Toyota C-HR

RM 150,000 - 150,000
C-Segment SUV | 1.8L

Naturally so, as the CX-30 is a direct competitor to the C-HR and not the HR-V. Mazda has the CX-3 for that.

The C-HR's sporty outlook is complemented by a pair of sleek projector headlights with LED DRLs. There is even follow-me-home function, the bright headlights will illuminate your path at every destination. The exquisite diamond-inspired design on the leather seats make every journey a pleasant and comfortable experience. The eye catching C-HR has been awarded ASEAN-NCAP- 5 STAR rating for adult occupant safety.

The seamless and uninterrupted power delivery keeps the car’s balance fairly neutral when probed for power yet coasts elegantly in rush hour traffic. Balance is the name of the game here because getting big power outputs is easy, but calibrating a powertrain that can exploit the chassis with such finesse? It’s an engineering feat.

Aided by a high torque electric motor, the HR-V Hybrid actually drives a lot better than its engine specification suggests but it’s ultimately let down by its poorer set of features when compared to the non-hybrid variants.

This not only makes the C-HR extremely fun to drive around the bends but also a very safe companion on the road. Thanks to its capable chassis, drivers – no matter their skill levels – are able to better control the car with ease, especially when performing emergency or evasive maneuverers.

pricing was not in the cx-30’s favour it will be fully imported rather than assembled locally at mazda malaysia’s plant. this positioning places it in the league of the c-hr 2019 and not the honda hr-v.

The CX-30 and C-HR couldn’t be anymore similar, not just in terms of size but also technology and features. If you’re in the market for a sporty and stylish crossover, let us break it down to you how you should choose between the CX-30 and C-HR.

Although the 2ZR-FBE 1.8-litre engine and CVT automatic is nothing to write home about, the more time you spend driving the C-HR, the more you’ll come to realise why the engineers have gone for a step-less transmission.

Unfortunately, Malaysian buyers do not have the privilege of buying the C-HR with a hybrid option. Instead, we get a sole 1.8-litre naturally aspirated engine and CVT automatic combo with outputs of 140 PS and 171 Nm. The same engine found in the Corolla Altis.

Having experienced the C-HR first-hand, the handling characteristic is best described as a well-balanced with progressive steering – easy for the average drivers to prod the chassis’ talent. Overseas reviewers have described the CX-30 to be sharp and agile, very much like the Mazda 3.

there is only one model of c-hr 2019 malaysian on sale - c-hr price 1.8 (2019) , a suv priced at rm 150,000, offering a 5 years / unlimited warranty.

toyota has just announced a new 2019 c-hr price for europe and australia. apart from the new looks, the new c-hr also gets a choice of two hybrid powertrains, which now include a 2.0-litre hybrid. there's also a new infotainment system and handling has also been improved.

Although the Mazda may have been trumped by the C-HR, it’s GVC feature works like a charm in reducing driving fatigue and motion sickness. In the city, the benefits of GVC Plus may not be very apparent but it’s magic is noticeable after a quick drive up twisty mountain roads.

Toyota has also modified the electric power steering (EPS) of the new C-HR for improved steering wheel. The 2.0-litre hybrid also receives a new suspension design that enhances ride comfort whilst retaining the C-HR’s excellent driving dynamics.

The C-HR gives keen drivers the confidence to carry more speed into a bend than they would in any other car. However, the eco-oriented Dunlop Enasave EC300+ will scream in protest if you get too hot.

however, you do get additional feel good and convenience features in the cx-30 than the c-hr. for starters, the 7.0-inch full-colour digital instrument cluster display, 8.8-inch mzd (non-touchscreen) infotainment system and windscreen projected colour heads-up display creates a distinctively more upmarket cabin ambience over the c-hr. parents would also appreciate the convenience of having a powered tailgate. c-hr 2019 the bulk of the asking price of the cx-30 goes to the advanced driver assistance system (adas). where the c-hr does not even come with autonomous emergency braking, the cx-30 will have the option for adaptive cruise control. c-hr 2019 both the cx-30 and c-hr shares the same platform as their respective dynamic sedan siblings namely the mazda 3 and toyota corolla altis. as such, the two crossovers are widely praised for their driving dynamics.

