Mazda CX-8

RM 179,960 - 217,722
D-Segment SUV | 2.2T / 2.5L

in mazda’s model line up, the cx-8 2019 positioned between the cx-8 2019 . sounds fairly simple but when compared to other cars on the market, you’ll realise that the cx-8 is in a league of its own.

Mazda claims that the third-row seats of the CX-8 have been designed to comfortably accommodate the average-sized Asian adult (~175 cm tall).

This pricing in line with Executive Chairman of Bermaz Motor, Dato' Sri Ben Yeoh’s statement that the CX-8 will be priced 15 to 20% more than a CX-5 (spec-for-spec).

Only the entry-level 2.5L 2WD MID variant is available as a 7-seater (2-3-2 layout) while rest are strictly 6-seaters with a 2-2-2 seating configuration.

at Mazda Malaysia’s manufacturing plant in Kulim, Bermaz Motors have finally released the confirmed pricing of their new locally assembled SUV.

However, there’s one problem, the CX-8 is a much larger car than the Santa Fe, Sorento and 5008.

Only the 2.2D AWD High is available with all-wheel drive while the rest are front-wheel drive only.

There are four variants to choose from and only the entry-level 2.5L 2WD MID variant is available as a 7-seater (2-3-2 layout). The rest are strictly 6-seaters with a 2-2-2 seating configuration.

following the launch of the cx-8 price , bermaz motor has also rolled out the new cx-8 2019 cx-8 at mazda malaysia's plant in kulim.

unlike the my19 cx-5, the cx-8 does not come with the cx-8 2019 . instead, it is available with either a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder skyactiv-g petrol or 2.2-litre skyactiv-d turbodiesel mill.

Being longer in wheelbase, you might expect a capacious cabin in the CX-8. Well, yes and no. You see, Mazda has never been grandmasters at interior packaging, always falling short on making use of space compared to other manufacturers.

let’s break it down for you, the cx-8 rides on the cx-9 platform, sharing the same wheelbase of 2,930 mm. it is also 100 mm short of being 5 meters long. this makes the cx-8 closer in size to the cx-8 price than the supposedly 'rivals'.

positioned between the cx-8 2019 , the cx-8 is essentially a smaller version of the cx-9, developed for the japanese market, where vehicles are taxed based on the body size.

bermaz motor has also confirmed that the upcoming cx-8 price will follow the introduction plan as the cx-5, as there will be no cbu units, and the upcoming cx-8 will be launched here as a ckd model. apart from that, bermaz motor has also stated that the cx-8 will be exported to regional markets.

here’s a quick run through on the updates: cx-8 2019 the off-road traction assist system works with the traction control system to enhance traction on rough roads and smoothly unstuck the car should it get in hairy situations.

while we wait for the official prices of the 2019 cx-8 price  to be announced, cx-8 2019  has already updated it in japan. don’t worry though if you’ve already booked one, the changes are pretty minor.

however, what's even more important is that for three-row suvs at this price point, the cx-8 is the only car that comes equipped with cx-8 2019  like autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and rear cross traffic alert across all variants.  cx-8 price priced between rm 179k to rm 217k, the 2019 cx-8 price being some rm 80k more affordable than the cx-9 yet offers cx-9 levels of road manners, does indeed offer a unique proposition in the malaysian market.

for the malaysian market, we can expect the upcoming cx-8 to feature two powertrains: cx-8 price unfortunately, mazda’s 2.5-litre turbocharged skyactiv-g petrol engine won’t be offered on the cx-8, as this engine is the one of the differentiator between the two models. cx-8 price both engines are paired to mazda’s skyactiv-drive 6-speed automatic transmission. power can either be sent to the front wheels or all four wheels, depending on variant.

unfortunately, the cx-8 does not get the sweet 2.5-litre turbocharged skyactiv-g petrol engine equipped on the cx-8 2019 there are six colours available – deep crystal blue, sonic silver, jet black, snowflake white pearl, soul red crystal, and machine grey. every purchase comes with a cx-8 price buyers of the cx-8 2019 2.5l 2wd mid and mid plus have the option to upgrade the fabric seats to leather material for rm 4,500.

