RM 36,700 - 50,700TBC

Price In Malaysia

Proton Iriz Specs
TransmissionCVT / MT
Capacity1.3 - 1.6L
Horsepower95 - 109PS

Latest Update

With a flurry of spyshots in 2020, Malaysians can expect to see the 2021 Proton Iriz breaking cover soon, alongside the 2021 Proton Persona. However, this is not merely a small nip-and-tuck facelift exercise - there's a lot of new things that are bound to appear this time around. Let's start with what remains: the choice of a 1.3-litre or a 1.6-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine. It's a bit far-off to expect a Geely powerplant in there as the car was not originally designed to fit that engine. What's new however is the unrefined Punch CVT giving way to a conventional four-speed automatic transmission, touted to be adapted from the Proton Saga. Also, since the Persona was spotted with a larger floating headunit, it could even make its way into the Iriz - possibly running an updated version of the Geely Key User Interface (GKUI). More excitingly, we could also see a crossover Iriz, highly anticipated to be called the Iriz Cross. Lending credence to this claim are the many spyshots featuring an Iriz with fancy roof rails, chunky claddings, taller ride height and different wheels. Besides that, there's rumours of sportier variants of the Iriz, carrying the 'Black Edition' and 'R3 Edition' monikers. With current prices ranging from RM 36,700 to RM 50,700, the Iriz competes against the 2020 Perodua Myvi.  

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  • Segment-leading ride and handling
  • Facelift model is much quieter than the earlier models
  • Fancy voice command head unit
  • Decent safety equipment, all variants get VSC


  • 6 airbags reserved for Premium variant
  • CVT still falls behind the competition, noisy and jerky at times
  • Lacks ADAS features, which the Myvi has
  • Poor fuel consumption

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Proton Iriz Reviews

  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Economy
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    First introduced in 2016, the Proton Iriz joined the B-segment hatchback market eager to give the reigning Perodua Myvi a run for its money with all kinds of gadgets and creature comforts that easily trump the competition. Though Perodua responded to the challenge with a new generation of the Myvi 2018, Proton was quick to update their challenger as well. The 2019 Proton Iriz features 5 variants, ESC and traction control on all variants and 6 airbags and the comprehensive GKUI infotainment unit on the Premium variant to sooth a techy's soul. (Perodua Myvi vs Proton Iriz; what are the differences?)

  • Exterior

    2019 Proton Iriz front quarter shot

    2019 Proton Iriz Gallery


    Since the facelift in 2019, the Proton Iriz gained a piano black roof and a new modern grille with a chrome line running across it. Instead of continuing with the pre-facelift's sophisticated looks, the new Iriz looks sportier and more aggressive than before.


    The Iriz measures in at 3,945 x 1,722 x 1,554 x 2,555 mm in length, width, height and wheelbase.

    2019 Proton Iriz Dimensions
    Length 3,945 mm
    Width 1,722 mm
    Height 1,554 mm
    Wheelbase 2,555 mm

    2019 Proton Iriz headlamp


    All variants of the Proton Iriz come installed with halogen headlamps.


    Out of 5 variants on offer, only the Standard variants wears 14-inch wheels while the 1.3L Executive variant onwards gets larger 15-inch rims.

  • Interior

    2019 Proton Iriz interior

    Centre Console

    Unlike most of its fellow Proton siblings, the Iriz prides itself on useful cubby spaces and the facelifted 2019 version continues the baton. There cup holders and cubby spaces aren't just well distributed around the driver and front passengers, they are also deep enough to be put to good use and easily accessed.


    Though the plastic quality used to make the dashboard is a little rough, the Iriz's interior is still stylish and modern overall.

    2019 Proton Iriz boot space


    The Iriz definitely doesn't lose out on space, a person measuring at 175 cm sitting in the rear seat will still be able to fit 3 tennis balls between their knee and driver's seat so everybody gets plenty of space to stretch.


    Comparatively, the Iriz loses out when it comes to boot space. But the rear seats are easily folded away to allow for larger items to be transpored.

  • Features

    2019 Proton Iriz ESC button

    2019 Proton Iriz Specs and Features

    Safety Features

    All variants of the Iriz gets ESC and traction control though only the top-spec Premium variant gets 6 airbags. The rest of the variants makes do with 2 airbags each.

    Comfort Features

    Only the top-spec 1.6L Premium gets semi leather seats while the rest makes do with fabric seats.


