Perodua Axia

RM 22,990 - 43,190
A-Segment Hatchback | 1.0L

The Axia 2019 Style consumed 19.4 litres of fuel after travelling 290.1 km in mixed conditions and that includes the multiple 0-100-0 km/h testing. Working those numbers out, the Axia 2019 Style averaged 6.7 litres/100 km.

Keep in mind that even the smartest systems can’t overcome human stupidity. Believe it or not, there are people posting videos of their antics in trying out ASA while driving in traffic.

The ability to detect objects varies between manufacturers as some systems use cameras or a millimetre wave radar, or both. ASA is camera based and uses a pair of cameras to judge distance, similar to our human eyes.

But one feature that won’t be distracted or too busy is AEB. It is a system that detects an impending collision ahead and warns the driver. If the driver does not respond, it applies maximum braking to stop or at least, mitigate the crash.

launched in september 2014, the axia is now in its fifth year in malaysia. however, the axia's gestation period started much earlier, back in july 2011 at the indonesian international motor show (iims) in jakarta. axia price it was eight years ago when daihatsu revealed the a-concept. at that time, it wasn’t very clear that the concept-a would eventually become a perodua model to replace the viva, although in retrospect, the ‘a’ designation was a clear indicator that it’s an a-segment car.

Where the Axia 2019 Style trumps are the keyless entry, push start button, and better fuel economy compared to the Saga. There is also the subjective matter of looks and for some, it might one of the deciding factors for putting their money down on the Axia 2019 Style. And it would be perfectly understandable.

thanks to social media sources, we now have a good look of the upcoming axia 2019 style well before it is meant to be shown to the public.

We are not giving enough credit to Perodua for the Axia, often overlooking it as a budget, entry-level car priced between RM 22,900 to RM 40,390. However, the company has equipped the car with its generous features that are equivalent to cars two or three times the price.

performance and handling aren’t synonymous with the axia 2019 as it is propelled by a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine that churns out axia price of torque, making it the least powerful car on sale in malaysia. century sprint is achieved in a leisurely axia price transmission duty is handled by a conventional 4-speed automatic, which is not a bad thing as operation is smooth and it has proven reliability track record.

Plastics all around the cabin are hard, no surprises here considering the price point, but material as well as build quality are commendable with no squeaking or rattling sounds. Boot space is average for a hatchback at 260 litres.

with the introduction of the new axia price , the company has made vehicle stability control (vsc) and traction control (trc) more accessible to the general public, as the variants from the gxtra onwards of the new axia gains this important safety feature.

back to the axia, the upgrades will also mean that the new axia will become  axia price the cheapest new car on sale in malaysia to offer such features.

The area surrounding the engine push start button is also new, as the AV variant of the new Axia 2019 gets Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist 2.0 (ASA 2.0) feature. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is also fitted to the new Axia 2019, available from the GXtra variant onwards.

the crossover inspired  axia 2019 style variant was launched in sri lanka at the seylan colombo motor show, which is happening over the weekend from 8-10 november.

Starting with the front end, the Axia Style gets a more aggressive front end with a larger front grille. The front fog light surrounds are also different in design than regular variants, featuring a more angular design. A scuff plate up front completes the front end of the Axia Style.

The airy cabin also extends to the rear with generous amount of legroom and headroom. But the rear seat bench is rather flat, lacking in sculpture and support.

Prices have also gone up slightly, starting from RM 24,090 for the cheapest E MT (up by RM 1,100).

At speeds of up to 30 km/h, ASA is able to completely avoid a frontal collision (assuming tyres are properly maintained and road conditions are good). Above that and up to 80 km/h, collisions may or may not be avoid, but if a crash is to occur, the severity will be a lot less than a similar scenario without ASA intervention.

The sides of the Axia Style is also different from the regular Axia variants, as it gets black fender extensions and larger 15-inch dual-tone alloy wheels. The Axia Style also receives faux roof rails and side skirts to give it that SUV-look.

