RM 461,271 - 565,626

Ford Mustang 2022 Price In Malaysia

Ford Mustang Specs
SegmentSport Car
Capacity2.3 - 5.0L
Horsepower310 - 460PS
The 2021 - 2022 Ford Mustang is offered in 2 variants - which are priced from RM 461,271 to RM 565,626, the base model of mustang is 2018 Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost which is at a price of RM 461,271 and the top variant of Ford Mustang is 2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 which is offered at a price of RM 565,626.


  • Iconic shape and styling that instantly recognizable
  • Interior is practical with usable space and a better-than-hatchback boot space.
  • Genuinely fast and sporty, even with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The V8 engine meanwhile brings driving at an even more rapid pace with the distinctive rumble of the exhaust.  


  • The 10-speed automatic feels like it has too many gears. It does not seem to be the ideal ratio to match the burst of torque of the engine.
  • Turbocharged Ecoboost isn’t as fuel economical as the name or concept suggests.
  • Rear seat is suitable for children, not so for adults or even teenagers due to the steep angle of the windscreen

  • Overview
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Features
  • Powertrain
  • Driving Performance
  • Ride Comfort
  • Fuel Comusmption
  • Conclusion
  • Overview

    Ford Mustang – Overview

    This sixth-generation Ford Mustang brings the biggest change to the Ford Motor Company. It features independent multi-link suspension, turbocharged four-cylinder engine and availability across the globe.
    Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the authorized dealer of Ford vehicles in Malaysia, introduced the sixth generation in 2016. The facelift model was then previewed in 2018, but prices has not been updated since. To recap, the pre-facelift 2.3L Ecoboost was priced at RM 488,888 and the Ford Mustang GT with the big V8 at RM 598,888 back in 2018.
    In the open global market, where prices of cars are not taxed according to engine size, the Ford Mustang competes with other sportscars like the Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Nissan 370Z, Audi TT and the American Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Camaro models.
    However, with such price positioning due to high import and excise duties in Malaysia, competitors include the Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe, Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 4 Series and even the Porsche Cayman.
    The Ford Mustang is currently only being manufactured in Flat Rock, Michigan, USA.

  • Exterior

    Ford Mustang – Exterior

    The Ford Mustang retains the classic sportscar look. Two doors, a long bonnet, sloping roof, muscular rear fenders and a short tail. The tail lamps in clear white over the gloss black panel is very tastefully done, with the three-bar arrangement again a direct inspiration from the original Mustang.
    The facelift model introduces LED headlamps, foglamps and DRLs. The front bumper is also more aggressive, with a wider lower grille that creates a shaper profile. At the rear, quad exhaust tips mark the model is a facelift, with the V8 Mustang GT having an active exhaust valve system with four selectable modes.


    4,789 mm


    1,916 mm


    1,382 mm


    2,720 mm

    The Ford Mustang uses 19-inches wheels and tyres all around on both variants. The side mirrors also function as welcome lamps, projecting the iconic pony logo.

  • Interior

    Ford Mustang – Interior

    The retro throwback continues inside, with the dashboard featuring the double-brow design which appeared in the first generation back the mid-1960s.
    Soft-touch material is used to line the double-brow, with the door panels also line with soft-touch materials.
    There is plenty of space for the two occupants, as the Mustang is after all designed for the larger American physique. However, the back seats are merely accommodation for emergencies or children, as the steeply sloping windscreen takes up the available headroom.

  • Features

    Ford Mustang – Features

    Both variants share the same interior features. There is a 12-inch digital instrument cluster with abundant driving and vehicle-related information, keyless entry and push start, dual-zone air conditioning and power-adjustable driver and passenger seats.
    The row of toggle switches meanwhile adjust the drive mode, steering effort and traction control. MyMode is available to create a personal preference for these parameters.
    On the steering wheel of the Ford Mustang, there is a little switch with the Pony icon where it opens the menu to configure other enthusiast features such as the instrument display theme, gauges, rev match, and even the launch control engine rpm setting.


    There are eight airbags in the Ford Mustang, including knee airbags for the driver and front passenger. Included is the Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system.
    A rear-view camera is also included.


