Mazda CX-30

RM 143,119 - 173,027 TBC
B-Segment SUV | 1.8T / 2.0L

considering the ever-growing appetite for suvs, we reckon the cx-30 price being a more popular body style would have a bigger possibility to be locally assembled in malaysia as opposed to the mazda cx-30 2020 . but only time will tell how would markets receive the cx-30.

there are 3 variants on sale priced between rm 143k to rm 172k. as a mazda cx-30 2019 2019 2020 , class-rival mazda cx-30 (cbu) is priced at rm 150,000 while the locally assembled mazda cx-30 tops out at rm 130k.

this puts the mazda cx-30 2020 at an unfavourable position even though it’s decked out with all the latest technology from mazda including autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, powered sunroof, memory seats and more.

on the other hand, the cx-30 price 2019 2019 at 4,000 rpm and mazda cx-30 2020 2019 at 2,700 rpm. the diesel engine has a much lower top speed of mazda cx-30 and weights in at mazda cx-30 both engines are mated to a mazda cx-30 similar to the mazda 3 and also driving the front wheels.

bermaz motors is offering the new 2020 cx-30 price with a 5-year / 100,000km warranty with 5 years of free maintenance.

during the press conference at the launch of the cx-30, executive chairman of bermaz auto, dato’ sri ben yeoh said that the company will consider ckd operations for this crossover (which may bring down the price)  cx-30 price 2020 from the market.  mazda cx-30 2019 2019 currently, mazda malaysia’s kulim manufacturing plant produces the mazda cx-30 – both cars are not only for the local market but also mazda cx-30 if bermaz ever decides to begin ckd operations for the cx-30, they would not only require strong numbers from the malaysian market but also in potential export markets (thailand, indonesia, philippines) to make a viable business case.

in terms of infotainment, all 3 variants come installed with an mazda cx-30 2020 . this screen is not touchscreen but is adjusted via voice command or the multi-function commander control.

bermaz motor, the official distributor of mazda vehicles in malaysia has just mazda cx-30 2019 to the local market. the new crossover is currently sold as a fully imported (cbu) model from japan.

in terms of safety, the cx-30 comes with cx-30 price 2020 2019 2020 for all variants. did you know that the cx-30's cx-30 price 2020 2020 2019 like all mazdas that come after the mazda cx-30 2019 launched last year, the mazda cx-30 also utilises mazda cx-30 for better handling and better ride comfort. mazda cx-30 the new mazda cx-30 high variants also come with a whole suite of mazda cx-30 that includes mazda cx-30 just to name a few.

On the inside, you get fabric seats for the basic 2.0L while the High variants get black leather upholstery instead. There are also memory settings for the driver seat for both High variants and 10-way power adjustments.

Power tailgate and powered sunroof are available on both High variants only.

following its preview earlier in november, bermaz motors has finally launched the cx-30 price 2020. imported from japan, the mazda 3-based 2.0-litre crossover is priced just slightly above the entry level 1.5-litre variant mazda 3. it's a very good value proposition.  cx-30 price 3 variants are on offer. the prices are several hundred ringgits cx-30 price 2019 announced previously: cx-30 price engine dispenses mazda cx-30 2019 at 6,000 rpm and mazda cx-30 at 4,000 rpm. mazda claims a mazda cx-30 for both petrol variants.

this also means that all 3 variants' mazda connect infotainment are  mazda cx-30 2019 ready. music is transmitted to 8-speakers, also available across the range.

you get led headlights on all 3 variants though led daytime running lights are only limited to the 2.0l petrol high and 1.8l diesel high.  cx-30 price the specifications between the 2.0l petrol high and 1.8l diesel high are identical, all the way to the 18-inch wheels.  cx-30 price because the cx-30 is imported from japan (which explains the hefty price tag), there is a wide range of colour options available. the 8 colour options include the headlining soul red, machine grey, snowflake white pearl, deep crystal blue, sonic silver, polymetal gray, titanium flash, and jet black - all available at no extra cost, unlike the locally-assembed cx-5.


1.8L | turbocharged
2.0L | Naturally Aspirated

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