Toyota C-HR

RM 150,000 TBC
C-Segment SUV | 1.8L

The benefit of this is that the car handles better because most of its weight are centred on the lower section of the car. The downside to it is that simple, regular maintenance jobs may need slightly more time to complete.

The C-HR’s rear half features coupe-like lines, similar to the HR-V but the C-HR executes the same concept with better ergonomics.

The way the suspension is tuned puts MINI to shame. Why is it that Toyota can make a front-wheel drive that handles so well and yet so comfortable but all MINIs fast and slow, have such terrible ride?

connectivity can be defined and presented in many ways but for the majority of us, is the ability to access our phones anytime, anywhere. apple carplay and android auto are able to fulfil this need for connectivity and at the same time toyota c-hr 2020 on the road, win-win.

globally, the c-hr price is offered with three engine options, none of it can match the honda hr-v hybrid’s 152 ps and 190 nm or the subaru xv’s 156 ps and 196 nm, so performance is not the toyota c-hr 2019’s forte.

for rm 150,000, the c-hr commands a ridiculously premium price tag – even more so than the all-new camry’s rm 196,888 asking tag. because for the same price of a c-hr, you can easily go for an c-hr price 2.0 gls or a significantly larger toyota c-hr 2020 but buyers of this segment are looking for something truly unique, something that goes beyond all forms of reasoning, something only the c-hr can offer. it appeals to the keen drivers who need an suv, the young at heart and the ones who want to stand out.

in a land where the dominant honda hr-v is ever present, the c-hr price stands out. not many can accept the polarizing lines but if you want to be different and still benefit from toyota’s trusted after-sales and reliability, the toyota c-hr 2019 is the one to have.

The variant on display is the Mazda CX-30 2.0L Petrol High variant priced at RM 164,119 (OTR without insurance). There is also the entry-level 2.0L Petrol (RM 143,119) and range-topping 1.8L Diesel High (RM173,027).

the all-new 2020 mazda cx-30 is c-hr price at selected mazda showrooms in malaysia. we’ve dropped by at the mazda glenmarie showroom to bring you on a closer look of the mazda cx-30.

If you do drive your C-HR to Thailand, it’s OK to fill it up with E20 gasohol.

19-inch alloy wheels are exclusive to the GR Sport and a sporty body kit featuring a new front bumper, giant lower grille, a quad exhaust system with a scattering of emblems on the front and back.

Although the 2ZR-FBE 1.8-litre engine and CVT automatic is nothing to write home about, the more time you spend driving the C-HR, the more you’ll come to realise why the engineers have gone for a step-less transmission.

not only that, but the tight- toyota c-hr 2019 interior also doesn’t quite appeal to the family shoppers – limited knee room and only 388 litres of boot space. if you’re claustrophobic like me, i strongly suggest to not spend too long in the back seats of the c-hr.

don’t buy the toyota c-hr 2020 if you are evaluating it like how an accountant would. the c-hr makes little sense if value for money is what you are seeking for.

doesn’t matter it is rm 30,000 pricier than its rivals or how much c-hr price 2019 of a car they can get from other brands because nothing else screams “because i can” more than the toyota c-hr.

toyota has just announced a new c-hr price  for europe and australia. apart from the new looks, the new toyota c-hr 2020 also gets a choice of two hybrid powertrains, which now include a 2.0-litre hybrid. there's also a new infotainment system and handling has also been improved.

that’s a shame because the sound system is one of the best in its class. compared to the honda hr-v – whose infotainment is just as bad, but for different user interface reasons – the toyota c-hr 2019’s speakers are powerful and clear.

So this 1.8-litre naturally aspirated unit (140 PS/171 Nm) is actually the best of the lot, though naysayers will tell you otherwise.

The C-HR's sporty outlook is complemented by a pair of sleek projector headlights with LED DRLs. There is even follow-me-home function, the bright headlights will illuminate your path at every destination. The exquisite diamond-inspired design on the leather seats make every journey a pleasant and comfortable experience. The eye catching C-HR has been awarded ASEAN-NCAP- 5 STAR rating for adult occupant safety.

The CVT is the best in the business. It’s quiet, responsive and holds just the right ratio when you are going downhill. Definitely better than Subaru XV’s CVT, which is its weakest link, but of course the Honda HR-V Hybrid’s 7-speed dual-clutch automatic is still the best overall.

