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Sembang atau benar: Langkawi bakal mendapat litar lumba baru bertaraf antarabangsa!

Sebuah litar kereta berprestasi tinggi dan bertaraf antarabangsa akan dibina di Bukit Malut, Langkawi tidak lama nanti. Menteri Besar Kedah, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor berkata, litar berkenaan akan dibina menerusi kerjasama Permodalan Kedah Berhad (PKB) dengan sebuah syarikat swasta. Beliau berkata, ketika ini terdapat kira-kira 1,600 pemilik kereta berkuasa tinggi di Langkawi yang menikmati pengecualian cukai ketika memberi kenderaan berkenaan. Menurutnya lagi, walaupun memiliki kereta yang hebat,

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 25, 2021

120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan to be supplied to Le Tour de Langkawi

Held annually since 1996, Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL) is a multiple stage bicycle race that has gained multiple accolades and is now recognised as a highlight in the global competitive cycling calendar, attracting the world’s top road cyclists. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) returns to LTDL as the official automotive partner, marking the third time since 2016. VPCM will be providing 120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan Highline, which will be used throughout the race by riders, safety marsha


Feb 5, 2020

MAA: We don’t need third national car and every car company should pay equal duties

The Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) feels that the country does not need a third national car as the existing two are enough. MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad told The Edge, “From the industry’s standpoint, we already have two national cars — that’s already too many. To have a third national car? I don’t think we need it.” She also did not comment on Perodua’s intention to be involved in the third national car project as MAA does not have details of the plan. Datuk Aishah also said that ev


Jul 27, 2020

Court says car park operators liable for car thefts!

The Court of Appeal has upheld a lower court ruling that the management of a car park is liable of negligence rendering disclaimers of exemption clauses posted by the car park non-viable. Sunway Parking Services Sdn Bhd was ordered to pay about RM 117,000 of damages to Euro Rent A Car Sdn Bhd in the case where the rental car company’s vehicle was stolen from the premises. This means that car park disclaimer notices posted at various locations of a parking lot informing visitors that the manageme


Dec 8, 2020

Covid-19: Used and recon car dealers may layoff workforce as crisis extends

Malaysian used and recon car dealers and their 50,000 plus workforce are at risk of being laid off should the Covid-19 crisis prolong for more than 2 months, according to a report by New Straits Times (NST). While dealers have braced for the impact of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the practically zero sales which leads to higher inventories, poor consumer sentiments on the economy, and high fixed operational cost are taking their toll. President of the Malaysian Association of Malay Vehicle


Apr 14, 2020

Car owners can't afford to sell their cars due to outstanding car loan balance

It turns out that it wasn’t just used car sales that saw an increase throughout the past few months, used car dealers in Johor Bahru are reporting an increase in car owners trying to sell their vehicles after the Movement Control Order (MCO) ended in June. One second-hand car shop manager Chang Keng Keong told The Star that there has been a 30 percent increase in the number of people who came to his shop enquiring for information about the disposal of their cars. This was especially apparent in


Nov 25, 2020

Renault Subscription plan turns one - named Malaysia's Car Subscription Company of the Year 2020!

Renault has been named Malaysia Car Subscription Company of the Year at the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards for its Renault Subscription programme, a year after the programme celebrates its first anniversary. Launched in August last year, the programme was designed to offer an alternative to vehicle ownership beyond the traditional hire-purchase model as well as car sharing and rental options available. “We are delighted to have received this prestigious accolade from Fr


Aug 24, 2020

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 20, 2019)

Today is Friday, Sep. 19 Keep yourself up-to-date with 2020 Toyota GR Supra A90 Edition! Local News JPJ to auction Mercedes and 104 more cars, starting from RM50 JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) is putting on a second auction this year. The auction will start at 9 a.m. on the 25th of September(next week), in Perak. A total of 105 confiscated vehicles (81 cars, 20 motorcycles, 3 vans and a lorry) will be put on auction for as low as RM50 starting bid, including: Toyota Wish Mercedes Benz BMW Suba


Sep 20, 2019

Pemeriksaan percuma dan promosi alatganti di Pusat Servis Volkswagen!