    Since its update in 2019, the Iriz 1.3L Executive onwards gets a 7-inch touchscreen monitor with basic functions to play around with. Only the Premium gets the comprehensive GKUI infotainment system that sees the car connectable via 4G+WiFi allowing the use of online navigation and music streaming. The system can also be controlled via Voice Control.

  • Powertrain

    2019 Proton Iriz engine


    Proton offers the Iriz in 2 engines. A 1.3-litre engine that produces 95 ps and 120 Nm and a 1.6-litre engine that produces 109 ps and 150 Nm.

    2019 Proton Iriz Engine
    1.3-litre DOHC VVT 95 ps @ 5,750 rpm 120 Nm @ 4,000 rpm
    1.6-litre DOHC VVT 109 ps @ 5,750 rpm 150 Nm @ 4,000 rpm


    There are 2 gearboxes that Proton has on offer, the 5-speed manual gearbox is only available with the Standard 1.3 while the other variants enjoy a smoother updated CVT.

    2019 Proton Iriz front wheel


    All Iriz variants have an Electric Power Steering with a minimum turn radius of 5-metres.


    The Iriz is front-wheel drive only.

  • Driving Performance

    2019 Proton Iriz driving shot

    View the 2019 Proton Iriz Review


    According to our internal test results, the 1.6-litre Iriz engine makes the 0-100 km/h sprint in 11.6 seconds, while the 0-100-0 km/h journey takes 15.8 seconds.

    Engine Performance

    The 1.6-litre engine in the facelifted Iriz is reportedly much more refined than the pre-facelift. But that doesn't translate to speed. Though it has a bigger capacity than competitors like the Honda Jazz, the Iriz is still slow off the line with mild delays in power delivery.

    2019 Proton Iriz gearshift

    Transmission Performance

    Though a much more smoother unit compared to its Proton cousins' clunky gearbox, the Iriz's CVT is still far from being perfect. The Iriz's gearbox is slow to respond and forces the engine to hover at 3,000 revolutions constantly. It's definitely not the quietest or the smoothest CVT you can get on the market but it is still an improvement compared to the other Proton models.

    Steering and Handling

    Since its years working with Lotus, Proton rather perfected what is now popularly known as "Proton Ride and Handling". The popular handling style was clearly injected into the Iriz's drive. This is where the Iriz stands out from the rest of the B-segment hatchbacks, as the Iriz is quick to respond around the corners and nimble to manoeurve around tight spaces.

  • Ride Comfort

    2019 Proton Iriz front seats

    Sound Proofing

    While the rattling issue in the pre-facelift has been dealt with, the facelifted Iriz still doesn't have a quiet interior with measurements starting at 69 db at 60 km/h, the numbers will only climb higher as you progress through the speeds.

    Passenger Comfort

    The Iriz rides on Macpherson Struts up front and Torsion Beams at the rear. The setup is one adjusted to give the car the title of a "driver's car" but it still offers an incredibly supple ride so passengers are comfortable even after long hours of travelling.

  • Fuel Economy

    2019 Proton Iriz fuel cap

    Fuel Consumption

    Fuel consumption is not great on the Iriz. Our real world tests that saw the car go through stop-go traffic and highway cruising returned 8.36L/ 100 km.

  • Conclusion

    2019 Proton Iriz rear quarter view

    It took many tries for Proton to make a mark in the B-segment hatchback market and they have finally found the recipe with the Iriz. True, the Iriz is still not as popular as the Perodua Myvi, but the Iriz has definitely collected a loyal following as a driver centric car. With the GKUI infotainment, the Iriz is also making its mark as a true techy car that keeps its passengers well connected as well, easily distinguishing itself from its closest competitors including the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris.

Proton Iriz FAQ

  • How much is the Proton Iriz?

    • Tony


      The Proton Iriz's pricelist is as follows:

      1.3 VVT Standard (MT) - RM 36,700
      1.3 VVT Standard (CVT) - RM 39,700
      1.3 VVT Executive (CVT) - RM 44,700
      1.6 VVT Executive (CVT) - RM 46,700
      1.6 VVT Premium (CVT) - RM 50,700  

  • What features are on the Iriz?

    • Luci


      7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 'Hi Proton' voice command, excellent ride and handling.  

  • What is the Iriz competing with?

    • n8902


      In its segment, the Iriz competes with:

      Perodua Myvi - Starting at RM 41,292  


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