The Toyota handles really well too – credit to the all-new TNGA platform. For a Toyota to trump a Mazda in ride and handling is quite unusual because Mazda cars are famed for their driver-centric and agile character.

in short, the subaru xv feels more expensive inside, while the honda hr-v is more practical, but the toyota c-hr 2020 is more comfortable than any of these, at least when you are seated in front.

the electric parking brake’s auto hold is the best we’ve tried. it’s smart enough to know when you are parking or making a three-point turn and won’t engage unnecessarily. the honda hr-v’s brake hold can’t that, requiring you to manually disable the function when parking.  toyota c-hr 2019 we averaged 7.7-litre/100 km in real world driving conditions, which is slightly better than what we had expected from suvs of this size and weight. on highways, 6-litre plus/100 km is possible.

curiously, the c-hr price drives better than the figures suggest. in gear acceleration, the crucial 60 – 80 km/h zone where you spend most of your driving in - is very responsive thanks to a good spread of torque.

It’s shared with the Toyota Corolla Altis (2ZR-FE), but tweaked to be compatible with Thailand’s E20 ethanol-petrol biofuel (hence the slightly different 2ZR-FBE engine code), meaningless in Malaysia but this is essentially a Thai specs car.

If you activate Siri on CarPlay and Google Assistant on Android Auto, you have your very own voice command system that is a gazillion times more intelligent than those built-in systems found on some cars.

safety features are also merely on par with the rivals with 7 airbags, electronic stability control, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. it doesn’t even have any advanced driver assistance systems to justify its asking price. c-hr price however, the reality is that people are still lusting for the c-hr. so much so that umw toyota motor given the car a minor upgrade in january 2019 with improved infotainment (apple car play and android auto connectivity), enhanced styling as well as a new radiant green metallic (with black roof) paint option.

In the HR-V, your hands need to bend in an awkward angle to open the rear doors, the C-HR’s grab handles are easier to use.

In fact, it offers the most comfortable ride on any mainstream, daily commuter-friendly car we’ve tested recently.

gazoo racing expands their portfolio yet again with the unveiling of the c-hr price gr sport. but bad news enthusiasts, because this car is only available in jdm-spec variant and only sold in japan.  toyota c-hr 2020 the gr sport version of the funky crossover is based off the recently updated version of the c-hr.

prior to the launch, the public was seriously hyped up for the c-hr price following umw toyota motor’s extensive campaign for the suv. i still remember clearly the amount of attention the c-hr got when it first made its public preview at the toyota c-hr 2020 2019 2019 2020 2019 unfortunately, its hefty asking price of rm 146k then (now updated 2019 toyota c-hr price rm 150,000) was just too much to swallow. simply because everyone was expecting the c-hr to be priced in the same league as the toyota c-hr however, after spending some time with the toyota c-hr for a test drive review, we came to understand that you can’t take the c-hr’s price and specification list at toyota c-hr look at it this way, a porsche 911 is crazy expensive, but fans would still blow a million ringgit on one because it makes them feel good. the c-hr’s value proposition is a little bit like a 911.

the bulk of the asking price of the cx-30 goes to the c-hr price . where the c-hr does not even come with autonomous emergency braking, the cx-30 will have the option for adaptive cruise control.

GVC works by constantly making very minor adjustments to the engine’s ignition timing to counter the shift in the car's weight balance as it goes through corners - the end result is that your body and head will experience less sideways motion, which means less motion sickness and driving fatigue.

Don’t think of it as a performance car, but think of it as a daily commute driver’s car. Yes, there is a difference between the two.

in terms of infotainment, the toyota c-hr 2019 is perhaps one of umw toyota motor’s earliest models to receive android auto and apple carplay connectivity, putting it ahead of the honda hr-v and mazda cx-3.

The seats are very comfortable too, offering very good support at the lower thigh and shoulders. In fact, we would go on to say the seats are the best in the segment.

if there is any criticism of the c-hr price’s styling (polarizing looks aside), it will be concerns of how it will age. the equally sharp lines lexus nx hasn’t aged quite well.

In terms of powertrain, a new 2.0-litre Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain joins the existing 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain. The larger 2.0-litre hybrid powertrain boasts a combined system output of 184 hp, while the 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain is good for 122 hp.

None of the engine options screams performance, not even Mazda’s turbodiesel. The name of the game here is efficiency and refinement – of which Toyota and Mazda excel in.

