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This Malaysian EV costs RM600K to develop. Is it just a “Honda Jazz” golf cart?

What we have in the picture above is a prototype electric vehicle which is basically an electrified Honda Jazz on a ladder frame. It might not look like one at first glance, but look at the doors and the roofline and you will see the Jazz that is buried underneath this composite body. Specifically, it is the GE8 second generation Honda Jazz. What is this thing? The prototype is an effort by System Consultancy Services (SCS) Sdn Bhd. The company offers software engineering services, ICT Maintenan


Sep 11, 2020

Owner Review: The hybrid system failed so I decided to engine swap my car - My Honda Jazz/Fit "Hybrid" RS

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information 2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid (CBU) a.k.a Honda Jazz/Fit "Hybrid" RS Reason why I bought this car Hybrid Tax Exemption Car selection process I had a budget of: RM100k Models that I have considered include: Toyota Vios, Toyota Prius C, Honda City Reasons why I chose this car: Trim spec offered better than the rest User experience I ha

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Dec 2, 2020

Honda Jazz Hybrid vs Honda Jazz V vs Toyota Yaris; combing through the spec sheet

We’ve compared the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris multiple times. But we’ve never really looked closely at the equipment list that each car has. So, we decided to go through the equipment list with a fine-tooth comb! Here’s a quick reminder of each car’s variant equipment list: For this guide, we’re comparing the top spec Toyota Yaris G with the top spec Honda Jazz V variant and the Honda Jazz Hybrid as well. In terms of safety equipment, the Yaris far outshines both Jazz V and Hybrid variants. Wit


Jan 28, 2020

2021 Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz - Ageing Jazz still worth buying?

Set to launch at the end of 2020, the facelifted Toyota Yaris is already generating tremendous interest among new car buyers. Available in three colours, the facelifted Yaris sports a more aggressive bumper with the black accents now extending to the grill. As of most Toyota-Honda rivalry, this segment sees the Toyota Yaris going up against the Honda Jazz. How do they stack up against each other? Let’s a have a showdown of these two B-segment hatchbacks. Price - The Jazz is cheaper Prices of the


Nov 3, 2020

Honda Jazz: Sistem infotainment yang gagal

Honda Jazz Antara hatchback terbaik dalam segmen B sudah tentulah Honda Jazz. Praktikal, luas dan jimat petrol menjadi antara kekuatan Honda Jazz beserta saiz kompak yang sesuai dengan pemanduan dalam bandar. Pun begitu, terdapat satu isu kecil yang boleh menimbulkan rasa kurang selesa sekiranya anda memilih untuk memiliki Honda Jazz. Isu tersebut adalah sistem infotainment yang kurang bermutu. Ketika Honda Jazz dikemas kini pada tahun 2017, skrin sesentuhnya dikecilkan (dari 7 inci ke 6.8 inci)


Jun 1, 2020

Toyota Yaris 2021 vs Honda Jazz – baloi lagi ke nak angkut Jazz?

Tempoh hari UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) membuka tempahan untuk Toyota Yaris 2021 yang telah dikemas kini. Hadir dalam tiga pilihan warna, Yaris 2021 hadir dengan bumper depan yang lebih agresif dan lampu depan LED serta LED DRL. Sepertimana yang ramai tahu, pesaing rapat pada Yaris adalah Honda Jazz. Apakah yang best dan tak best tentang kedua hatchback ini? Sama-sama kita rungkaikan. Harga – Honda Jazz lagi murah Harga rasmi untuk Toyota Yaris hanyalah anggaran kerana ianya akan dilancarkan secara

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Nov 4, 2020

Review: 2019 Honda Jazz facelift, king of practicality (still)

(2019 Honda Jazz V-variant Prices & Specs | Gallery) Think B-segment hatches and the 2019 Honda Jazz facelift will immediately come to mind as the most popular choice. And why not? Honda is already known for their class leading practicality and the cars are always packed to the brim with safety features and equipment. The latest generation Honda Jazz came to Malaysia in 2014. A Honda Jazz facelift came along in 2017 sporting a new grille, new rear bumper, and the addition of a 6.8-inch touchscre


Nov 22, 2019

Honda City Hatchback 2021 bakal ke Malaysia, pengganti Honda Jazz?

