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  • Hybrid 101: Demystifying MHEV, HEV, PHEV, and understanding whether Toyota, Honda, or Perodua hybrids are best for you

    Hybrid cars are not new to Malaysians, seeing that they have been available in Malaysia for roughly 15 years with the introduction of the FD-generation Honda Civic Hybrid. And today, hybrids are even more popular, as manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan all offer at least one hybrid model in their line-up here in Malaysia. More recently, Perodua has thrown their hat in the ring with the 2022 Perodua Ativa Hybrid. On one of the presentation slides that Perodua showed, the second national


    Sep 30, 2022

  • Around 30k units of all-new 2022 Honda HR-V booked in Malaysia, 70% registered are turbo

    V variant shownThe all-new 2022 Honda HR-V has certainly been the talk of the whole country ever since it was launched in July. It has a waiting list that stretches around a year but as of September, close to 7,000 units have been registered in Malaysia.E variant shownThis was revealed at the local media drive of the all-new HR-V and the most popular variant is the turbocharged 1.5 V which accounts for 52% of the registration. The turbocharged VTEC engine (181 PS/240 Nm) is also offered in the 1

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Sep 27, 2022

  • Replacing the CR-V in Japan, hybrid Honda ZR-V preferred over turbo

    As Japan says sayonara to the poor-selling Honda CR-V, its replacement, the Civic-based Honda ZR-V has been gaining quite a lot of attention among buyers in the land of the rising sun.Pre-orders for the ZR-V began on 8-September 2022 while prices are expected to be announced on 17-November 2022. According to Honda Japan’s website, deliveries for the Civic-based crossover will begin in the second quarter of 2023.Even with the long wait, the ZR-V has been overwhelmingly well-received in Japa

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Sep 23, 2022

  • Owner Review:  The trustworthy SUV, Her retirement car- MY 2020 Honda CR-V 2.0L 2WD

    ** This article is published on WapCar Community, representing the opinion of users. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia was looking for a new family automobile or one that was more suitable for retirement in November of the year 2020 for a member of my family who had previously had a 2013 Honda CR-V 2.0. While she is transitioning out of her role as manager, she intends to purchase a brand-new SUV. She was working with a budget of


    Aug 23, 2022

  • First 2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV delivered to customer, 1,300 standard units already delivered

    The first 2022 Honda HR-V RS e:HEV has been delivered to its new proud owner. Honda Malaysia held a special ceremony to congratulate the owner, Miss Nurul Hafida Binti Mhd Jais.As the first customer to collect her HR-V RS e:HEV, Honda Malaysia also included gifts like Honda Authorised Accessories, Ultra Glass Body Coating, and Honda Official Merchandise valued at RM 5,700 as a token of appreciation.The handover ceremony was held at MJN Motors Sdn Bhd in Cheras. In attendance was Honda Malaysia&r


    Aug 18, 2022

  • Honda HR-V is No.1 in Thailand for July 2022, records highest monthly sales, closes gap with Corolla Cross

    Vying for the top of Thailand’s compact SUV sales in 2022 are the Honda HR-V and the Toyota Corolla Cross. It has been a hotly contested fight between the two SUVs but every month, only one of them will take the crown and in July, it is the HR-V’s turn to take the title.Source: Autolife ThailandAccording to Thailand sales data, 2,410 units of the HR-V were sold in the Kingdom in the seventh month of the year. That’s the HR-V’s highest monthly sales figure in the year so f

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Aug 18, 2022

  • Widest range in the world - Only Malaysia's 2022 Honda HR-V come with 3 engine options, here's why

    Three 1.5-litre engines available – naturally aspirated i-VTEC, VTEC Turbo, e:HEV full hybrid Malaysia is only country in the world (so far) to offer HR-V with 3 engine optionsIf production engineers at car plants have their way, only one model will be produced, with only one variant, all painted in the same colour. This is because variations in product lines slow down an assembly line’s speed, which in turn leads to increase in manufacturing cost.To engineers, variations add unneces


    Aug 17, 2022

  • We pick the best 2022 Honda HR-V - S, E, V, or RS, VTEC Turbo or Hybrid?

    4 variants across 3 powertrain choices All variants get the Sensing ADAS suite Which variant offers the best proposition?The launch of the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V has come full circle with 4 variants offered across 3 powertrain options.Prices are higher than before, starting from RM 114,800 for the HR-V 1.5 E variant, all the way to RM 140,800 for the range-topping 1.5 RS.Also read: 2022 Honda HR-V launched in Malaysia - from RM 115k; up to 181 PS, choice of 1.5L NA, Turbo, or Hybrid; Sensing as


    Aug 3, 2022

  • Honda HR-V e:HEV RS is a better buy? Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid asks buyers to compare warranty coverage

    On first impression, the all-new RV generation 2022 Honda HR-V grabs your attention with its snazzy looks and youthful appeal. The e:HEV RS hybrid variant also boasts of higher performance than archrival Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.The Toyota, being a Toyota, is the anti-thesis of the Honda. Where the Honda appeals to your heart, the Toyota is designed to appeal to the sensible accountant in you.The Toyota is not the fastest nor has the most features, but that’s partly because it is built


    Jul 28, 2022

  • 2022 Honda HR-V 1.5 S: Corolla Cross fighter undercuts it in price, not value

    If youre dead-set on an SUV in Malaysia, the lower-end of the price scale has long breached the RM 100k barrier, at least where foreign makes are concerned. The all-new 2022 Honda HR-V doesnt buck the trend; with its entry 1.5 S variant priced at RM 114,800. 2022 Honda HR-V price in Malaysia Variant Price 1.5 S RM 114,800 1.5 E RM 129,800 1.5 V RM 134,800 RS e:HEV RM 140,800 Prices are OTR without insurance The previous-generation HR-V 1.5 S w


    Jul 27, 2022

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