This time around, Perodua has significantly upgraded the Axia’s safety features to include the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) feature first seen in the Myvi and Aruz. Other new features include electronic stability and traction control and reverse camera.

in terms of positioning, it sits in the middle of the axia 2019 model range. it does not get axia 2019 , or as perodua calls it - axia price , which is featured in the advanced variant.

For those curious about the audio quality, it is less than satisfactory as it sounds tinny and unrefined, no matter the adjustment on the equalizer.

The Axia Style can be spotted by its silver bumper skid plates, all-round body cladding, roof mouldings, rear spoiler and 15-inch alloys. And to stand out even more, there is the bright Sunrise Orange colour option.

priced from rm 34,990, the axia 2019 axia gxtra is malaysia’s cheapest new car to offer stability and traction control, undercutting the axia 2019 premium at by roughly rm 5,000. axia 2019 if you want even more safety equipment, then the axia av is a better option, as it is equipped with perodua’s advanced safety assist 2.0 (asa 2.0).

it can detect adult pedestrians but not children. it detects large vehicles but not motorcycles or bicycles. it also can’t detect extensions jutting out from a trailer, or objects that are too low on the road.   axia price it also can’t detect dangers that are just around a corner, or over a crest. the last two scenarios apply on all aebs, not just the new axia 2019's asa, as even the most sophisticated systems used by premium cars will still have to rely on a line of sight to operate.

“the new axia price style offers the active and trendy looks of a crossover in a compact, fuel-efficient, dependable and value-for-money package that we believe will strike a chord with sri lankans,” said mr mahesh gunathilake, ceo and executive director of unimo enterprises.

While the engine output and driving dynamics of the Axia is nowhere near inspiring, everyone can relate to and appreciate the low fuel consumption. For budget-conscious consumers, spending less money for more kilometres does sing a nice tune.

being the cheapest car on sale doesn’t mean you’re getting an empty tin on four wheels. the axia 2019 comes decently equipped with halogen projector headlamps, powered folding side mirrors, anti- multi-info display, radio with 4-speakers, central locking, abs with ebd and parking sensors.

When the need for music arises, there are only 2 options in the Axia 2019 Style - FM radio or USB. There is no Bluetooth connectivity sadly. It does get 4 speakers in total over the Standard variant’s measly 2.

sound insulation is below par in today's standards, especially when compared to the axia 2019 . wind noise would creep into the cabin from about 80 km/h onwards and by then tyre noise will begin to compete for attention. at 110 km/h, the decibel meter indicated an average of 72 db.

With a 33-litre fuel tank in the Axia 2019, the average driving range per tank would be over 400 km.

the axia’s boot space of 260 litres is also very respectable for its size, not only is it larger than the kia picanto (255 litres), it is also comparable to cars one segment up like the volkswagen polo (280 litres) and axia 2019 (277 litres).

The Axia 2019 Style gets the most noticeable change among all the variants in the 2019 facelift. It’s not just the crossover bits, there is a hexagonal front grille with carbon fiber-esque texture reminiscent of the previous generation Myvi SE, and triangular inserts on the bumpers around the fog lamps.

And to stand out even more, buyers can opt for the Style-exclusive colour - Sunrise Orange. Combined with the crossover bits, it is indeed eye-catching as complimented by friends and relatives.

in the coming weeks, perodua will be introducing an axia price . the revised axia range will see the highest specifications av variant to come equipped with second generation asa (advanced safety system) driver assistance feature.

However, in the pursuit of efficiency, urgency is quelled as the nature of the transmission is more laid-back by which small inputs of the throttle are ignored, and only a large depression of the pedal will get it to shift down a gear lower.

the 2019 axia 2019 style is the charming little hatchback malaysians know dressed up in crossover outfit. it sits in the middle of the axia 2019 range and gets the necessary stability control, the convenience of keyless entry and the much adored push start button.

however, this makes the axia 2019 (anti-lock braking system) on the entry-level axia 2019 even more glaring. in this day and age, basic active safety features such as abs should not be a luxury. even the axia price now gets abs with ebd (electronic brakeforce distribution) fitted as standard across all variants.

lower range variants misses out on asa but even so, the mid-range but still very affordably priced gxtra variant (rm 34,990) comes equipped with anti-skid axia price , which is not what you would normally expect to see in an entry-level perodua.