Kereta VW anda dah lama tak jalan, kan? Berita baik untuk pemilik kereta Volkswagen – dapatkan 5 Star Service Check secara percuma di semua pusat servis Volkswagen seluruh Malaysia! Dibawah inisiatif VW Cares, pemeriksaan percuma ini termasuk pemeriksaan visual secara menyeluruh oleh penasihat servis yang akan dibuat bersama-sama pemilik kenderaan untuk mengenalpasti alatganti yang perlu ditukar dan sebarang isu serius. Ini membolehkan pemilik untuk membuat keputusan dengan lebih baik tentang la


Jul 1, 2020

Honda Malaysia and SoCar provides 50 Honda Citys for frontliners

Honda Malaysia has collaborated with SoCar to provide 50 units of Honda City for Honda customers working at the frontlines in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Frontliners (who are also Honda owners) who are unable to access their vehicles during this period will be able to use these Honda Citys for 1 month as a temporary mobility solution for them to carry out their duties. The fleet of Honda City will be provided by SoCar, the car-sharing platform, and all rental charges will be borne b

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Apr 23, 2020

Owner Review: My "Abah-Abah's car" – A pilot feeling being in a Honda Civic FB

** This article is the personal experience of a 2015 Honda Civic 2.0S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Mat Nasir ↓↓↓ Press Here To Share Your Story ↓↓↓ About my Honda Civic If we story about Honda’s car, I’m pretty sure what crossed in our minds was the Civic. The Honda Civic is not the first model of Honda but Civic makes Honda become famous. Almost 20 million units sold worldwide and this C segment Sedan become number 1 in Malaysia. Now I drive a 2015 Honda

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 27, 2020

Korea’s best-selling car is not the Hyundai Sonata, but something rarely exported

The Hyundai Sonata might be the representative icon of Korean cars but you might be surprised to know that Korea’s best-selling car for 2020 is not a Hyundai Sonata, or any SUV. Instead, Korea’s No.1 selling car for 2020 is the Hyundai Grandeur. Hyundai sold 145,463 units of the Grandeur in 2020, making it the No.1 selling car in Korea, ahead of second-placed Hyundai Porter truck (95,194 units) and third-placed Hyundai Elantra (87,731 units). The Kia K5 (84,550 units) and Kia Sorento (82,275 uni


Jan 25, 2021

Do you know how much are you losing on your car every month? GoCar Subs has a message for you

The actual cost of owning a car is a lot higher than just your monthly instalments, and we’re not talking about insurance or maintenance, itself already a big chunk of a car’s total ownership cost. Beyond maintenance, depreciation is the biggest ‘cost’ for a car owner. However, very few see it that way because it’s not something that you feel until you have to sell your car. It’s like losing money on stocks; it’s paper loss until you actually sell it, which you have to at some point. Remember th


Sep 12, 2020

BMW Malaysia has more subsidised child safety seats on offer for the B40 income group

BMW Malaysia first introduced their child safety seats subsidy programme in December 2019. Only 150 child seats were available at that time but BMW Malaysia received over 25,000 applicants. This has prompted the company to put plans of a second phase of the programme in to action. The subsidy programme is part of BMW Malaysia’s BMW Safety 360-degree initiative in partnership with the Safe ‘n Sound Childline Foundation. BMW Malaysia hopes to help out parents of the B40 income group by making chil


May 25, 2020

Pelancongan antara negeri PKPP dibenarkan, wajib guna khidmat agensi berdaftar

Dalam perkembangan terbaru, Menteri Kanan (Pertahanan) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob mengumumkan pelaksanaan dan syarat bagi gelembung pelancongan bersasar. Mesyuarat teknikal MKN semalam mendengar cadangan daripada Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) berhubung pelaksanaan gelembung pelancongan bersasar domestik yang terkawal. Hasilnya, kerajaan bersetuju untuk membenarkan pergerakan pelancongan antara negeri dibawah pelaksanaan PKPP (Pemulihan) ke negeri dibawah PKPP (Pem


Mar 9, 2021

BMW and MINI owners can now renew their insurance with BMW Malaysia online

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia introduces the i-Renewal digital service for the BMW MINI Comprehensive Motor Insurance Programme. The new service is a simplified programme that allows customers to renew their motor insurance with just a few clicks at any time of the day. The new i-Renewal service is provided in collaboration with Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad. It is part of BMW Malaysia Group’s efforts to further improve the convenience of the ownership experience. A


Dec 1, 2020

Top 8 car stuff you can buy from Lazada, discount code inside!

