Testing: Honda Jazz 1.5L , a good B-segment car

Wilson · Jul 29, 2019 12:19 PM

The Honda Jazz 1.5L CVT is powered by the Earth Dreams Technology 4-cylinder engine.Its maximum output is 118 hp / 6600 rpm and the maximum torque is 155 Nm / 4600 rpm.

Honda Jazz 0-100km/h Accelerated Test: 9.39s

The Honda Jazz CVT transmission allows a maximum starting speed of 2000 rpm, but after several attempts, it was found that releasing the brakes at the moment of the full accelerator pedal is the fastest way to get started. The moment of starting is still quite aggressive, although the tires will not slip, it will not be as muddy as the general CVT gearbox. At full acceleration, the acceleration is very good, and finally achieved a good result of 9.39 seconds.

Testing: Honda Jazz 1.5L , a good B-segment car 01

The lightweight construction of the body and the 1.5L direct-injection engine work together to make Jazz's dynamic performance change. To know that the acceleration performance of the same class is basically between 10-12 seconds, the power performance of Jazz's 1.5L CVT is no match in the same class.

100-0km/h brake test: 39.46 meters

Honda Jazz uses the brakes of the front and rear brake drums. This is the standard configuration for many small cars, and many friends may not feel enough. But in fact, as long as the tires are good, the suspension adjustment and the ABS system can also be tacit, this brake system combination can also have excellent braking performance.

The actual test results show that Honda Jazz has an excellent grip, and after many tests, the brake heat decay has not appeared. The final result of 39.46 meters is absolutely satisfactory, and it is also the best at the same price.

Fuel consumption test: 6.2L/100km

In the fuel consumption test, we drove Honda Jazz for a total of 106.2 kilometers, with an average speed of 30km/h. The Jazz 1.5L CVT consumes only 6.54 litres of petrol, with a combined fuel consumption of only 6.2L/100km. The computer displays a value of 6.1L/100km.

Noise test:

The comfort and sound insulation of the chassis is a shortboard of Honda Jazz. When driving at high speed, wind noise, roller, and engine noise are concentrated together in your compartment. After 80km/h, the subjective feeling is already obvious.


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