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When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

I know I haven’t checked mine in a while, to be fair. I also can’t remember the last time I pumped air into my tyres, let alone checking the tyre pressure. It wasn’t until my colleague Adrian pointed out that the ride of my car felt odd, and recommended that I checked my tyre pressure just to be sure. I swung by a nearby petrol station to get my tyre pressure checked, and yes, all four of my tyres had really low pressure, one of them as low as 23 PSI. Yup, 23 PSI. That is much lower than the man


Oct 12, 2019

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident. For this, manufacturers have given us full-sized spares, space-savers, run-flat tyres, and even tyre repair kits. What you have in your car has been pre-determined by the manufacturer. The question is, which is the best? The answer depends on the type of driver you are, the type of commute you do, and where you live. Each option offers its own pros and cons. 1. Full-sized spares A full-sized spare is ide


Jun 9, 2020

Have you ever wondered what Bibendum on your tyre wall is pointing at?

How do you check your tyre wear? Universally, we are taught to hold a coin within the grove of the tyre to check the depth of the treads. It took quite a bit of digging before I found the Malaysian coin version of the test. If all the alphabets of the words Bank Negara Malaysia on your 10 cent coin is on show when you hold the coin to the tread, it means it’s time to change your tyres. But did you not know that there is an even better fool proof test you can carry out without the use of coins? A


Oct 30, 2019

Why is my tyre shop trying to sell me nitrogen gas inflation?

You might have come across this scenario while sending your car to your neighbourhood tyre shop – after the job is done, whatever it may be, the tyre shop will try to upsell you nitrogen gas inflation for your tyres. You will mostly be shown some materials or be told that it is better to fill your tyres with pure nitrogen rather than regular air. You will also be told that nitrogen-filled tyres will save you fuel, prolong the lifespan of your tyre, require lesser maintenance, and are better for


Sep 6, 2019

Tyre blowout while driving: This is how you maintain control and avoid crashing

You’re driving on the highway at 90 km/h, listening to your favourite tune and jamming along to the lyrics, when all of a sudden you heard a loud boom coming from the rear. In that split second, you noticed the rear end of your car and steering doesn’t feel quite right, and your natural instinct is to brake amidst the chaos. It that the right action though? In this article, we’re going to take a look on how tyre blowout occurs, and what is the appropriate response that will either save you and/o

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

May 14, 2020

Save money and drive safe with these three tyre care tips

They’re the only part connecting you to the road yet so easily forgotten. Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, so take care of them through these three simple steps and they’ll take care of you. 1. Don’t forget to inflate! It’s a simple tip but one of the most important things you’ll need to know - inflate your tyres! It’s super simple - just know the basics of your tyre size and follow the correct pressure guide, usually located on the driver’s door pillar. It’s just a matter


Jul 12, 2020

How sneaker makers like Nike can teach tyre companies about influencing its buyers

It is amazing how much time and internet juice is spent trying to explain that tyre choices matter. Not too long ago we made a post about why when it comes to tyres you get what you pay for. And it is good to see that for many of our readers, it isn’t news to them. This time around let’s outline a suggestion that may make people care more about the tyres they buy. And for that, we will use an economic theory known as the Diamond-Water Paradox, or better known as the Paradox of Value. The Diamond


Oct 9, 2020

J.D. Power study: Michelin is best tyre brand of 2021, outranks Pirelli, Goodyear

Customers are very happy when it comes to Michelin tyres, according to J.D. Power's 2021 Original Equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Survey. So happy, that they've voted it to be the most satisfactory original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand in every category, trumping brands like Pirelli and Goodyear. The U.S.-based study is based on responses from 26,131 owners of 2018 and 2019 model-year vehicles. Metrics of the study factor in the absence of tyre-related issues, as well as appearance an


Apr 2, 2021

A "cheap tyre” is going to kill you, here is why good tyres costs more

I don’t know about you, but tyres are a fascinating subject to me. I spend hours researching on what sort of tyre should I go for next. Full-on performance rubber? Or maybe I should give my back and ears a break and opt for a more comfortable option. One thing is for sure, I will be splashing my cash for one from a manufacturer of repute. And thankfully I’m not alone on that opinion. The responses from our dear fans and readers on WapCar Forum topic of cheap vs premium tyres were very encouragin


Sep 24, 2020

Here's the top tyre choices for 13- to 17-inches in 2020!

