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Ride Quality: very comfortable and supple ride. Bumps are absorbed very nicely. NVH: For B segment car, NVH is very good. Perhaps can be even quieter if change tires that are better with NVH. Sound system: Arguably the best sound system in B segment. Audio quality is very good for this segment. Instrument cluster: very nice looking. The 4.2 display is very nice Build quality: no rattles. Everything looks and feels very solid. Even though dashboard is hard plastics, it feels like good quality hard plastics. Boot space: 500+ litres is very good! Reliability: well, it's a Toyota!
Storage space: a bit lacking storage space in the cabin. Powertrain: Could just be a bit more powered. The chassis can definitely handle more power. But power is still adequate enough. Lack of Telescopic steering wheel: I'm 180 cm, so it's a bit difficult to find an ideal driving position. Center arm rest: the position of it is just.....weird.


This is the most comfortable B segment car I've driven. The build quality is very good, even hard plastics were high quality hard plastics. The leather seats are comfortable. Interior space is adequate, and the drive is actually very nice. It may not handle like Mazda with GVC+, but it does its job very well! If GR-S was introduced last year I would've bought it haha!

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1.Front seats offer good support thanks to the shape and hardness of the cushion 2.UMWT-added driving video recorder and USB charging ports, so far so good (this was back in 2017 ya) 3.Standard 2-DIN audio has plenty of equalizer settings (many stock 2-DIN doesn’t offer this much of spectrum) 4.The new Dual VVTi (2NRFE) engine is very fuel-efficient and a whole lot quieter than the outgoing 1NZ. This was also mentioned by ‘Dugong’ owners. 5.Fitment of VSC and works incredibly well, almost transparent
1.No Multi-info Display for 'Range to go', 'Current fuel consumption' and 'Average fuel consumption'. (missing in J and E variants) 2.No telescopic-adjusting steering column (nearer-further adjustment). The seating position is always compromised as the wheel is too close to the meter 3.With the combination meter having three individual covers/buried deep, it gets difficult to read (due to lack of light) even at 5 pm or past 8 am 4.Severe lack of storage spaces (no secured area for a current-day smartphone) 5.Relatively slow steering speed (over 3 turns lock-to-lock) 6.Clutch bite point is pretty high up the pedal, plus it is rather heavily spring-weighted too 7.The accelerator pedal is tiny, making rev-match a little tricky (fortunately found a solution) 8.Same experience with other owners: rear damping is too soft; lateral brace-bar will scrape the tall humps 9.The handling does not offer confidence. the long-stroke suspension is still tuned for daily comfort 10.No Hill Start Assist absolutely will notice (and want) it when you drive along Jalan Maarof Bangsar every day
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