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Dah lebih 20 tahun di pasaran, legenda ciptaan HLYM, Yamaha Lagenda tetap ada 'Umph'

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) memang meletakkan harapan tinggi kepada salah satu model legendanya, Yamaha Lagenda ketika ia dilancarkan kira-kira 20 tahun lalu. Dan keyakinan itu dibalas dengan baik oleh model empat lejang berkenaan dan selepas beberapa versi, ia dilihat masih kompetitif di pasaran ketika ini. Ketika pasaran motosikal kapcai tempatan berterusan dibanjiri dengan pelbagai model, Lagenda yang sudah 'berusia' ini terus mendapat peningkatan 'facelift', yang terbaharu pada 2020. Di p


Jan 4, 2021

2020 Proton X50 has 2 turbo engines – one direct injection, one port, what’s the difference?

As you would’ve know by now, the 2020 Proton X50, which is manufactured in Tanjung Malim, is offered in two engine options. Both are DOHC 1.5-litre turbocharged units but the fuel system is different, the 1.5T MPI engine uses port injection while the 1.5 TGDI uses direct injection. The three cylinder direct injection unit (1.5 TGDI, codename JLH-3G15TD) makes 177 PS at 5,500 rpm and 255 Nm 1,500 – 4,000 rpm while the port injection (Proton calls it Multi Point Injection, MPI) 1.5T MPI makes 150


Sep 15, 2020

Proton X50 2020 ada 2 enjin turbo – ‘direct injection’ dan ‘port’, apa bezanya?

Seperti yang sedia maklum, Proton X50 2020 yang dipasang di Tanjung Malim menawarkan dua pilihan enjin. Kedua-duanya ialah unit DOHC berpengecas turbo 1.5 liter dengan 3 silinder, tapi sistem bahan apinya berbeza – enjin 1.5T MPI menggunakan ‘port injection’ (suntikan port) manakala yang 1.5 TGDI menggunakan ‘direct injection’ (suntikan langsung). Unit ‘direct injection’ tiga silinder (1.5 TGDI, kod nama JLH-3G15TD) menjana 177 PS pada 5,500 rpm dan 255 Nm pada 1,500 – 4,000 rpm. Manakala, unit


Sep 17, 2020

What’s the Proton X50’s tested fuel consumption?

Proton claims the X50 returns a fuel consumption figure of 6.4-litre/100 km for the range-topping 1.5 TGDi Flagship variant. But what’s the real-world fuel consumption like? We tested the Proton X50 to find out. As per usual, all tyres were inflated according to the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressure. Then the Proton X50’s 45-litre fuel tank was brimmed. Air-conditioning was set at 22 degrees Celsius in automatic mode. Driving behaviour was normal, without aggressive throttle inputs or hyp


Feb 15, 2021

Volvo officially caps top speed at 180 km/h, is it fast enough for you?

The inevitable has happened, all Volvo cars produced from 2020 onwards are now limited to a top speed of 180 km/h. The decision to cap the top speed was announced in 2019, drawing much criticism from the public. But Volvo Cars persisted on their top speed cap and has installed limiters on all new Volvo cars, except for those under the Polestar brand. Volvo’s decision to cap all cars with the 180 km/h limit is in line with their goal to close the remaining gap to zero serious injuries and fatalit


May 22, 2020

Hyundai Ioniq discontinued in Malaysia – Goodbye fuel and safety king

For many Malaysians wanting a brand-new pure hybrid car, the Hyundai Ioniq is one of the few choices for those wanting to drive green. However, it appears that the model has been dropped for the Malaysian market. A quick search on Hyundai’s website shows that the Ioniq is absent from its model line-up. Though some markets including Australia and Singapore have received the facelift, there has been no news for its arrival in Malaysia. The locally-assembled (CKD) Ioniq was unveiled here back in 20

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 3, 2021

Proton X70 1.8T 2WD fuel consumption, 7.5L/100 km possible only if you don't get stuck in traffic jams  – Ratings

Ever wondered what is the fuel consumption of the Proton X70 1.8T 2WD? We put Proton X70 through our WapCar fuel consumption test and here are our Proton X70 fuel consumption test results. The Proton X70 Premium 2WD sold in Malaysia is powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged direct-injection 4-cylinder petrol engine linked to a 6-speed automatic transmission. A conventional 6-speed automatic and turbocharged engine is not the most ideal combination for fuel economy. The Proton X70's 1,695 kg kerb we

