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  • 1 in every 3 new Hondas sold in Malaysia in 2023 is a hybrid; 87% sales growth year-on-year

    Continuing from Honda Malaysia's notable achievement of being the nation's No. 1 non-national passenger car brand here, the company also witnessed a substantial surge in sales for its e:HEV range of hybrid models. Cumulative sales of its Civic, City, City Hatchback, and HR-V, RS e:HEV hybrid models clocked an impressive tally of over 7,700 units in 2023. This represents a circa 87% growth over 2022's 4,100 units sold. Also read: Review: 2023 Honda Civic (FE) e:HEV RS hybrid - Fast, cool fuel-sip


    Jan 24, 2024

  • Honda is Malaysia's No.1 non-national passenger car brand in 2023; 10 years in a row, buoyed by City, City HB, HR-V

    Honda Malaysia announced today that it has achieved its annual sales target for 2023, surpassing 80,000 units in total sales. This accomplishment marks the tenth consecutive year that Honda Malaysia has retained its No.1 position in the Non-National Passenger Vehicle Segment since 2014. The year 2023 witnessed gradual recovery and a positive outlook, with the launches of four new models in the second half of the year: WR-V, City facelift, Civic Type R, and the all-new CR-V. Top selling Honda mod


    Jan 24, 2024

  • 2024 Honda City RS e:HEV facelift: Yes, it's average, but that makes it the perfect Malaysian daily driver

    The word “average” is often tossed around with some sort of negativity for being boring or as something that just sits in the middle. In an era where everyone must choose a side, being a fence-sitter shouldn’t often be seen as a bad decision. After all, it’s good to embrace normalcy and live through a routine since too much spice in life may lead to more problems in the long run. The Honda City might seem like a cautious choice of car but many Malaysians embrace it for a reason - it just works.

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Jan 5, 2024

  • As new car sales slow in Malaysia, Honda is the only mainstream brand to post gains in Nov 2023

    Since July 2023, dealers across Malaysia have shared their concern that order taking for new cars has slowed down considerably. This is despite the fact that data compiled by the Malaysia Automotive Association showed that August and October were among its best ever months this year. However, those figures are fulfillment of orders made months earlier, and are not a reliable indicator of present demand. RHB Research is projecting a sharp 14 percent decrease in 2024’s total industry volume – the


    Dec 29, 2023

  • Last call for RM 8,000 promo for 2023 Honda City, special package for SME employees

    There are only two more weeks left before Honda Malaysia’s ‘Last, Last Bonanza’ promo campaign ends along with the year. Of particular interest is the promo for the Honda City worth up to RM 8,000, depending on variant. Previously available only to civil servants, the promo is now also open to employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To clarify, you won’t receive an RM 8,000 discount directly off the Honda City’s price. Instead, the promotion is a combination of cash discount and


    Dec 12, 2023

  • Hands-free highway driving Honda Sensing 360+ to be introduced globally, starting 2024 in China

    Honda has announced its fourth and latest variation of its Sensing suite of advanced driving aids (ADAS). The new Honda Sensing 360+ sits between the flagship Sensing Elite and Sensing 360. The latter is a step up from the regular Sensing suite offered by Honda Malaysia. The ‘+’ in Sensing 360+ refers to the incorporation high-definition maps and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to improve hands-free driving, even when on a curve. With map data, the vehicle is now capable of anticipatin


    Nov 20, 2023

  • Perks for government staff: Up to RM 8k in discounts and freebies for 2023 Honda City, till 30-Nov only!

    If there's one particularly enticing deal to tell you about, then it's this November promo for the 2023 Honda City, which offers up to RM 8,000 in rewards for buyers within this (limited!) period, including an exclusive deal for government servants. Public sector employees are entitled to a further RM 1,800 discount for the City, which is stackable with the ongoing discount of RM 4,000 off the car's price. Add the free Ecotint window film worth RM 2,200, and the total value of the offer is RM 8,


    Nov 17, 2023

  • A new car made out of old, dead ones: the Honda Sustaina-C is more than just a retro throwback to the 1st-gen JDM City

    Despite a name that wouldn't look out of place on a pharmacy's shelf right next to a bottle of Vitamin D on one side and fish oil tablets on the other, the 2023 Honda Sustaina-C isn't a Vitamin C supplement, yet it's a shot in the arm of the automotive industry all the same. On the surface, much of the Sustaina-C pays homage to the original 1970s JDM Honda City (AA), with its chibi face and square dimensions. But beyond a mere reworking of a retro model, today's concept seen at the Japan Mobilit


    Nov 5, 2023

  • Need a Honda City in your life? You can get a loan up to 100 % with zero down payment

    After a house, cars are likely the second most expensive thing we’ll purchase in our lifetime. That can inadvertently lead to them being considered status symbols. And if you absolutely need a Honda in the game of one-upmanship, it’s possible to now get a loan up to 100 percent with RM 0 down payment for the Honda City and other models in their stable. Following a facelift exercise in August 2023, Honda Malaysia is looking to encourage sales of the City via the new incentive together with its ba


    Oct 24, 2023

  • Three years later, is the (GN2) Honda City still the king of resale value in the B-Segment category?

    A couple of years ago, I ran a story that determined the average resale value of the four most popular brands in Malaysia – Proton, Perodua, Honda and Toyota – together, these four brands garner more than 80 percent of annual sales volume or about four out of every five new cars sold in Malaysia. Based on the study, four popular models were chosen from each manufacturer to gauge the average resale across the brand over a period of five years. In that study, Perodua inched past Honda to take top


    Oct 24, 2023

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