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Suzuki RG Sport 110, legenda kapcai dua lejang yang ada 'umph'

Jika berbicara mengenai jenama motosikal Suzuki di Malaysia, antara model yang pantas terpacul pastinya RG Sport 110 yang pernah 'merajai' dunia moped atau kapcai tempatan satu ketika dulu. Diperkenalkan oleh Suzuki di Malaysia pada sekitar awal 90-an, populariti RG Sport 110 pada zaman kemuncaknya boleh diibaratkan seperti 'YSuku' ketika ini malah pernah diberi julukan sebagai moped sempurna. Tiba dengan harapan untuk 'mengacau' kehebatan Yamaha SS 110, RG Sports 110 berjaya melakukan tugasnya


Feb 5, 2021

2020 Toyota Hilux gains Gazoo Racing parts, cost as much as a new Myvi!

The Japanese usually jump at the chance to spice up fairly normal cars, and it's especially true for the men and women at Gazoo Racing. Yes, the team behind the Toyota GR Yaris raided their parts bin and dumped some good stuff on a 2020 Toyota Hilux. Lots of tough love GR’s styling package beefs up the Hilux’s already-tough exterior by a notch. For an additional JPY 305,800 (~RM 11,950), buyers will get a silver bumper guard, striking red skid plate, steel side steps and matte-black sports bars


Sep 2, 2020

This is ZTH’s Tom Goh's new car for Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia’s Vios Challenge Cup

Our fellow media friend Tom Goh from zerotohundred.com will once again be participating in Season 4 of the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Malaysia Vios Challenge. Once again, Tom will be racing in car #33, in the mid-tier Sporting Class, under Team S&D Tama Motorsports. S&D Tama, better known as Toyota Penang, is a Japanese Toyota dealer that has expanded to Malaysia. It’s the local arm of Netz Toyota Tama, which has been operating in Japan for nearly 60 years. The first round of Season 4 will take p


Mar 26, 2021

Looking for a used Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S)? Here’s what you need to know

Not too long ago, there were a variety of brand-new compact hot/warm hatches being offered such as the Ford Fiesta ST, Peugeot 208 GTi, or the car in question here - Suzuki Swift Sport. Now though, they are all but extinct. However, one can still browse the used car market for one and if you’re keen on a third generation Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S), here’s what you need to know. Value User's Car History of the Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) in Malaysia The third generation Suzuki Swift Sport, codenam


Feb 15, 2021

Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival sets an exciting race weekend at Bandar Malaysia

The Bandar Malaysia track is one of the fastest and longest ever constructed for the series. It features 20 corners and two long straights, the longest being 600 meters. It sets the stage for fastest street racing action so far in three seasons of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival. Higher speeds bring higher risks and that makes for an entertaining spectacle. For those unfamiliar with the Vios Racing Challenge, there are three categories: Sporting Class, Super Sporting Class, and Promotional Clas


Nov 11, 2019

Suzuki to return to Malaysia, which models are coming?

With rumours circulating that Suzuki could be returning to Malaysia under the Naza Group of Companies, let’s take a closer look at what models could be introduced here. Models that could sell well Suzuki Swift Our number one pick is the Suzuki Swift – a fun-to-drive and well-engineered hatchback that is currently in its third iteration. Globally, Suzuki offers the Swift with a wide range of powertrain options, including a naturally-aspirated unit, turbocharged unit, and a hybrid. Within the ASEA


Mar 24, 2020

Toyota keeps classic Supras on the road with GR Heritage Parts project

Toyota will be remaking spare parts for their classic Toyota Supra (A70 and A80) and reselling them in Japan and overseas markets through their Gazoo Racing (GR) Heritage Parts Project. The GR Heritage Parts project reproduces and remanufactures long-discontinued spare parts for the classic Supra models. Toyota aims to make this as easy as possible - buyers can get their heritage parts from their local Toyota dealer or a GR Garage. So what’s available for purchase right now? Check out the table


Jul 2, 2020

Used car buying guide: ZC21 Suzuki Swift – Which variant to get, what to look out for

If you're in the market for a fun-to-drive hatchback that won't cost an arm and a leg to maintain, truth is, there aren't many options out there. One such car is the Suzuki Swift. History of the Suzuki Swift in Malaysia The ZC21-generation Suzuki Swift made its Malaysian debut way back in 2005, fitted with a run-of-the-mill 1.5-litre petrol engine that does 100 PS and 133 Nm, mated to a four-speed automatic. Suzuki Malaysia also offered the sportier Swift Sport, powered by a high-revving 1.6-lit


Oct 18, 2020

Spyshot: Suzuki Swift Sport 2021 - pelancaran Suzuki Malaysia semakin dekat?