Tyres. It's a longtime topic. Yes, other parts exist, yes they are equally important but tyres are the only parts connecting you to the road. Which is why it's very important to make the right choices, especially in a market that's absolutely flooded with subpar-quality tyres for not much cheaper, really. Recommendations Not all tyres are equal, so in this guide we'll list five main tyre categories and recommend one tyre for each size. The prices are taken from several online tyre shops. For thi


Sep 19, 2020

Owner Review: Follow-up story of Proton Waja tyre burst out at 180km/h -Full story

** This article is the personal experience of a 2002 Proton Waja owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Sharviin Sasasey Manigam Since everybody was asking about my busted tyre situation... here you go....a brief explanation about that incident. If you haven't read the previous story, here is the link. Okay before that please bear in mind that all my mechanicals were stock. Brakes, engine, gearbox, no e-manage, no fuel regulators and etc etc.... So back then in 201

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 4, 2020

Owner Review: Tyre blown out at 180km/h - Near-miss experience in my Proton Waja

** This article is the personal experience of a 2002 Proton Waja owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Sharviin Sasasey Manigam ↓↓↓ Press Here To Share Your Story ↓↓↓ It all started when my dad drove home a 2nd-hand bought 2002 Proton Waja. It was bought in 2005, and was in Artic Blue (still maintaining the same colour).... At first, I was excited because it was a Waja man.... And straight away I sat in the Waja and started to touch and feel the dashboard and all

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 30, 2020

COTY 2020: Which car deserves to be WapCar's Car of the Year 2020?

2020 has been a challenging year for many but it is coming to an end. Still, there have been some exciting cars launched in spite of these trying times. With that being said, bringing this year to a close is WapCar’s first-ever Car of the Year awards, and you can be a part of it! That’s right, you can help to choose the cars that deserve our coveted prize (which is probably an Oscar trophy with Adrian’s face)! Voting will begin on 18-December 2020 so mark your calendars! In order to qualify, the

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 16, 2020

Nak beli motosikal terpakai melalui penjual persendirian? Ingat tips ini

Jika sudah minat, sanggup redah apa saja. Apa yang pasti, pandangan ini jelas tidak boleh dipakai untuk sesiapa yang mahu membeli barangan yang mahal harganya seperti motosikal. Kalau membeli di kedai berdaftar, risikonya boleh dikurangkan namun jika jualan persendirian yang dicari menerusi laman sosial atau laman web jual beli, ia pasti lebih merbahaya sekali pun kadang kala harganya jauh lebih murah. Dan kebanyakan jualan seperti iti adalah membabitkan transaksi tunai sekaligus menjadikan risi


Dec 12, 2020

Should you get your tyres plugged or patched?

No matter how advanced your car is, a tyre puncture is an occurrence you’ll have to endure every once in a while. Even if you have run flat tyres, a puncture still needs to be fixed. While massive punctures are usually unfixable, the common puncture is usually caused by a single nail or screw. In the case of a puncture, you should get it fixed immediately, either by changing to a spare wheel, limping to the nearest tyre shop to get it fixed, or just doing it yourself. There are 2 ways to fix a p


Jul 17, 2020

Do larger wheels and lower profile tyres give better performance?

A common practice for manufacturers when it comes to differentiating their model trim or specification level is to have different wheel sizes. Higher rung models often have larger wheels thus having lower profile tyre, and the general consensus is that larger wheels look better. But are there actual benefits of having larger wheels? First, let’s take a brief through what exactly is the profile of a tyre. It refers to the gap or distance between the edge of the rim and edge of the tyre, it is ref


Apr 13, 2020

What do you get when purchasing Mercedes Original Tyres?

Choosing a set of new tyres can be a daunting task to many and understandably so. There are just too many options, both good and bad, out there. For experienced users, you may know how to read your tyre size(s), prefer certain tyre brand and pattern. But there are so much more than just picking the correct size from a reputable brand and slap it onto your car. Details such as installation techniques, balancing requirements, and alignment settings all affects the cars handling performance, comfor

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Mar 3, 2021

No matter what you drive, you can #AskForContinental

In our previous article, we shared why many carmakers choose Continental as their Original Manufacturing Equipment (OEM) partner. However, what if your current ride is in need of a new set of tyres? Fret not, there’s a Continental tyre model to suit every need. So, which Continental tyre model should you go for? ComfortContact CC6 The Continental ComfortContact CC6 is a comfort-oriented, everyday tyre that is suited to cars like the Perodua Myvi, Toyota Vios, or Honda City. If you’re looking for


Jan 7, 2021

What are those hieroglyphs on tyres?

You’ve probably seen it, the numbers and letters etched onto tyre sidewalls. But what do they mean and how does it benefit you to know? Well to answer the first question, it’s the tyre’s measurement and specification. Think of how a tailor measures your size, it's similar for tyres as tyre sizes are rather specific. Let’s use the above's tyre, 255/40 R21 Y XL as example. 255 is the width in millimeters (mm). 40 is the thickness of the side profile using a percentage of the width (in this case is


Oct 21, 2019

Here’s how to correctly inflate your tyres

Tyre pressure is the easiest yet most neglected car maintenance trick. It requires zero hard work and takes no time at all. You don’t even need to see a mechanic to get your tyres properly inflated. Before you go to a petrol station and start pumping away, firstly you need to identify the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle. Usually, the recommended tyre pressure can be found on the driver side B-pillars or by the fuel lid. Otherwise, refer to the owner’s manual. Some cars which are avail

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 17, 2019

Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE004 - suitable for which car? Find out here

Bridgestone Tyre Sales (Malaysia) contributes to the ever-growing list of premium sports tyres with the launch of the Potenza Adrenalin RE004. The RE004 is developed with Bridgestone’s cutting-edge tyre technology featuring triple and half grooves for enhance rigidity. Couple that with the rigid connecting blocks, the RE004 promises sensitivity while at the same time reducing excess movements at high speeds. Bridgestone also promises the RE004’s dynamic tread pattern and wider rib will help impr


May 22, 2020

How many PSI / kPa do I have to pump into my tyres?