User interface is good, the 6.75-inch touch screen responds fast, and it comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The problem is the calibration of screen brightness. It is irritatingly bright on long distance highway drives at night, even after adjusting the brightness to minimum.

Body hugging front seats are unique to the C-HR GR Sport along with aluminium pedals and a GR-branded start / stop button.

however, the fact that these models are priced closed to each other means that they all fall within the same shopping list.  toyota c-hr 2019 2019 also, while the hr-v migh have a shorter wheelbase, honda's more space efficient packaging means that it is the smaller hr-v that actually fits more, offering more usable cabin space. much of the xv's potentially available cabin space have been taken up by its complex all-wheel drive mechanicals. toyota c-hr subaru are well known for their reliability but the peculiarity of subaru’s ‘boxer engine’ means that there’s a slightly higher maintenance cost associated to it. in simple terms, boxer engines have its pistons pushing sideways rather than up-down like a conventional engine.

The biggest upside to having CarPlay and Android Auto integration is the seemingly cleaner user interface displayed on the infotainment screen. It elevates the cabin ambience by adding a more high-tech and modern element that is also equally practical to use.

if you’re a keen driver who loves all things pretty and shiny, wait out for the mazda cx-30. others who can’t live without the simplicity that’s unique toyota and can appreciate a decent driving experience, look no further than the toyota c-hr 2020.

the toyota c-hr 2020 rides on the highly sophisticated toyota new global architecture (tnga) platform that promises high safety rating, advanced technologies and exciting driving dynamics.

However, it doesn’t make the cars any less fun. The engine options are more than enough to give you a great time behind the wheel and the reasonable output makes it easier to manage for the regular folks. If anything, the weak engines bring out the best of the chassis dynamics.

performance is as expected, lacking. toyota c-hr 2019 (our own tests, non-controlled environment) while 0-100-0 km/h is done in 16.3 seconds. not impressive at all.

the toyota c-hr 2020’s cabin might not feel rm 150k, but its handling (already elaborated above) and ride comfort certainly matches the asking price.

main rivals to the cx-30 are the c-hr price 2019 2019 (rm 150,000) and c-hr price 2019 (from rm 117k), not the toyota c-hr as the honda is based on a smaller, b-segment (toyota c-hr although the cx-30 carries a hefty price tag, bermaz motor has been very generous with the equipment list with the high spec variants having the option for toyota c-hr , coloured heads up display, led headlamps, powered tailgate and sunroof.

both the cx-30 and c-hr shares the same platform as their respective dynamic sedan siblings namely the mazda 3 and toyota c-hr 2020 . as such, the two crossovers are widely praised for their driving dynamics.

This not only makes the C-HR extremely fun to drive around the bends but also a very safe companion on the road. Thanks to its capable chassis, drivers – no matter their skill levels – are able to better control the car with ease, especially when performing emergency or evasive maneuverers.

on the move, we measured the cabin’s quietness at toyota c-hr 2020 (real world, uncontrolled environment) when travelling at 110 km/h, but it felt quieter than the numbers suggests.

visually, the new toyota c-hr 2020 2020 gets a restyled front-end, featuring a more angular, prominent lower air intake. further emphasizing the width of the new toyota c-hr are the relocated front fog lights, now positioned at the upper edges of the bumper. completing the new toyota  c-hr’s front-end are a pair of redesigned headlights.

the c-hr price 2019 is a subcompact crossover that toyota c-hr 2020 2019 introduced back in 2017. umw toyota motor previewed the c-hr back in 2017, before introducing the hip crossover in 2018. toyota c-hr toyota updated the toyota c-hr in early 2019, giving the crossover some mild styling updates, including new 17-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, new garnish strips on the front and rear bumpers, and new body moldings along sides.

While it handles well, the CX-3 is essentially a taller riding Mazda 2 that’s been fitted with a bigger 2.0-litre engine. The seating position and controls are closer to that of a small Mazda 2 but because the car’s ride height has been increased, the CX-3’s subjective driving experience can be rather odd, even though objectively, it drives very well.

the segment is overwhelmingly dominated by the honda hr-v. here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of the hr-v, comparing it against its rivals: toyota c-hr 2020 in short, the hr-v is an obvious choice for many because it’s the most competitively priced and it’s also the most practical. it does everything that the majority of customers expect their daily car to do.

hence having apple carplay and android auto is what makes the c-hr price’s infotainment system is better than the toyota corolla altis dvd-avx system.

there is only one model of toyota c-hr 2020 2020 malaysian on sale - toyota c-hr 1.8 (2019) , a suv priced at rm 150,000, offering a 5 years / unlimited warranty.

