Toyota GR Supra

RM 568,000 TBC
Sport Car Coupe | 3.0T

Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the GR Supra threw a curveball, asking if Toyota should prioritize a manual version of the Supra, or should they develop a more powerful version.

There's a back story to this. Recall that President Akio Toyoda, despite being the grandson Toyota's founder Kiichiro Toyoda, didn’t had an easy ascension to his current position.

One of the criteria to be a GR Garage dealer is participation in the Toyota Vios Challenge one-make race series.

The short answer is that TRD (Toyota Racing Development) will be phased out and all Toyota motorsports activities are now parked under the Gazoo Racing umbrella.

Putting the Z4 here might be too obvious but BMW does have the M2 Competition and it is similar in many ways to the Supra. Both are rear-wheel drive coupes that use a 3.0-litre straight-six.

As much as we like to be sentimental about the Supra name, pricing is a big factor as to whether people would actually put their money down on one. UMWT has managed to price it at RM 568k, on par with the competition such as the BMW M2 Competition, Porsche 718 Cayman, BMW Z4 and Jaguar F-Type.

to recap, the 718 cayman has a 2.0-litre turbocharged flat-four making supra price 2020 of torque. a 7-speed dual-clutch (pdk) transmission handles the power and sends it to the rear wheels. it reaches the century sprint in supra price and tops out at toyota gr supra sure, the general consensus is that it does not sound as good as the previous generation cayman's (981) flat-six but have a test drive and hear it for yourself. who knows? you might like it.

Unlike their German equivalents, Toyota Gazoo Racing builds racing cars that the factory team races with, as opposed to merely supplying cars to privateer teams.

century sprint is done in 4.3 seconds with launch control activated (which we, unfortunately, did not get to experience) while top speed is capped at toyota gr supra 2020 at the first turn of the wheel through the cones, immediately you can tell how sharp and nimble the car is. power delivery is also healthy throughout the rev range and it is a serious sportscar for the enthusiast.

the toyota motor group is a sprawling professionally run organization and the toyoda family no longer has full control of the company, as all professionally run companies of this size should be. although the toyoda family still commands a lot of respect, akio toyoda is at the end of the day, still an employee that can be dismissed by the board and toyota shareholders.  toyota gr supra 2019 when akio was a young underling, his enthusiasm for cars and motorsports was deemed by the elders in the company's management as frivolous and risky. carrying the toyoda family name didn’t do him much benefit in gathering support for his cause so he had to find other ways to convince his bosses that toyota needs a youthful soul.

the media were treated to a quick test drive session during the launch of the supra price . the test drive was conducted on the grounds of sempang airport with the inclusion of a slalom course and high-speed run.

His driving mentor was the late Hiromu Naruse, the man responsible for every sporty Toyota since the 2000 GT. Naruse was Japan's master driver and was said to be the most experienced Japanese around Germany's punishing Nurburgring track. Together, the duo established Gazoo Racing.

Outside of work the young Toyoda was also participating in races in Japan and Europe but since he was not allowed to participate in his capacity as a member of Toyota’s management, he raced under the pseudonym Morizo.

we are in love with the toyota gr supra 2020 and the only thing getting in between the gr supra and us, is our bank balance.

century sprint takes supra price and top speed is electronically limited to toyota gr supra 2019 . there is also a launch control function which requires the car to be in the sportiest setting (sport mode) and traction control deactivated.

to be specific, when someone refers to the supra price, it should only mean one of the three earlier generation models: the a60, a70, or a80.

Interestingly, Malaysia is the first country outside of Japan to setup GR Garage. For a start there will be five GR Garages in the country – 3 in the Klang Valley, and 1 each in the North and South regions.

introducing the gr parts by supra price , distributed by official trd distributor in the country, wing hin motorsports.

While the Toyota GR Supra shares the same architecture and platform as the G29 BMW Z4, Toyota has input their magic touch to the throttle mapping, steering rack, suspension damping, bushings and exhaust note. Having briefly sampled it at a closed circuit, I can attest that it’s a proper modern Toyota.

umw toyota motor (umwt) has just launched the all-new a90 toyota gr supra 2020 2019 here to the local market. bringing back the legendary supra nameplate to malaysia.

the current a90 generation should only be referred to as the toyota gr supra 2019, with gr being the acronym for gazoo racing.

Unlike earlier Supras, this A90 generation model was developed not by Toyota but by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division, which operates as a separate entity.

at rm 568k per pop, the gr supra is a rare sight and it's bound to turn heads wherever it’s parked. however, for those who want to have their own car stand out at the gr supra owners meeting, toyota gr supra 2020 have the solution for them.

the latest a90 generation supra isn’t called the toyota supra but toyota gr supra 2019 2019 . it seems that every few generations, the supra nameplate will undergo some changes. what started as the toyota celica supra before becoming toyota supra, is now known as the toyota gr supra.

when toyota launched the supra price , it kept the enthusiast scene buzzing – partially because toyota worked with bmw to develop the supra, but also because the gr supra lacks a manual transmission.

In the meantime, a tuner group called European Auto Group recently got their hands on the GR Supra and has started work on swapping out the GR Supra’s automatic transmission for a sweet 6-speed manual.

Akio’s after office hours' activities was an open secret but in this case, his Toyoda family name granted him some leeway, so long as he doesn't embarrass or do anything that harms the company's name.

