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Proton Perdana Specs
Capacity2.0 - 2.4L
Horsepower160 - 180PS

Proton Perdana Price List (Variants)



  1. Performance - Whether you opt for the 2.0L or the 2.4L variant, you'll be happy to find that the performance of either engine to be more than enough to propel the 1.5-tonne Proton Perdana effortlessly. Paired with a seamless 5-speed automatic transmission, the driving experience is best described as smooth and refined.
  2. Ride and Handling - With what is essentially an eighth-generation Honda Accord chassis underneath the elegant exterior, the Honda Accord’s excellent ride and handling is directly translated into the Proton Perdana. The ride is comfortable enough for chauffeuring government officials and VIPs alike yet it is also confidence-inspiring when driven spiritedly.
  3. Price - It might be the most expensive model on offer in Proton’s line-up, but it is one of, if not the cheapest D-segment sedan on sale today. With most of the current D-segment sedans approaching the price of RM 200k, the Proton Perdana is a bargain that is hard to refuse.


  1. Features- Being a Proton flagship, the Perdana can certainly do with more features. The fully-analog instrument panel is reminiscent of cars from the Noughties. The lack of safety features like Electronic Stability Control on the 2.0L variant is rather glaring. Kudos to Proton for fitting 2 digital screens in the center console (one for navigation), but the lack of smartphone connectivity like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto leaves much to be desired.
  2. Interior - To say that the interior of the Proton Perdana is outdated is an understatement. Heavily based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord, which as of 2021 is already two generations behind. The flagship is in desperate need of a major update. The interior colour of yellowish beige and the choice of wood trim are also questionable.
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  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
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  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Comusmption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Proton Perdana Overview

    Proton’s flagship model, the Proton Perdana is a 4-door, D-segment mid-size sedan with the latest generation unveiled in 2016. First introduced in 1995 as a rebadged seventh-gen Mitsubishi Eterna, the first-generation Proton Perdana was born as a result of the collaboration between Proton and Mitsubshi. The latest fourth-generation Proton Perdana on the other hand is heavily based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord with added Proton styling unique to the flagship. The overall result is an elegant exterior with robust Japanese foundations, fit for government officials and VIPs alike.

    Unlike the previous Proton Perdana, or more famously known as the ‘Accordana’ which were only made available to government officials in Malaysia, Malaysians could get their hands on their very own Proton flagship with a friendly starting price of RM 113,888. Two variants on offer for the 2018 model are the 2.0L and the 2.4L variants and can be had in 7 different colour options, namely Cotton White, Graphite Grey, Midnight Black, Ruby Red, Sterling Silver, Citrine Gold and Silver Moon Dust.

    Competition for the Proton Perdana include the likes of the Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat and of course the in-house rival, the Honda Accord. The Proton Perdana offers the cheapest entry price into the luxury D-segment sedan market, so cheap in fact, that it competes with some of its rivals' C-segment models in terms of pricing.


  • Exterior

    Proton Perdana Design

    While it is heavily based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord, the latest Proton Perdana is more than just a rebadging exercise. Apart from them sitting on a similar platform, the exterior bears little to no resemblance to the Honda Accord unlike the previous gen that came before this. The front headlamps are unique to the flagship and its contoured shape complements the all-new redesigned façade, accented by chrome embellishments around the grill and bumper.


    Although it is significantly longer than the Honda Accord, the Proton Perdana is beautifully proportioned. The sloping roofline gives it a highly desirable fastback profile, exuding a sporty yet elegant look. The rear design can look a tad cluttered with excessive use of chrome trim on the rear bumper with a pair of tacky fake exhaust outlets.


    Proton Perdana Dimensions

    The Proton Perdana retains the dimensions of the Honda Accord, apart from its length. With the 2.4L variant measuring in at 5020mm, it is the longest amongst its rivals and in fact longer even than most European executive sedans. And with a boot space of 470L, it will definitely fit a golf bag or two with plenty of room to spare.





    2,800 mm

    2,800 mm


    4,999 mm

    5,020 mm


    1,845 mm

    1,845 mm


    1,475 mm

    1,475 mm


    1,500 kg

    1,535 kg


  • Interior

    Proton Perdana Interior

    While the exterior is unique to the Proton Perdana, the same cannot be said about the interior. Apart from the Proton emblem embossed on the steering wheel, the rest of the cabin is essentially a direct copy from the eighth-generation Honda Accord. Apart from it being dated in design, a little Japanese reliability might not necessarily be such a bad thing seeing that interior quality was never Proton’s strongest suit. The bulletproof Honda interior will certainly stand the test of time.


    That said, with competition edging towards technology with greater accessibility and connectivity, the Proton Perdana's lack of a digital instrument display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto makes it less attractive to the modern consumers today. The wood trim and beige colour interior might not be up to everyone’s taste, but it certainly does not disappoint in the passenger space department.


  • Features

    Proton Perdana Features

    The Proton Perdana comes equipped as standard with a 6.2-inch TFT screen with Radio, CD, integrated DSP, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connectivity. GPS navigation system is also integrated on the 2.4L variant. Other features available exclusively on the 2.4L include paddle shifter, 6 speaker audio system with subwoofer and full leather seats.


    In terms of driver’s assistance, the Proton Perdana comes with Auto Cruise, Auto Headlamp, front and rear sensors as well as a reversing camera as standard. Safety features include 4 SRS airbags, ABS with EBD, Seatbelt Pre-Tensioner and Load Limiter System and ISOFIX with top tether mount. One baffling thing is that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is made available only on the 2.4L variant and is absent from the 2.0 L variant.


  • Driving Performance

    Proton Perdana Driving Performance


    The Proton Perdana retains the familiar and capable Honda i-VTEC engine, the 4-cylinder SOHC 2.0L engine pushes out a respectable 156 PS at 6300 RPM and 189 NM at 4300RMP. The 4-cylinder DOHC 2.4 L engine on the other hand produces 180 PS at 6500 RPM and 222 NM of torque at 4300 RPM. The engine is refined and strikes a great balance between performance and efficiency.


    Power is sent to the front wheel via a 5-speed automatic transmission on both variants. Gear shifts are swift and seamless but can also be sporty when paired together with the available paddle shifter for a more spirited driving.


  • Ride Comfort

    Proton Perdana Ride Comfort

    Fitted with independent double wishbone with coil spring and stabilizer at the front and independent multi-link with coil spring and stabilizer at the rear, the suspension system strikes a great balance between comfort and handing performance. The Honda Accord is known to be one of the better handling D-segment sedan amongst its rivals therefore it’s no surprise that the same characteristic is carried over to the Proton Perdana. While it has no problems tackling a few corners, the highway is where it shines. The ride is supple and comfortable enough for chauffeuring VIPs yet can also be confidence inspiring to the driver during a spirited drive.

  • Fuel Comusmption

    Proton Perdana Fuel Consumption

    No official published figure.


  • Conclusion

    Proton Perdana Conclusion

    The D-segment midsize sedan category is a highly competitive market, up until recent times where we see the rise in popularity of the midsize SUVs in Malaysia. The market is shifting towards the high-seating SUVs and ironically Proton’s very own and popular Proton X70 will prove to be the demise of the midsize flagship sedan. While it has its shortcomings, the Proton Perdana has a lot more to offer than its SUV counterparts. With its understated and elegant design, comfortable ride quality, decent level of practicality and respectable driving and handling performance, the Proton flagship ticks most of the boxes and it certainly deserves more attention than it currently receives.



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