Mazda CX-30

RM 143,119 - 173,027
B-Segment SUV | 1.8T / 2.0L

malaysian consumers can expect the arrival of the cx-30 2019 sometime next year (2020) with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder skyactiv-g petrol engine.

However, there are still plenty of old school Toyota to be found like the analogue instrument cluster, buttons and the illumination on the climate control. Maybe not to the taste of millennials, but some buyers would appreciate the simplicity of the C-HR compared to the CX-30.

bermaz auto has confirmed that the highly anticipated 2020 cx-30 price will be launching in malaysia soon. bookings are now open, with prices starting from rm 143,119.

however, it doesn’t make the cars any less fun. the engine options are more than enough to give you a great time behind the wheel and the reasonable output makes it easier to manage for the regular folks. if anything, the cx-30 price engines bring out the best of the chassis dynamics.

At the moment, Japan remains the only source for the CX-30 but sources indicate that the company plans to produce the model in Mexico as well as Thailand.

The 2.0-litre Skyactiv-G petrol engine also features cylinder deactivation system that shuts down cylinders 1 and 4 in light-load situations to reduce fuel consumption.

volvo’s driving assistance features take evasive steering actions in scenarios that many other equivalent vehicles are not able to cope, to avoid a collision with a vehicle from the opposite direction for example. cx-30 price volvo’s radars scans wider and further than many other makes, detecting pedestrians even when turning into a junction, or other vehicles when crossing a junction.

where both mazdas pulled a gap over the volvo is in pedestrian protection, with the cx-30 price and mazda 3 scoring 80 percent and 81 percent respectively, versus the volvo xc40 and volvo s60’s 71 percent and 74 percent respectively.

The C-HR’s cabin is best described as ‘safe’ and doesn’t leave a strong impression like the Mazda. It tries to be the ‘hip’ sibling in the Toyota family with unique diamond pattered door trims and driver-focused dashboard design.

Enthusiast who can’t ditch their habit of carving corners would be more inclined towards the CX-30. But for the everyday drivers, the C-HR’s all-rounded character is easier to manage around the corners.

the five-star rated cx-30 2019 scored equally well in other areas – 86 percent in child occupant protection (versus the volvo xc40’s 87 percent), 80 percent for pedestrian protection (71 percent for the volvo xc40), and 77 percent for advanced driving aids (76 percent for the volvo xc40).

Unfortunately, Malaysian buyers do not have the privilege of buying the C-HR with a hybrid option. Instead, we get a sole 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine and CVT automatic combo with outputs of 140 PS and 171 Nm. The same engine found in the Corolla Altis.

on display at the mazda booth at the 2019 tokyo motor show (tms) is the all-new 2020  cx-30 price, the brand’s new compact suv that slots between the cx-30 price the stylish cx-3, while marketed as a crossover/suv, is actually not as practical as one would expect from cars of this segment. essentially a jacked-up cx-30 2019 that doesn’t fare well in family duties.

 made an appearance this year at the Geneva Motor Show and last week, Adrian had a walkaround with it at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

volvo credentials in safety need no further introduction. the swedish marque was the first to invent three-point seat belts but being swedes, they care more about the wellbeing of the world around them than money – so they gave away the patent for free, thus waving away their rights to potentially tens of millions of dollars in royalty payments. cx-30 2019 over the next few decades, cx-30 2019 continued to set new standards in both active and passive safety. today, volvo’s advanced driving aids are one of the best in the world, detecting not just other vehicles, but also large animals, as well as children.

Pricing was not in the CX-30’s favour it will be fully imported rather than assembled locally at Mazda Malaysia’s plant. This positioning places it in the league of the Toyota C-HR and not the Honda HR-V.

the cx-30 will be part of bermaz auto’s 3-model suv introduction blitz that will kick off later this month with the cx-30 price variant, followed by the seven-seater cx-8, and finally the cx-30.

Naturally so, as the CX-30 is a direct competitor to the C-HR and not the HR-V. Mazda has the CX-3 for that.

the cx-30 slots in the gap between the  cx-30 2019 (cx-4 already taken) and is based on the new cx-30 2019 , which explains the pretty much identical interior.

like the mazda 3, the 2020 cx-30 2019 will be imported from japan. clearly the much anticipated local assembly project didn’t materialize, at least not so soon. cx-30 price as such, the cx-30 price’s mirrors the mazda 3’s similarly high pricing, no thanks to the added taxes. cx-30 price there will be three variants, two engine options, all only in front-wheel drive: cx-30 2019 the 2.0-litre petrol is the same skyactiv-g engine used by the mazda 3, which is an improved version of the previous mazda 3’s unit. the mild hybrid skyactiv-x will not be offered.