Anda pasti tertanya-tanya kenapa Honda ingin menggantikan hatchback Jazz dengan City Hatchback ni, betul tak? Honda City hatchback bukanlah sesuatu yang asing (baca: Honda Jazz) akan tetapi, persoalannya lebih kepada posisi Honda City Hatchback baru ini dalam keseluruhan barisan produk Honda. Dalam usaha menambah portfolio model keretanya, Honda telah mengklasifikasikan kedua-dua Honda Jazz dan Honda City hatchback terbaru ini dalam segmen yang sama. Tetapi laporan Autocar India mempunyai berita


May 26, 2020

Honda Jazz 1.5L: light and fast

The Honda Jazz 1.5L CVT is powered by the Earth Dreams Technology 4-cylinder engine, which uses in-cylinder direct injection technology with a compression ratio of 11.5:1. Its maximum output is 118 hp / 6600 rpm and the maximum torque is 155 Nm / 4600 rpm. Honda Jazz's sitting posture is very low, and the seat is also very good. It is undoubtedly good news for driving enthusiasts. Despite this, the view inside the car is still very good, the windshield with large dip angle and the triangular win


Jul 29, 2019

Honda to debut all-new Honda Jazz at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda will debut the all-new fourth-generation Honda Jazz at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, alongside the tenth-generation Honda Accord and the electric-powered Honda e. While Honda has not released much information about the all-new Honda Jazz, its European arm has confirmed that the all-new model will be offered only as a hybrid model when it goes on sale in 2020. Tom Gardner, Senior Vice-President of Honda Motor Europe said, “In 2020, Honda will launch the next generation Honda Jazz and today, we


Sep 26, 2019

Goodbye Honda Jazz, it’s been a great run

It felt like it was yesterday when I was attending the GK5-generation Honda Jazz’s launch and its subsequent media drive, but truth is it has been slightly over six years since the model was introduced in Malaysia. Pretty soon Honda Malaysia will axe the GK5-generation Jazz in favour of the 2021 Honda City Hatchback. Why not the all-new GR-generation Honda Jazz you ask? Simple – the all-new, fourth-generation GR-generation Honda Jazz is seen as too radical for consumers in emerging markets to ac


Dec 20, 2020

2020 Honda Jazz or Honda City Hatchback – Which do you prefer?

Honda Jazz There has been rumors circling around that our current third-generation Honda Jazz will not be replaced with the recently launched fourth-generation Honda Jazz in Japan. Instead, we will be getting an entirely different car altogether, in the form of Honda City Hatchback. Patent drawings of the City Hatchback posted by canalcarros have been out in the internet for quite some time now, including a screenshot of the name trademark at Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO)

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 18, 2020

Sneak peak of the all-new Honda Jazz

The all-new fourth generation Honda Jazz is set to make its global debut later this month at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Ahead of the unveiling, Honda has released the first official photo of the latest Honda Jazz, which is also known in Japan (and USA) as the Fit. As expected, Honda hasn’t provided any further details for the latest Jazz. For that, you will have to wait until 23-October, when the Tokyo Motor Show opens. Some Japanese press have suggested that the all-new Jazz will also be offere


Oct 16, 2019

2020 Honda City Hatchback rendered; might replace the Honda Jazz

The Honda City Hatchback is about to make its official world debut and the IndianAutosBlog.com decided to make a rendering what the hatch would look like. The City Hatchback will most likely be replacing the Honda Jazz in emerging markets, Malaysia included, once it makes its debut. In the rendering, IAB’s digital artist Shoeb Kalania envisioned the City Hatchback as a 5-door hatch that will share the same styling cues as the new generation 2020 Honda City Sedan up until the B-pillar and is comp


Apr 16, 2020

Honda City hatchback 2021 sah hadir ke Malaysia, tiada lagi Honda Jazz!

Honda City Hatchback Penafian: Honda City Hatchback 2021 sudah dilancarkan. Rakan media kami dari Thailand, Autofun, baru sahaja melaporkan bahawa Honda City hatchback bakal melakukan debut global di Thailand pada 24 November 2020. Semakan di laman MyIPO mendapati, tanda nama 'City Hatchback' telah pun didaftarkan di Malaysia justeru menguatkan lagi ura-ura kehadiran Honda City hatchback di Malaysia tahun depan! Sebelum ini, Honda City hatchback telah diintip di negara jiran kita, Thailand. Mela


Nov 13, 2020

Honda City Hatchback 2021 vs Honda Jazz 2020 – yang mana lebih baik?

Seperti yang pernah dimaklumkan, Honda Jazz generasi terbaru tidak akan diperkenalkan di Malaysia. Walaupun model ini telah menjadi satu kejayaan, Honda Malaysia perlu menawarkan sesuatu yang lebih menepati citarasa pasaran. Namun begitu, mengapakah Honda Jazz digantikan dengan Honda City Hatchback? Untuk maklumat anda, Honda Jazz generasi keempat hanya dilancarkan di Jepun, Eropah, dan China. Pelancaran di Amerika pula masih belum diumumkan. Di Jepun, ia hadir dengan pilihan enjin hibrid penuh


Nov 24, 2020

Honda Jazz vs 2021 Honda City Hatchback, which do you prefer?