It is priced at Rs 3.895 million in the island nation, which converts to around an eye-opening RM 89k. Bet we’re all feeling glad now.

Bearing that in mind, it’s little wonder the Axia 2019 gets jazzed up with crossover elements for the Style variant. Despite its looks, it does not gain any additional off-road capabilities compared to the other Axias in the range. Specs wise, it largely mirrors the G Xtra variant save for the keyless entry and push start button.

Other optimizations include a new front grille, bumper; rear door handle; a new seat fabric design; redesigned projector headlights, and an updated entertainment system with USB connectivity.

if there’s one thing that perodua did right with the new axia 2019, it’s the fact that the new axia 2019 fulfills the needs of malaysians. axia price for majority of the buyers, the new axia 2019 does its job and does it well. the compact dimensions mean that parking the new axia 2019 is a breeze. additionally, the tiny 1.0-litre engine is sufficient for propelling the sub-1-tonne hatchback to legal highway speed, yet consumes miniscule amounts of fuel.

although the concept didn’t show much of the car’s exterior, the dimensions suggests that it’s in the same segment as the aging viva. by now, it had become clear that the viva’s replacement will no longer be based on the mira but indonesia’s ayla, and that perodua’s future product plans will mirror that of indonesia’s. axia 2019 the axia was launched in malaysia on 14-september 2014 at the kuala lumpur convention centre. it was essentially a daihatsu ayla with minor tweaks on the exterior and interior styling. axia price three years later, perodua introduced an updated axia on 20-january 2017. mirroring a similar upgrade for indonesia’s daihatsu ayla, our new axia also featured a new 1kr-ve engine, which now adds vvt-i variable valve timing.

Enthusiast drivers might disagree but accountants and financial planners will concur. Your future bank account balance will thank you for that.

The SUV and crossover trend is undoubtedly on the rise and it’s happening globally. As much as fellow enthusiasts are against this trend, it's easy to see the appeal of an SUV; taller ride height for a better view out, greater sense of security, and go-anywhere ground clearance.

claimed fuel economy is axia price which means you can theoretically axia price from its 33-litre fuel tank. in layman terms, you can drive from axia 2019 left to spare to tour the island. based on today’s fuel price of rm 2.08/litre (ron95), it costs rm 68.64 for a full tank of gas.

Above 80 km/h and up to 100 km/h, ASA is able to buzz a warning to the driver.

perodua recently announced that the public can now place a booking for the axia 2019 with 6 different variants available. prices have gone up slightly across the board to reflect the host of newly added improvements and features in the little hatchback.

Transmission options are the same - either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.

also new to the new axia range is the inclusion of vehicle stability control (vsc), available from the gxtra variant onwards. the av variant further adds axia 2019 to the mix, making the axia av the cheapest new car on sale to offer this feature.

The Axia 2019 Style fares commendably in terms of paint and build quality with only minor discrepancies in panel gaps and paint thickness.

on top of dulling the response, it shifts up as early as possible, sometimes to just above idle rpm. and because of the characteristics of a 3-cylinder, the engine feels like it is being lugged.  axia 2019 once it gets going though, the axia 2019 is able to keep its momentum going and keep up with traffic fairly easily. at the national speed limit (110 km/h), the engine hums away at 3,000 rpm without feeling too out of breath. but if it were to overtake from that speed, let’s just say good planning is required.

Towards the sides, the new Axia 2019 is practically undistinguishable from the model it replaces.

perodua introduces facelifted axia with a 1.0-litre engine and variable valve timing (vvt-i) technology. the engine produces 67 hp and 91 nm. power outputs are up to 1 hp and 1 nm  axia price - solid sunflower yellow and metal lava red.

Also new is a reverse camera, which is neatly integrated just below the Perodua emblem.