The benefit of this is that the car handles better because most of its weight are centred on the lower section of the car. The downside to it is that simple, regular maintenance jobs may need slightly more time to complete.

Body hugging front seats are unique to the C-HR GR Sport along with aluminium pedals and a GR-branded start / stop button.

furthermore, handling prowess of the c-hr price is also miles ahead of its competition. the suspension gurus at toyota has bestowed the c-hr with a go kart-like driving experience, as the rear end of the c-hr responds to steering inputs obediently.

Based on the initial specification released by Bermaz Motor (final specification may change), the CX-30 is armed to the teeth. But that is only if you go for the High variants which will push the car price upwards of RM 163k, that is more than RM 10k more than the C-HR.

safety features are also merely on par with the rivals with 7 airbags, electronic stability control, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. it doesn’t even have any advanced driver assistance systems to justify its asking price. c-hr 2019 however, the reality is that people are still lusting for the c-hr. so much so that umw toyota motor given the car a minor upgrade in january 2019 with improved infotainment (apple car play and android auto connectivity), enhanced styling as well as a new radiant green metallic (with black roof) paint option.

if there’s one aspect that toyota nailed right on the c-hr is its superior ride and handling. never mind the honda hr-v, the c-hr 2019 strikes the right balance between ride comfort and handling far better than the mazda cx-3 ever could.  c-hr price the c-hr price soaks up road irregularities with ease, which would have otherwise upset the balance of the honda hr-v and mazda cx-3. compared to the mazda cx-3’s overly firm ride, the c-hr price offers a far plusher ride, courtesy of its double wishbone rear suspension configuration.

A cross between a traditional hatchback and a tall riding SUV, the so-called crossover segment is now the fastest growing segment in Malaysia. Buyers like the taller seating position offered by such cars because it’s easier to get in/out, and offers a more commanding view of the road ahead. However because crossovers are smaller than a traditional Honda CR-V class type of vehicle, it’s easier to park and cheaper to refuel, thus making such cars ideal for urbanities.

in short, the c-hr price and mazda cx-3 are more lifestyle-driven purchases, appealing more to the buyer’s emotions and subjective appeal rather than practicality.

GVC works by constantly making very minor adjustments to the engine’s ignition timing to counter the shift in the car's weight balance as it goes through corners - the end result is that your body and head will experience less sideways motion, which means less motion sickness and driving fatigue.

The C-HR’s cabin may seem tight but it’s an illusion caused by the tiny rear windows. Inside, the C-HR is nearly as spacious as the Honda HR-V but it lacks the HR-V’s finer touches like Ultra Seats, which allows the HR-V to swallow more cargo than cars from one segment above it.

for majority of practical-minded consumers, the choice is between a honda hr-v and a subaru xv. both are recommended products but depending on where you stay, you might have to drive further to service your subaru as tc subaru’s network of service centres are not as wide as honda malaysia’s.   c-hr price what about the proton x70 you say? well the x70 is a larger (read: costlier to run) suv type vehicle. however, it’s priced close enough for consumers to cross-shop between these two segments.

So the C-HR GR Sport gets mechanical revisions of a new centre brace to boost body rigidity, muscled up coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilisers along with a modified steering feel for better direct response.

In terms of powertrain, a new 2.0-litre Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain joins the existing 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain. The larger 2.0-litre hybrid powertrain boasts a combined system output of 184 hp, while the 1.8-litre hybrid powertrain is good for 122 hp.

in terms of infotainment, the c-hr 2019 is perhaps one of umw toyota motor’s earliest models to receive android auto and apple carplay connectivity, putting it ahead of the honda hr-v and mazda cx-3.

The C-HR is offered in a sole 1.8L CVT variant priced at RM 150,000 on the dot. Buyers of the CX-30 will have the luxury of choice of 3 variants – 2.0 petrol, 2.0 petrol high and 1.8 diesel high. Estimated pricing for the CX-30 is between RM 143k to RM 173k for the top-spec diesel.

there’s no denying that mazda has one of the most desirable interiors money offered by a mass-market japanese brand. the cx-30 shares the same cabin as the mazda 3, furnished with tactile buttons, crisp lcd displays and minimalistic design. c-hr price the quality of materials is also very premium in feel. each button has a very satisfying tactile feel to it – no matter which variant you pick. think audi interior and you wouldn’t be too far off.

