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Proton S50

Proton S50 News in Malaysia

  • What segment is the upcoming 2023 Proton S50? Does it compete against the City or Corolla Altis?

    Following the launch of 3 SUV models, the next model that Proton will be rebadging will be a sedan. Proton has yet to officially name the model, but colloquially called the Proton S50, said model has been spotted doing its rounds around Malaysian streets for good while. One burning question left lingering on the minds of many readers is the segment of the Proton S50. While Proton has yet to reveal the S50’s dimensions, we can refer to the dimensions of the Geely Emgrand – the donor vehicle. Acco


    May 19, 2023

  • Better than Geely Emgrand donor car? Proton S50 caught once more in the wild - ACC confirmed

    After the Proton X90, Proton is due to introduce another model next year, but it will be a sedan. Like all recent Proton models, it will be based on Geely, to be specific - a Geely Emgrand. The Internet has taken the liberty to call it Proton S50, which is the most likely name based on the company’s recent trademark filings. We still don’t know if the new model will take the place of the current Proton Persona or the discontinued Proton Preve. A 1.5-litre 3-cylinder engine is almost certain, bas


    May 18, 2023

  • 181 PS, 290 Nm, price equals to RM 61k: Should this Geely Binrui Cool be the next sedan after the Proton S50?

    With a name like that, you’d imagine the Geely Binrui Cool is a car that packs all the bells and whistles to suit. Thankfully it does, and the end result is an angrier, faster cousin to the soon-in-Malaysia Proton S50. Now, hold on a second, this isn't the base car to the purported S50; that one is the Geely Emgrand. The Binrui is a more expensive product than its Emgrand stablemate, and looking at the Cool variant, we're left thinking if this should be another sedan Proton would do well to adop


    May 1, 2023

  • Spied: Now wearing 'Infinite Weave' grille, 2023 Proton S50 with 1.5T to be launched after X90?

    Bit by bit, more of the 2023 Proton S50 surfaces. This time, we've caught one of the test mules up in Genting Highlands, which now neatly wears the carmaker's 'Infinite Weave' grille on its muzzle. Like the last one that was seen, this is also a right-hand drive (RHD) example. Some details are also made clearer this time - peep the side mirrors that has the same blind-spot indicator like the X50 and X70. A sunroof is also visible. Also read: Spied: Fans rejoice, the Proton S50 has been spotted w


    Apr 12, 2023

  • From Axia to Vios, these 8 cars are coming to Malaysia in 2023 and could cost less than RM 100k!

    In this upwardly mobile society, having a means of transportation is a necessity and in places where public transport is either absent or inefficient, having your own car is a must. While some might see them as a luxury, there are those who needed them to supplement their income or to commute. That said, for many who are budget-conscious, the threshold of owning a brand-new car shouldn’t breach the six-figure mark. While there are plenty of cars likely to be launched here in Malaysia in 2023, we

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Feb 9, 2023

  • RHD 2023 Proton S50 spied, could it be Proton's most powerful sedan with X50's 1.5 turbo?

    We'd like reiterate that there's no official mention of the name 'Proton S50'; it is just one of the names trademarked by the manufacturer along with 'X90'. Leaving the mystery of names aside, its arrival on Malaysian shores inches closer, as exemplified by this right-hand drive (RHD) test unit. Still about as masked as the last time we saw it, this new set of photos by The Ajerul affords us a better look at the cabin. Good news then as this particular car is RHD – just like the X90 from yesterd


    Dec 29, 2022

  • Spied: Fans rejoice, the Proton S50 has been spotted with a sunroof

    Perhaps you like the added perceived class one brings, or maybe you just like the sort-of top down experience once in a while; whatever the case, not many sedans in Malaysia offer a sunroof. But that could change with the upcoming Proton S50. Spotted once again in its testing rounds, this photo of the Geely Emgrand-based sedan by The Ajerul affords us a better look at the sedan's top, which shows the sunroof. It's a new detail, as previously we could only see the rear of the car. Also read: Geel


    Aug 22, 2022

  • Geely Emgrand-based Proton S50 is heavier than City and Vios, Malaysia could debut 1.5 Turbo

    Malaysia-bound Proton S50 could get turbocharged mill 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated mill isn't suitable for Malaysian highways Can this sway you away from the City and Vios? Long live the sedan, as a spyshot of a new Proton sedan has emerged on social media. Widely believed to be called the Proton S50 - sedan version of the X50 -, Proton is eyeing the lucrative B-segment sedan market with this new sedan. The Proton S50, as what some folks are calling it, is said to be based on the all-new, fourt


    Jul 26, 2022

  • Geely-based Proton models most likely to launch in 2021 – Proton S50, V70, X90, or Perdana

    Proton has previously said that it is committed to launching at least one new model every year and based on past history, they are not referring to just minor updates/facelift models, but all-new models. So what’s coming for 2021? The Proton S50, V70, X90 don't exist yet but that hasn't stop netizens from giving these trademarked names a life of its own. Before that let’s do a quick recap. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group formalized its 49.9 percent stake in Proton in June 2017. Less than a year lat


    Feb 6, 2021

  • Rendered: Proton S50, the C-segment saloon Malaysia deserves?

    Although Proton has introduced two SUVs to the market (X50 & X70), interest for a sedan Proton still remains high. Thus, the speculation of an upcoming Proton S50 intrigued many of us. That is quite understandable since Proton has given the people some decent saloons in the past. One that had so much promise was the Proton Preve. The Proton Preve was a C-segment saloon with high ambitions of being a global car. It was good looking, and had styling cues similar to the Honda City and Kia Forte of


    Feb 3, 2021

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