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  • Owner Review: New Car, No Trouble, My 2019 Proton Saga Premium 1.3 AT

    Basic information about my car: Proton Saga 2019(Facelift) Premium 1.3 AT Reasons why I bought this car: My old car was dying and I could not fix it anymore. I've even replaced the cylinder head twice and it's driving me crazy! Literally going in and out of the workshop once a month. So I thought to myself it is time to get a better and more reliable car. Cut the story short, this Saga was the car that when I first saw it, I knew I had to look at it closer and get more detail about it. Plus the


    Mar 16, 2023

  • Returning in 2023, Proton Saga teased as the third Proton model to enter South Africa

    After a little over a decade of hiatus, Proton returned to South Africa in 2022 with a pair of Geely-based SUVs, the Proton X50 and X70. Just recently, the Malaysian tiger also uploaded a series of teaser posts of its third model to enter the South African market and it’s a familiar name. The Proton Saga was previously sold in South Africa from 2010 right until the Malaysian carmaker decided to pull out of the market in 2014-15. Back then, the BLM Saga was one of the most affordable sedans sold

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Mar 14, 2023

  • Proton sold 14k cars in Feb 2023; 25k YTD, led by Saga, X50, Persona

    National carmaker Proton continued its strong start to the year by selling 52% more vehicles in February compared to the same month last year. With 14,033 units (domestic and export) sold last month, sales volume was 20.1% higher than January while for the first two months of the year, year-to-date (YTD) volume has swelled by 88% to 25,714 units. The company’s market share for the month is estimated to be 22.7%, placing it second in the rankings, and representing a 7.3% increase over February 20


    Mar 3, 2023

  • Back in black - Proton pulls up DRB-HICOM's FY2022 earnings, RM 409.99 mil profit before tax

    Strong performance in DRB-HICOM’s automotive division has pushed the conglomerate back into black. It ended its financial year ending 31-December 2022 with RM409.99 million profit before tax, reversing the previous financial year’s pre-tax loss of RM291.27 million. However it also registered a pre-tax loss of RM73.13 million for Q4 2022, but the group says this is mainly due to year-end assessment’s impairment loss of assets. The automotive division is the group’s crown jewel, leading revenue gr


    Feb 22, 2023

  • Proton sold 11,681 cars in Jan 2023; Saga, X50 are best sellers, Exora, Iriz left behind

    Twelve months after flood related supply issues suppressed sales at the beginning of 2022, national carmaker Proton enjoyed its best start to a year since 2013. With 11,681 units (domestic and export) sold in January 2023, sales have grown by 162.3% year-on-year, resulting in the company comfortably retaining second place in the sales table. Proton's market share for the month is estimated to be 22.9%, an improvement of more than 12% year-on year and over 3% better than its market share figure o


    Feb 5, 2023

  • New engines coming for Proton Persona, Iriz, Exora, maybe Saga too - between 2023 to 2027

    Proton ageing range of homegrown models, the Proton Saga, Persona, Iriz, and Exora, will be getting some much needed upgrades in their powertrain within the next 5 years, according to Proton’s Deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah. When talking about the new and improved Proton under the stewardship of Geely, the Proton X50 and X70 get the limelight but as good as these two models are, it is important to remember that around 60 percent of Proton’s sales come from the ageing Proton Persona, Iriz, Exora, and


    Feb 1, 2023

  • Proton is now No.6 in ASEAN, reiterates Top-3 marque in region by 2027 goal

    When Geely took over 49.9 percent of Proton, it stated a bold promise of turning around the ailing Malaysian national car maker into the third biggest car brand in Southeast Asia’s ASEAN trade bloc – which comprises of 10 member countries. Five years into the 10-year plan, Proton finished 2022 with 141,432 cars sold, giving it a 19.6 percent market share in Malaysia. That’s still very far off from the 2027 goal, which calls for 400,000 units. In contrast, Perodua finished 2022 with 282,019 units


    Feb 1, 2023

  • Proton Commerce had a record-breaking 2022, aims to be the lead financier for 2023

    While Proton itself had a successful 2022 with a fourth consecutive year of growth pushed that saw total sales of 141,432 units, its financing arm, Proton Commerce, had an equally prosperous year. Proton’s total sales saw retain second place in the local sales table with the most units sold since 2013. A lot of that success was courtesy of Proton Commerce capitalising on the growth in sales that led to a record-breaking number of loan disbursements. Having been incorporated on 27 October 2003, P


    Jan 31, 2023

  • Here's the latest waiting period for 2023 Proton models

    Long waiting period of more than 3 months for popular new car models has become the norm since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. Shortage in labour and supply of semiconductor parts post-pandemic, along with unstable logistics, make it difficult to predict when will this problem go away. We’ve already compiled the waiting period for Perodua models here. Now it’s Proton’s turn. The short answer is between 1 to 5 months, which is a lot shorter than Perodua’s 6.5 to 9.5 months for a Perodua Be


    Jan 26, 2023

  • Long overdue for replacement: These 10 year old cars are still on sale in 2023

    We’re now in the third week of 2023 and while the market is saturated with brand-new cars, there are some of these of the new cars are actually rather old underneath the pretty new body. Here, we will take a look at some 10-year-old new cars you can still buy today. 2023 Proton Saga The current-generation Proton Saga, codenamed P2-13A, has been around since 2016. Proton gave its A-segment sedan its latest update last year, whereby the model gained new features like keyless entry and engine push


    Jan 23, 2023

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