The Mazda 3 currently sells for between RM 139k to RM 160k, the high price is mostly due to additional taxes as it is imported from Japan.

platform, the cx-30 is closer of a rival to the cx-30 2019 instead of the cx-30 2019 cabin space in the cx-30 is similar to what you get from the mazda 3, albeit less claustrophobic as the suv has larger rear windows. boot space is rated at 430 litres which betters the c-hr (388 litres).

in child occupant protection, the cx-30 2019 scored 86 percent while the mazda 3 scored 87 percent, equaling the volvo xc40 but better than the cx-30 2019 ’s 84 percent.

Features available on the CX-30 include LED headlamps and taillamps, 18-inch alloys, 8.8-inch infotainment display (non-touchscreen) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, LCD instrument cluster display, colour heads up display, powered tailgate and Bose sound system.

For year 2018/2019, Euro NCAP is using a different, more stringent test methodology. Thus, all test results done in 2017 or earlier cannot be compared with 2018 and 2019 results.

Globally, there are three engine options available for the CX-30 – 2.0-litre Skyactiv-G petrol (122 PS/213 Nm) and 1.8-litre Skyactiv-D turbodiesel (116 PS/270 Nm), both are equipped with Mazda’s mild-hybrid system as well as the Skyactiv-X petrol (180 PS/224 Nm).

The four-cylinder engine makes 163 hp at 6,000 rpm and 213 Nm at 4,000 rpm, paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

the cx-30 2019’s advanced driving aids were also found to be slightly more effective than the volvo xc40’s, scoring 77 percent over the volvo xc40’s 76 percent. the mazda 3 scored 73 percent, versus the volvo s60’s 76 percent.

Based on the initial specification released by Bermaz Motor (final specification may change), the CX-30 is armed to the teeth. But that is only if you go for the High variants which will push the car price upwards of RM 163k, that is more than RM 10k more than the C-HR.

All engine options are paired to either a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. Front-wheel drive is the default drivetrain while the i-Activ all-wheel-drive system is available as an option.

michiel van ratingen, secretary general of euro ncap said: “congratulations to mazda for another almost-perfect score in adult occupant safety. there are still several cars to be rated in 2019 but it is unlikely we will see better for this part of the assessment.” cx-30 price , which the cx-30 was based on, also scored a similarly high five-star rating, 98 percent for adult occupant protection, 87 percent for child occupant, 81 percent for pedestrian protection and 73 percent for advanced driving aids.

In Japan, the CX-30 is priced in the same league as the C-HR, from ¥2.3 million. If Bermaz Motor decides to fully import the CX-30, expect it the CX-30 to compete in the RM 150,000 price bracket.

sometime in 2020. Plans for local assembly are under way but nothing has been confirmed yet. If the locally-assembly project materializes, we can expect prices to be cheaper than the Japan-made Mazda 3.

the 2020 cx-30 2019 will be coming to malaysia soon as the official distributor, bermaz motor is now accepting bookings for their latest crossover.

While both the turbocharged CX-5 and seven-seater CX-8 will be locally-assembled to keep prices low, sourcing of the CX-30 remains uncertain, although local assembly at the Mazda Malaysia’s plant in Kulim is possible.

The 1.8-litre turbo diesel SkyActiv-D makes 114 hp at 4,000 rpm and 270 Nm from 1,600 – 2,700 rpm, paired to the same six-speed automatic as the petrol powered variants.

Specifications for the 2.0L Petrol High is identical to the 2.0L Diesel High.

However even if the rumour is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean our CX-30 will come from Thailand. Recall that for Malaysia, the smaller CX-3 is imported from Japan even though the model is also assembled in Thailand. This is because the Thai-assembled CX-3 does not have enough regionally sourced local content to qualify for import duty exemptions under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement.

this also means that the 2020 cx-30 2019 is now the safest car ever tested by euro ncap, eclipsing the cx-30 2019 , which previously held the title with a 97 percent score for adult occupant protection.

however, you do get additional feel good and convenience features in the cx-30 than the c-hr. for starters, the 7.0-inch full-colour digital instrument cluster display, 8.8-inch mzd (non-touchscreen) infotainment system and windscreen projected colour heads-up display creates a distinctively more upmarket cabin ambience over the c-hr. parents would also appreciate the convenience of having a powered tailgate. cx-30 2019 the bulk of the asking price of the cx-30 goes to the advanced driver assistance system (adas). where the c-hr does not even come with autonomous emergency braking, the cx-30 will have the option for adaptive cruise control. cx-30 price both the cx-30 and c-hr shares the same platform as their respective dynamic sedan siblings namely the mazda 3 and toyota corolla altis. as such, the two crossovers are widely praised for their driving dynamics.