As Akio Toyoda rose up the ranks and eventually securing the position of President, so too did his pet project Gazoo, which evolved into Toyota Gazoo Racing.

the only right-hand drive muscle car to be officially available here in malaysia. the gt version has a 5.0-litre v8 that makes supra price of torque with a 6-speed automatic transmission sending the power to the rear.  supra price if you’re worried about the rm 12k annual road tax, there is a 2.3-litre ecoboost version which is cheaper at rm 461k but do you really want that? i liken it to a bodybuilder with the voice of a chipmunk. it’s a muscle car, let the v8 roar.

umwt offers only one engine option for the gr supra 2019, the most potent 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six with supra price of torque. the b58 motor is shared with the bmw z4 m40i (malaysia market only gets the toyota gr supra 2019 ) and gets the same zf-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels.

umw toyota motor (umwt) brought in limited units of the toyota gr supra 2020 to the local market and most of them have been snapped up by esteemed buyers and enthusiast.

Another explanation on why the Gazoo name was used was because Toyota's race engineers have this ideal image of car fans having lots of pictures of their dream cars on a wall. Again, 'gazo' means pictures and hence the name Gazoo Racing.

Watch the videos below!

There is no wrong choice here if you ask me. Personally, I would go for the Evora 410 manual for that raw, analogue experience. That is just me craving for a manual transmission though, to each his own.

the evora 410, as its name suggests, gets a 10 horsepower hike from the evora 400 to supra price 2019 with torque maintained at toyota gr supra . it also gets a few aero tweaks, lightweight components, and suspension revision.

If you opt for special colours like Lighting Yellow and Matte Storm Grey Metallic, those will set you back an additional RM5,000 and RM12,000 respectively.

the supra price 2020 2019 is now here, toyota gr supra 2019 . any discussion about the toyota gr supra will inevitably be overshadowed by debates about whether this bmw-toyota jointly developed model can be a true successor to carry the legendary supra nameplate, which is a shame because it takes the attention away from something that’s very important to anyone who cares about the brand that makes the toyota gr supra.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, the GR parts help smoothen the airflow for better aerodynamics. But we reckon most adopters (if any) would be more attracted to the looks of those delicious carbon bits.

if you’re a family person looking for something with a little more spice, this would be very appealing since it is the only sedan here with space to fit your kids and luggage.  supra price power comes from a 3.0-litre twin-turbo v6, which makes supra price 2020 of torque mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission spinning all four wheels. 0-100 km/h is done and dusted in toyota gr supra 2020 with a limited top speed of toyota gr supra if practicality matters more to you than outright agility and nimbleness, this is it. and you get to save over rm 140k for many, many holiday trips with your family.

Specification wise, our local GR Supra 2019 is fully decked out with adaptive LED headlamps, 19-inch alloys, Brembo brakes, 12-speaker JBL surround sound speakers, 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a heads-up display.

now that the founder of gazoo racing is calling the shots, and the gazoo racing name means a lot to him, the trd name had to be sacrificed to make way for a unified in-house motorsports arm.  toyota gr supra 2020 in the interim, the trd name will still be used in parallel with gazoo racing but it will gradually be phased out. the trd logo is still visible on toyota vios challenge cars, but it will always be placed below the gazoo racing logo.

while the supra uses a conventional automatic transmission, the m2 utilizes a 7-speed dual-clutch (m dct) transmission. power is also up in the m2 comp, packing  toyota gr supra 2019 at rm 58k premium over the supra, you get a more powerful engine, a snappy dual-clutch gearbox, and of course, a bmw badge for flexing purposes as opposed to a toyota, should it matter to you.

revealed earlier this year, the supra price has officially made its way to malaysian shores. it is powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six engine producing supra price of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels via an 8-speed zf transmission.  supra price yes, the powertrain is shared with supra price 2020 2020 as part of the collaboration between toyota and bmw, like they did with subaru for the gt86. 0-100 km/h takes toyota gr supra and with the loud pedal pinned down, it will hit an electronically-limited top speed of toyota gr supra now let’s get to the price – rm 568,000. it is no pocket change to us mere mortals and for that money, you have a healthy number of options when it comes to sports cars. let us shortlist a few for you.

There is a choice of a 6-speed automatic or manual gearbox. I’d go with the latter for that extra engagement and interaction with the car. Unfortunately, Lotus is no longer operating in Malaysia so you might be able to get ahold of one brand new.

Think of it as Toyota’s version of BMW M GmbH but unlike BMW M, Toyota Gazoo Racing actively participates in motorsports – Le Mans, World Rally Championship, Dakar Rally, Nascar, Nurburgring 24 Hours, and others.

Until today, the original Gazoo used car platform still exists in Japan but it now carries the brand Gazoo U-Car (‘U’ for used cars).

He was also concerned that Toyota was ill prepared for the coming Internet revolution (this was the mid ‘90s). To prove a point, Akio started an independently funded online used car sales platform called The name is a word play of the Japanese word ‘gazo,’ meaning pictures, referring to the unique selling point of online used car platforms, which offers more pictures than print classifieds.

the gr supra is powered by a b58 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six paired to a zf-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission that sends toyota gr supra 2020 to the rear wheels.

the supra price also comes equipped with the toyota supra safety system, which is essentially bmw’s advanced driver assistance system (adas). you get adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assist.

for a brand that’s often mocked for its boring hybrids and ‘uncle’s cars,’ the irony is that toyota has far more experience in motorsports than any other mainstream brand. from f1 to all levels of gt racing to rally raids, toyota has done it all, even if their results might not always be great.  toyota gr supra 2020 the gr supra is the first of a series of gr-branded global models by toyota but the gr brand encompasses more than just the car. toyota intends to mould the gr brand into a performance lifestyle brand and to support that aspiration, showrooms that are approved to sell the gr supra must also invest in setting up a separate corner for gr-branded products. these outlets will carry the name gr garage.

For the GR Supra, the front splitters, side skirts and side door blades can be replaced with carbon fibre items. Also available are carbon fibre rear ducktail spoiler and extended rear diffuser endplates as well as 19-inch alloys with a multi-spoke design.


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