Also, Subaru cars are famous for its excellent all-weather traction, thanks to its symmetrical all-wheel drive – that is of course assuming that you take proper care of your tyres, because fancy technology cannot compensate for worn out tyres.

the segment is overwhelmingly dominated by the honda hr-v. here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of the hr-v, comparing it against its rivals: c-hr price in short, the hr-v is an obvious choice for many because it’s the most competitively priced and it’s also the most practical. it does everything that the majority of customers expect their daily car to do.

the c-hr price is a subcompact crossover that c-hr 2019 introduced back in 2017. umw toyota motor previewed the c-hr back in 2017, before introducing the hip crossover in 2018.  c-hr price toyota updated the c-hr 2019 in early 2019, giving the crossover some mild styling updates, including new 17-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, new garnish strips on the front and rear bumpers, and new body moldings along sides.

However, there are still plenty of old school Toyota to be found like the analogue instrument cluster, buttons and the illumination on the climate control. Maybe not to the taste of millennials, but some buyers would appreciate the simplicity of the C-HR compared to the CX-30.

safety wise, the rm 150k c-hr price’s equipment is seriously lacking, as its sibling, the c-hr price , gets the full toyota safety sense suite of advanced driver assistance system ( c-hr 2019 ) at a much cheaper price point.

to understand the appeal of the c-hr, you must first get behind the wheel of one and properly stretch its legs. only then you can experience the superiority of the c-hr 2019 compared to its rivals, the c-hr boasts the most communicative steering wheel with an athleticism that is second to none in the segment. its dynamism is largely attributed to the double-wishbone suspension set up at the rear, low centre of gravity and a rigid chassis structure.

The XV also has the highest ground clearance, meaning that it’s less bothered by flash floods.

While it handles well, the CX-3 is essentially a taller riding Mazda 2 that’s been fitted with a bigger 2.0-litre engine. The seating position and controls are closer to that of a small Mazda 2 but because the car’s ride height has been increased, the CX-3’s subjective driving experience can be rather odd, even though objectively, it drives very well.

Enthusiast who can’t ditch their habit of carving corners would be more inclined towards the CX-30. But for the everyday drivers, the C-HR’s all-rounded character is easier to manage around the corners.

As good as the chassis is, the C-HR’s styling is a bit too controversial for some but the counterpoint is that the C-HR’s unconventional styling is the whole point of the car’s appeal – it’s supposed to be the anti-thesis of the more traditionally-styled Honda HR-V.

not only that, but the tight- c-hr 2019 interior also doesn’t quite appeal to the family shoppers – limited knee room and only 388 litres of boot space. if you’re claustrophobic like me, i strongly suggest to not spend too long in the back seats of the c-hr.

however, it doesn’t make the cars any less fun. the engine options are more than enough to give you a great time behind the wheel and the reasonable output makes it easier to manage for the regular folks. if anything, the c-hr price engines bring out the best of the chassis dynamics.

on paper, the c-hr 2019 is extremely underwhelming and frankly unappetizing. halogen projectors, 17-inch wheels, 1.8-litre naturally aspirated dvvt-i with measly c-hr price just doesn’t quite fit the bill of a rm 150,000 suv.

technically, the xv sits one segment above the hr-v, as the former is based on a c-segment platform while the latter is based on a stretched version of the b-segment jazz/city's platform. a quick look at the specifications table with tell you that the subaru xv and c-hr 2019 have larger c-segment size wheelbase than the b-segment derived mazda cx-3 and honda hr-v.

with that said, despite its great ride and handling capabilities, sitting in the rear of the c-hr price can get rather claustrophobic, due to its doorline that slopes upwards. the full black interior of the c-hr also does little to alleviate the issue.

more importantly is the addition of a new head unit, now with c-hr 2019 y compatibility.  c-hr 2019 umw toyota motor only offers one variant of the c-hr, priced at rm 150,000.  c-hr 2019 at that price point, the c-hr 2019 is priced above all of its segment rivals, including the c-hr price (rm 108,800 to rm 124,800) and c-hr 2019 (rm 130,159).  c-hr price in fact, the c-hr 2019 is priced in the larger, more expensive compact crossover price bracket, occupied by the c-hr price (rm 138,308 to rm 163,191) and c-hr price (rm 137,379 to rm 167,770).  c-hr price the sole c-hr 1.8 variant is offered with automatic hid projector headlights, automatic dual-zone air-conditioning, 7 airbags, and blind spot monitor (bsm) with rear cross traffic alert (rcta).