The Axia is a small car with big ambitions – making motor vehicles accessible and affordable to all Malaysians. As a developing nation, access to mobility opens up to more doors of opportunities and in turn, we as a society are able to progress a whole.

remember that up until then, perodua’s entry models like the kancil and viva were all based on early generation japanese market daihatsu mira. axia 2019 daihatsu’s operations in indonesia, while large, were contributed mainly by the xenia (avanza) and terios (rush) and few malaysians drew parallels between daihatsu’s operations in indonesia with malaysia. axia price one year after the a-concept’s debut, daihatsu previewed the production version of the ayla at the 2012 iims, alongside sister-company toyota’s agya. axia 2019 the twin models were created primarily for the indonesian market, as the indonesian government was giving out generous incentives for indonesian-made eco-friendly cars, part of its lcgc (low cost green car) initiative. axia price however, the ayla/agya would not go on sale until september 2013. at launch, the ayla/agya twins had a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine (1kr-de) paired to either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed torque converter automatic transmission. axia 2019 if you are wondering why this daihatsu doesn't carry a daihatsu logo, that's because lcgc regulations require indonesia-specific intellectual property, model naming included, before tax exemptions can be granted. hence why the ayla/agya had their own indonesia-specific logos. the daihatsu logo however, is still affixed to the rear.

taking inspiration from models such as the axia price crosspolo, the axia 2019 style gets a rugged makeover with various body cladding plus a front and rear skid plate. the axia style also receives faux roof rails to complete the mini suv looks. the new axia style also receives larger 15-inch dual-tone alloy wheels. axia 2019 safety wise, the advance variant 2019 axia will be fitted with the latest advanced safety assist (asa) 2.0 feature, while variants above the gxtra auto adds stability control and traction control.  axia 2019 as before, a 1.0-litre three-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine will be shared across the axia 2019 line-up. this little engine is capable of outputting 68 ps and 91 nm of torque, and can be mated to a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual.

most of us have been there, maybe something caught our attention away from the road momentarily, or we mispressed the accelerator pedal, or maybe we were too busy on axia 2019 facebook. a split second later and bam!

Fitting five adults will be a squeeze but not impossible. A more realistic (and comfortable) arrangement would be 4 adults which says a lot about the interior space of the little hatchback. The seats, although fairly thin, are wide enough to comfortably accommodate an averaged sized adult which most won’t find fault with it.

To inject a dose of ruggedness into the looks, there are black cladding all around the bottom edge of the car, roof mouldings that are purely for aesthetic purposes, and silver plates on the front and rear bumper that is again, for looks and does not protect the car’s underside from damages.

On the move, the overall ride quality is acceptable though the suspension is firmer than expected. It deals with major bumps and uneven roads well enough and only gets crashy going over sharp edges or potholes.

cars have and always will be, a luxury. unfortunately, for many families, it has turned to a necessity. it is their means of getting to work, sending their children to school or even generating income. axia 2019 which is why the axia 2019, the axia price , matters. it is an economical, no-frills point a to b commuter that doesn’t break the bank for monthly repayments and repair bills.

the axia is adequately equipped but only if you pick the standard g variants and above as the axia price , which is used for driving schools, does not come with abs with ebd which in this day and age, is a variant we would axia price regular consumers to buy.

It is worth noting that the new AV variant we have here is fitted with Perodua’s optional GearUp seat covers. Without these seat covers, the new Axia 2019 gets fabric upholstery as standard.

Moving inside, it remains very much similar to the 2017 facelift with the exception of the new jeans-like seat material, which is pleasant to the touch and gives the impression of robustness. There is also the Perodua-patented anti-snatch hook for ladies with handbags.

perodua just introduced the new axia 2019 2019. it’s just a mid-life update, a ‘facelift’ as some say. mechanically it remains unchanged, although there are some minor nip and tuck throughout to keep the aging new axia price current.

perodua has come a long way. in its early days, perodua’s budget cars were good enough only for driving schools. today, the axia price is no longer just something that you buy because you can’t afford anything better (of course, a part of that is still true), but it is something that even we will recommend simply because it’s the most logical and wisest purchase for anyone looking for a cheap and dependable first car.


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