To fill in the gap for customers looking for a compact SUV that can accommodate the family comfortably, Mazda has the CX-30.

the cx-30 is based on the cx-30 price , and sits between the japan-made  cx-30 2019  and locally-assembled mazda cx-5. however, as the cx-30 2019 is locally-assembled and thus pays lower excises duties, it's priced lower (starting from rm 137k) than the cx-30.

currently, mazda malaysia’s manufacturing facility in kulim is at maximum capacity producing the cx-5 and cx-30 price which are exported to asean markets.

there’s no denying that mazda has one of the most desirable interiors money offered by a mass-market japanese brand. the cx-30 shares the same cabin as the mazda 3, furnished with tactile buttons, crisp lcd displays and minimalistic design. cx-30 2019 the quality of materials is also very premium in feel. each button has a very satisfying tactile feel to it – no matter which variant you pick. think audi interior and you wouldn’t be too far off.

Having experienced the C-HR first-hand, the handling characteristic is best described as a well-balanced with progressive steering – easy for the average drivers to prod the chassis’ talent. Overseas reviewers have described the CX-30 to be sharp and agile, very much like the Mazda 3.

The C-HR is offered in a sole 1.8L CVT variant priced at RM 150,000 on the dot. Buyers of the CX-30 will have the luxury of choice of 3 variants – 2.0 petrol, 2.0 petrol high and 1.8 diesel high. Estimated pricing for the CX-30 is between RM 143k to RM 173k for the top-spec diesel.

bermaz auto, the distributor of mazda vehicles in malaysia is expected to add the c-segment cx-30 into its model line-up this november. positioned between the cx-30 2019 , the cx-30 is a closer rival to the dominating honda hr-v, which the cx-30 2019 -based cx-3 couldn’t match because it was just a little bit too small.

The CX-30 and C-HR couldn’t be anymore similar, not just in terms of size but also technology and features. If you’re in the market for a sporty and stylish crossover, let us break it down to you how you should choose between the CX-30 and C-HR.

Mazda however, is not seen as a premium brand – something which the newer generation of Mazdas want to change, so it’s not a brand that you will expect to break Volvo’s record.

the cx-30 2019 will be launched soon. mazda dealers in malaysia are cx-30 2019 . prices will range from cx-30 price good progress from mazda, but that doesn’t mean that a volvo is any poorer. remember that lab crash tests like those done by euro ncap only tells half the story. in the real world, cars don't crash into box-shaped barriers on a flat ground, without any other vehicles.

bermaz motor, the official distributor of mazda vehicles in malaysia, has expressed their strong interest in cx-30 2019 . however, pricing is cited to be their biggest challenge.

However, the company is not ruling out local assembly operations for the CX-30 just yet as this model competes in a segment with higher market share and demand.

the 2020 cx-30 price has just recorded an almost perfect 99 percent score for adult occupant protection in the latest euro ncap crash test, setting a new record.

at the latest test by euro ncap, both the cx-30 2019 and mazda 3 outdid the volvo xc40’s record. cx-30 2019 the two five-star rated mazda models scored 99 percent and 98 percent in adult occupant protection, higher than the volvo xc40’s 97 percent.

euro ncap results for 2019 should only be compared against 2018 results, as tests done in 2017 or earlier were conducted using a slightly different methodology. in other words, results for the models like the mazda cx-5, mazda cx-3 or volvo xc60 – all of which are done earlier, should not be compared with cars tested in 2018 or 2019.   cx-30 2019 both the cx-30 price and mazda 3 share the same platform and mechanicals underneath, with the cx-30 being a taller riding, crossover variation of the mazda 3. both models also share similarly plush interior.

was an underdog that many didn’t saw coming. Normally, technologically sophisticated premium cars score better than mainstream brand models as the former will come equipped with the latest and the best in safety technology.

the mazda, on the other hand, has two engine options – a 2.0-litre n/a petrol (163 ps/213 nm, shared with the new mazda 3) and a 1.8-litre turbodiesel (114 ps & 270 nm). both engine options are paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission. cx-30 2019 none of the engine options screams performance, not even mazda’s turbodiesel. the name of the game here is efficiency and refinement – of which toyota and mazda excel in.

up until 2018, three of the top-5 safest cars rated by euro ncap were made by volvo, with the cx-30 price scoring a near-perfect 97 percent score in adult occupant protection. cx-30 price it’s a record that can only be bettered by a newer, better volvo, except that it didn’t.

as seen in the video, interior space is not vast, a common mazda trait but adequate for most asian-sized adults. materials and build quality is top notch.  cx-30 2019 on the outside, the car rides on 18-inch alloys and there are hints of mazda 3 and cx-5 influence on the front, with the grille trim stretching below the headlamps. on the other end, the rear taillamps have a resemblance to the alfa romeo giulietta.  cx-30 2019 powertrain option is likely to be a 2.0-litre engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission though exact specifications for our market are yet to be confirmed.


1.8L | turbocharged
2.0L | Naturally Aspirated

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