; all being sent to the front wheels only. if this engine option is offered to our malaysian spec car, the x50 price would be the x50 price although the geely binyue never stops to impress throughout our time with the car, there are some improvements we hope proton are able to put into their car especially in the areas of ride and handling. x50 price for the infotainment system would be a welcome addition too.

The Binyue uses the B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA) platform which is a derivative of the C-segment Modular Architecture (CMA) platform used in the Volvo XC40.

Unlike most other DCTs we are more familiar with (Volkswagen, Audi and Honda), the Binyue's transmission does not have the function to creep forward when releasing the brake pedal - even with auto hold disengaged. It will always require throttle inputs to move forward. This would be inconvenient and tiring to drive during rush hour traffic.

if you’re a fan of the latest technologies and the phrase ‘co-developed with volvo’ appeals to you, the proton x50 2020 (geely binyue) would be worth waiting out for.

it has all the right ingredients for a perfect formula – great looks, excellent build quality, strong performance, and an attractive price tag.  x50 price 2019 further cementing its popularity is the fact that geely has managed to sell more than x50 price 2020 of the binyue in china within theproton x50 of its introductionproton x50 granted, a lot of work is needed before the binyue is ready for its malaysia debut. proton needs to work their magic on the suspension tuning of the x50/binyue, especially once this car dons the proton emblem.

although taking it past 4,000 rpm and the stellar cabin insulation can no longer mask the roughness of the puny 3-cylinder. which brings us to the flaws of the engine… proton x50 2019 drawing high outputs from a 1.5-litre engine means there will have to be some compromises made. for starters, the 3-cylinder is nowhere near as refined (nor sound as good) as a bmw 3-cylinder.

As a result, ride comfort in the Binyue is far from pleasant, and long-distance trips in the Binyue can get uncomfortable on anything other than glass smooth roads.

unlike the larger proton x70, the newer geely binyue/ x50 price is built on geely’s bma platform, a less sophisticated version of the cma platform that geely co-developed with volvo, which currently underpins the proton x50 2019 the geely binyue is priced from cny 78,800 for the base 1.0-litre turbocharged model that does 134 hp and 205 nm. then there’s the more powerful 1.5-litre turbocharged model that does 174 hp and 255 nm, hooked up to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. the 1.5-litre model is priced from cny 88,800.

The unit as tested is not the range-topping Geely Binyue Sport variant, instead, we got our hands on the mid-grade 1.5L turbo variant. Although doesn’t look as fast as the Sport variant, this 1.5L turbo is still furnished with most of the important bells and whistles like panoramic sunroof, intelligent voice command touchscreen infotainment system and electric parking brake.

the binyue also gets a x50 price and prominent proton x50 2020 that further accentuates its sporty appeal.

according to sources familiar with the matter, we can expect the x50 price 2019 to be introduced as soon as late-2020. however delays in the introduction of the proton x50 could push the x50’s launch well into 2021.

proton will be launching their next suv that is rumoured to be called the proton x50 2019 . whether it will be called as such is another story altogether.


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Malaysians are eagerly waiting for Proton’s next SUV, more affectionally known as the Proton X50 – although the national carmaker has neither confirm nor deny this information. Both the Perodua SUV and Proton X50 have some time to go before they show up in showrooms as the two cars have only just been sighted on Malaysian roads undergoing testing and development recently. But rest assured that they will be well worth the wait.
It is no surprise that Proton is working hard on the upcoming X50 – spyshots of the said SUV have been circulating on social media since early this year and the X50 name has been trademarked. According to sources familiar with the matter, we can expect the Proton X50 to be introduced as soon as late-2020. However delays in the introduction of the locally-assembled X70 could push the X50’s launch well into 2021.
Following the success of the Proton X70, the company is expected to continue its momentum with the introduction of a smaller SUV based on the Geely Binyue. The upcoming model will be positioned below the X70, and it logically, could adopt the X50 name. Proton has also registered the X50 name with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, further cementing the possibility of the name being used on the new model.
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