    Both variants of the Ford Mustang in Malaysia get the Ford Sync 3 connectivity system with AppLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity and enhanced voice control. The touch screen has a size of 8 inches.
    High-quality sound is standard too, as the Ford Mustang comes with a B&O premium audio system with 1,000 watts channelled to 12 speakers.

  • Powertrain

    Ford Mustang – Powertrain


    Two engine choices are offered by SDAC in the Ford Mustang. Characteristics of both engines could not be any more polarizing.
    In the true American tradition, the Ford Mustang GT is fitted with a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine. Power outputs are 460 PS at 7,000 rpm and 556 Nm at 4,600 rpm.
    A more economical turbocharged four-cylinder displacing 2.3 litres is parked under the Ecoboost name. Performance is respectable from the relatively tiny 2.3-litre turbocharged engine. It dishes out 310 PS at 5,400 rpm and a whopping 447 Nm of torque at just 3,000 rpm.
    In the Ford Mustang GT V8, the active exhaust valve allows drivers to select Normal, Quiet, Track or Sport modes.


    Both Ford Mustang GT and Ford Mustang Ecoboost come standard with a 10-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles with the shift lever able to select normal D or S sport mode, where the transmission is in fully manual selection and does not upshift even near the redline.


    Up front, the Ford Mustang uses double-ball-joint Macpherson strut suspension, with the rear features a more sophisticated independent multi-link rear suspension.
    The braking system differs between the variants, where the Mustang GT is fitted with Brembo six-piston calipers clamping on discs measuring 380mm.


    The Ford Mustang is exclusively rear-wheel drive, and both engine variants equipped the rear differential with a Torsen limited-slip unit (LSD).

  • Driving Performance

    Ford Mustang – Driving Performance

    The Ford Mustang GT V8 with 460 PS and 556 Nm complete the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 4.3 seconds, while the Ecoboost with 310 PS in 5.5 seconds.
    With independent rear suspension and fitted with a LSD, the Ford Mustang tackles corners with a lot more finesse and composure than previous generations. Traction of out corners is also respectable but entering one too fast and you are returned with understeer.
    The Ford Mustang in either variant does not handle with as much sophistication as a VW Golf R or Mercedes-AMG A45.
    However, experience in the 2.3L Ecoboost is less flattering. The engine and transmission combination does not seem to match the emotional aspect of a Ford Mustang.

  • Ride Comfort

    Ford Mustang – Ride Comfort

    The ride comfort is about average in the Ford Mustang, soaking up bumps within reasonable comfort and balanced with good body control when driven enthusiastically.  

  • Fuel Comusmption

    Ford Mustang – Fuel Economy

    The fuel consumption of the turbocharged four-cylinder in Ecoboost is rated at 9.6 litres per 100 km (10.4 km/L), while the Mustang GT with the 5.0-litre V8 is rated at 12.7 litres per 100 km (7.8 km/L).

  • Conclusion

    Ford Mustang – Conclusion

    The Ford Mustang has finally reached our shores and backed with a factory warranty by Ford Malaysia. The taxation structure in Malaysia means the fairly affordable sports coupe is priced completely out of its own competitive zone, entering into premium brands.
    The powertrain provides very good straight-line performance, and thanks to the active exhaust flap, the V8 rumble provides quite an occasion each time your drive the Mustang.
    Strengths in the Ford Mustang include passenger space, decent refinement in the cabin, but being priced so high, it mixes with the German giants and are also packed with more tech and prestige.
    The Ford Mustang is however quite popular in the used car market, a favourite among multi-level marketing personnel.

Ford Mustang 2022 has total 10 color options in Malaysia: Race Red, Shadow Black, Carbonized Gray, Oxford White, Grabber Yellow, Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Iconic Silver, Kona Blue, Twister Orange, Velocity Blue.

Race Red

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  • What is the Ford Mustang competing with?

    The Ford Mustang GT 5.0 competes with:

    Porsche 718 Cayman - RM 522,590  

  • What features are in the Ford Mustang?

    WThe Ford Mustang comes equipped with modern safety features like front, side, curtain, and knee airbags as well as ESC, traction control and ABS with EBD

  • How much is the Ford Mustang?

    The Ford Mustang is available in 2 variants

    2.3 EcoBoost - RM 461,271
    GT 5.0 - RM 565,626  

Up to 20% higher than average trade-in price

2018 Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost


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