Checking our tyre pressure is an integral part of owning a car. But sadly not many car owners perform this check as often as they are supposed to. As my colleague, Eric, has highlighted, your tyre pressure easily affects your car's handling, ride and comfort and even your fuel consumption! So now you know the benefits of checking on your tyres constantly and keeping them well filled, but do you know how much air pressure to pump into your tyres? And where do you find the guide of the air pressur


Oct 20, 2019

Why do automakers prefer Continental tyres?

Tyres, the round, black donuts that are often overlooked by its users. Objectively speaking, tyres are one of the most important components in your car. It’s been often said that tyres are your vehicle’s only contact patches with the road surface. Therefore, carmakers spend a considerable amount of time and effort to match the right tyres to their cars. It isn’t just about slapping on any random tyre on the cars that roll of the production line. Carmakers work very closely with tyre brands from


Dec 24, 2020

Toyo Tires Proxes CR1 launched in Malaysia  – Improved safety and priced from RM 160

Toyo Tires has launched their latest Proxes CR1 passenger car and SUV tyres in Malaysia. The Proxes CR1 models are claimed to have four distinct benefits namely Silent, Safety, High-Grade and Comfort. Silent The Proxes CR1 produces 11% less road noise compared to its predecessor, the Nano Energy 3. The Poxes CR1 uses noise reducing materials inside the tyre. Pitch noise is dispersed by the silent wall and out-in different pitch arrangement. A noise protection sheet is incorporated within the con


Nov 21, 2020

Sarawak state government has added 5% state sales tax on tyres

While most of us are still bracing ourselves for the eventual increase in prices of cars - June 2020 for imported (CBU) cars and January 2021 for locally-assembled (CKD) cars - WapCar.my has just learned that the Sarawak state government has already imposed an additional state sales tax on tyres since 1-January 2020. A memo sighted by WapCar.my, issued by Sarawak’s Jabatan Perbendaharaan Negeri dated 30-January 2020, stated that the new state sales for imported tyres was not only effective immed


Feb 28, 2020

Here's why having a spare wheel won't do you much good

An increasingly prevalent practice for carmakers nowadays is to sell buyers a car that comes without a spare wheel (wheel, in this context is tyre + rim). In its place could be run flat tyres, a tyre pressure monitor system, or a more agricultural solution like a tyre repair kit. Many buyers are up in arms because of this, grumbling that carmakers are shortchanging them, or putting more expensive solutions in place. But let's dig deeper and ask ourselves, is this a valid argument? Do you really


Mar 3, 2021

Balancing and alignment, do you really need it?

Whenever you install a fresh set of tyres, your tyre shop operator will most definitely perform wheel balancing and alignment. Of course, it always comes at an extra cost. Your question would be, is it necessary to do balancing and alignment? Or is it just a gimmick for your tyre shop operator to make a quick buck? Before you make a conclusion, let’s first understand what is balancing and alignment. You know how your tyre operator puts your wheel onto a machine and stick some weights onto your r

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 27, 2019

 Are there any good tyres for 13-inch rims?

Plenty of reputable brands available 175/70 R13 tyres often seen on Proton Saga and Wira Prices range between RM 100 to RM 200 per tyre Small rim sizes are often fitted onto more budget-friendly cars not just for model variant differentiation but also lower costs when it comes to tyre replacement. The last new car sold in Malaysia that came with a 13-inch wheel was the 2016 Proton Saga 1.3L Standard. Since the new 2019 Proton Saga facelift, every new passenger car now comes with a minimum wheel

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Oct 7, 2019

Are bigger wheels good for your car? Or just all show but no go?

A simple way to give your car a fresh look is to fit it with a set of new wheels. It is the easiest form of “modification” and window shopping the right fit for your car can be fun. While the design/pattern of the wheel is subject to individual taste, one common “upgrade” is to go for wheels with a bigger diameter. Bigger wheels are aesthetically pleasing and give the car a more athletic look. Even manufacturers seem to agree to this and fit bigger wheels on range-topping variants. If the car wa


Dec 17, 2020

Here are your top SUV tyres in Malaysia for 2020!

Following last week’s buying guide on highly-recommended tyres for 13- to 17-inches, as promised this week’s follow up is on SUV tyres. If you didn’t know, SUV tyres are a little different from passenger cars’ due to their larger size and heavier construction. Disclaimer In this guide, we’ll list out all available SUV tyres made by reputable manufacturers. Sure, there’s lots of cheap ones if you look but as Daniel says in this must-read article, better to stay away from them. The prices are take


Sep 25, 2020