Toyota GR Supra

RM 568,000 - 568,000
Sport Car Coupe | 3.0T
Any discussion concerning the new Toyota Supra can inevitably be overshadowed by debates concerning whether or not this BMW-Toyota together developed model are often a real successor to hold the legendary above plate. The Toyota GR Supra Malaysia Price starts from RM 568,000 The GR above is high-powered by a B58 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six paired to a ZF-sourced 8-speed transmission system that sends 340 annotation and 500 Nm to the rear wheels. Century sprint takes 4.3 seconds for the GR supra and high speed is electronically restricted to 250 km/h. there's additionally a Launch control operation which needs the automotive to be within the sportiest setting (Sport Mode) and Traction management deactivated. While the GR Supra above shares a similar design and platform because the G29 BMW Z4, Toyota has input their magic bit to the throttle mapping, steering rack, suspension damping, bushings and exhaust note. Having concisely sampled it at a electric circuit, I will attest that it’s a correct trendy Toyota. Specification wise, our native Toyota Supra GR above is totally bedecked with adaptative diode headlamps, 19-inch alloys, Brembo brakes, 12-speaker JBL surround sound speakers, 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a wide-awake show. The GR above additionally comes equipped with the Toyota above Safety system, that is actually BMW’s Advanced Driver help System (ADAS). You get adaptative control, autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assist. The powertrain is shared with BMW’s Z4 as a part of the collaboration between Toyota and BMW, like they did with Subaru for the GT86. 0-100 km/h takes 4.3 seconds and with the treadle stapled down, it'll hit associate degree electronically-limited high speed of 250km/h. Now let’s get to the worth – RM 568,000. it's no pocket amendment to North American country mere mortals and for that money, you have got a healthy range of choices once it involves sports cars. allow us to rank many for you. Launched here some of years past, Porsche 718 from RM 530,000 is one in all the nearest competitors at this value purpose as a result of just like the above, it's engineered to be a sports automotive from the starting time. throughout its launch, fans weren't happy with the switch from a naturally aspirated flat-six to a turbocharged flat-four because it lost the flat-six howl for associate degree engine note reminisces of Subaru’s boxer. To recap, the 718 crocodilian reptile features a 2.0-litre turbocharged flat-four creating 300 PS and 380 Nm of force. A 7-speed dual-clutch (PDK) transmission handles the facility and sends it to the rear wheels. It reaches the century sprint in 4.7 seconds and tiptop out at 275 km/h. Sure, the overall accord is that it doesn't sound nearly as good because the previous generation Cayman's (981) flat-six however have a check drive and listen to it for yourself. World Health Organization knows? you may love it. Putting the Z4 here can be too obvious however BMW will have the M2 Competition and it's similar in many ways to the above. each square measure rear-wheel drive coupes that use a 3.0-litre straight-six. While the above uses a standard transmission system, the M2 utilizes a 7-speed dual-clutch (M DCT) transmission. Power is additionally up within the M2 Comp, packing 410 annotation and 550 Nm of force. At RM 58k premium over the above, you get an additional powerful engine, a quick dual-clutch case. And in fact, a BMW badge for flexing functions as hostile a Toyota, ought to it bear on you. The Lotus Evora has been around for quite whereas currently, over a decade really since its debut in 2008. Lotus gave it a serious refresh in 2015 with the Evora 400, that received an influence bump and a brand new, plusher interior. The Evora 410, as its name suggests, gets a ten power unit hike from the Evora 400 to 410 annotation with force maintained at 410 Nm. It additionally gets many aero tweaks, light-weight elements, and suspension revision. There is a alternative of a 6-speed automatic or manual case. I’d go along with the latter for that further engagement and interaction with the automotive. sadly, Lotus is not any longer in operation in Malaysia therefore you may be ready to get ahold of 1 greenhorn. FThere is no wrong alternative here if you solicit from me. Personally, i'd opt for the Evora 410 manual for that raw, analogue expertise. that's simply Maine looking for a manual transmission tho', to every his own. The latest A90 generation above isn’t referred to as the Toyota above however Toyota GR above. It appears that each few generations, the above plate can endure some changes. What started because the Toyota Celica above before turning into Toyota above, is currently referred to as the Supra GR above. To be specific, once somebody refers to the above, it ought to solely mean one in all the 3 earlier generation models: the A60, A70, or A80. The current A90 generation ought to solely be observed because the GR above, with GR being the word form for Gazoo athletics. Unlike earlier Supras, this A90 generation model was developed not by Toyota however by Toyota’s Gazoo athletics division, that operates as a separate entity. Think of it as Toyota’s version of BMW M GmbH however not like BMW M, Toyota Gazoo athletics actively participates in motorsports – lupus Mans, World Rally Championship, national capital Rally, Nascar, Nurburgring twenty four Hours, and others. The GR above is that the initial of a series of GR-branded international models by Toyota however the GR whole encompasses quite simply the automotive. Toyota intends to mould the GR whole into a performance fashion whole and to support that aspiration, showrooms that square measure approved to sell the GR above should additionally invest in fixing a separate corner for GR-branded merchandise. These shops can carry the name GR Garage. Interestingly, Malaysia is that the initial country outside of Japan to setup GR Garage. For a begin there'll be 5 GR Garages within the country – three within the Klang depression, and one every within the North and South regions. One of the standards to be a GR Garage dealer is participation within the Toyota Vios Challenge one-make race series. After the Toyota Supra GR above, fans will most likely expect to examine a GR Supra Corolla next. There square measure already GRMN or GR Sports variants of the Yaris in Europe and Japan, however this is often not a worldwide model. The Yaris oversubscribed there's completely different from ours however ensuing generation Yaris can use a similar TNGA platform for all markets, currently that is an inexpensive Toyota GR model that we tend to all will forestall to.


3.0L | Turbocharged
2019 Toyota GR Supra
RM 568,000
RM 10,224 /month


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