Sebelum ini, Wapcar.my pernah melaporkan bahawa Suzuki berkemungkinan akan kembali ke Malaysia. Nampaknya, ramalanku benar belaka apabila beberapa unit Suzuki Swift Sport 2021 telah pun dikesan dalam perjalanan ke bilik pameran. Pembaca Wapcar.my, Emmanuel Shirley telah berkongsi beberapa imej dan video ketika beliau sedang dalam perjalanan dari Pelabuhan Klang. Adakah ini petanda bahawa Suzuki Swift Sport akan hadir sebagai sebuah unit CBU? Selain itu, 3 warna yang kelihatan ada pada trelar ada


Apr 1, 2021

Please Naza, let us have the 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport with a manual transmission

It’s official, Suzuki has returned to Malaysia after a 5-year hiatus. One of its most iconic models, the Suzuki Swift Sport, is set to make a comeback. Full disclosure - yours truly has a third-generation Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) with a stick shift, hence some bias is likely at play here. As the title would already have hinted, I am a die-hard fan of manual transmissions. So much so that when my colleague Jason was throwing furniture at another colleague, Arif, for his article on manual transm


Apr 5, 2021

Toyota hasilkan alatganti Supra klasik dengan projek GR Heritage Parts

Toyota akan membuat semula alatganti untuk Toyota Supra klasik mereka (A70 dan A80) dan menjualnya semula di pasaran Jepun dan antarabangsa melalui Gazoo Racing (GR) Heritage Parts Project. Projek GR Heritage Parts menghasilkan dan mengilangkan semula alatganti yang telah lama dihentikan pengeluarannya untuk model-model Supra klasik. Toyota berhasrat untuk membuat perkara ini semudah yang boleh dimana pembeli boleh dapatkan alatganti warisan mereka daripada pengedar Toyota lokal atau GR Garage.


Jul 1, 2020

Toyota GR Supra with carbon fibre GR parts by TRD on display at TGR Festival

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) brought in limited units of the Toyota GR Supra to the local market and most of them have been snapped up by esteemed buyers and enthusiast. At RM 568k per pop, the GR Supra is a rare sight and it's bound to turn heads wherever it’s parked. However, for those who want to have their own car stand out at the GR Supra owners meeting, Wing Hin Motorsports have the solution for them. Introducing the GR parts by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), distributed by official TRD distr

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Nov 9, 2019

Suzuki Ertiga buatan Indonesia dieksport ke Brunei - Malaysia juga dalam perancangan Suzuki?

Proton Ertiga Suzuki Indonesia telah mula mengeksport 140 unit MPV Suzuki Ertiga untuk pasaran Brunei. Eksport tersebut diadakan oleh Suzuki seiring dengan pembukaan Pelabuhan Patimban yang terletak di Subang di Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Pelabuhan Patimban akan berfungsi sebagai gerbang terbaru untuk kenderaan yang akan dieksport dari Indonesia. Suzuki Ertiga ketika saat ini dipasang di kilang Suzuki di Cikarang, Jawa Barat dan akan dieksport ke pasaran luar seperti Thailand, Timur Tengah, dan Amer


Dec 24, 2020

BMW M2 CS Racing gets its own endurance racing class

Following the successful start of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) last week, the next event will see teams having more opportunities to compete, thanks to the introduction of the new BMW M2 CS Racing VLN class. This marks the second BMW-only racing class in the NLS, in addition to the BMW M240i Racing Cup. With the introduction of this new class, BMW M Customer Racing continues the tradition of providing opportunities for drivers and teams to break into racing through production-based cus


Jul 6, 2020

Suzuki starts export of India-made Suzuki Jimny, is Malaysia on the recipient list?

Production of the Suzuki Jimny started at Maruti Suzuki’s plant in Gurugram earlier this month, making it the second plant after Suzuki Motor's plant in Kosai, Japan to build the fourth-generation model. Now, the first 184 units are ready to be exported, with the initial markets to receive it being Peru and Columbia. Subsequent batches will find their way to African countries and the Middle East. But that’s not all. Reports from India also mentioned that Maruti Suzuki could be assembling a 5-doo


Jan 21, 2021

Throwback: Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition, R3's final hurrah

19 hp & 18 Nm increase from the R3 tuned 1.6 CPS engine Only 25 units made priced at RM 115k each back in the day Came with Nappa leather seats from factory If there is a name that is as iconic as the Proton Saga would be the Satria. A three-door hatchback that spanned from 1994 to 2015 across two generations. During the heydays of Proton R3 (Race, Rally, Research), Proton’s own in-house racing development arm, the Proton R3 team made some highly limited, mean machines that tug the heartstrings

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 20, 2019

Suzuki Across dilancarkan! Kembar Toyota RAV4?

