Honda Jazz 1.5L: light and fast

Wilson · Jul 29, 2019 11:37 AM

The Honda Jazz 1.5L CVT is powered by the Earth Dreams Technology 4-cylinder engine, which uses in-cylinder direct injection technology with a compression ratio of 11.5:1. Its maximum output is 118 hp / 6600 rpm and the maximum torque is 155 Nm / 4600 rpm.

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Honda Jazz's sitting posture is very low, and the seat is also very good. It is undoubtedly good news for driving enthusiasts. Despite this, the view inside the car is still very good, the windshield with large dip angle and the triangular window of the A-pillar have no difficulty in getting started.

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With good engine power to ensure that the Honda Jazz's accelerator pedal adjustment no longer needs to be so sensitive. With the gentle care of the CVT gearbox, the sudden sense of suddenness at the start disappears completely, and the power can be released linearly with the deepening of the accelerator pedal. The daily driving speed is basically maintained at around 1500 rpm, and the fuel consumption is guaranteed.

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The Honda Jazz's high spec is equipped with an automatic engine start-stop system. It is quite mature in daily use, and the process of starting and extinguishing the engine is quite smooth. With the help of automatic start-stop technology, Honda Jazz can give us more surprises in fuel consumption.

In D gear mode, the transmission does not actively pull up the engine speed. Only when the accelerator pedal is depressed by half or more will the CVT gearbox significantly change the gear ratio of the cone and raise the engine speed to 3000 rpm. The release of power is quite fast, and it is enough in acceleration and overtaking. In S Gear mode, engine speed is controlled at around 3000 rpm to provide faster and more direct power response.

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When you step on the accelerator pedal, the gearbox will let the engine go all out. Of course, the CVT gearbox still can't use the powerful shift to set off the sporty atmosphere. After the high-angle camshaft is opened, the provided acceleration feels well beyond the class of the same level opponent.

This generation of Jazz's steering gear makes the feedback of the steering wheel delicate and rich, with few imaginary positions and still very precise, but the steering assist is a bit heavy. The brake pedal will not be soft and weak in the first stage, and the release of the brake force is very linear, which gives you confidence when braking.

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In the suspension section, Jazz uses a combination of the front McPherson and the rear torsion beam. This suspension is very delicate for the vibration, and the support at the end is not weakened. The balance between sport and comfort is well understood.

Jazz I can hardly pick anything wrong with the standard of a family car of less than RM80k. Lightweight and flexible, with plenty of power, solid chassis and good comfort, the only trick is noise. After the speed is close to 100km/h, the wind noise and engine noise are somewhat obvious, and the NVH project of the whole vehicle needs to be strengthened.


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