With MCO 2.0 truly underway and upon us, most of us will be spending most of our time at home. That also means our cars won't be driven as often as usual. But that is no excuse to sideline our precious set of wheels. In fact, this could be the perfect time for the DIY project that you never got started with! WapCar has come together with Lazada to make your car care DIY a cinch this MCO period. Here are some recommended products from online retailers that you can find in Malaysia's leading e-com


Jan 22, 2021

Tular: “Alza full booking bos” mesej luar biasa dengan penyewa, boleh bikin stress

FB PenMerahdotcom melaporkan satu insiden yang kami rasa penyewa kereta seluruh Malaysia pasti boleh relate. Dalam pos tersebut, seorang penyewa kereta dilihat sanggup bersusah-payah untuk menjelaskan pada pelanggannya yang kereta sewa semua sudah penuh ditempah. Tapi, pelanggannya seolah-olah tak faham hakikat ini. Oleh itu, bermulalah perbualan yang buat semua orang tergelak dan geleng kepala. Tak faham Bahasa Melayu agaknya, tapi dia cuba juga. Tahniah kepada peniaga kereta sewa yang cukup sa


Jun 8, 2020

Malaysians pay over RM 10 billion in car taxes every year. How did we end up like this?

Malaysia is known for having one of the world’s highest taxes on cars. Sales of new cars and spare parts for motor vehicles are the single largest contributor in import and excise duties collection, eclipsing tobacco and alcohol products. How much taxes do car sales contribute to the Malaysian government? The government doesn’t provide a breakdown of its tax collection by industry, but it is safe to estimate that the automotive sector contributes well over RM 10 billion in taxes every year. So i


Jan 30, 2020

Lorry drivers help 17 police Honda Civics nab drug pusher's Corolla Altis

Yesterday night, the citizens of Johor were treated to a real show of Fast and Furious as 17 Honda Civic police cars were deployed to chase after a Toyota Corolla Altis driven by a drug dealer. After chasing the suspect from Johor Bahru, the police finally managed to stop the car with the help of lorry drivers in Kluang. According to South Johor Bahru (JBS) Assistant Commissioner Mohd Padzli Mohd Zain, police first came across the Altis in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru, where the patrol departme


Jan 27, 2021

Permai: Drivers of taxis, buses, and e-hailing vehicles to receive special RM 500 aid

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin has announced a new assistance package known as Perlindungan Ekonomi Dan Rakyat Malaysia or Permai for short. The new assistant package includes several special aids for drivers of taxis, buses, e-hailing, and even tourist vehicle drivers. “To alleviate the burden faced by taxi and bus drivers, the Government has agreed to provide a one-off financial assistance of RM500 to 14,000 tourist guides as well as 118,000 drivers of taxis, school buses, tour buses,


Jan 19, 2021

TC Euro Cars is running a 15-day Renault Passion Week on Shopee!

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) the official distributor of Renault Vehicles in Malaysia, is running a 15-day Renault Passion Week on Shopee from 5th to 19th June 2020. Available though the Renault Store on Shopee Malaysia, discounts can go up to 50% on subscription booking fees, up to 40% on sanitation packages, up to 50% on Renault Collectibles, and up to 50% on Renault Merchandise. Additionally, Renault store offers vouchers worth RM20 for a minimum purchase of RM50, as well as 10% discounts on merchandi


Jun 5, 2020

Geely's premium EV, the Zeekr 001 debuts in China, around RM177k

Zeekr has launched its first car, the Zeekr 001 at an event held at the Zeekr Intelligent Factory in Hangzhou Bay, China. After government subsidies, the Zeekr 001 fetches a price around 281,000 Yuan (RM 177,000). The Tesla Model 3 starts at a price of 249,900 Yuan (RM 158,119), slightly cheaper than the Zeekr 001. Zeekr is the new pure electric brand from Geely Holding Group, and plans to take on the premium EV domain. Also Read: Geely's new EV-only premium sub-brand Zeekr aims at Tesla The Zee


