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All-new Isuzu D-Max scores 5 stars in Australasian NCAP, safer than the average passenger car

Recently we have seen some camouflaged units of the Isuzu D-Max in Malaysia.

Scoop: All-new 2021 Isuzu MU-X patent images leaked!

The Isuzu MU-X, the D-Maxs SUV cousin has been in production since 2013 with a facelift introduced in

Isuzu Buy and Win campaign concludes with two lucky winners

The Isuzu D-Max Buy and Win contest that ran between April and June 2019 saw Ghanie Entalang of Sebauh

Review: 2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9 – Can the (not so) new Ddi engine help this ageing truck?

(2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Prices & Specs | Gallery)When it comes to shopping for a pick-up truck, unless

This Isuzu D-Max "Blue Monster" will take on Borneo Safari!

While Malaysians are still getting acquainted with Isuzu’s new D-Max 1.9, Isuzu has already completed

Thais prefer the Isuzu D-Max more than a Toyota Hilux, but can Isuzu win over Malaysians?

models, including the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, even the once workhorse-oriented Isuzu

Launching in Malaysia in April, 2021 Isuzu D-Max priced from RM 89K

Isuzu Malaysia has announced that bookings of the all-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max will open today and the brand-new

Toyota is now best friends with Isuzu, takes 8% share, JV for next-gen connected trucks

Isuzu FL-IR concept is an autonomous driving truckToyota and its commercial trucks subsidiary Hino have

Current Isuzu D-Max in Malaysia selling out fast, all-new model coming sooner than expected?

Back in early-2020, we reported that the all-new RG-generation Isuzu D-Max won’t be arriving in

Over 40k units sold in Q1 2021, Isuzu D-Max crushes Hilux, Ranger, Triton in Thailand

The all-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max is trampling over rivals in Thailand, ending Q1 2021 with 40,222 units sold

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2020 Isuzu D-Max is the safest pick-up truck in ASEAN

The 2020 Isuzu D-Max has always been known for being a robust and reliable pick-up truck.

All-new third generation Isuzu D-Max won’t be in Malaysia until 2022

Several months ago, the all-new third generation 2020 Isuzu D-Max made its global at the 2019 Thailand

All-new Isuzu D-Max launched in Thailand

Isuzu Thailand has just taken the wraps off the all-new D-Max, just a week after teasing the all-new

All-new 2020 Isuzu D-Max begins export; Australia first, Europe to follow

Isuzu Motors Limited has announced that export of their popular pick-up truck, the Isuzu D-Max has begun

All-New 2020 Isuzu D-Max comes with PM 2.5 haze filtering A/C

The all-new Isuzu D-Max made its global debut last Friday in Bangkok.

When Isuzu made sports cars – 117 Coupe, Piazza, Gemini

Isuzu is currently the worlds biggest manufacturer of diesel engines.

What's so special about the Isuzu D-Max's new 1.9L turbodiesel engine?

Isuzu Malaysia recently took the covers off the updated Isuzu D-Max, now equipped with the company&rsquo

In Brief: New Isuzu D-Max 2019, now with 1.9L BluePower Ddi engine

First launched in 2011, the current generation Isuzu D-Max is the oldest pick-up truck in the segment

The Blue Monster Isuzu D-Max survived the Borneo Safari

Isuzu’s new pup proved its worth in the gruelling Borneo Safari challenge and even gets given the

All-new Isuzu D-Max has more safety equipment than many sedans!

Last week, Isuzu Thailand took the covers off the all-new D-Max.

Special edition 2020 Isuzu D-Max previewed, to fight new Toyota Hilux facelift

Not one to take the Toyota Hilux’s threat lying down, Isuzu aired teasers of its upcoming Isuzu

Isuzu is the only truck that scientists in Antarctica trust their lives with, here’s why

The only continent where Isuzu has no market presence in is Antarctica, except that Isuzu is wrong.OK

Things that surprised us in the 2020 Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Premium

I must admit, that was exactly what I did to the Isuzu D-Max 1.9 Premium when it turned up for a scrap

Up to 6 months deferred instalments for a new Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu Malaysia is paving the path to normalcy for potential Isuzu D-Max customers by offering a moratorium

Spied in Malaysia: All-new third gen 2022 Isuzu D-Max

The all-new third generation Isuzu D-Max has been spotted in Malaysia.

All-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max – Malaysian-spec to get ACC with stop and go

Set to be launched in Malaysia before the end of April, Isuzu Malaysia has revealed preliminary specifications

Kitted-up 2020 Isuzu D-Max revealed, but not for us yet

marque showcased dressed up versions of their cars.Isuzu turned up the heat at their booth with modified Isuzu

Mazda injected some Kodo into Isuzu D-Max, debuts all-new 2020 Mazda BT-50

Isuzu.The all-new 2020 Mazda BT-50, which made its global debut online earlier today, will be built by Isuzu

All-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max to be launched in Malaysia ahead of Mazda BT-50

It looks like the Isuzu D-Max is not at risk of being upstaged by its sister-car the Mazda BT-50, as

Spied: All-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max spotted at Westport, confirms CBU status

The all-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max has been spotted again in Malaysia.

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メガバス – 五十鈴工業 ISUZU BC421SSS BLACK 2-TONE 【送料無料】 ISUZU BC421SSS BLACK 2-TONEです。... http://t.co/0NkLSWYTCq

#ISUZU × #tryangle #BC421SSS-T2 完売御礼! 次ロットまでしばしお待ち下さい。 本当にありがとうございますー(^^) https://t.co/AgxanlgWsS

#Sumally にアイテムを追加しました ― ISUZU: BC421SSS RED 2 TONE https://t.co/VjSgW02slg

BC421SSS #isuzu #五十鈴工業 https://t.co/7hZPEq5Glf

アーカイブ処理終了(^^) まもなく発売の2カラーを紹介!! 視聴・高評価・コメント・チャンネル登録、お願いしまーす♪ 【#渓流ベイトフィネス #トラッドリール】#ISUZU × #TRYANGLE #BC421SSS-T2 をあらためて紹介!【生配信】 @YouTubeより

五十鈴工業 ISUZU BC421SSS ANTIQUE 2-TONE 【送料無料】: 現在価格:47,700 円,入札数:-,終了日時:2015/06/20 22:43 http://t.co/rXOrjYeVwe

秋田県横手市産ロッド+国産リール: 日本で最も古い釣り用リールメーカー ISUZUと自作ロッド入魂完了!!!リール: BC421SSS PESCATORA GUT-RINGやっと2gのスプーン投げれるようになりました... http://t.co/Ifh36qULbU

Isuzu Bc421sss Vintage Reel: Current Price: $ 151.00 Isuzu BC421SSS Vintage Reel    US $151.00 Very rare: Isuzu ... http://t.co/Q98oGxRs

パワフルワーカーのG-FLEX届いた‼︎ 早く釣りしたい、初の渓流ベイト。 BC 421sss-T2、ハタチの頃買ったスティーズ以来のベイトだw #パワフルワーカー #isuzu #bc421sss-t2


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