Suzuki telah melancarkan model SUV Across baharu berasaskan Toyota RAV4, berikutan perjanjian di antara kedua-dua pengeluar untuk berkolaborasi pada model-model terpilih. Model ini adalah kereta pertama yang lahir hasil daripada pakatan strategik tersebut. Selain itu, model ini turut memberi petanda bagaimana kedua-dua syarikat berusaha untuk membezakan versi model masing-masing. Suzuki Across mirip dengan Toyota RAV4 tetapi perbezaan paling utama adalah rekaan gril hadapan besar Suzuki. Rekaan


Jul 2, 2020

Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) terpakai: Serendah RM 50k - baik beli ni dari Myvi atau Iriz?

Sebelum ini, pasaran automotif disajikan dengan pelbagai pilihan hothatch yang berharga mampu milik. Antaranya seperti Ford Fiesta ST, Peugeot 208 GTi, dan juga Suzuki Swift Sport. Kini, hampir kesemuanya sudah pupus. Menariknya, anda masih berpeluang untuk memiliki salah satu daripadanya sekiranya anda berminat dengan Suzuki Swift Sport generasi ke-2 (ZC32S). Nak tahu lebih lanjut? Mari kami perincikan. Sedikit sejarah mengenai Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) di Malaysia Suzuki Swift Sport generasi


Mar 14, 2021

Suzuki Swift Sport dibuka untuk tempahan - harga sekitar RM 145k?

Naza Eastern Motors telah rasmi membawa pulang jenama Suzuki di Malaysia. Di samping itu, ia juga telah mengumumkan kehadirannya dengan 2 model jualan iaitu Suzuki Swift Sport dan Suzuki Jimny. Bagi mereka yang berminat, Suzuki Swift Sport dilaporkan sudah dibuka untuk tempahan. Menurut penasihat jualan, Aravin Naza Sales, Suzuki Swift Sport akan ditawarkan pada harga sekitar RM 145k. Sebelum ini, Wapcar.my telah menerima gambar intipan Suzuki Swift Sport di mana ia sedang dibawa dari Pelabuhan


Apr 5, 2021

This Suzuki Across is a 320 PS Toyota RAV4

Suzuki has just introduced the 2020 Suzuki Across, its latest plug-in hybrid SUV based on the Toyota RAV4. The Suzuki Across is the second model to be introduced following Toyota and Suzuki’s announcement for their plans for collaboration back in 2017. The first model that came to fruition is the Toyota Glanza, which is essentially a rebadged Suzuki Baleno. Design-wise, the Suzuki Across gets slim LED headlights (which looks identical to the China market Toyota Wildlander) and a rounder-looking


Jul 2, 2020

Is this the new 2021 Suzuki Swift facelift?

The fourth-generation Suzuki Swift was introduced in late-2016 and went on sale in most markets by 2017. Unfortunately, the fourth-generation Swift was never offered in Malaysia, as Suzuki exited the Malaysian market in 2016. Seen here is the new 2021 Suzuki Swift facelift, which is expected to go on sale in Japan later this year. Changes are minor – from what we can tell, the restyled Swift gets a new front grille with a horizontal chrome strip and new dual-tone alloy wheels. Apart from that, t


May 11, 2020

5-year waiting list for the Suzuki Jimny in Indonesia

With talks of the Suzuki Jimny being locally assembled in Indonesia, Autonetmagz mentioned that the waiting list for the Jimny has reached 60 months or 5 years. It is estimated that orders for the Suzuki Jimny have exceeded 3000 units, and Suzuki Indonesia is only able to fulfill 50 of them per month due to import restrictions (the Suzuki Jimny is currently imported from Japan). This gives a rough calculation for the waiting list of around 60 months or so. To refresh, the Suzuki Jimny is powered


Dec 9, 2020

Galeri: Suzuki Swift generasi 4 di BIMS 2021, akan kembali ke Malaysia?