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jan 23, 2020

The 7-speed wet DCT makes the 2020 Proton X70 CKD faster and more fuel efficient

The locally-assembled (CKD) 2020 Proton X70 is now officially launched and the biggest change to the popular SUV is the change to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), replacing the conventional 6-speed torque converter automatic. The new transmission bears the codename 7DCT330 and is developed in-house by Geely. It’s a wet-clutch type unit with 7 forward ratios. The DCT is quoted to be able to withstand up to 330 Nm of torque, hence 330. This DCT is used in over 10 different models across v

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Feb 12, 2020

Barang Rare: Proton Wira Tiang Gol untuk dijual. Lagenda tempatan, jangan lepaskan peluang!

Sebelum ini, kami pernah menulis mengenai triniti lagenda yang pernah dihasilkan oleh Proton. Salah satunya sudah tentulah Proton Wira 1.8 EXI atau turut dikenali sebagai Proton Wira Tiang Gol. Proton Wira 1.8 EXi LE (juga dikenali oleh peminat sebagai Wira C99) dibina khas untuk untuk memenuhi keperluan homologasi FIA (badan berkanun sukan permotoran dunia) yang memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya 2,500 unit untuk pasaran umum yang ditetapkan oleh World Rally Championship Group N. Pengeluaran model P


Sep 24, 2020

Top 5 brand new fuel-efficient cars in Malaysia that aren’t Perodua

To most average Malaysians, one of the key factors in buying a car is good fuel economy and for a lot of them, the choice is obvious: Perodua. It’s a no-brainer really, they’re cheap but reliable and fuel-efficient. There’s no denying that Peroduas like the Bezza and Axia are the go-to choice for fuel-efficient automobiles but at WapCar, we want to stand out. Besides, what’s wrong with spreading out your options? With that out of the way, here are 5 brand new fuel-efficient cars currently availa

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 5, 2020

VW Passat as efficient as Axia? Top 5 cars tested with lowest fuel consumption - WapCar Ratings

At WapCar.my, we put every car through the scrutiny of Ratings tests. Every aspect such as driving performance, fuel consumption, or even price and maintenance are evaluated accordingly. To date, we have sampled well over 40 cars and you can check out the full Ratings list here. In this article, we'll go through the top 5 cars with the lowest fuel consumption during our tests. Before we start, do note that our method of testing relies on the fuel station’s pump, which in turn relies on pressure


Apr 15, 2021

Mitsubishi Galant AMG - Bukan lagenda. Mitos!

Umum sedia mengetahui, 2 antagonis perang dunia dari Timur dan Barat berkemungkinan besar tidak akan menyatu. Namun dalam aspek pembuatan kereta, kedua-duanya adalah sebuah jenama yang tidak asing lagi. AMG merupakan bengkel tuner yang terkenal dengan kereta-kereta Mercedez Benz. Sebelum Mercedez Benz membeli AMG pada tahun 1999, AMG hanyalah sebuah bengkel tuner dengan reputasi yang hebat dan bebas dari pengaruh mana-mana jenama. Justeru itu, tidak hairanlah bahawa AMG menyahut panggilan Mitsub


Aug 1, 2020

Can fuel additives improve fuel economy and increase horsepower?

Preying on the naivety and impulsiveness of the average car buyer are fraudulent products that claim to save fuel, increase power, or improve the handling of a vehicle. There are so many products out there with substantial claims that make it really hard to differentiate the legitimate from the fraudulent. One of the products you may have thought of purchasing are fuel additives. What are fuel additives? Are fuel additives legit? Can fuel additives save you money? Well, we’ll try to answer those


Mar 28, 2021

Suzuki Belang FI diacah. CBU Indonesia, harga sekitar RM 10k?

Suzuki Malaysia baru sahaja mengacah lampu hadapan Suzuki Raider F150 melalui sebuah hantaran di laman Facebook Rasmi Suzuki Malaysia.Sekilas pandang sahaja sudah boleh menjangkakan bahawa Lagenda Motosikal Underbone, Suzuki Belang bakal menerjah ke pasaran tidak lama lagi. Suzuki Belang atau lebih dikenali sebagai Suzuki Raider F150 di pasaran Thailand, Vietnam dan Filipina adalah sebuah motosikal jenis underbone bawah 150 cc. Enjin yang dipadankan adalah enjin 147.3cc berkuasa 18.5 PS kuasa ku