The first ever 2021 Honda City Hatchback made its global debut in Thailand earlier today. Following the same formula as the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios (sold as Yaris Ativ in Thailand), the City Hatchback will have an identical front-end as the City sedan, and will replace the Honda Jazz, which has been sold in this region for three generations. The fourth generation Honda Jazz however, will skip markets in the South East Asian ASEAN trade bloc, and is only limited to Japan, Europe, and China.


Nov 24, 2020

3 sebab utama Honda Jazz keluar dari pasaran Malaysia!

Honda Jazz Honda City Hatchback Selepas 3 generasi yang cemerlang dalam pasaran Malaysia, Honda Jazz bakal mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada pasaran ini. Hal ini kerana Honda Jazz tidak lagi akan ditawarkan di pasaran ASEAN. Ruang kosong tersebut akan digantikan oleh Honda City Hatchback yang baru sahaja dilancarkan pada bulan November 2020 di Thailand. Rekaan yang lebih radikal Tidak dapat dinafikan, rekaan Honda Jazz dari generasi ke satu generasi memang sangat menarik. Namun, generasi ke 4 H


Dec 23, 2020

Spyshot: All-new Honda Jazz caught ahead of  Tokyo debut

Photos of what appears to be the all-new Honda Jazz (called the Fit in Japan) have surfaced, ahead of its possible 2019 Tokyo Motor Show debut. According to Creative Trend, several units of the all-new Honda Jazz were seen parked in a row beside the facelifted Honda Freed, which gives us a sneak peek of the new car’s front end. Unlike the current generation Honda Jazz with its sharp front end, the all-new model seen here gets a more rounded front end. The headlights look similar to earlier spysh


Oct 14, 2019

Testing: Honda Jazz 1.5L , a good B-segment car

The Honda Jazz 1.5L CVT is powered by the Earth Dreams Technology 4-cylinder engine.Its maximum output is 118 hp / 6600 rpm and the maximum torque is 155 Nm / 4600 rpm. Honda Jazz 0-100km/h Accelerated Test: 9.39s The Honda Jazz CVT transmission allows a maximum starting speed of 2000 rpm, but after several attempts, it was found that releasing the brakes at the moment of the full accelerator pedal is the fastest way to get started. The moment of starting is still quite aggressive, although the


Jul 29, 2019

Honda Jazz 2020 baharu dipratonton untuk China, debut bulan Ogos

Menjelangnya Ogos 2020, Honda Jazz generasi keempat serba baharu akan mula dijual di China. Model ini terbocor di internet pada bulan Mei lepas, menonjolkan rupa hadapan yang berlainan berbanding dengan model yang kami nampak di Tokyo. Berbeza dengan rakannya di Jepun, Jazz bagi pasaran China ini (dijual di China sebagai Fit) mempunyai gril hadapan yang lebih menarik, manakala Jazz Jepun pula mempunyai rupa hadapan yang nampak biasa-biasa sahaja. Malah, rekaan bampar hadapan kedua-dua model ini


Jun 11, 2020

Honda Jazz kini tular dengan praktikaliti tempat duduk ULTRA Seat!

Honda Jazz Honda Jazz bakal dikeluarkan dari pasaran Malaysia tidak lama lagi. Kekosongan tersebut bakal digantikan dengan Honda City Hatchback yang baru sahaja dilancarkan di Thailand pada bulan November lepas. Hal ini membawa kepada pendapat yang pelbagai oleh peminat dan pemilik kereta Honda. Walaubagaimanapun, seorang pengguna Facebook, Afiq Mes Wandi telah mengumpulkan beberapa gambar berikut bagi menunjukkan praktikaliti ULTRA Seats dalam Honda Jazz. Honda Jazz didatangkan dengan ULTRA Sea


Dec 24, 2020

Honda Jazz vs 2021 Honda City Hatchback,你会选谁?

就在前几天,首款2021 Honda City Hatchback(掀背版)在泰国举行了全球发布会。与Toyota Yaris和Toyota Vios(泰国版名为Yaris Ativ)的形式相同,City Hatchback将会继续沿用City轿车版的经典前脸设计,并且将作为代替Honda Jazz的车型,后者在大马已经市售了3代了。 不过,第4代Honda Jazz将放弃东南亚的东盟贸易市场,仅在日本、欧洲和中国上市,是否会引进美国还有待官方公布。 为什么要放弃Jazz这个极具辨识度的名字,而改成City Hatchback呢?在日本和欧洲这些CO2排放标准十分严格的地方,当地消费者的需求与我国消费者的需求有着巨大的差异。 最新的第4代Jazz有着十分简洁的内装:方向盘是双幅式的,仪表板看上去就像一个智能手机,这样的驾驶室十分简单,和全电动的Honda E十分相似。 我国大部分消费者还不能接受这样的产品设计,所以,我们得到的是棱角更多的City Hatchback,而比起看起来圆乎乎、有些女性化的Jazz/Fit,它的内装也更加传统。 在欧洲,它搭载的是一具1.5升的i-MMD全混动


Nov 28, 2020

2021款Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz:老款的Jazz还值得购买吗?