however, the fact that these models are priced closed to each other means that they all fall within the same shopping list.  c-hr 2019 also, while the hr-v migh have a shorter wheelbase, honda's more space efficient packaging means that it is the smaller hr-v that actually fits more, offering more usable cabin space. much of the xv's potentially available cabin space have been taken up by its complex all-wheel drive mechanicals.  c-hr 2019 subaru are well known for their reliability but the peculiarity of subaru’s ‘boxer engine’ means that there’s a slightly higher maintenance cost associated to it. in simple terms, boxer engines have its pistons pushing sideways rather than up-down like a conventional engine.

for rm 150,000, the c-hr commands a ridiculously premium price tag – even more so than the all-new camry’s rm 196,888 asking tag. because for the same price of a c-hr, you can easily go for an c-hr price 2.0 gls or a significantly larger c-hr price but buyers of this segment are looking for something truly unique, something that goes beyond all forms of reasoning, something only the c-hr can offer. it appeals to the keen drivers who need an suv, the young at heart and the ones who want to stand out.

Visually, the new C-HR gets a restyled front-end, featuring a more angular, prominent lower air intake. Further emphasizing the width of the new C-HR are the relocated front fog lights, now positioned at the upper edges of the bumper. Completing the new C-HR’s front-end are a pair of redesigned headlights.

The Toyota handles really well too – credit to the all-new TNGA platform. For a Toyota to trump a Mazda in ride and handling is quite unusual because Mazda cars are famed for their driver-centric and agile character.

On paper, the Mazda CX-3 is lighter and has a more powerful engine. Theoretically, the Mazda should be the better car to drive but it’s the HR-V Hybrid that feels more responsive in real-world driving, thanks to the instantaneous torque delivery of the electric motor.

the mazda, on the other hand, has two engine options – a 2.0-litre n/a petrol (163 ps/213 nm, shared with the new mazda 3) and a 1.8-litre turbodiesel (114 ps & 270 nm). both engine options are paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission. c-hr 2019 none of the engine options screams performance, not even mazda’s turbodiesel. the name of the game here is efficiency and refinement – of which toyota and mazda excel in.

doesn’t matter it is rm 30,000 pricier than its rivals or how much c-hr price of a car they can get from other brands because nothing else screams “because i can” more than the c-hr price.

However, customers will have to accept a lower set of features that’s more similar to the entry HR-V 1.8E variant rather than the range topping RS variant.

the added performance also doesn’t come with any compromises in practicality and it still rides with reasonable levels of comfort, although the amazingly well-balanced c-hr price still has the upper hand in this aspect.

Other improvements include a quieter cabin and the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Like everything else in life, it has its own set of flaws – poor user interface of its infotainment and the poorly placed USB port (relative to storage space for your smartphone) are the biggest drawback of the HR-V.

19-inch alloy wheels are exclusive to the GR Sport and a sporty body kit featuring a new front bumper, giant lower grille, a quad exhaust system with a scattering of emblems on the front and back.

New tail lights with bold lighting elements are connected by an equally new black trim piece. The European spec C-HR also gets chrome trim pieces at the lower half of the rear bumper, which is missing on the Australia spec car.

The Subaru XV is an increasingly popular alternative to the HR-V. It’s not as controversial as the C-HR, and not as expensive as the CX-3, and has the right mix of practical appeal to attract the HR-V crowd.

another strong suit of the c-hr is its trendy design with sharp edges all round and unique colour choices. it is almost guaranteed that the c-hr will stand out in a parking lot full of honda hr-vs. c-hr price style is then complemented by the bulletproof reliability that toyota is synonymous with. you no longer have to risk going with a brand with questionable reliability for a car to stand out in the crowd.

Towards the sides, the new C-HR receives a new 18-inch black alloy wheels wrapped in 225/50 R18 tires.

The 2020 Mazda CX-30 will be coming to Malaysia soon as the official distributor, Bermaz Motor is now accepting bookings for their latest crossover.


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