Sep 30, 2020

Top-3 most powerful cars with a 3-cylinder engine

Previously, we’ve explained why manufacturers continue the use of 3-cylinder engines. Fuel-efficiency and emission are among the top reasons, but what if they decide to extract every bit of performance from a 3-cylinder engine? So without further ado, here are the current top-3 most powerful cars, which are either on sale or will be on the market, with a 3-cylinder engine. BMW i8, from RM 1,408,800 The BMW i8 is actually more than 6 years old now and it still looks like it belongs in a sci-fi mo


Apr 15, 2020

The 2020 Proton X50 shares the same 7-speed DCT with the X70, but with a twist

It feels quite like the end of The Lord of The Rings, doesn’t? After a long Saga (pun intended) of spyshots and all sorts of fake leaks, the war is over, Sauron is slayed, and the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X50 finally breaks cover. One does not simply wait for a new Proton only to receive a copy-and-paste job. It's not. The Proton X50 is properly all-new - there’s two engine choices, one of them new to the X50 and is not available even in the Chinese market Geely Binyue. There's also rear a


Sep 15, 2020

Hyundai Nexo Wins Top Safety Pick+ Award

The IIHS test helps the public to shake the "explosive" image of Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. As the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (HFCV) to be tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Hyundai Nexo SUV is entitled Top Safety Pick + by the organization. The vehicle first appeared at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. To get the Top Safety Pick +, the first thing a vehicle needs to do is be able to withstand a series of crash tests. Simply as it might sound


Aug 12, 2019

Ratings: Nissan X-Trail 2.0L fuel consumption, how many litres does it consume per 100 km?

Nissan claims that the rated fuel consumption for the Nissan X-Trail 2.0L is 13.4km/litre, which translates to about 7.5 litres per 100 km. We put it through our WapCar Ratings test to find out how many litres of fuel does the Nissan X-Trail consume. To recap, the 2.0-litre engine naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine produces 144 PS and 200 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The CVT keeps the engine operating at its optimum rev ra


Mar 25, 2020

320 PS/litre! Top-5 cars with the most horsepower per litre

Engine specific output is typically measured by power-per-litre. It shows how efficient an engine is at producing power relative to its size. In the past, 100 PS-per-litre was considered the holy grail, only found in supercars or high-performance sports cars. Now, especially with turbocharging, it has become a lot more common and some even go far beyond it. So, here are 5 cars that pretty much says, “size doesn’t matter.” Ford GT – 191 PS-per-litre Recently updated with slightly more power at 66


Jun 3, 2020

10 tips on how to save money on your car's fuel cost

Apart from insurance and maintenance, another big ticket item that we have to spend on our cars is fuel. Sure, fuel price is at the lowest now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you are permanently immune from rising fuel cost, or you can't improve things further. As a general rule of thumb, you should always read through your car's owner’s manual and look for the recommended grade of fuel required, as well as recommended driving/maintenance habits. Here are 10 top tips from us

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

May 22, 2020

Ratings: Mazda CX-5 2.5L Turbo fuel consumption, did not score very well but still acceptable

Mazda claims that their Mazda CX-5 2.5L Turbo AWD has a rated fuel consumption of 8.2 L/100 km but how realistic is it in the real world? We put the Mazda CX-5 2.5L Turbo AWD through our WapCar fuel consumption test and here are our results. The CX-5 2.5 Turbo AWD is powered by a 2.5-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder SkyActiv-G petrol engine paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive. The engine packs 230 PS and 420 Nm of torque which makes it the most powerful petrol-powered SU

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Apr 23, 2020

Ratings Comparison: Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 - Fuel consumption

The Proton X70, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5 feature turbocharged engines with different capacities at 1.8-litre, 1.5-litre and 2.5-litre respectively. And they weigh differently from each other as well. How do they fare in real-world driving? Let’s dig in. Facts and Figures Proton X70 Premium (CBU) Honda CR-V 1.5 TC-P Mazda CX-5 Turbo Engine 1.8L 4-cyl turbo 1.5L 4-cyl turbo 2.5L 4-cyl turbo Transmission 6-speed AT CVT 6-speed AT Power 184 PS 193 PS 230 PS Torque 285 Nm 243 Nm 420 Nm Weight 1,695


Jul 3, 2020

More 3-cylinder turbocharged Proton models coming – 1.5T MPI to be rolled out further

The next generation of Proton models will use three-cylinder turbocharged 1.5-litre port injection (MPI, multi-point injection) engines, says Proton. Speaking at a press conference at today’s Proton X50 preview drive at the Sepang International Circuit, Proton’s Director of Group Engineering En. Hazrin Fazail Haroon told the assembled media that the new 1.5T MPI will feature prominently in Proton’s future powertrain line-up. Hazrin didn’t specify which model will use the 1.5T MPI next, but among


Sep 30, 2020

What's the Toyota Vios' fuel consumption in real-world driving?