改款Toyota Yaris将在2020年尾正式发售,许多新车买家已经对它充满了兴趣。改款的Yaris共有3款颜色可选,而在外观设计上,现在的前保险杠造型变得更加有侵略性,黑色的饰条也贯穿进了中网。在这个级别的市场中,Toyota和Honda的竞争最为激烈,而Toyota Yaris的对手正是Honda Jazz。 它们对比起来如何呢?让我们来好好看看这两款B级别掀背车。 价格:Jazz更便宜 Toyota Yaris目前的价格还只是预估价格,不过Yaris和Jazz都有3个配备可选,而在中配和顶配上,Honda Jazz都要比Yaris便宜。 Toyota Yaris 价格表(预计价格) Toyota Yaris 1.5 J (AT) 1.5 E (AT) 1.5 G (AT) (预计)价格 RM 71,688 RM 80,591 RM 85,587 请注意,这些价格均不包含销售税费,只在2020年结束前有效。 Honda Jazz 价格表 Honda Jazz 1.5 S (AT) 1.5 E (AT) 1.5 V (AT) 价格 RM 72,511 RM 78,161 RM 84


Nov 8, 2020

All-new 2020 Honda Jazz previewed for China, August debut

Come August 2020, the all-new, fourth-generation Honda Jazz will go on sale in China. The model was leaked onto the internet back in May, donning a different front fascia compared to the one we saw in Tokyo. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, the China market Jazz (sold in China as the Fit) has a proper front grille, while the Japanese Jazz gets a more flat-looking, one-piece front-end. In fact, the front bumper design for both models are different. Buyers in China also have the option which is th


Jun 11, 2020

Minat Honda Jazz 2020 atau Fit? Kini ada nama baru – Honda Life!

Dongfeng Honda, salah satu diantara dua syarikat rasmi yang mengedar kereta Honda telah memperkenalkan semula nama “Life”, 7 tahun selepas ia dihentikan. Honda Fit generasi keempat serba baru, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Honda Jazz disini mula dijual di China di bawah Dongfeng Honda dengan nama Honda Life. Sekiranya anda tertanya-tanya, Honda Fit mula dijual di China dengan gril yang berbeza berbanding dengan Fit untuk pasaran Jepun pada bulan Ogos lalu. Tetapi Fit dijual oleh Guangqi Honda (GAC

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Dec 22, 2020

Pros and Cons: Honda Jazz – Still worth buying in 2020?

First introduced in Malaysia back in 2014 and subsequently receiving an update in 2017, the Honda Jazz is perhaps one of the oldest non-national B-segment hatchback on sale today. While it may not the newest model on sale, is it still worth your consideration in 2020? Here’s a brief summary of what we like and what we don’t like about the Honda Jazz. The detailed review of the Honda Jazz can be found here, while the breakdown of our instrumented testing scores can be found here. Pros Ultra Seats


Oct 25, 2020

Owner Review: A Once Internet-Famous Jazz on YouTube - Owner Shares His Story with His Honda Jazz

** This article is the personal experience of a 2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar Twitter: Suthesh Kumar Balbir Singh How it started One got to admit that the Honda Jazz is one interesting little hatchback. It looks small on the outside, quite nimble to drive and spacious in the inside. When it was first launched in 2001, the design of the car technically impacted on the outlook of most B-segment hatchbacks that came after it: while it is not somet

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jun 24, 2020

Not just Fit, the 2020 Honda Jazz is now also known as Honda Life

Dongfeng Honda, one of 2 companies that distribute Honda cars in China, brings an old namesake back to “life” – pun intended – 7 years after the name was discontinued. The all-new fourth-generation Honda Fit, or better known as Honda Jazz here, goes on sale in China under Dongfeng Honda as the Honda Life. In case you’re wondering, the Honda Fit went on sale in China with a different grille compared to the Japanese Fit back in August. But the Fit is sold by Guangqi Honda (GAC Honda), another dist


Dec 21, 2020

Video: All-new Honda Jazz, Cutest City Car Ever?

The all-new fourth-generation Honda Jazz (known as the Fit in Japan), made its global premiere at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) with a fresh exterior design, revamped cabin and a new hybrid powertrain. Visually, the Jazz gets a roundel appearance that draws more parallels to the second-generation Jazz (GE) rather than the sharper third-generation model (GK). The interior has decluttered even further with minimal buttons, LCD instrument cluster, floating centre display and electronic parking br

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Oct 25, 2019