The way I see it, it’s one step above the Koreans and Peugeot but not quite as posh as the CX-9. Occupying the niche gap for those looking for a sophisticated and premium three-row SUV under RM 220k.

to recap, mazda malaysia already exports the cx-8 price to the philippines and thailand. cx-8 price the forthcoming cx-8 is positioned between the cx-5 and the flagship cx-8 2019 . globally, the model can be configured either as a six- or a seven-seater, the former features two individual seats in the middle row. cx-8 2019 from the outside, it’s quite hard to tell the cx-8 apart from a cx-9, because that’s the original intention of the car. the cx-8 was originally meant only for japan, which taxes cars based on body size and the american market-focused cx-9 is deemed to be too big for japanese roads. cx-8 price in japan, the cx-8 serves as the flagship since the cx-9 is not offered there. however, it didn’t take long before several key markets in the australasia region raised their hands wanting to place orders for the car, as there is currently a huge price gap between the cx-5 and the cx-9. cx-8 2019 in malaysia, there is a near-rm 100k gap between the most expensive cx-5 and the lowest specifications cx-9. cx-8 price specifications for malaysia-market cx-8 will only be confirmed in october. the default engine is a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol that pushes out 192 hp and 257 nm, although a 2.2-litre turbo diesel might also be offered. cx-8 2019 compared to the cx-9, the cx-8 is 175 mm shorter, 129 mm narrower and 17 mm lower. however because the cx-8’s roofline doesn’t taper off in the rear as sharply as the cx-9, it is the cx-8 that has better headroom in the third row seats. legroom of course, isn’t as good as the longer cx-9.

apart from the refreshed cx-8 2019 is also expected to introduce the cx-8 some time in october.

Unlike the 5-seater Mazda CX-5, the CX-8 will have the option of 6 or 7 seats. Speaking of seats, the CX-8 could be offered with the choice of fabric or leather seats as well.

then there are the koreans – cx-8 2019 as well as the cx-8 price which are priced closer to the cx-8. like the cx-8, they are easy on the eyes and are furnished like a premium car.

the cx-8 rides on the same platform as the cx-8 2019 with a wheelbase of 2,930 mm. the extended wheelbase over the cx-8 2019 allows for a third-row seating configuration.

To briefly recap, the CX-8 is a three-row SUV priced between RM 176k to RM 211k. There are 2 engine options available - a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol or a 2.2-litre turbodiesel.

if we look at suvs with three-row seating capacities, you have your popular options like the cx-8 price . but those two are priced significantly lower than the cx-8, surely, you can’t put them in the same page.

The CX-8 is offered with 2 engine options – a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder SkyActiv-G petrol and a 2.2-litre SkyActiv-D turbodiesel. Both are paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

There are six colours available – Deep Crystal Blue, Sonic Silver, Jet Black, Snowflake White Pearl, Soul Red Crystal, and Machine Grey. Every purchase comes with a 5-Year/100,000 km Warranty and Free Scheduled Maintenance.

On paper, although the CX-8 slots between the CX-5 and CX-9, it is actually a CX-9 underneath. The CX-8 is not a CX-5 with third-row seats as it shares the same wheelbase as the CX-9.

The CX-8 also does not come with the new instrument cluster with a central 7.0-inch TFT LCD multi-info display like the CX-5. It gets a smaller 4.3-inch item instead.

At the moment, the current Mazda CX-5 tops out at RM173k, while the much bigger CX-9 has a starting price of RM288k. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the upcoming CX-8 will be priced in between both models.

The cabin of the CX-8 is not tight per se, but you’d expect to have more room for movement considering its sheer size. However, after trying out the third-row seats first-hand, we can attest that the CX-8 will comfortably accommodate 6 or 7 (depending on seating configuration) adults.

as announced earlier, the 2019 cx-8 is available in cx-8 2019 – 2.5l 2wd mid, 2.5l 2wd mid plus, 2.5l 2wd high and 2.2d awd high priced from rm 179,960 to rm 217,722.

in terms of dimensions, the cx-8 2019 is 4,900 mm long, 175 mm shorter than the cx-9. it is also 129 mm narrower and 17 mm lower than the cx-9. wheelbase is identical for both models, coming in at 2,930 mm.

bermaz motor is now accepting orders for the new cx-8 2019 however pricing will be announced at a later date. executive chairman of bermaz motor, dato' sri ben yeoh hinted that thanks to local assembly operations, the cx-8 is expected to be priced cx-8 price this means that the cx-8 is expected to be priced around the rm 200k mark – substantial savings over the japan-made cx-9 which retails for rm 280k to rm 297k.

The more expensive platform also plays a big factor in the CX-8’s more sophisticated and plusher ride. Something the competition within the same price point just couldn’t quite match up.

we can now confirm that the kulim-assembled cx-8 is not only be sold domestically, but will also be exported to the philippines, where bermaz auto’s subsidiary bermaz auto philippines is also the authorized distributor. cx-8 price exports to other markets including indonesia and thailand is also possible but yet to be confirmed.

, bermaz auto is expected to launch the seven-seater cx-8 2019 cx-8 sometime next month. the model will be locally-assembled at the mazda malaysia plant in kulim. the plant is 30 percent owned by bermaz auto, with the rest owned by mazda motor corporation.


2.2L | Turbo
2.5L | Naturally Aspirated

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