Apr 17, 2021

What’s the resale value of a Proton X70? Flux has an alternative

The Proton X70 was first launched in December 2018, as a fully imported (CBU) model from China. Slightly more than one year later, the locally-assembled (CKD) model was launched in February 2020, with a new transmission but hardly any change in price. The range topping Premium X model is priced at RM 122,800. Barely two years on the market, it’s still too early to gauge the resale value of a Proton X70. Yes there are quite a number of units listed on used car classifieds, but it’s still too smal


Aug 7, 2020

TC Euro Cars slashes prices by up to RM 11,700 for selected Renaults, while continuing online sales

In line with the government’s implementation of the sales tax exemption on new cars from 15 June to 31 December 2020, TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder for Renault vehicles in Malaysia, has revised the retail prices for its Renault models. For more savings, customers can also take advantage of additional online exclusives offered across the Renault line-up. The savings from the sales tax exemption will be fully passed on to customers for all registrations from 15 June 2020 onwards.


Jun 12, 2020

PKP 2.0: Rentas negeri kena hantar bukti gambar aktiviti - semua sebab Neelofa!

Antara terma yang jadi popular sejak Malaysia dilanda pandemik COVID-19 ialah kluster kayangan. Imbas semula, ia pada mulanya digunakan para warganet untuk merujuk kepada kumpulan pelancong yang dikatakan ‘angkuh’ dan ‘degil’ ketika dikecam dek keinginan mereka yang membuak-buak untuk travel. Sudah setahun kita dipaksa menempuh peraturan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) dan kini kita dikejutkan lagi dengan satu perkembangan yang sepatutnya boleh dielakkan. Foto di atas yang menunjukkan satu pan


Apr 6, 2021

Notis bukti bergambar rentas negeri diturunkan, Neelofa dan PU Riz disiasat

Satu gambar notis yang ditampal di sebuah balai polis di Kuala Lumpur tular di media sosial disebabkan garis panduan rentas negeri yang diperketatkan. Dalam laporan kami semalam, notis tersebut menyatakan yang pemohon rentas negeri wajib menunjukkan bukti aktiviti bagi setiap hari yang dipohon. Contohnya, jika rentas negeri 3 hari, aktiviti 3 hari tersebut wajib dikongsi. Notis itu juga menegaskan yang pemohon wajib menyertakan surat sokongan untuk merentas negeri dan IC sahaja sudah tidak memad


Apr 7, 2021

In case of another Neelofa, PDRM to hold stricter interstate measures during Ramadan

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has issued a warning to the public who attempt to cross state borders without the proper travel documents during the Ramadan period. No leniency will be showed and a compound will be issued immediately. Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department director, Zainal Abidin Kasim, told Harian Metro that PDRM is getting ready for the influx of travellers who will attempt to return to their hometown in the coming festive period. They will be on the look


Apr 6, 2021

TC Euro Cars memberi potongan harga sehingga RM11,700 untuk model Renault terpilih

Sejajar dengan pengumuman kerajaan mengenai pengecualian cukai jualan pada kereta baru dari 15 Jun hingga 31 Disember 2020, TC Euro Cars (TCEC) satu-satunya pemegang francais untuk kenderaan Renault di Malaysia telah mengemas kini harga untuk model Renault terpilih. Untuk lebih penjimatan, pelanggan juga boleh memanfaatkan tawaran eksklusif dalam talian yang ditawarkan untuk barisan model Renault. Penjimatan dari pengecualian cukai jualan akan dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya kepada pelanggan untuk keret


Jun 15, 2020

Nak tukar enjin secara halal? Ini prosedur mengikut Puspakom dan JPJ!

Saban hari, ada saja pemilik yang menukar enjin kenderaan mereka ke enjin yang lebih berkuasa ataupun untuk ganti enjin yang sudah tidak boleh digunakan lagi. Tetapi tahukah anda bagaimana prosedur sebenarnya dari A sehinggalah Z? Sebenarnya mudah sahaja. Oleh sebab itu, kami akan kongsikan langkah-langkah yang sepatutnya anda lakukan berdasarkan infomasi khusus oleh Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Sebelum itu, anda perlu ketahui jenis-jenis permohonan penukaran enjin di Puspakom. Jenis-jen

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Feb 13, 2021