The 2019 Toyota Vios is powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder Dual-VVTi engine with a codename 2NR-FE that produces 107 PS and 140 Nm of torque. It is linked to a CVT with 7 virtual ratios. Toyota claims improved fuel consumption compared to the previous powertrain, but by how much? Read on to find out the 2019 Toyota Vios' fuel consumption. The current powertrain combo was first introduced in the updated Vios in 2016, which replaced the ancient 1NZ-FE VVT-i engine with a 4-speed auto that was alrea


Jan 27, 2020

Ratings: 2019 Toyota Camry 2.5V - Top marks in comfort, 173 pts overall

Moving on from the Volkswagen Passat last week, we're scrutinizing the 2019 Toyota Camry 2.5V by evaluating all aspects from driving performance to purchase and cost. Toyota Camry Driving Performance – 37/50 pts, fluid handling 2019 Toyota Camry 2.5V - Facts and Figures Engine 2.5L 4-cylinder NA Transmission 6-speed automatic Power 184 PS @ 6,000 rpm Torque 235 Nm @ 4,100 rpm Weight 1,550 kg 0-100 km/h 10.5 seconds 100-0 km/h 40.5 metres Against younger competitors, the Camry’s aging port fuel i


Nov 2, 2020

Ratings – Honda CR-V’s fuel consumption, commendable score

The common knowledge about smaller capacity turbocharged engines is that they are fuel efficient. We’ve put the Honda CR-V 1.5 TC-P through the WapCar fuel consumption test to find out if it adheres to the norm. Powering the Honda CR-V is a turbocharged 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine that makes 193 PS and 243 Nm of torque. In the 1.5 TC-P variant, drive goes to the front wheels via a CVT. Like in the Nissan X-Trail, the CVT allows the engine to spin at its optimum rev range to maximise fuel efficie


May 22, 2020

Sorry, we made a mistake. All 2020 Proton X50 1.5 will be 3-cylinders, no 4-cylinders

We’ve just received confirmation from Proton’s officials that the 2020 Proton X50 1.5T & 1.5 TGDi will both be 3-cylinders. Our earlier reports that indicates the 1.5-litre multi-port injection turbo engine is a 4-cylinder unit is incorrect. All articles have since been amended. Proton will be offering two 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine options for the X50 the difference between them is the type of fuel system used. The lower output 1.5T unit uses a multi-port injection (MPI) while the

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 16, 2020

Finally, Proton will be launching the 2020 Proton X50 tomorrow!

Ahead of the 2020 Proton X50’s launch tomorrow, Proton has been sharing a number of videos showcasing the upcoming B-segment SUV’s selling points. The videos on Proton Cars’ Facebook page highlighted the X50’s performance, safety, comfort, and connectivity – all of which can be viewed below. Set to be launched via livestream on Proton Cars’ Facebook page, Proton has claimed that they have received more than 20,000 bookings for its highly-anticipated model. To recap, the Proton X50 is a B-segment


Oct 26, 2020

Geely-Volvo: RON95 is enough for your Proton X50, RON97 won’t add more power

“Are you sure that RON 95 is enough? This is a turbocharged engine leh.” That’s a pretty common phrase when it comes to ownership of turbocharged cars like the recently-introduced Proton X50, as many will tell you than RON 95 just isn’t enough for your high-performance engine. But is it really the case? In a recent virtual interview with CEVT’s Director of Powertrain Strategy Dr. Håkan Sandquist that was hosted by Geely, he said that RON 95 is sufficient for the Proton X50’s 1.5-litre turbocharg


Dec 16, 2020

The South African E23 BMW 745i was the BMW M7 most didn't know existed

BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there? BMW has made an M model for just about every Series except for one – the 7 Series. BMW said the ‘M’ adds a track element and there may not be a lot of demand for the 7 Series on the track. But there was an M7 back in the 80s, kind of, in South Africa. It was the first BMW 7 Series that came about in 1977, codenamed E23. The range-topping variant was the 745i which came with the M102 turbocharged 3.2-litre straight-six engi


May 17, 2020