Like everything else in life, it has its own set of flaws – poor user interface of its infotainment and the poorly placed USB port (relative to storage space for your smartphone) are the biggest drawback of the HR-V.

the toyota c-hr 2019 2019’s locally-sourced head unit (not a very good one mind you) and it’s the biggest letdown of the toyota c-hr’s otherwise reasonably good interior.

Although the Mazda may have been trumped by the C-HR, it’s GVC feature works like a charm in reducing driving fatigue and motion sickness. In the city, the benefits of GVC Plus may not be very apparent but it’s magic is noticeable after a quick drive up twisty mountain roads.

The handling is also very good, you feel one with the car. It’s hard to explain but it really does feel like a Toyota 86 that has been adjusted as a daily commuter car. It lacks power but the steering and chassis communicates with you in a very direct manner.

Frankly, I am quite satisfied with its performance.

which brings us to the c-hr price 2020’s display audio infotainment system. although it measures smaller in size at 6.75-inch, it comes with the toyota c-hr which makes it better than the corolla altis’ system.

The C-pillars also exaggerates blind spot but thankfully the blind spot monitor is accurate and doesn’t trigger prematurely.

no doubt the cx-30 and c-hr will only appeal to a niche group of buyers. buyers who are willing to forgo sound consumer advice ( toyota c-hr 2020 ) and go with their heart's desire.

This particular demonstrator unit has clocked over 40,000 km and has been abused by years test drives, so its paint and overall condition is no longer factory perfect but it has held up well.

the 2020 mazda cx-30 will be coming to malaysia soon as the official distributor, bermaz motor is now c-hr price 2020 2019 pricing was not in the cx-30’s favour it will be fully imported rather than assembled locally at mazda malaysia’s plant. this positioning places it in the league of the toyota c-hr naturally so, as the 2020 mazda cx-30 is a direct competitor to the c-hr and not the hr-v. mazda has the toyota c-hr the cx-30 and c-hr couldn’t be anymore similar, not just in terms of size but also technology and features. if you’re in the market for a sporty and stylish crossover, let us break it down to you how you should choose between the cx-30 and c-hr.

more importantly is the addition of a new head unit, now with c-hr price y compatibility.  c-hr price umw toyota motor only offers one variant of the c-hr, priced at rm 150,000.  c-hr price at that price point, the c-hr price 2020 2019 2020 2020 is priced above all of its segment rivals, including the toyota c-hr 2020 2020 2019 (rm 108,800 to rm 124,800) and toyota c-hr (rm 130,159). toyota c-hr in fact, the toyota c-hr is priced in the larger, more expensive compact crossover price bracket, occupied by the toyota c-hr (rm 138,308 to rm 163,191) and toyota c-hr (rm 137,379 to rm 167,770). toyota c-hr the sole c-hr 1.8 variant is offered with automatic hid projector headlights, automatic dual-zone air-conditioning, 7 airbags, and blind spot monitor (bsm) with rear cross traffic alert (rcta).

was launched in Malaysia in March 2018. It subsequently went through a minor update in 2019 with better features and revised styling.

the toyota c-hr 2020 can never be a recommended purchase for those sensitive about price. for those group of consumers, the honda hr-v and subaru xv are much better options.

It’s not a fast horse, but it’s a damn fun one to ride.

take the newly launched latest-generation toyota c-hr 2019 2020 for example, it comes with the toyota c-hr . a 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen with smartphone mirrorlink, hdmi input, bluetooth, aux jack with reverse camera. five years ago, this dvd-avx would be the benchmark for infotainment systems.

Towards the sides, the new C-HR receives a new 18-inch black alloy wheels wrapped in 225/50 R18 tires.

The C-HR gives keen drivers the confidence to carry more speed into a bend than they would in any other car. However, the eco-oriented Dunlop Enasave EC300+ will scream in protest if you get too hot.

However, there are still plenty of old school Toyota to be found like the analogue instrument cluster, buttons and the illumination on the climate control. Maybe not to the taste of millennials, but some buyers would appreciate the simplicity of the C-HR compared to the CX-30.


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