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  • Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur launches 2 ultra-exclusive Vantage models, the Iron Wolf and Midnight Viper

    Exclusivity is just as vital as opulence and performance in the world of luxury performance cars and Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur has just introduced 2 ultra-exclusive editions of its Vantage, the Iron Wolf and Midnight Viper. How exclusive you might be wondering? Well, there’s only 1 of each edition. The Vantage Iron Wolf is the one shrouded in the green-ish hue of Titanium Grey. In fact, this is the first time in Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur history for such unique colour specifications. Further acc


    Aug 30, 2023

  • Service and support where you need it - Introducing the Aston Martin Flying Doctor for Langkawi and East Malaysia customers

    There’s a common phrase used at Aston Martin service centres – "We created your Aston Martin, so we understand how to keep it at its very best." Needless to say, the high-performance machines that roll out of Aston Martin’s Gaydon factory need bespoke care and attention to keep them running immaculately. To provide the utmost convenience and peace of mind to all Aston Martin customers regardless of their location – Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur (AMKL) has announced the introduction of its Aston Mart


    Jul 24, 2023

  • Limited to 110 units, the Aston Martin Valour is the last manual V12 you can buy

    Built to celebrate the company's rich 110-year heritage, this is the Aston Martin Valour, a limited edition V12-engined masterpiece that pays homage to Aston Martin's history of front-engined sports cars. The Valour is designed for enthusiasts who crave an engaging driving experience. It stands apart as the only front-engined V12 sports car available with a manual transmission in 2023. Also read: Up close and personal with the Aston Martin Vantage - A beautiful British brute This special edition


    Jul 16, 2023

  • Up close and personal with the Aston Martin Vantage - A beautiful British brute

    As the eternal debate between form and function rages on, Aston Martin has quietly been amalgamating both into one of the most visually stunning sports cars to ever clip an apex. The quiet streets of Gaydon, United Kingdom, have carved out a distinctive silhouette that’s unmistakably Aston Martin couture from any angle. Now equipped with the silver vane grille across its gaping front façade, the updated looks have remained loyal to the design language with minor evolutions that bring a step towa


    Jun 9, 2023

  • Bred to lead in F1 and on the road - 2023 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition now launched in Malaysia

    Built to celebrate the marque's return to Formula 1 after over 60 years, the 2023 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition has now been unleashed for the Malaysian market. Bred to lead both as a safety car in Formula 1 and on the open roads, the Vantage F1 Edition is an unbridled race car for the road with captivating character, sharpened tactility and thoroughbred performance. Not only is it the most powerful, the range-topping Vantage F1 Edition also showcases cutting-edge sportscar technology drawn di


    Apr 1, 2023

  • This Aston Martin Vantage is on the prowl as the Hunter Edition

    Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to one-off customised special edition models. They’ve blessed us with the DBS Superleggera Pentland Green, a DBX Intrepid Aura, a DBX Arden Green and even given a nod to Batman with a Vantage Dark Knight edition. Now, they’re on the prowl for some prey with the Vantage Hunter Edition. The hue itself is called China Grey and the theme plays around exterior options inspired by the vibes of a hunter. It’s the first Vantage in Malaysia in that colour. The fro


    Dec 27, 2021

  • A gentleman's supercar, the Aston Martin Vantage is regal, debonair and sophisticated. Just like Bond

    Think about it, what has been, and still is, the type of car that someone will buy when seeking to inject some excitement and pizzazz in their lives? That's right, a two-door supercar. And, when it comes to two-door supercars, they don't come much more regal, debonair and sophisticated than an Aston Martin Vantage (cue James Bond references). Yes, you've seen your fair share of iconic two-door, Aston Martin supercars in many James Bond films, and of course there's a reason why the marque is so r


    Oct 8, 2021

  • Aston Martin Vantage's grille too gaping? You can now opt for the classic "vaned" grille

    Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur introduces the customized unit – Aston Martin Vantage in Liquid Crimson, the first Vantage with the new optional vaned front grille in Malaysia. In 2020, Aston Martin announced the new grille style to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Vantage nameplate. The vaned front grille offers a softer and more refined front-end choice in comparison to the standard “Hunter” grille. With five horizontal vanes, it also includes a more subtle bumper and splitter designed to work


    Sep 1, 2021

  • Digital dials are crap, and here's why

    As someone who enjoys the process of driving very much, one of the features that interact with the driver is the instrument cluster. Pointing out the obvious, instrument clusters have evolved so much that they are now more than just a collection of fonts and needles. So why did such a change happen? Was there something wrong with the existing layout and design, or is it just change for change’s sake? As the old adage goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", right? Analogue Dials in the instrumen


    Nov 29, 2020

  • This Aston Martin Vantage Dark Knight Edition is Malaysia’s Batmobile and it's the last one in the country!

    Do you happen to own a large conglomerate and enjoy to prowl the streets at night, hunting for baddies? Do you also have a penchant for wearing a costume based on your greatest fear? If you say yes to the above questions, then good news! You’re rewarded with an armour-plated Dacia Sandero! Just kidding. How about an Aston Martin Vantage Dark Knight Edition? Now that I’ve got your curiosity piqued, the Vantage Dark Knight Edition is an enhanced edition of Aston Martin’s sexy and exquisite Vantage

    CY FoongCY Foong

    Nov 3, 2020

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