Pasaran model hatchback segmen B pernah diserikan dengan model Suzuki Swift yang menawarkan dinamik pemanduan yang terbaik dalam segmennya. Walaubagaimanapun, Suzuki tidak lagi menjual kereta di Malaysia sejak tahun 2015. Walaubagaimanapun, ura-ura mengenai kebangkitan jenama Suzuki telah lama dilaporkan oleh Wapcar.my. Di samping itu, rakan media kami di Thailand juga berkesempatan untuk berkongsi gambar Suzuki Swift di Bangkok International Motor Show 2021. Apa kata sambil cuci mata, sambil ba


Mar 24, 2021

Suzuki officially returns to Malaysia, Jimny and Swift Sport coming soon

Naza has confirmed that it will be taking over the Suzuki distributorship in Malaysia. The Suzuki marque will be represented by a new company called Naza Eastern Motors Sdn Bhd. According to a press release by Naza, the newly-formed company will be the sole distributor for Suzuki in Malaysia. Naza Eastern Motors will provide after-sales service for new-generation Suzuki models only. SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, Group Executive Chairman/CEO, Naza Corporation Holdings said, “It brings us great hono


Apr 2, 2021

All-new 5th-generation Suzuki Swift could debut next year

While Malaysians haven’t had the opportunity to experience the fourth-generation Suzuki Swift (via official channels, at least), Suzuki is already gearing up for the fifth-generation Suzuki Swift. According to BestCarWeb, the all-new Suzuki Swift is expected to debut in July 2022. It is also reported that the next-generation Suzuki Swift may adopt a newly developed platform. However, since the fourth-generation has already adopted a new platform (named Heartect), the next-generation Swift could


Feb 17, 2021

Discontinued parts? Nissan says no problem

It is no surprise that when it comes to preserving heritage models, Nissan comes up on top, as the Yokohama-based company has already introduced its Heritage Parts Program parked under the Nismo umbrella. Now, Nissan is raising the bar even higher, as they recently developed a new method to utilize robots to produce car parts out of sheet metal without the need for a die. The process is called dual-sided dieless forming, which involves two synchronized robots working from opposite sides of a she


Oct 3, 2019

Suzuki Belang FI diacah. CBU Indonesia, harga sekitar RM 10k?

Suzuki Malaysia baru sahaja mengacah lampu hadapan Suzuki Raider F150 melalui sebuah hantaran di laman Facebook Rasmi Suzuki Malaysia.Sekilas pandang sahaja sudah boleh menjangkakan bahawa Lagenda Motosikal Underbone, Suzuki Belang bakal menerjah ke pasaran tidak lama lagi. Suzuki Belang atau lebih dikenali sebagai Suzuki Raider F150 di pasaran Thailand, Vietnam dan Filipina adalah sebuah motosikal jenis underbone bawah 150 cc. Enjin yang dipadankan adalah enjin 147.3cc berkuasa 18.5 PS kuasa ku


Sep 30, 2020

Spied: 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport spotted in Malaysia, launch imminent?

Hot hatch enthusiasts rejoice, as the 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport has been spotted in Malaysia ahead of its official debut! Thanks to Emmanuel Shirley, we can now safely confirm that the hot hatch will be re-introduced in Malaysia after a 5-year hiatus. These spyshots also seemingly confirm the colour variants of the upcoming Swift Sport, which includes Prime Burning Red, Metallic Speedy Blue, and Pearl Pure White. That said, it remains to be seen if the Swift Sport’s signature Champion Yellow will


Apr 1, 2021

5-Door Suzuki Jimny reportedly in the works, possible Malaysian debut?

When Suzuki unveiled the all-new fourth-generation Jimny a few years ago, it was only available as a 3-door model. But that could change soon, as Suzuki’s India arm, Maruti Suzuki, is reportedly working on a larger 5-door version of the evergreen SUV. While the 5-door variant may gain more doors over its 3-door sibling, the rest of the Jimny should remain identical, down to its ladder frame construction, 4-wheel drive system with low-range transfer case, and rigid axles on the front and rear. Ma


Apr 5, 2020

Suzuki GSX-S1000 2021 'dalam perjalanan', pelancaran 26 April ini!

Selepas generasi terbaharu Hayabusa dilancarkan Februari lalu, Suzuki dijadual melancarkan jentera 'naked' terbaharunya, Suzuki GSX-S1000 2021 secara global pada tarikh 26 April ini. Perkembangan menarik itu dipertontonkan menerusi video teaser berdurasi 18 saat yang dikongsikan di laman YouTube Suzuki Global pada minggu ini. Sebagai jentera dalam segmen naked atau 'supernaked', Suzuki GSX-S1000 2021 bakal bersaing dengan beberapa model hangat seperti Ducati Streetfighter V4, Aprilia Tuono V4, B


Apr 9, 2021